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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Re: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS ARTICLE? It comes from the Hal Turner blog - a big antisemite. I wonder if this is true. Go to his blog, and read his sources. Is it true? Please tell me what you think. If true, it's very bad.

Reality check time again.
I have no interest on rumbling about Obama or his jolly gang of criminals. I live in Chicago or better yet, in Highland Park and Glenview during the original Mayor "D" reign. Anyone out of that political machine is, well, whatever...
Important for me at least not to loose eye contact with our own landscape while it lasts...
GAZA thing...
The whole farce is unraveling fast.
A. No one saw 340 dead islamics being buried in Gaza after the BIG surprise... attack. 
Usually that gets first page coverage in the press the world over. Pictures anyone?
B. Rockets of far more power and accuracy are hitting Beersheba, near Nahal Sorek Nuclear facilities, etc,
on what appear to be trajectory adjustments trials by Hamas/Iran in Gaza.
If you may notice the Gazan islamics have five critical facilities near the Gaza Border that for now they have nor hit to harm.
A huge electrical power station called Rotenberg. Ashkelon about a Km from Gaza.
The israeli national fuel terminal and depot only a few hundred meters away from the power station.
The Ashdod oil refinery, chemical tank park and port.
C. The talk is that Hezbollah is waiting to see if and when the completely worthless idf command plays around in Gaza with ground forces and then 5000 rockets will fly over here from the North.  Another 40000 will remain in their storage until later.
D. Turkey has just announced that they will also enter nuclear weapon development programs.
E. Iran is suspected to be about three months away from their first test.
I really believe that we need to address the above and leave Mr. Obama, (with or w/o a birth certification... LOL), and his Jewboys playing whatever games they feel like playing while the US financial and social structure falls apart.
Lets talk about the above a bit.

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