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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crazy story claimed by Hal Turner about HUGE FINANCIAL SCANDAL INVOLVING ISRAEL AND CONGRESS: read this, it's worth is, I WONDER, again, IF IT IS TRUE... and what would be the consequences?


I did check it out. And indeed, if it is true, it is quite a story. And I wouldn't be surprised,. Still, first, I'd like to see real proof, not just claim of such.

Second, the ones really in trouble are the Americans, not the Israelis.

Third, I wouldn't mind seeing these government  Israelis paying the price, as long as they are the typical garbage characters, even if the source of the leak is diametrically opposed to my views, But in the end, who knows, salvation might come from the most unlikely places, such as the extreme left. They tell on the slime for the wrong reasons; as long as the slime pays, why should I care? I just hope it doesn't hurt Am Yisrael.


3.Carl wrote.
My question was if you had seen it and your opinion of it.  I have no knowledge of what's going on in the Israeli government, nor its relation to US politics.  This may be sensational hodgepodge or just speculation at this point.  What interests me is the truth, not lies or some spectacular account to raise the eyebrows.  The way evil is spreading rapidly across the world, infiltrating all governments and societies, if this account were true, it would be no surprise to me.  I say that because I know, as well as you and your truthseeking friends and countrymen, that evil in the pure sense of the word is in control of world governments, and that includes your own.
Sorry for my insistence and annoyance.  I was intrigued by the translation of the communication between the two ladies - Arab and Jew.


Carl, I have limited energies. Right now, we are very involved with this war, which is hitting us very close. We are discussing existential matters now. Please forgive me for not being that interested in the topic. I'll take a look, but I have no intention of becoming a Hal Turner fan. ARE YOU????

Actually, I saw a videoclip to that effect, presented by some arab. Credibility: 0! References?0 Proof?0.

Bring proof instead of allegations, and then we'll talk.

But I have not seen the Hal Turner accusations yet - so far, I consider it antisemitic banter.


1.Carl wrote:

What do you think of Hal Turner's report today on Israeli money laundering?  This is a bombshell.  Ask the Rabbis and others about their opinion on this.  Maybe you have already commented on this - an oversight on my part.  But if not, what's your opinion?

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