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Sunday, March 25, 2018

To all my dear readers: sorry I have not written lately, have just been too busy. But this says it all. Have a wonderful Passover!

.... And it makes no difference whatsoever whether Obama, Trump, or any other man sits in the White House, or in any other palace for that matter: kings and presidents are only tools in His hand. Salvation comes from Hashem alone -  has come from Hashem alone, and will continue to come from Hashem alone.


חג הפסח כשר ושמח

PS: It seems it's all about hands today: Hashem's HAND, our enemies' evil hands.... and my broken hand (that's right, I broke my right hand six weeks ago, another reason I was not able to write). Hands, hands, hands: what shall be the fruit of our hands: good fruit, or poisonous fruit? It's in our hands to choose, with G-d's help. I heard there has been an epidemic, so to speak, of broken hands in Israel , and a friend I know burned her left hand; there must be some important symbolism at work here, something we need to learn.

.... And look what those little Amalekites in the video are holding in their hands, ready to aim at us!... 

In the Haggadah it speaks a lot of Hashem's Hand, His fingers. a whole cosmology and numerology of Hashem's miracles, counted in fingers and in hands. Pessach and hands are somewhat connected, not to mention the labor of our hands before Pessach. Interesting?

So may Hashem's Hand give us only blessings, just like the spread out hands of the Kohanim during Birkat Kohanim , and the spread out hands of parents as they bless their children on Shabbat; and may we continue to raise our hands in prayer to Hashem, the only source of blessing.

Chag Sameach.