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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Re: US military preparing for Domestic disturbances. This is the third warning, coming from a different source. Three strikes and you're out! I think this is it. The only question is, when? How soon? Some sources claim around January 20-22. Who knows

AK commented further:

Far be it from me to espouse conspiracy theories, but it seems to me that a 'perfect storm' is brewing.

What are the chances that the collapse of Wall Street just 'happened' by a confluence of events; (perhaps NOT having regulatory mechanisms enforced was purposeful) that the ascension of a US President with an affinity for marxist economic theory just happened to come about, coupled with oratory skills the likes which we have never seen; (when has a one term, out of nowhere senator gotten such a boost to the highest office in the world?) and that the UN has gained even more entrenched power, despite their own penchant for dictators and thugs? (is the US really helpless in this saga?)

Seems to me that if you add the above to US preparations for military domestic 'warfare', then it becomes much easier to impose worldorder/disorder on the masses.
I'm just saying.......


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