The Simon Wiesnthal Center underwrote some of the expenses of this briefing,
Our experts presented their latest translations of the new UNRWA school books and new PA school books, which are based on the “right of return by force of arms” as the dominant theme which features in textbooks of all kinds, financed without any restriction by 67 nations, without any objection from Israel.
Our experts presented the latest documentation of the Hamas takeover of the UNRWA schools, financed without any restriction from by 67 nations, without any objection from Israel.
Our experts screened a new short film, shot on location at the Gaza fence, over a period of the past three months, which portrayed UNRWA teachers who are members of Hamas, as they armed and trained 100,000 children at the Gaza fence to invade Israel in the months to come, to liberate “their” villages inside Israel that their ancestors abandoned in the wake of the 1948 war.
Our study of UNRWA education shows all 515,000 children who learn in UNRWA schools are indoctrinated with the belief that they have a right to return by force of arms to the villages that they left after the 1948 war.
By an act of fateful timing, this briefing took place on the day after missiles fired from an UNRWA camp in Gaza leveled the home of a Jewish family in Beersheva, resulting in wild demonstrations throughout UNRWA camps in Gaza, Jersualem, Judea and Samaria..
Beersheva and 531 other villages inside Israel today are now targeted by UNRWA, financed by 67 nations.
As the war escalates, our agency will fight back by offering to educate the policy-makers of the world and the people of Israel as to who bankrolls the new battle to kill Jews.
UNRWA missiles communicate the message very well.
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