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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Time to rethink everything we thought we knew! After you watch and read this nothing will ever be the same in your mind.


To all,

Please, just this time, IGNORE the Xtian mentions in the first video; I don't believe they are propaganda, the speaker just expresses his beliefs. The information within is so crucial, so important, I think everybody should watch it: this expert will clarify a whole lot of unanswered questions; it certainly did this for me.

But what I find the most outrageous here ( and both videos somehow address this issue) is CHINA.

My G-d, did we have ANY idea what is really going on with them? And if so, how on earth can we, Israel, make deals with these super reshaim? Of course I am not speaking of the innocent in their midst, but of their leadership and all their collaborators. Trump knows; but do WE know? I remember arriving at Ben-Gurion at the end of January, right around their new year, when the coronavirus was already in full swing there, and being welcomed by China, China, China display boards everywhere! China is obviously a very important partner of Israel: don't you think it is time we reconsidered this relationship and set very clear moral limits on whom we choose as friends?  Isn't it time we stop falling for their dirty tricks and putting money and business above everything else?

The first video is from of Mike Adams, a great site. And I only now discovered Patrick Bet-David - interesting name, but he is clearly a Xtian, maybe even a Messianic Jew? No idea, but the truth is, in this case it doesn't matter, that is not the issue. The issue is the information General Spalding is bringing to the table: crucial, earth-shattering information, important both for the US and for Israel. We need to know our enemy - we didn't even know we HAD, AND HAVE an enemy!

( here is the link to the Natural News post, in case the first video gets censored:)

Actually, yes, it immediately got censored! So look for Natural News, and if even the links above get censored, then look for Pandemic.News, and watch Mike's interview of JR Nyquist. I am so sorry they won't let me embed this info - it's just too precious, that's why, and it reveals a lot of info they don't want you to know. So go look at it now before it is too late!

Then, when you are done with the videos, I have extra bonuses for you below; check them out.

THIS ARTICLE is the cherry on the cake! It spells it out, naming names even. Pretty cool, and I think we all deserve to know the truth.

Pay attention:

"....  race-specific bioweapons "?

 I have a question: Could this be one of the reasons so many Jews are dying from the virus in America? Maybe they didn't mean to engineer a virus specifically geared against Jews, but does it attack "racially Jewish" people more than non-Jews? Could there be an inadvertent Jewish genetic susceptibility to this virus? Food for thought; frankly I don't have a clue, maybe there is something to it, it sure is a weird "coincidence" that of all days on Shushan Purim the first cluster of coronavirus infections appeared in New Rochelle at the Young Israel Synagogue, and hasn't stopped killing Jews since ( in addition to the spiritual reasons we discussed before of course); and don't forget that some Jew-haters threatened to spread the coronavirus in Jewish communities to kill Jews; do they know something we don't? Is it worth looking into this? If anybody has any information or ways to find out.....

Well, guess what, a few minutes ago I received proof I might be right regarding specific genetic susceptibility to the coronavirus: I just spoke with one of the daughters of my cousin who passed away the Shabbat before last from the coronavirus: lo and behold, the treating doctor of the family in London mentioned that our family seems to have DNA that is more susceptible to the virus than others. So if one family can be more susceptible than another, can't a whole people be more susceptible than another people? And if so, was that done deliberately? Were Jews also targeted in these Chinese lab experiments? Or are we a "side-effect" of their "research"? Wondering.... with good reason.

And this video, posted by Mike again, which features Dr. Paul Cottrell, a brilliant, wonderful Yiddische Kop, ken yirbu, explains a lot and does support the understanding that different people will react very differently; in fact, I would say he agrees with me!

I hope they don't censor this video too. Should they, find it on the Health Ranger Report.

And in case you think this is all "conspiracy theories", here just for your info:

".....So it now appears the FBI itself has long been closely following Chinese military bioweapons research as well as dangerous pathogens' mishandling and 'misuse' in relation to unique deadly respiratory viruses, and asking the relevant and obvious questions. Glad to know we're not alone."

I hope you found this report interesting and enlightening,

Let's try to influence whomever we can, wherever we can, to try to get rid of the bad guys! And Refuah Shelemah to all Am Yisrael and all good people of the world.

Kol Tuv


Monday, March 30, 2020

Coronavirus Part VIII:WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON? The original video about this topic is gone, but here is more freaky evidence. I have been suspecting it all along..


Shavuah Tov to all,

The first video I had posted about Elmhurst ER being empty disappeared ( it happens a lot these days, doesn't it). However here is something  better instead( if you can call that good; actually it's everything but).

Moshe sent me this message: 

"check out the hospitals in israel... see if they are really overwhelmed with patients as the media there claims... first... see this  video..."

"all a fraud... pure is freaking out over nada... pass it on... truth.out... way out!!!"

Then he added ( I am XX'ing the names for privacy):

on xxxxx fb page xx posted the following....

At xxxxxxxxxxxx there were no lines of people on any of the three days when our family went there. On March 18 when xxxx and xxxxxxxx took xxxxxx to the emergency room, they were escorted to a tent which had approximately three patients and from there into the emergency room. Once in the emergency room, there were approximately eight patients waiting, far less than on a regular date any day of the week at any hour of the day or night. On March 29, I picked up dad at the hospital building. I did not see any lines. I did not have to wait in a line. I waited about 20 minutes in my car for dad to be brought down from his room. During that period of time, I saw no activity. On March 31, I called the xxxxxx blood donor center and asked if I could come in and give blood. They said sure, come in right away. Again I saw no lines, I parked easily. the parking lot was practically empty. I walked right in and passed through their screening, being handed a free mask! I found one other donor in the blood center, Which is located near the main entrance of the main hospital building on the ground floor. Earlier on March 31, xxxxx and I made same-day appointments and drove to the CDC testing center for virus testing. Where xxxxxx had waited nearly an hour and a half in line the day before, on this day there was no line...  By the way, his results came back negative, although he has all the signs of COVID-19! Our test results should come back today. We’re not expecting to learn anything informative.

So I did, and frankly I am very disturbed by this report: I like Dana Ashlie, she is a bright and creative investigative journalist who is excellent at putting two and two together - more about that soon, I hope ( have been planning a post about something else she is also involved in, just never got to it yet). We will have to figure out what is really going on; if you ask me, it likely first of all has to do with the planned worldwide forced mass vaccinations; after all, they need to motivate people, right? If the sheeple are not terrified of the virus why would they meekly comply with that invasive RFID chip-laden poison?

I am not denying that people are dying, after all my dearest cousin ZT"L died from this SYNDROME- I am not saying virus, I am saying SYNDROME FOR A REASON: it behaves like the virus, so it is being diagnosed as the virus, but frankly I have no idea what happened behind the scenes in the hospital. And I am not denying that people are being helped by the hydroxychloroquine protocol for the Covid -19, as they claim it is. But what else is going on? Obviously the PTB have an agenda here, the question is, what exactly is that agenda? And what is the exact and real scientific truth about this puzzle, this complicated scenario?

By the way, I am accumulating massive evidence having to do with the connection between 5G millimeter 60 GHz radiation and the Covid-19. There is so much evidence that it will take a long time to sort it all out, and with Pessach it is really hard to focus on both Pessach preparations and researching things. Sooner or later, B"H I will have it all ready. But not yet. Believe me, the stuff will blow your mind: so much, so much stuff there, it's unreal. That is why I called it a SYNDROME, because that is what it is. How much is due to the virus, how much to massive environmental exposure is what I am trying to figure out. Well, take a look and see for yourselves -I got this from Josh del Sol, Take Back your Power-:

Min Hashamayim I just got THIS VIDEO by a Vodafone executive in Great Britain which is massive evidence to what is really going on. He summarizes the picture enough so we can see  things are not necessarily the way they seem. Add a chip-laced vaccine and then forget it, it's DEATH AND DEVASTATION ALL OVER THE GLOBE: YOU, THE CHIPPED PERSON, BECOME AN ANTENNA YOURSELF. How can you escape any of it? You can't! You die. 
That's the goal after all, isn't it? The elites want the earth to themselves. You doubt me, think of the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES. I wrote about them in the past.

This post above, by the way, shows that "they" are CLEARLY TARGETING OBVIOUSLY RELIGIOUS JEWS. What we need to do is find out exactly what mechanism they are using, and then fight it. I wrote about this in a previous post, I suspected this is what is happening; this document certainly proves it. Anybody has any info please share it, OK? ( Update: later in this post I have some interesting info I just found out)

Notice that a video in there was blocked too already: pretty frequent, isn't it? Who is blocking videos that TELL THE TRUTH???)

Nothing has changed, it has only become closer in time. Nasty as it gets, IF you go along (the whole idea is to REFUSE to go along, to find another way to survive the coming unbelievable upheaval).

After 24 minutes the author starts with Xtian missionary BS, please don't listen to the Yoshke BS that is not my intent. He is right, though, regarding their  decisions, how they closed Bnei Brak, how they blame the Hareidim for this disaster, how they forbid Minyanim,etc.


( here is the link to the video below, just in case it is blocked: somebody told me that the video appeared to him as a black box only)

If you don't see it even on the link then go to Brighteon: I hope it works!  


 We are dealing with psychopaths of the highest order. 


Here are its first two "commandments", read carefully: NICE? 


From Wikipedia:

"Monument in Georgia, USA

The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. A set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

The monument stands at an approximate elevation of 750 feet (230 m) above sea level, about 90 miles (140 km) east of Atlanta, 45 miles (72 km) from Athens, Georgia and 9 miles (14 km) north of the center of the city of Elberton."


Oh, and just an interesting but probably very relevant detail: do you remember what happened after ISIS destroyed the temple of BAAL in Palmyra in 2015? Guess what, LONDON and NEW YORK, two of the world's most severely hurt cities in the pandemic specially among the Jewish communities , happened to have"rebuilt" the Baal temple right in their choicest location. A coincidence? What is the agenda of those special cities? Do we really know? And by the way, 1000 such arches were erected throughout the world. Who did it? They called it the temple of Bel - nice way to obfuscate the truth: "Bel", as the deity of the temple was called, is exactly the same deity as Baal just spelled differently: it was worshiped throughout the region starting in Babylon, even reaching the British Isles later, where the festival of Beltane is celebrated to this day; remember the Carmel forest in 2008, where some ill-advised pagan Israelis decided to hold a Beltane festival, which was followed by raging forest fires there in 2010 ( I wrote a post about it then, you can look it up by searching for the word Beltane). Apparently Moloch was part of the cult of Baal;  I even wonder if the name Moloch and Amalek have the same root, considering their history.

Maybe we Jews should have protested the literal ERECTION OF TEMPLES OF BAAL IN THE CENTER OF THOSE CITIES? I am not sure but I have a feeling we didn't. Isn't this what led to the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel? Maybe it is not too late? After all the cult of Baal requires human sacrifice, right? Well it sure is getting a lot of victims lately. Not that I blame the victims, G-d forbid; I am just saying that maybe we should have opened our eyes more, and seen what was going on - and is still going on. EXPOSE THE PERVERTS, EXPOSE THOSE WHO SUPPORTED THIS, EXPOSE THOSE WHO FOLLOW THAT SAME IDEOLOGY, THE ONES WHO WANT TO KILL THE MAJORITY OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION AND CERTAINLY US JEWS TOO!! 

This is our job as Am Yisrael:  Zechor et Asher Asa Amalek!


And why are so many Jews dying? I believe it is because of a particular, genetic electromagnetic hypersensitivity. I have it, and some members of my family might have it too, I believe. It could be that it is more frequent among Jews and that is why it is IMPERATIVE THAT WE DON'T ALLOW 5G IN ISRAEL. And all of you who live in big cities like New York, London, Los Angeles, etc, ALL the big cities of the world, please be very careful, get educated, open your eyes. Best yet, get the h..l out of there as quickly as you can! 

Re: special ethnic sensitivity to the COVID-19, it is worth listening to this brilliant interview between two knowledgeable and brilliant people: Leo Zagami is a famous Vatican whistle blower, he knows everything going on there, I have posted about him in the past. This video is full of extremely important information. See the comment starting at 1:17 by the interviewer, a brilliant MD and researcher, Dr. Paul Cottrell,  about genetic sensitivity to Covid-19; it is very telling;  if the virus can affect one ethnicity over another, who says 5G can't? Although it could also be that it is actually the virus that is attacking Jews over other ethnicities in the Western world and not the 5G; I don't know.

Interestingly Dr. Cottrell and Leo Zagami are discussing Israel, China and the pandemic in this video. Fascinating! By the way Dr. Cottrell is quite a Talmid Chacham, amazing.


Then there is the theory that this is a cover-up for the financial collapse, so people won't pay attention to the real cause of the absolute financial devastation occurring as we speak and blame the pandemic instead (central banks creation of fake money to the tune of trillions and quadrillions worldwide with resulting unbearable debt, while the wealth is allocated to the super elite).


The icing on the cake:

However there could be even more to it having to do with upcoming WW III I keep hearing about from various reliable sources, among others Mike Adams of Natural News, Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show, and of all people, Rav Kanievsky, shlit"a: see what HE had to say last week:  Rav Kanievsky  has the best solution yet for you.

Listen to the audio not the video

הרב יקותיאל פיש שליט"א (מוציא לאור של עלון סוד החשמל), מביא את דבריו של הרב חיים קנייבסקי שליט"א :

קריאה דחופה ליהודים שגרים בחו"ל : תגיעו מהר לארץ

הקורונה היא לא מגפה ולא מחלה, היא הצלה.

היא הצלה ליהודי חוץ לארץ להציל אותם ממלחמת גוג ומגוג.

בארץ ישראל יהיו ניסים גדולים.

חברה קדישא שבדרך כלל קוברת מדי יום בין 80 ל 100 מתים, כעת בתקופת הקורונה חברה קדישא קוברים בין 10 ל 20 מתים.

מגפת הקורונה היא הצלה. היא חוסכת כ 80 מתים ביום.

קריאה נרגשת ליהודי חו"ל:
תשכרו טיסות מאורגנות ותגיעו מיד לארץ.
תוכלו להתאכסן במלונות הריקים.
יש לכם כסף והכסף נועד להצלת נפשות.

הרב קנייבסקי שליט"א אומר:
המצב בחו"ל הוא סכנה, וחמירא סכנתא מאיסורא.
















חמירא סכנתא מאיסורא


( If I understand the Arameic correctly)

What I gather from this is:

If I were you I would listen to Rav Kanievsky: I think we have more of a chance of stopping 5G here than in other places, there are enough aware people who are willing to fight for their lives. Being here might be a question of survival, seriously.

5G in Israel is a whole topic that will take a long time to work on and expose. I started already, but with Pessach, etc  it's not easy, trying to figure all of this out. If you have any information you can provide such as fake news, more relevant videos, etc. please feel free to comment and help out. Together maybe we can figure out what is REALLY going on and win this war against the Samech Mem himself, and live. AM YISRAEL CHAI!

Thank you, and if I don't post anything before Pessach about this specific topic,



As a last word, here is a wonderful video I received from Hava. My only question is: how do we reconcile the message of Rav Kanievsky - and also Rav Berland - with the message of Rabbi Manis Friedman??? Confusing, and I don't have an answer; I am only glad I am here in the Holy Land, on Holy territory! But what about the family in Chutz La'aretz? I really, really worry about them! I wish I knew the correct version; these are all Gedolim, Tzaddikim speaking: on one hand Rav Kanievsky and Rav Berland, and the other hand the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZT"L ( via Rav Manis Friedman). Who is right? Please Hashem, give us a SIGN!

(I agree, my late cousin ZT"L was a Tzaddik, he died the death of the righteous.)

This is a video that fills us with hope and positivity. Thank you Hava, and thank you, Rav Manis Friedman! Wonderful, wonderful video. Pass it on!

And let's not forget Rav Berland languishing in an evil prison like a vulgar criminal. The evil ones at work, as usual. Thanks, Hava, for remembering him among the prisoners of Zion.


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Coronavirus Part IV UPDATE: For protection against the virus, additional advice from Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon I very much respect.

Urgent fromRussell Blaylock, M.D.
Re: Coronavirus
I was hoping to update you on approaches you can take to deal with this virus.
Considering the national health emergency, I am sending you today steps you can take to keep yourself and your family healthy.
Research shows these things outlined below are the most powerful ways to protect yourself.
Keep in mind that the major cause of death in COVID-19 cases, as well as influenza, is the cytokine storm, which is a very destructive, hyperintense immune reaction that persists long after the virus is eliminated.

The lungs are literally destroyed by the person’s own immune system and not the virus itself.
Here are 5 steps I advise you to take to supplement your diet:
  1. Beta-glucan: Take 500mg once a day for three days in a row and then after that twice a week — once on Monday and again on Friday. Take on an empty stomach and eat nothing for 45 minutes afterwards. Do this until this "crisis" passes. If you are ill with the virus, continue this until you feel well for a week, then take the beta-glucan once a week, every week. Immune stimulation can also improve immunity in the highest-risk patients, such as elderly with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, hypertension, and cancer.
  2. Astragalus: Take one 500mg capsule twice a day with a meal. For known infections, take two capsules twice to three times a day. This is a powerful immune stimulator for anti-viral immunity and it powerfully inhibits the cytokine storm.
  3. Nano-curcumin: Take two 500mg capsules three times a day if exposed to an infected person and one capsule three times a day with meals otherwise. This is a very powerful protectant against cytokine storm, the phenomenon that kills people from the virus and flu viruses. Careful research shows that it dramatically blocks the pathological damage by cytokine storm reactions and also powerfully prevents post-infection pulmonary fibrosis.
  4. Nano-vitamin C: If one is exposed to an infected person, take two capsules three times a day. If sick, take five capsules four times a day. Just for protection, otherwise, one capsule three times a day. If you are getting sick, take four capsules four times a day. The illness usually last only one or at most two days and then you recover.
  5. Vitamin D3Take 5000 IU a day every day with food. This plays a big role in reducing COVID-19 infections. Most elderly (more than 80%) are severely deficient in vitamin D3. Keeping them indoors makes this even worse.
There are other steps you may also consider:
  1. EGCG: There is a new nano-EGCG which can be taken as one capsule twice a day with a meal if you are exposed to an infected person or if you become sick. EGCG and resveratrol (pterostilbene) both have antiviral properties in that they block entry of certain viruses into cells.
  2. Do not lower your temperature unless it rises above 104 degrees F. If you have seizures, keep temp no more than 102F. Do not take Tylenol or NSAIDs. Keep very warm at all times.
  3. Do not exercise until you are completely well for at least five to seven days.
  4. Avoid all alcohol (and be wary of immune-suppressing drugs; statins are powerful immune-suppressing drugs).
  5. Do not smoke or use nicotine products — nicotine is a powerful immune suppressant.
  6. Sugar and high-glycemic carbohydrates are immune suppressing.
  7. Avoid omega-6 oils (peanut, corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, and canola oils).
  8. Increase your intake of DHA omega-3 to 2000mg a day. Avoid EPA as it suppresses immunity.
  9. Avoid glutamate — soy protein and protein isolates, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, protein isolates or concentrates, MSG, natural flavors, sodium or potassium caseinate, autolyzed yeast, stock and broth. All these contain high levels of glutamate and can increase tissue damage.
  10. Take prebiotics and probiotics every other day.


Friday, March 27, 2020

Can you put two and two together? ... Part III: Here we are: B"H I am on the right side of things!


Dear all,

I know, it's Erev Shabbat soon Pessach, who has time for blogs?... Still, I had to post this, it is so vital ( I am blessed to share a name with this Rav Stern - although no relation). 

Please read and reflect, if you are one of those who have been blindsided by the media regarding Rav Berland. I can understand, it is hard not to believe what you read, why would anybody lie, right? We wouldn't do that so we assume others are the same; but no, there are some very mean-spirited people out there, people with nasty agendas, who will do anything to trample the truth, you know that (more about it another day, whenever that comes).

At any rate, see here what Rav Stern has to say about the coronavirus and Rav Berland's imprisonment and literal torture; from the Shuvu Banim website today. Who do you think is more right and truthful: Rav Stern, son of a Kabbalist and Talmid Chacham, or the purveyors of news paid for by our enemies ( even the JP's owners have connections to Rome - more on that another day) ? We know all about "fake news", don't we... anyway, think, absorb, reflect, pray, and then make up your mind. 

Shabbat Shalom to all


Read Rav Stern’s words – and help save Am Yisrael from the Coronavirus

Rav Stern-Berland
Rav Dovid Chaim Stern with Rav Eliezer Berland

All the harsh judgments are occurring because we aren’t protesting about Rav Berland – Rav Stern

After you’ve read the following words from Rabbi Aharon Stern, shlita, please send this post on to as many people as you can.
Rabbi Aharon Stern, shlita, is the head of the Ziv Yehuda Torah institutions, and also the son of the famous kabbalist from Bnei Brak, Rabbi Dovid Chaim Stern, shlita.
In a fiery speech, he explained that HaKadosh Baruch Hu is extremely angry about the very difficult situation that Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, currently finds himself in, and that the harsh gezeira (decree) of the Coronavirus won’t be nullified until he is freed from prison.
We are translating Rav Stern’s words below (you can hear the original Hebrew message HERE), and we ask our readers to please help to get this message out to the wider Jewish world, because many lives depend on it.

It’s only when more people understand the spiritual root cause of this Coronavirus epidemic, namely the unlawful persecution, violent and brutal physical treatment and disgrace of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, that we will be able to rectify the problem with the appropriate ­teshuva – and to get this awful situation to stop.


Here is what Rav Stern said:

Moray v’rabotai (my teachers and friends), how very difficult is this day for Am Yisrael. It’s like the day when they destroyed the Beit HaMikdash (Temple).
On this day, whole communities were forced to leave thousands of synagogues across the whole of Eretz Israel, and with tremendous weeping, they were forced to go out and pray in the street.
Chas v’shalom, in the same way that when rain falls on Succot, it’s as though HaKadosh Baruch Hu has thrown a pitcher of water in his face. (See Mishna Succah, 2:9: “To what is this (i.e. rain on Succot) comparable? To a slave who comes to pour for his owner, and [the master] spills the pitcher on [the slave’s] face.)

These events need to shock each and every one of us, and to cause us to make a cheshbon hanefesh (spiritual accounting), as to why Hashem is doing this to us.

But you should know, my teachers and friends, I already said 40 days ago, that in S’dom there lived very big reshaim (evildoers), that at the height of their evil took a girl who was performing the mitzvah of tzedaka (charity). They smeared her body with honey, then placed her on the roof in the heat of the day, so that the bees would come and sting her to death.

The cries of that girl reached to the heart of the Heavens.

HaKadosh Baruch Hu said to the angels, “Descend please and I will see: If they act in accordance with the outcry which has come to Me – then destruction!” (Parshat Vayera, 18:21).
Chazal tell us that there are things that the judgment is ‘signed’ because of them. When they came and took Rav Berland, and put him in jail – this was the cry that ascended to the Heavens.
All of this big commotion is happening because this Tzaddik (Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita) is languishing in prison – in ‘bidud’ (isolation).
Hashem is angry.
You could tell me that I’m weird [for saying this], but it’s also said about Moshiach Tzidkaynu that:
“He was despised and isolated from men, a man of pains and accustomed to illness. As one from whom we would hide our faces; he was despised, and we had no regard for him. But in truth, it was our ills that he bore, and our pains that he carried” (Isaiah 53:3-4).

Rav Berland is stuck in prison, and Am Yisrael is stuck with this Coronavirus.

We need to go out, and to cry out, until they free Rabbi Berland from the prison. If you have any brains in your head, if anyone wants to really save this [Jewish] people….
Perhaps, it was decreed that the Coronavirus was meant to be in the rest of the world, but in Eretz Yisrael, there was not supposed to be any Coronavirus.

Hashem is angry.

If there is someone out there who is capable of freeing Rabbi Berland from prison, that person can save the whole of this people.
Because they have kicked us out of our inheritance. They have kicked us out of our synagogues. This is the churban Beit HaMikdash (destruction of the Temple). They threw us into the streets! HaKadosh Baruch Hu said, I don’t want you!! I don’t want your prayers!! I don’t want your avodat Hashem!!
There is a Tzaddik who is sitting and groaning in prison – and everyone is silent! No-one is opening their mouth, here! All of a sudden, everyone is struck dumb. No-one is saying anything.
Everyone has been silenced by a roaring silence – but HaKadosh Baruch Hu won’t be silent!! HaKadosh Baruch Hu is demanding that the insult to his Tzaddik is recompensed, and then who knows, perhaps [Hashem] will be merciful.
We need to cry out to Hashem, and then maybe he will take away from us this terrible gezeira. But we also need to act! We need action!

If we don’t get Rabbi Berland out of prison, then Am Yisrael will be in a huge problem! Chas v’shalom, this can continue to worsen and spread.

I didn’t want to open my mouth, but this thing depends on us. We can save Am Yisrael, RIGHT NOW.
Even though these words may sound strange, you should know that I am telling you the truth.
And He is merciful to forgive our sins.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Can you put two and two together... Part II, and Coronavirus Part III Update, both in one post: Miracle! Could it be related to Teshuvah and enlightenment on the part of NY Jews?


Chodesh Nissan Tov to all,

Miracle,  miracle! Just after my post last night about the coronavirus spread in New York, lo and behold, IN NEW YORK of all places, doctors are finally using the one treatment that has been shown to work even on very, very sick patients! I believe this is a direct miracle from Hashem thanks to the prayers of Am Yisrael all over the world, and thanks to today's prayers and brachot as well.  Something big is happening in New-York. Jews, open your eyes! This is not just a medical breakthrough, this is a Nes Galui, I really feel. The Nes is that the doctors in New York hospitals are finally willing to listen to the truth, open their hearts, and do the right thing rather than listen to the Reshaim of the medical establishment - and there are plenty of those, believe me.

You can read the whole article on the link below - I only posted the beginning. I did add this short video of Dr. Cheng, though; the bad guys had censured him already before - see Coronavirus Part III -; I hope they won't be able to do it this time, and I wanted to make sure that you can hear the story directly from him.

So, yes, Rosh Chodesh Nissan, big miracles. 

Thank you Hashem! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And please pass this on so people you might know who need this treatment will know it is now available in New York hospitals! So why not in London, in Milan, in Los Angeles, wherever it is needed???????

Baruch Hashem


Breaking News: COVID-19 patients getting vitamin C therapy in N.Y. hospitals

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covid-19-emergency-care(NaturalHealth365) We are now rapidly approaching half a million confirmed cases of COVID-19, globally.  Doctors and health experts – around the world – are scrambling to find effective treatments that will help people suffering from the respiratory disease caused by the COVID-19 infection.  Diving headfirst into a flurry of clinical trials and experimental drugs are medical teams in New York, one of the hardest hit areas in the U.S.
One “therapy” out of New York City that doesn’t seem to be getting quite as much press coverage as it should – despite actually having years of research to back up its use – is higher than normal amounts of vitamin C.  Could something as simple as a nutrient be a potentially successful remedy in the fight against such an unknown (life-threatening) viral infection?

New York doctors express optimism over a vitamin therapy given to COVID-19 patients

Earlier reports out of China indicate that high amounts of vitamin C – delivered intravenously – have been effective in managing COVID-19 cases.  Critical care doctors from New York have taken note, and in some places are reportedly administering 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C – three to four times per day – to confirmed COVID-19 patients.
Healthcare providers reportedly have seen significant improvement in patients taking this vitamin C therapy compared to other patients who haven’t received high amounts of this potent antiviral and antioxidant nutrient.
How much vitamin C is enough?  Well, let’s say this: it’s way more than the “recommended dietary allowance” of 75 to 90 mg for adult women and men, respectively.  Basically, the report suggests that doctors are giving 1,500 mg of vitamin C – 4 times per day.
And, according to many vitamin C experts, the reason for any “vitamin C success” is due to its frequency of administration – throughout the day.  To overcome any intense bacterial or viral infection, it’s very important that critically ill patients receive consistent amounts of this lifesaving vitamin, on a regular basis until symptoms are gone.
Doctors believe the “much higher-than-normal” amounts being administered are helping people who are requiring intensive care for coronavirus.  Keep in mind, levels of vitamin C tend to drop dramatically if and when a person gets sick.  Sepsis is a perfect example of the need for more vitamin C, when sick.
The reason is that sepsis launches a strong inflammatory response – which can affect nutrient levels, so aggressively replacing the levels may prove to be beneficial for helping the body fight off an infection.

Natural healthcare strategies to help you avoid the need for toxic “treatments”

For those curious about how to get vitamin C in your diet … you can aim to boost your own natural supplies by adding more vitamin-C rich food like, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers, and citrus fruit.  If you want to boost your vitamin C levels via supplementation … we suggest you talk to your integrative healthcare provider about what’s best for you.
If you’d like to show your physician what another doctor thinks about vitamin C … check out this special report (with video) about Dr. Cheng and his amazing experience with treating COVID-19 patients in China...."
The article continues......