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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Re: You all still in the US, PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES! This is CHILLING, and the closest comparison is the TRANSPORT TRAINS USED TO HAUL JEWS TO THE DEATH CAMPS. PLEASE!!!

DS answered:

Oh my G-d, you are right: I have to go back to 3rd grade! So much for being a doctor. I told you: the dumbing down of America and Israel. Sorry about this,everybody.

And then still the question remains: NO TOILETS? SHACKLES? 3 LEVELS? This is the way America treats ANY of its prisoners? Is this acceptable according to all current and known procedures?

( in case you accessed the link).


YH remarked: 

100X250=25000, not 250,000.
Weekly Population Report

Total Federal Inmates:  201,424 (Last updated on December 25, 2008 )

The weekly population report is generated every Thursday at 12:00 a.m.

Still the question is a very good one: why move so many prisoners at once?

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