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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A few comments about the Hal Turner claim re: Obama sending his own envoys to Gaza, bypassing Israel, to the latter's dismay.

1.More than one high level commentator has predicted that the US will collapse into chaos approaching anarchy c. 3 months after the inauguration, when the euphoria has passed and people realize that the economy will not turn around. Let Obama fume.


Does Obama think there will be peace if Israel capitulates to Arab demands and returns to the 1949 Armistice lines and allows millions of "refugees'" descendants into Israel. Let him give us his wife and daughters as hostages, not to do anything heroic, of course, just to live quietly in a luxury apartment in a pleasant town on a peaceful border, someplace like Kfar Sava, Modiin or Jerusalem. Let them attend our schools and ride the buses with us and eat in pizza parlors and restaurants with us and sit in outdoor cafes with us. Let us see them every day to assure us that he is sincere in his conviction that we will have peace. And if Dhimmi Carter believes also that we can have peace if we give up "Apartheid," let him send us his grandchildren as hostages also. Same goes for James "F----the-Jews" Baker and Martin Indyk and all the others who want to "save Israel from itself." Same goes for "Rabbi" Eric Yoffe, who excoriates Israel for causing the Arabs to hate us (Jews) by not making sufficient concessions and then opposes sending Reform youth to Israel because it's too dangerous. "I'm sure it will work. You try it." That doesn't make it. Whoever wants to impose a "solution" on us, send us your children and grandchildren.



2.all factual stuff... these haters are out there and there in on the kill with the slime leadership... they are peons but they are doing the slime's dirty work... it's going to get very ugly out there very soon... G-d forbid... but i'm afraid they are very near their goals... target date by next fall latest..


3. DS, it is most likely true. There is no upside to him lying about this.If he lies, regardless of how big an anti-semite he is, he loses credibility with his base. After all, this is not something that can be hidden for long. We will know soon enough which way Obama's wind will be blowing. I am sure that he will interfere big time against Israel, otherwise he would not be surrounded with the most virulently antisemitic foreign policy team he could possibly have picked. Even though I believe that Olmert timed this operation to gain electoral points for the left, he also knew that it would be easier under Bush's watch.


4.It is a neo-nazi site based on the comments made by those who are wasting earth's resources: :
I he tries anything anything he will be assassinated by the ZOG and it will be blamed on Neo-Nazis and racists. Bad for us.
If he is not assassinated and actually rids us of the Zionist scum he will be glorified. Bad for us.
The US needs to fall flat on its ass before the problem can be solved. Anything else is just a delay on the inevitable
December 30, 2008 4:13 PM
Jason said...
I don't know, maybe Obama wont be so bad..
I mean, his stupidity and black arrogance may help in the fight against the Jew (which we can all agree is much more dangerous than the non-whites).
As soon as he gets too friendly with his black pals (increasing black only benefits etc), he will be pulled into line.
Let's see how he handles the kikes.

The veracity of the maggots can not be believed.

I would like to add to Jack's comment -- none of the Bush daughters or his nephews went his war either. On the other hand, he went AWOL too. The media screwed up the investigation.

During 9/11, the Lebanese War, the Georgian war, and the Gaza war, Bush went into hiding. Even Queen Elizabeth stayed in London during WW II.


But as far as what was written in the article. It is as trustworthy as reading some hez rag.



5.I see this is from Carl but I don't believe that Obama would do that and jeopardize his position.  I am not an Obama supporter but a little common sense would tell you that sort of thing would get out and bring a lot of heat to him.  What Jews would trust him?  It would be very premature for him to offer an opinion on such matters.  He has plenty of time to do such things after he gets in office.....Lord have mercy on us!  Hazel

6.12-31 DS why do you wast your time with such nonsence?? the best defense is an offense. why dont you publisize my plan of solution between arabs and jews?


Reality check time again.
I have no interest on rumbling about Obama or his jolly gang of criminals. I live in Chicago or better yet, in Highland Park and Glenview during the original Mayor "D" reign. Anyone out of that political machine is, well, whatever...
Important for me at least not to loose eye contact with our own landscape while it lasts...
GAZA thing...
The whole farce is unraveling fast.
A. No one saw 340 dead islamics being buried in Gaza after the BIG surprise... attack. 
Usually that gets first page coverage in the press the world over. Pictures anyone?
B. Rockets of far more power and accuracy are hitting Beersheba, near Nahal Sorek Nuclear facilities, etc,
on what appear to be trajectory adjustments trials by Hamas/Iran in Gaza.
If you may notice the Gazan islamics have five critical facilities near the Gaza Border that for now they have nor hit to harm.
A huge electrical power station called Rotenberg. Ashkelon about a Km from Gaza.
The israeli national fuel terminal and depot only a few hundred meters away from the power station.
The Ashdod oil refinery, chemical tank park and port.
C. The talk is that Hezbollah is waiting to see if and when the completely worthless idf command plays around in Gaza with ground forces and then 5000 rockets will fly over here from the North.  Another 40000 will remain in their storage until later.
D. Turkey has just announced that they will also enter nuclear weapon development programs.
E. Iran is suspected to be about three months away from their first test.
I really believe that we need to address the above and leave Mr. Obama, (with or w/o a birth certification... LOL), and his Jewboys playing whatever games they feel like playing while the US financial and social structure falls apart.
Lets talk about the above a bit.

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