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Monday, December 29, 2008

Re: You all still in the US, PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES! This is CHILLING, and the closest comparison is the TRANSPORT TRAINS USED TO HAUL JEWS TO THE DEATH CAMPS. PLEASE!!!

Carl says:

The situation has to do with the NWO on a worldwide scale.  Not just the Jews will be rounded up, but also all those who would be considered "dissidents" by the government.  They have their color-coded lists as to order of priority.  They would include illegals, Jews, Muslims, "Evangelical" Christians - the last three being hated by the Jesuits and the Black Pope.  The illegals will be thrown in as a smokescreen to lead to the roundup of the other three groups. 
A nuclear "event" which has been in the planning for quite some time will give reason to go after the Muslims, since those to be blamed for such an event will, of course, be the Islamists.  Detroit and Washington, DC seem to be the most likely targets.  However, that is not to rule out other strategic areas such as New York City and Miami where there are significant Jewish populations.
Insurrection and civil unrest, having been orchestrated as part of the ORDER AB CHAO game plan of the Jesuits, will give reason to round up those that are on to the evil doings of the Federal Reserve's attempt to destroy the economy and reduce this country to a third world level.
Even though there is an effort to increase anti-semitism through blaming the "Jewish bankers" for the US and world economic woes, I am not clear on what excuse the government will have in order to justify their rounding up of the Jews for the camps.  There has to be something to take place to include them in the roundups.  It may be connected to the war escalation in Israel and the Jesuit media's psy-ops tactics of casting all the blame on Israel, and thereby stirring up anti-semitic fury on all sides.  With the Jesuits controlling the media, practically any concocted fantasy will be swallowed these days by Americans whose minds have been conditioned to believe any lie coming through the BIG IDOL that sits in their living rooms.
As far as the "Evangelical" Christian group goes, those few "Christian" wacko groups who have made an exaggerated show of hate toward the US government and the President, plus those who have been noted to expose political corruption and NWO conspiracies through the various lines of communication which, thanks to the Patriot Act and the US and Britain's Echelon program of phone tapping and email spying, are closely monitored by the Black Pope's International Intelligence Community, will be high on the list.  Unfortunately, there will be no distinguishing between Christian groups - all will be thrown into the same basket as "dissidents" working against the interests of the State.  This is due to the convenient establishment of the Military Commissions Act of October, 2006 and the Presidential Directive for National and Homeland Security of May, 2007.  These two acts have paved the way for the extreme dictatorial measures that will be taken as soon as G-D in his sovereignty says, "The time has come."  PEOPLE NEED TO PREPARE FOR THE COMING OF MOSHIACH.


from bill:

According to the financial gurus who I have listened to, the Federal Government and all the financial people expect the full impact of the financial disaster to become apparent about 2-3 months after the euphoria from Obama's inauguration dies down.
They are preparing for general insurrection, like that which happened in Greece a few weeks ago,

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AvenueOfLight said...

These are "their words"

The Imminent Chastisement for Not Fulfilling Our Lady’s Request
By Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)

These are not! Please stop by my site:

Revelation 6, 8, 9, & 16


Greetings Dear Seeker the Name above all Names... Jesus Christ....

remember, Revelation 13...declares the 'MIRACLES' performed in the site of the Beast(Rome)... nuclear holocaust cannot//will not//is not// a miracle but a creation of man.... ponder this...
Yes they have to annialate Iran //Iraq to rebuild Solomon's Temple...

I place tangible, verifiable proof and evidence of exactly what is about to take place and change planet earth forever until the very soon appearing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ..... I ask you to bare with me a moment.

First you need to be made aware and fully understand the complicity behind the cataclysmic, (Heavenly) event which has been foretold long ago in the Word Of God. The people having been and still today are told and taught that since 1917, The "Great Chastisement" declared by Mary at Fatima.The world will pay.

The Assumption of Mary...Yes...Whatever they mutter and peep, the whole world being in total and utter darkness, void of the truth; assumes "EVERYTHING" Rome//Vatican teaches to be truth; INCLUDING all PROTEST(ants)... for none read the Scriptures for themselves but put their eternal lives in the hands of Luciferean-Satanists who worship a dead woman, along with the Venerable "DAY OF THE SUN", SUN-day- (SUN-god) Horus, directly from Babylonion Mystery Religion; starting with Nimrod,(after the flood) used by Constintine in 321 to "CREATE" Christ-ianity.... and to further adjoin itself with paganism of gathering all into the same fold.

Every civilization that has ever lived upon the earth has been under the same systemic oppressive cult of Luciferean, Satanic, SUN worship (illumined) and I will go so far as to say Eve was the first human under this system before Babel in direct rebellion against God. Everything around us Today boasts of this same system of SUN worship including the pyramid, all-seeing eye, Christmass tree, SUNday, Easter, (Ishtar)(not Passover), Christ-mass-(birthdate of the SUN) Look in any good encyclopedia. These same world empires(HEADS) all have been under this same continued system.We are under the same 6th head (Rome) of John's day....UNtil the NEXT and FINAL Pope is enthroned in Jerusalem!

The "Great Seal" of the (UNITED)//global states: Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum) meaning "The new birth of a New World Order (Order of the Ages)...on the back of the dollar bill placed there by Freemasonry who were used by the Jesuit Order(Carroll family) to set up AmeriKa to become the militant strongarm of Rome forcing all to worship her image(Catholocism)! Daniel 11:45, Matthew 24:15-22, Daniel 12. Most all the signers of the constitution were Freemason's who ARE CONTROLLED BY the Jesuits.

I WAS BORN IN (mARY)land...named not after the Queen of England as MOST summize, but after the dead queen of heaven. At the so called created, false Apparition Of Mary which just so happened on the 13th day of May continuing to reappear on the 13th day for the next six months UNTIL the 13th of October 1917. The 13th of October is EXACTLY the SAME day the Knights Templar (Today's Freemasons) were disbanded! (survivors went underground) ... And 1917 the very same year the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia became Communist..

She warned if Russia was not consecrated to herself by 1960, the "Great Chastisement" would come unto the world which will bring forth their "UTOPIAN SCHEME" spoken and acknowledged by Ratslinger before the bishops conference during his private speech to them commemorating the Carrols work during the 2ooth. year celebration//visit to ameriKa. This they shall blame on God; but, in truth it is they themselves who shall unleash "The Great Deception;" bringing forth their Utopian scheme( Dream,) (N.W.O.) (when wickedness shall be crushed)//(meaning us)these are just a few of the buzz words used to subliminally advocate their hidden agenda; this having been foretold by the Scriptures long ago... Rev. 6, 8, 9, & 16 ....But the "Second Coming" of the Lord Jesus Christ is @ hand; Daniel 11:45 being the VERY SIGN alerting God's people of Christ's Second Coming; they will have set up the "final Antichrist", the man of sin, the false-messiah Pope in Jerusalem as the saviour of mankind. The miracles of revelation 13 cannot be nuclear for they are (MAN-made)... This "MUST" be declared an act of God in the heavens to deceive the whole world giving the excuse to bring forth the Apparition of Mary (Project Bluebeam) declaring the "only" acceptible reconcilliation unto the Father will be setting the pope up in jerusalem for Earth's final 3 1/2 years //short space// 1260 literal days//(tribulation). The imminent return of Our Lord which will follow this earth shattering event between 3 1/2 and 3 3/4 years immediately after. see:( Matthew 24:15 (Daniel 11:45 and Daniel 12:12). He Himself shall obliterate this system of Lucifer once and for all. The Georgia Guidestones declare their same intentions of depopulation...

Malachi Martin and William Cooper spoke of this having full knowledge of what they have in store for the sleeping and unsuspecting world and we know what their end was.... Both assassinated! And the 13th of May 1981, The Pope (J.P. II) was (supposedly) shot; but, miraculously 'SAVED' by Mary....Which is also esteemed and declared the Official Feast-Day of Mary as (Our Lady Of Fatima)! She is glorified as Todays Queen Of Heaven//CoRedeemer//Saviour with our Lord Jesus Christ.

The infiltration and controlling of the Vatican Hierarchy by the Jesuit Order of Priests intend to use the Dogma of Mary to bring the whole world into submission.... Sadly the people are taught anything BUT the truth... (II Thes. 2:2-12)... Let us remain Watchful and try and awaken as many as we can during these final days...We shall indeed be held accountable for them and to the Lord for the tools HE has provided us with for gathering His lost...The harvest is ripe....Time is @ hand!

May the Lord bless you in all you do for Him, The Kingdom, and Eternity........
God Bless you all... Brother Mike

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