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Monday, December 29, 2008

EXCELLENT!: Tsafrir Ronen in English on Eve Harrow's radio show- a MUST SEE youtube; if you ask me, I think THEY had a damn good reason to want to KILL HIM!!!

Nadia Matar sent this. Thank you  DS


צפריר במיטבו (באנגלית)

תודה לבועז העצני שהעביר את הלינק.


For those who did not know Tsafrir- this is a must see because you

will understand why we, who knew him, feel like orphans since he left us so suddenly, two nights ago


For those who knew Tsafrir- this is a must see too...

to remember what a great guy he was- to get strength from his strength-  and to continue

with even more determination and passion the struggle for Erets Israel


so here you go- a must see youtube in English- Tsafrir Ronen z"l may his memory be blessed


thank you to Boaz Haetzni for forwarding this link



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