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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More thoughts re: "The Torah scholars in Israel are its true guardians, and they are being attacked at the very time that they are most needed to protect the Jewish people"

DS: it reminds me of the deal KASTNER MADE WITH EICHMANN AND THE NAZIS: WE GIVE YOU 900,000 HUNGARIAN JEWS, YOU LET ME SAVE MY FAMILY MEMBERS.. and another 1800 or so Jews .... all the rest can be sacrificed.




By ENEMY, I mean ROME, CFR, THE PTB. THEY are the ones who want the rabbis, THEY are the ones who ultimately make the decisions, and THEY are the ones who will decide which part of Israel is being showered with rockets. how do you know they didn;'t make the deal:

no rockets on Ramat Aviv Gimmel, or Cesarea, or Kfar Saba; you can have Beersheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Tel-Aviv even. Just leave US be.

The PTB are intimately involved in this war.


WRONG. The Hamas people actually prefer the Torah scholars over the secular Israelis. So, this is not a maneuver to placate the Arabs.


I guess.... or just traitors, who made a deal with the enemy: we give you the JEWS, YOU LET US LIVE.



Rabbi Kanievsky (L)
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Rabbis probed for alleged incitement

Attorney General's office launches several investigations against prominent religious figures following several media reports suggesting rabbi decreed that Jews were no longer allowed to hire Arab laborers
Aviad Glickman

Deputy Attorney General Shai Nitzan instructed the police to launch an investigation against several prominent rabbis in the Orthodox community on suspicion of incitement.


Tuesday's decision followed petition filed by the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) back in March. The IRAC filed its petition following several media reports suggesting Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky decreed that Jews were no longer allowed to hire Arab laborers.


Halachic Ruling

Rabbi Lior speaks out against hiring of arabs / Efrat Weiss

Kiryat Arba rabbi rules Jews must not employ or rent houses to Arabs, following murderous terror attack at Mercaz Harav yeshiva
Full story

The rabbi issued the alleged ordinance following the deadly attack on Mercaz Harav rabbinical seminary in Jerusalem.


Also implicated in the case is Haim Barzilai, Rabbi Kanievsky's operations officers, who reportedly sent "supervisors" out to the Orthodox community in order to ensure that the rabbi's word was adhered.


The Attorney General's Office did, however, find no grounds to launch an investigation against Rabbi Kanievsky at this time.


The IRAC also asked the State to investigate alleged incitement by other prominent rabbis, the likes of Yitzhak Shapira, David Drukman, Daniel Stavsky, Ido Alba and Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer.


The rabbis are suspected of issuing calls for revenge against Arabs following the attack on Mercaz Harav.


Two-dozen rabbis are also suspected of distributing flyers after the bulldozer attacks in Jerusalem, describing east Jerusalem residents as "the tip of the iceberg of a national problem which has become an existential threat to the people is Zion."


Also under investigation is Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba, who warned his followers against the perils of hiring Arabs or having them as tenants.


The Israel Religious Action Center issued a statement saying "over the past few months we have seen deterioration in incitement activity in Israel. This matter should concern anyone who cares about the Israeli democracy. We welcome these investigation and home the will serve justice."



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