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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thank you, Mordechai Sones and Emmanuel Winston, you said it for me! RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE IN ISRAEL DESTROYED!

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by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East analyst & commentator

If the present Israeli government has initiated or continues an older program of confiscating weapons from the Jewish pioneering settlers of Judea and Samaria, then an understanding must be reached among the intended victims. The  document following speaks about the risks for not being armed, equal to or exceeding the weapons with which the Muslim Arab Palestinians are armed.

Clearly, those who claim authority to confiscate arms, knowing that a surprise attack would leave Israeli Jews vulnerable to death, are traitors who collude with the self-declared enemy.

Moreover, the weak explanation that arms (rifles and ammunition) will be returned only upon commencement of an attack is an absolute lie. The military politicians know this and the Army who holds the weapons know this.

However, the IDF itself and the soldiers are NOT at fault. It is the Leftist Olmert Government and those at the Head of the IDF who agree to be run for political purposes instead of as the IDF (Israel Defense Force) is known for: with the honored purity of arms ethics and intelligent planning.

First, during any attack, the army is rushing about, getting into pre-assigned positions - usually not near the attack site. In a real war, the IDF is rushed to the borders to defend against the incoming Armies from the neighboring Muslim Arab countries. The roads are generally impassable, making deliveries of defensive equipment and arms to the towns and villages impossible. The soldiers are based in their own units - not near the settlements.

Will the Leftist residents of Tel Aviv rush to the front or the center of the country to defend those who have been left purposely defenseles - to defend a Land they don't even honor? ....I don't think so.

So, the victims of the attack are on their own until (if ever) the army can arrive to save whoever is still left alive. The civilian defenders- Rapid Response Teams - seldom have more than 10 or 15 minutes worth of ammunition, even if they are armed.

Every attack within the last 10 to 20 years by the Muslim Terrorists against the Jewish Israelis has been quick, dirty, bloody and devastating. The Terrorists don't wait around politely for the IDF to arrive.

Even if, by a miracle, adequate arms and Army support are delivered to the Yishuv (settlements, i.e., Jewish towns and villages), they must then be distributed to the inhabitants, along with sufficient ammunition. This assumes the weapons have already been cleaned, oiled, checked for accurate firing pins and general operation. Military men know that the on-site defenders must be practiced with the equipment issued to them. This disproves the concept that arms can be put into storage or Army depots and delivered upon attack.

In brief, as is said among the U.S. Marines, when the higher-ups screw up, it will called a FUBAR (Fouled Up Beyond All Repair). Clearly, this is what is intended to drive the Jews out of our Land.

Is there any doubt that the Olmert Leftist Kadima government wish and publicize their plans to drive the Jewish pioneering settlers out of Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and those parts of Jerusalem occupied and desecrated by Jordan for 19 years from 1948 to 1967? If the well-armed Muslim Arab Palestinians, including both Fatah and Hamas, wish to assist this expulsion and ethnic cleansing, so much the better for the Olmert Government's plan to evict Jews by any means....trickery or brutally dragging off by non-Jewish Russian immigrant mercenaries Yassam or out-right declared war by the self-declared Muslim enemies.

Confiscation of defensive weapons puts the Government in league with the Muslim Terrorists for their own political reasons. Such a Government has voluntarily ceased being the Government of all the people and has willingly, willfully joined with a vicious enemy.

Since armed Muslim Palestinians have already murdered, tortured, maimed Jews - both with smuggled weapons, as well as weapons gifted to them by the Israeli Government - and also used to kill Jews, the Israeli Government is fully guilty as co-conspirators in subsequent deaths. Here again, capital punishment for the "enablers" should be the rule and not the exception.


With the Help of Heaven

Message from the Ravshatz, [21 November 2008]

Dear Residents Peace and Blessings !

In order to calm the residents after the publication of an irresponsible and hallucinated document* last week, I hereby bring before you the certifiable facts, as they are, and without all the commentaries (Additional Commentaries, Rashi, and especially the Post-Latter Commentaries).

The guns that are deposited with me and are intended for the defense of the yishuv, in normal and emergency times, are here, they exist, and are to be found in the yishuv gun room. They were never confiscated and never disappeared.

In my possession, is a list of scores of residents (senior and newcomers), who are able to do guard duty, and are authorized to carry a gun in time of emergency.

According to the army's instructions, members of the First Response Team will be able to carry a gun (with a personal license - permanent).

An additional number of residents, will be authorized to carry a gun (with permanent or temporary licenses – limited to the boundaries of the yishuv) according to the security needs of the yishuv and with authorization of the Regional Brigade Commander.

I am acting energetically, with the willing and blessed assistance of R' Moshe Benvinisti, may his candle shine brightly, to establish a young and energetic First Response Team in order to provide an answer to any security incident that shouldn't come upon us.

The IDF weapons, that were deposited by me, are intended for defense of the yishuv in time of emergency. Residents who feel a need for personal security, may turn to the relevant authorities – i.e., the Ministry of the Interior, this in order to present a request for a private handgun.

The army is training and preparing the soldiers of HAGMAR (Haganah Merchavit – Regional Defense) in order for them to be able to protect their homes in time of need. I would like to take this opportunity to again request from every resident who serves in the reserves, to join HAGMAR and be part of the defense force of the yishuv.

To remove all doubt, I am not comfortable with this decision of the army and the issue is being dealt with on the Municipality Head level facing army channels.

In connection with the rest of the wordiness that was scattered about with lack of credibility and was taken, it would seem, from Science Fiction novels, I do not see a place in the current forum for professional and practical attention.

As you have observed, last week the [regular] [IDF] guarding the yishuv were replaced by a civilian security company. The guards themselves, were released not long ago from the IDF and served as fighters and Squad Commanders in Golani and the Engineer Corps [sic]. There is no doubt that the current level of fitness establishes a high mark relative to what we have become accustomed to in yishuv security.

With blessings of Shabbat Shalom, Ilan ben-Shabbat - Ravshatz




Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5769 28 November 2008

To: Ravshatz Yishuv Nachaliel, Ilan ben-ShabbatFrom: Mordechai SonesRe: Confiscation of Resident's Weapons and Danger to Life

Dear Ilan,

Thank you for your response to my request of Rav Houbara Shlita for an halachic ruling concerning Arab attack, confiscation of our weapons, and

"pikuach nefesh" (saving endangered lives). I appreciate your willingness as the Security Coordinator of Nachaliel to recognize the gravity of the charge that is understood throughout Judea and Samaria that Israeli officials may be suppressing the evidence of Arab preparations for a surprise assault against yishuvim.

During the past week, the above-mentioned letter to the Rav has been widely distributed to Jews and friends of Israel in Yesha and abroad. Much of the impetus for the widespread distribution has been spontaneous. Dozens of Yesha residents have recognized its importance, copied it and distributed it to their neighbors. Since the report became public, security officers and Israeli officials have corroborated the information in the letter. Based on the support that the letter has generated so far, it is reasonable to assume that your alternative views may also draw some attention.

To clarify the contrast between your "Message From the Ravshatz" and my letter that was directed to HaRav Houbara Shlita on November 14th, 2008 regarding the confiscation of our weapons and the acquiescense of the Israeli government in Palestinian Authority first strike preparations in Judea and Samaria, several quotes from your Message follow, along with a specific response to each.

Your statement: "The weapons…were never confiscated and never disappeared." My response: The truth is, the opposite is the case. In one sentence you deny that weapons were confiscated and in nine sentences you explain why they were confiscated, who might get them back and who not, and the "discomfort" you feel for being a paid agent of the army to confiscate our weapons while using convoluted deceptions to flatly deny that any weapons were confiscated.

Your statement: "In my possession, is a list of…residents who are able to do guard duty in time of emergency.""Members of the First Response Team will be able to carry a gun.""I am acting energetically to to establish a young and energetic First Response Team…"

My response: You have not related to the fact that six years ago you made a public request, with the authority vested in you as Security Coordinator of the yishuv, "of all those in the yishuv who have guns to always carry their weapon with them at any given time…doing this could save lives." Your claim today that weapons will be distributed after the commencement of a surprise attack is irrelevant. To little children one sells such stories. In any case, you yourself admit in your Message that you are "not comfortable with this decision of the army" (emphasis yours). Because the government intends to initiate a process that they expect to result in the deaths of hundreds or thousands of Jews " , your feelings of discomfort could provide a good reason for you to reconsider whether you really want to be the facilitator of this decree.

Your statement: "Residents…will be authorized to carry a gun…with the authorization of the Regional Brigade Commander."

My response: Since I dealt with this subject in my first letter to the Rav, I am surprised you missed it:

"This may explain the transparent story repeated by each ravshatz (Civilian Security Coordinator and IDF-Settlement Liaison), including our own, Mr. Ilan ben-Shabbat, that our weapons are "not actually being confiscated; they will merely be under lock and key with me in the gun rooms, to be distributed in an emergency". 1

"Although the IDF often promises weapons to be made available to the Yeshans (Judeans and Samarians) once a PA onslaught is imminent, the order to release and distribute such weapons would depend on an Israeli cabinet decision.

"…Knowledgeable disinformers may in fact not know the government's full strategic picture of implementing the betrayal, but have been briefed in meetings with IDF officials on talking points, and guided on what lies to put out facilitating such a betrayal to ensure maximum surprise and shock value against those being disarmed and attacked."

Your statement: "Residents who feel a need for personal security, can…[buy] a private handgun."

My response: I wish I could simply ascribe your cruel remark that makes a mockery of the doomed merely to an excessively bureaucratic mindset. Unfortunately, it seems to be part of a broader and more troubling pattern of IDF efforts to weaken yishuv self-defense while covering-up the augmentation of Palestinian Authority first strike capability.

The handguns you propose are inferior to the rifles that you confiscated from us. This gives attacking forces standoff capability of hundreds of meters, which is important because it means that even if the yishuv were able to detect early warning indicators of an attack and shoulder arms accordingly, we would still be unable to defend ourselves.

If Arab support fire is untouchable by the weak yishuv defenders, the Arabs can quickly establish fire superiority – and can suppress the handful of yishuv defenders as Arab commandos and/or civilian militia forces overrun the defensive perimeters. In such an assault, the type of fences and barriers which the IDF has built around the yishuv would serve as one more source of cover and concealment for the attacking forces, and even provide a convenient control measure along which to deploy for the final assault.

Additionally, the IDF restricts ammunition to amounts that would prevent yishuv self-defense for less than 5 minutes of sustained combat.

Your statement: "The army is training and preparing the soldiers of HAGMAR (Haganah Merchavit – Regional Defense) in order for them to be able to protect their homes in time of need."

My response: I understand why you sanitized Lt. Col. Yossi Ofer's version, who announces in his letter not "preparing the soldiers of HAGMAR for time of need", rather for "the event of war".

Ofer's letter gives several clues of things for us to watch out for.

One eventuality for which the government may be preparing the HAGMAR is to apply the lessons learned from the forced evacuation of the Jews from the Gaza Strip. President Peres stressed only five days ago before the British Parliament that it would be impossible to perform an expulsion of Judea and Samaria's Jews by Israeli forces without causing a civil war. To avoid the ignominy of facing 100 "Gush Katifs", certain elements in the government may plan to allow a PA first strike against several dozen yishuvim, to be followed by an IDF-led "humanitarian" evacuation of an additional thirty or forty yishuvim, thus eliminating a politically sensitive obstacle to the peace process overnight.

Military training has a short shelf life; it is expensive, and is only conducted when a threat is thought to be imminent. If the government is spending the money and effort to provide inferior training ("only three days, once in two or three years"!) to people whose weapons have been confiscated anyway, it may indicate that the sudden training and even the HAGMAR units themselves are merely a deception, similar to the deception that was used in South Lebanon to fool the SLA by giving them deceptive armaments, vehicles, and even new paramilitary units as late as six weeks prior to the abandonment.

Your statement: "To remove all doubt, I am not comfortable with this decision of the army…"

My response: You can't really have it both ways. You either feel "uncomfortable" because you understand the importance of your role in the plans to abandon Yehuda and Shomron so that on the night of the abandonment the yishuv will have no ability to respond, or you have no reason to feel uncomfortable, "the guns…are here, they exist, and are to be found…They were never confiscated and they never disappeared." I regret to remind you that over 100 PA armored vehicles concealed from the people of Yesha, night attack rehearsals frequently occurring around the yishuvim, Arab laborers carrying out reconnaissance missions inside the yishuvim, and the organization of Arab commando units near key yishuvim indicate that the government has no intention of allowing us to save the yishuv, but is doing its part by denying the equipment and training the yishuvim would need to deter the attack. For Israel's sake, Ilan, please make the truth clear to the Rav of the yishuv and to your superiors who control your pay in the army.

Your statement: "…the issue is being dealt with on the Municipality Head level facing army channels."

My response: Ilan, I understand why you think this. Many Yesha residents also hope this is true. It is indeed difficult to face up to the government's systematic policy of stripping the yishuvim of their defenses, rendering them vulnerable to attack, and keeping them ignorant about the PA's armored vehicles and other first strike capabilities. After years of learning the subject and bringing it to the attention of Jews and friends of Israel all over the world, I can arrive at one conclusion: the IDF has the information and knows what is going on. Unfortunately, the government is keeping the information from the people who are being endangered by this reality, and has been actively preventing the remedial steps necessary to ensure Yesha's survival.

In history, each one of these surprise attacks – Pearl Harbor, allies attacking Normandy instead of Calais, Yom Kippur war, etc. – each successful surprise had intelligence officers on the other side who knew it was coming, and who could not convince their superiors to take the evidence seriously.

You were assigned to answer my letter that was directed to the Rav of the yishuv only after my allegations became public knowledge. Your open letter suggests that you are being pressured to suppress the allegations, not to remedy them.

I am afraid that you are being drawn into a campaign to suppress the truth, and not to promote Nachaliel's security. Thousands of Jews and friends of Israel, including many Yesha residents, are reading your open letter. What little I know of your record indicates that the agenda of abandoning Yesha is not the one you would really prefer to be associated with.

As a fellow Jew, Nachaliel resident, and HAGMAR soldier, I ask you to distance yourself from this suppression campaign before Yehuda, Shomron, and precious Jewish lives are lost.

Many security officials in Yesha are distraught about this situation. Your courageous letter of resignation could inspire others to join you. This would do much to promote the truth at this fateful moment.

Such a principled stand taken by yourself could accomplish more to bring out the truth in one day than my own shoestring efforts of the past several years.

From Nachaliel, Israel, to Jews and friends of Israel around the world, the people await your decision.

Sincerely, Mordechai Sones Nachaliel, Israel

Cc: HaRav Uriel Houbara, Rav of the Yishuv, Rabbis of the Jewish People in Every Place, Residents of Judea and Samaria

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