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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

As usual, letting the Arabs ( the Muslims) do the dirty work for them. Modus operandi we have witnessed time after time.Most likely accomplices as well. Will elaborate as soon as I have a minute..

Hevron Jews Blame Israeli Police for Fractured Skull

Kislev 5, 5769, 02 December 08 06:54

( Sources among the Jewish community of Hevron blamed, Tuesday afternoon, the serious head wounds a boy suffered near the Peace House on Israel's Border Police and regular Police. The sources, preferring not to be identified by name, accused both police forces of acting against the Jewish families who live in the house, and against Israel rights activists, but not acting to stop the Arab brutality.

One source said, "It's amazing that there still hasn't been a single Arab arrested out of all those dozens who've been throwing so many cinderblocks."

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