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Friday, February 19, 2010

No end to cynicism, is there? See previous posts on Haiti for reference.

UN appeals to members for $1.5 bn Haiti aid

Fri, 19 Feb 2010 16:33:57 GMT
The United Nations has made a record appeal of about USD 1.5 billion to help Haitian whose country and livelihood have been ruined by last month's strong earthquake.

The international organization intends to use the self-described "largest-ever humanitarian appeal'' to provide aid for more than 3 million Haitians affected by the large-scale quake.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his special envoy to Haiti, former US President Bill Clinton, made the appeal on Thursday at a meeting with diplomats from UN member states.

"Before last month's disaster, we had a plan for Haiti's long-term development and reconstruction," Ban said, according to The Los Angeles Times.

"Our challenge today is to reformulate that plan to help Haitians build back better."

The new appeal also seeks funding to revive agriculture, provide emergency telecommunications and manage makeshift camps.

The January 12 quake killed more than 200,000 people and left over one million homeless.

According to the UN, at least two million Haitians are currently in dire need of food.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is one more proof, if you ever needed one, of WHO BIBI WORKS FOR: and it sure ain't us! How about NWO, Vatican, Illuminati, etc. Maybe now you understand better the URGENCY of the SUPRIEM REQUIEM posts.

 This picture was taken by a friend while in Eilat recently.  It is on the road that crosses the border and one of the first things a visitor sees when coming from Egypt into Israel.  I have written about the involvement of Freemasonry in the Israeli Government mainly through the Supreme Court and the Knesset.  But this makes a clear statement to anyone crossing the border into Israel that the Illuminati (or freemasons) are in control here.


PM's List of Heritage Sites Does Not Include Cave of Machpelah

Adar 4, 5770, 18 February 10 06:41
by Gil Ronen
( The Chairman of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria (the Yesha Council), Danny Dayan, asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday to make a last minute change in the list of heritage sites that the government intends to promote and enhance, and add to it the Cave of Machpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs) in Hevron and Rachel's Tomb near Bethlehem.
In recent days Netanyahu has been proudly touting a new initiative for preserving heritage sites throughout Israel. However, many who read the list of sites promulgated by the Prime Minister's Office were disappointed to find no mention of the two important sites where the nation's forefathers and fore-mothers are buried, and which are specifically mentioned in the Bible.
"No one knows better than you that our continued presence on the land depends more than anything on the deep consciousness that this is the land of our forefathers,” Dayan wrote Netanyahu. “What better than these two sites for passing on this consciousness to the public. The Cave of Machpelah and the Tomb of Rachel are the 'rock of our existence.'” 
"A list of heritage sites that does not include the Cave of Machpelah and the Tomb of Rachel completely misses its purpose,” Dayan explained. “It blurs the link of the nation of Israel to its land instead of bringing it into focus; it causes one to forget, G-d forbid, rather than to remember; in disconnects instead of connecting.”      
Christian sites includedThe list of heritage sites does include numerous locations of importance for Christians that will be restored and receive an annual maintenance budget. These include the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Last Supper Room, the Hagia Maria Sion Abbey, the Church of the Gospel, a baptism site on the River Jordan, three churches in Capernaum, and many more.
Arutz Sheva's Hebrew service reported that in recent days, ministers and Knesset members asked the Prime Minister's Office to add the Tomb of Rachel and the Cave of Machpelah to the list of heritage sites but received a flat 'no' in response. 
The Jewish sages teach that the Cave of Machpelah is one of “three places about which the nations of the world cannot deceive Israel and say 'you stole them'” (from Beresheet Rabah). The reason for this is that the Bible records the act of purchase of the cave by Abraham.

*           *            *
Maybe this will help you understand why, just a little bit better?

BUT A WARNING FIRST: THE NEXT TWO LINKS ARE TO A SITE THAT BELONGS TO MESSIANIC JEWS. DISREGARD THE RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA, PLEASE. I didn't want to remove this link because of the important information about Israel and Freemasons, but I am totally opposed to the poisonous religious propaganda. See comment below.

And this:

                                     *                       *                           *                        *

See also:


Dear Daisy,
You posted a link to this Golden person's website. (The Golden Report) Please look at what he believes in. (Statement of Faith/My Testimony) May HaShem protect us! You must not put people like this on your website unless you want to lose readers who are  faithful only to HaShem. Much damage has been done because Jews have read what he writes from Israel Truth Times. Spiritual poison is no less damaging than the bad stuff found in vaccines and often, worse.

I know you process a lot of information, but you must please check everything. I copied and pasted the least offensive part for you to see.
Shabbat Shalom.

"Jerry & Connie Golden are Jewish Believers who believe in the Word of G_d, the G_d of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They believe that the person of Yeshua the Messiah…"

Dear Susan,

Thanks for the reminder. Yes, I did see that they are like that; but the information about the Israel and the Masons hold. And that is, to my opinion, very, very important. That is why I posted it, even though I saw what they believe.

I will post your warning, though, and put a warning of my own. You are absolutely right about this.

Unfortunately I find it unethical to reproduce other people's content without acknowledging the source. So I have to choose between publishing the information, WITH the source, or withholding the information. In this case, I thought that the information was important enough to override the danger. Hopefully this warning will do the job.

Thanks for your input.

Shabbat Shalom



This is what's happening in NY; davka a sweet girl! That, and an unwarranted vaccination campaign only for Jews.... and a CENSUS. What do they need it for? The excuse is, so communities can get proper funding; I don't believe it.

( photo of the child taken down for privacy reasons, but you can see it on the CNN site)

1.Girl's arrest for doodling raises concerns about zero tolerance

By Stephanie Chen, CNN
  • Alexa Gonzalez, 12, was arrested by NYPD for drawing on her desk
  • Critics of zero tolerance policies say school officials, police have gone too far
  • Zero tolerance policies became more popular after Columbine, security experts say
  • Students in Chicago arrested for food fight; students in L.A. ticketed for tardiness
(CNN) -- There was no profanity, no hate. Just the words, "I love my friends Abby and Faith. Lex was here 2/1/10 :)" scrawled on the classroom desk with a green marker.
Alexa Gonzalez, an outgoing 12-year-old who likes to dance and draw, expected a lecture or maybe detention for her doodles earlier this month. Instead, the principal of the Junior High School in Forest Hills, New York, called police, and the seventh-grader was taken across the street to the police precinct.
Alexa's hands were cuffed behind her back, and tears gushed as she was escorted from school in front of teachers and -- the worst audience of all for a preadolescent girl -- her classmates.
"They put the handcuffs on me, and I couldn't believe it," Alexa recalled. "I didn't want them to see me being handcuffed, thinking I'm a bad person."
Alexa is no longer facing suspension, according a spokeswoman for the New York City Department of Education. Still, the case of the doodling preteen is raising concerns about the use of zero tolerance policies in schools.
Critics say schools and police have gone too far, overreacting and using well-intended rules for incidents involving nonviolent offenses such as drawing on desks, writing on other school property or talking back to teachers.
"We are arresting them at younger and younger ages [in cases] that used to be covered with a trip to the principal's office, not sending children to jail," said Emma Jordan-Simpson, executive director of the Children's Defense Fund, a national children's advocacy group.
There aren't any national studies documenting how often minors become involved with police for nonviolent crimes in schools. Tracking the incidents depends on how individual schools keep records. Much of the information remains private, since it involves juveniles.
But one thing is sure: Alexa's case isn't the first in the New York area. One of the first cases to gain national notoriety was that of Chelsea Fraser. In 2007, the 13-year-old wrote "Okay" on her desk, and police handcuffed and arrested her. She was one of several students arrested in the class that day; the others were accused of plastering the walls with stickers.
At schools across the country, police are being asked to step in. In November, a food fight at a middle school in Chicago, Illinois, resulted in the arrests of 25 children, some as young as 11, according to the Chicago Police Department.
The Strategy Center, a California-based civil rights group that tracks zero tolerance policies, found that at least 12,000 tickets were issued to tardy or truant students by Los Angeles Police Department and school security officers in 2008. The tickets tarnished students' records and brought them into the juvenile court system, with fines of up to $250 for repeat offenders.
The Strategy Center opposes the system. "The theory is that if we fine them, then they won't be late again," said Manuel Criollo, lead organizer of the "No to Pre-Prison" campaign at The Strategy Center. "But they just end up not going to school at all."
His group is trying to stop the LAPD and the school district from issuing the tickets. The Los Angeles School District says the policy is designed to reduce absenteeism.
And another California school -- Highland High School in Palmdale -- found that issuing tardiness tickets drastically cut the number of pupils being late for class and helped tone down disruptive behavior. The fifth ticket issued landed a student in juvenile traffic court.
In 1998, New York City took its zero tolerance policies to the next level, placing school security officers under the New York City Police Department. Today, there are nearly 5,000 employees in the NYPD School Safety Division. Most are not police officers, but that number exceeds the total police force in Washington, D.C.
In contrast, there are only about 3,000 counselors in New York City's public school system. Critics of zero tolerance policies say more attention should be paid to social work, counseling and therapy.
"Instead of a graduated discipline approach, we see ... expulsions at the drop of a hat," said Donna Lieberman, an attorney with the New York branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.
"If they have been suspended once, their likelihood of being pushed out of the school increases," she said. "They may end up in jail at some point in their life."
One of Lieberman's clients was in sixth grade when police arrested her in 2007 for doodling with her friend in class. The child, called M.M. in court filings to protect her identity, tried to get tissues to remove the marks, a complaint states.
Lieberman says police subjected M.M. to unlawful search and seizure. A class-action lawsuit, filed in January on behalf of five juveniles, is pending. It maintains that inadequately trained and poorly supervised police personnel are aggressive toward students when no criminal activity is taking place.
Several studies have confirmed that the time an expelled child spends away from school increases the chance that child will drop out and wind up in the criminal justice system, according to a January 2010 study from the Advancement Project, a legal action group.
Alexa Gonzalez missed three days of school because of her arrest. She spent those days throwing up, and it was a challenge to catch up on her homework when she returned to school, she said. Her mother says she had never been in trouble before the doodling incident.
New York attorney Joe Rosenthal, who is representing Alexa, plans to file a lawsuit accusing police and school officials of violating Alexa's constitutional rights. New York City Department of Education officials declined to comment specifically on any possible legal matters.
"Our mission is to make sure that public schools are a safe and supportive environment for all students," said Margie Feinberg, an education department spokeswoman.
Several media outlets have reported that school officials admitted the arrest was a "mistake," but when asked by CNN, Feinberg declined to comment specifically on the incident. She referred CNN to the NYPD.
The NYPD did not return CNN's repeated phone calls and e-mails. It is unknown whether charges will be pressed against Alexa.
Kenneth Trump, a security expert who founded the National School Safety and Security Services consulting firm, said focusing on security is essential to the safety of other students. He said zero tolerance policies can work if "common sense is applied."
Michael Soguero recalls being arrested himself in 2005 when, as principal at Bronx Guild School, he tried to stop an officer from handcuffing one of his students. A charge of assault against him was later dropped. He says police working in schools need specific training on how to work with children.
In Clayton County, Georgia, juvenile court judge Steven Teske is working to reshape zero tolerance policies in schools. He wants the courts to be a last resort. In 2003, he created a program in Clayton County's schools that distinguishes felonies from misdemeanors.
The result? The number of students detained by the school fell by 83 percent, his report found. The number of weapons detected on campus declined by 73 percent.
Last week, after hearing about 12-year-old Alexa's arrest in New York, he wasn't shocked.
"There is zero intelligence when you start applying zero tolerance across the board," he said. "Stupid and ridiculous things start happening."

Find this article at:


THIS IS FROM THE COLLIVE.COM Chabad website, but read the COMMENTS at the bottom for interesting info:

Dr. Eli Rosen addresses the "outbreak of mumps of unprecedented proportion in the Crown Heights community."
By Dr. Eli Rosen, MD

For the past 4 months we have been witnessing an outbreak of mumps of unprecedented proportion in the Crown Heights community. We are not alone in this: Boro Park, Williamsburg and other heimishe communities are also affected. This illness has spread to yeshivas out of town but at this time has not spread into those communities, thank G-d.

What is Mumps and how does it spread?

Mumps spreads by respiratory droplets through infected saliva that can be released when an infected person coughs or sneezes or just talks loudly close by. Symptoms include fever, body aches, headaches, and swelling of the salivary glands (the gland just below the ear). There is no effective treatment for mumps.

The incubation period is a long one, about 21 days, the reason this epidemic has been so drawn out. Individuals with mumps may be infectious even a day or two before becoming sick. Exposed individuals are most likely to be infectious 10-24 days after exposure.

Is this epidemic caused by a new strain of mumps?

No, the current epidemic is caused by mumps strain G which is one of the strains included in the vaccine that has been available for the last 50 years.

Is the mumps vaccine effective?

Yes, despite my earlier concerns that the vaccine may have been ineffective, it appears that the best possible way to be protected remains receiving 2 doses of vaccine. However, the vaccine does not always "take" and since there is a "wear-off" phenomenon, this allows for even vaccinated individuals to contract the mumps.

Children who have been given a dose of MMR at age 1 and again at age 4 seem to be protected in the vast majority of cases up until around age 12.

Beyond age 12 (including adults) immunity seems to wear off to levels that are not protective in a significant percentage of individuals.

Vaccinated individuals, primarily children, who contract the mumps are less prone to develop the complications of mumps (orchitis, meningitis, deafness).

Who is being most affected by the current epidemic?

Males are being much more frequently affected than females. Over the past few weeks, young adults (parents and teachers) seem to be contracting the illness at increasing rates. Unfortunately, adults are more prone to develop the complications of mumps than children.

Is Mumps Vaccine Available?

Vaccine is available in plentiful supply in a preparation combined with measles and rubella called MMR. There is no single component ("plain mumps vaccine") available

Is MMR vaccine safe?

MMR is a safe vaccine although it cannot be used in pregnancy and in a few other medical conditions. Women who receive the vaccine should avoid getting pregnant for at least 28 days following vaccination. Individuals who manifest "full-blown emergency type" allergic symptoms to eggs should not take the vaccine.

Is there a reaction to the MMR vaccine?

MMR vaccine does cause some individuals, particularly adults, to have a brief flu-like illness usually one week following vaccination.

MMR and Autism?

In the past, there have been questions regarding autism and MMR. These questions were raised 14 years ago by Dr. Wakefield in England. Since then, he has been thoroughly discredited, his study withdrawn and numerous subsequent studies have shown no causative relationship between MMR and autism.

However, because of this bogus but very popular research, vaccination rates have dropped and there has been a resurgence of the illness.

A recent outbreak of measles (an illness much more severe than mumps) in England has resulted in some serious consequences. The current "fashion" of not vaccinating children is clearly having an effect on the incidence of these diseases. In the presence of many infected individuals the virus can spread to those who are vaccinated, and as vaccination rates drop, the situation becomes more tenuous.

Why are vaccinated individuals contracting mumps?

There are 2 possible factors for this: waning of immunity with time and the large viral load present under epidemic conditions which seems to overwhelm the immune response.

Is a third dose of MMR effective?

It is my contention that a third dose of MMR is necessary to stem this epidemic in all older children and adults who have been previously vaccinated and have had recent close exposure.

Has a third dose been approved for use by the health authorities?

Unfortunately, not at this time. As such, it cannot be routinely given to those who have clear evidence of having received 2 doses of MMR.

Am I susceptible to Mumps? 

Traditionally, we have used an IGG antibody blood test to determine immunity to mumps. Unfortunately, it would appear that this blood test (with the values used in the past) is not an accurate predictor of susceptibility to mumps. It is unclear at this time whether readjusting the normal range or refining the test will help us decide which individuals require another dose of MMR.

It is my contention that robust antibody levels (i.e. those higher than the normal cutoff) may be useful in determining who should receive a booster dose among those who have previously received 2 doses of vaccine.

What about being vaccinated after exposure?

Previously, it was stated that vaccination after exposure was not beneficial (too little, too late). However, with the current epidemic, the health authorities have approved the administration of vaccine for those who were recently exposed to a case of mumps and are unvaccinated or unsure of their vaccination status.

Individuals who have had mumps and those born before 1957 are considered immune.


Get Vaccinated

Everyone under the age of 50 who has not received 2 doses of MMR or has no record of past immunization, should receive a booster dose of MMR as soon as possible, especially if they are parents or teachers.

Your personal physician has access to vaccine and there is currently no shortage. Vaccine has been made available by NY City for administration to people 10 years and older. Please refer to the sites listed at the end of this update.

What to Do For an Individual Infected with Mumps 

1. Individuals with Mumps should be strictly quarantined.
2. Cover the mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
3. Wash hands frequently with soap and water.
4.There is no effective treatment for Mumps. Rest, fluids, analgesia are helpful.
5. What to do if you are exposed to Mumps

Individuals with mumps are infectious 2-3 days prior to the onset of the illness. Check your immunization status and receive vaccination if you were not previously vaccinated.

Unfortunately, as stated earlier, 2 doses of vaccine in the distant past are absolutely no guarantee of protection. Blood tests for antibody levels can still be useful in determining the need for another dose of vaccine.


The practice of quarantine has been forgotten largely due to the success of the vaccination program. However, with a resurgence of illness, we urgently need to reinstitute the practice of quarantine.

Any individual who suspects he/she may have the mumps, should be considered infectious until the situation becomes clear.

For at least the first five days of the illness, those in the above group and those with mumps should stay home, not go to shul or yeshiva, remove themselves from a dormitory situation and be quarantined, either with other mumps cases or alone.

Children from homes where the parents do not vaccinate, must be considered infectious any time between 10-24 days after exposure and should be kept out of school for this time period. As long as those with the illness continue to mingle with the "herd", the illness will persist.

Lastly, something has to be said at this juncture about the concept of herd immunity. Due to lay opposition to appropriate vaccination of our children and admission of these unvaccinated children into our school system, there has been a decline in herd immunity which may be one of the reasons why we are witnessing the current outbreak.

Even though vaccination of all children clearly has its costs and as we see not all vaccination confers life-time immunity, the healthcare authorities unequivocally recommend vaccination of all children. Hopefully, by vaccinating our children we will not allow for the epidemic spread of preventable diseases in our community.

Thank you.
I am very grateful to Dr. Rosen for taking the time to write this article.

There are a few things I would like to add to this.
1. While it is true that the FDA has ruled that there is no link between the mmr & autism, it is important to note that they will only recognize changes that happen within a few days of a vaccine. Sometimes it takes the body longer than a few days to react. The later reactions are NOT included in their studies.

2. The safety studies are funded by the manufacturers of these vaccines.

3. Experiencing the mumps (and other common childhood diseases like measles, chicken pox, etc.) leave the body with a lifetime immunity. It is common to see a growth spurt in a child that has been sick and allowed to express the symptoms of the illness.

4. High doses of Vitamin C can help the body heal rapidly. Doses would be much higher than parents generally give. Dosage is figured out using bowel tolerance.


to #6
Please check your information before you post it.
1) NOT TRUE - Numerous studies, both from the US and abroad, have demonstrated that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. [See "MMR and Autism" BMJ. 2010 Feb 2;340:c655 for a sample.]
2) NOT TRUE - (see above citation for an example).
3) NOT TRUE - This depends on the person. Immunity can wane and those most vulnerable to infection (e.g. immunosuppressed) are most at risk.
4) NOT TRUE - No SCIENTIFIC studies have proven this and Vitamin C doses above 2000 mg/day can be TOXIC!

Additionally, I am very curious as to where you received your medical education. Before you go around touting your medical knowledge, please consider that your misinformation and inaccuracies can actually kill others. Are you willing to accept responsibility for an ill child or G-d forbid worse? If not, then keep your conspiracy theories about the FDA and drug companies to yourself.


Natural News on Mumps Vaccine
(NaturalNews) To hear the vaccine pushers say it, all the recent outbreaks of mumps and measles are caused by too few people seeking out vaccinations. It's all those "non-vaccinated people" who are a danger to society, they say, because they can spread disease.

Reality tells a different story, however: It is the vaccinated people who are causing these outbreaks and spreading disease!

Just this week, an outbreak of mumps among more than 1,000 people in New Jersey and New York has raised alarm among infectious disease authorities. The outbreak itself is not unusual, though. What's unusual is that the health authorities slipped up and admitted that most of the people infected with mumps had already been vaccinated against mumps.

In Ocean County, New Jersey, county spokeswoman Leslie Terjesen told CNN that 77 percent of those who caught mumps had already been vaccinated against mumps.

77 percent of those infected had been vaccinated
Usually this information is censored out of the press. The vaccine industry wants the public to believe that vaccines are effective at preventing infection. So the media typically refrains from reporting what percentage of the infected people were already vaccinated against the infectious disease.

But in this case, the 77 percent figure slipped out. And now intelligent observers are increasingly seeing the truth about these vaccines:

• Infectious disease vaccines simply don't work. If they did, then why did all these children who were already vaccinated still get mumps?

• Vaccines may actually increase your risk of disease. Notice that far more vaccinated children were stricken with mumps than non-vaccinated children?

• The people who administer vaccines never tell you that their vaccines don't really work. They tell you that you'll be "protected" with the vaccine, implying a near-100% level of protection (which is blatantly false).

• Even if you're vaccinated against a disease, you may still catch that disease anyway! So what's the point of the vaccine?

The lies of the CDC
The CDC claims the mumps vaccine is 76 to 95 percent effective, but they offer no scientific evidence whatsoever to support that claim. To date, there has never been a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study published on the mumps vaccine in humans. The so-called "scientific" evidence supporting these vaccines is purely imaginary.

I still have a $10,000 reward offered for anyone who can provide a single scientific study proving the safety and effectiveness of any H1N1 vaccine:

Does being vaccinated raise your risk of infection? 
The CDC also says that 2009 was a bad year for mumps outbreaks. They blame all the people who refuse to be vaccinated for causing these outbreaks. Their theory, of course, is based on the imaginary idea that mumps vaccines halt mumps infections. But once again, it's all imaginary! As we saw this week in New Jersey, most of the people who get infected in these outbreaks are the very people who were vaccinated! 

If mumps vaccines actually worked, then what you should see instead is the mumps infection spreading among those who refused the vaccines, right? It's only logical. 

In fact, if vaccines really work, then why should the vaccinated people be bothered at all by those who don't get vaccinated? After all, if their vaccines protect themselves from disease, then non-vaccinated people are no threat to them, right? So why are vaccinated people so pushy about forcing non-vaccinated people to get vaccinated?

  1. Mumps outbreak spreads among people who got vaccinated against mumps

    Feb 11, 2010 ... The CDC claims the mumps vaccine is 76 to 95 percent effective, but they offer no scientific evidence whatsoever to support that claim. ...

  2. Immunization Programs Under Scrutiny (Part 1)

    In a report issued by German health authorities and published in a 1989 issue of the Lancet, the mumps vaccine was revealed to have caused 27 specific ...

  3. The great thimerosal cover-up: Mercury, vaccines, autism and your ...

    One theory is that, in very rare cases, a child's immune system could be weakened by the measles-mumps-rubella vaccination (MMR), which is usually ...

Window into the character of George Soros. Read carefully. Now you understand how these satanists, illuminati, frankists work. Deception, fraud, lies, illusions.....

Currencies And Pouring Into 'The Ultimate Bubble'

  Feb. 17, 2010, 6:14 AM

George Soros's Soros Fund Management charged into gold during the fourth quarter, doubling its stake in the world's largest gold ETF.
Note that he did this despite the fact that gold prices had already run up substantially by 4Q.
It's also despite the fact that in Davos he recently said that gold was the 'ultimate asset bubble' and that there was 'no alternative to the dollar'.
These are the actions of a true trend trader, it seems.

Monday, February 15, 2010

SUPRIEM REQUIEM; REQUIEM SUPRIEM !....LINK. Also, below , modern-day equivalent of the battle between the prophets of Baal and Eliyahu Hanavi - KINGS 18:25. Of course Eliyahu won, because he was defending God's honor.


I see my article created quite a stir among the evil ones. If you have the stomach to look at these evil people, go to that site, see who you are dealing with. Every antisemite in the book, every satanist, every white power maniac loves this Supriem. As they say: "QUI SE RESSEMBLE, S'ASSEMBLE". Birds of one feather flock together.

Baruch Shelo Asani Goy.



Shortly after I had written this post, I received notice that the self-appointed "prophet" of the Thule society, Michael Prescott, had left a comment on the article SUPRIEM REQUIEM...

I have been thinking long and hard how to reply to this man, who, in typical  SNAKE FASHION - remember, the snake has a forked tongue! - with one side of his tongue spews melllifluous honey better to catch you with, while with the other side of his forked tongue he performs satanic magic and communes with the DEVIL!. Don't take my word for it, watch him - there is a video, or a picture, I forgot which, of him shamelessly doing his abominations for all to see. Mind you, this self- appointed prophet sees no contradiction here: that should tell you how perturbed his vision has become from the depravity of his behavior. He is a messenger of the netherworld, not a messenger of the God Most High. There is a word in Hebrew for him: he represents THE YETZER HARA - the EVIL urge. RA in Hebrew means EVIL. Not by accident do these people worship RA. His 'god', Supriem ( REQUIEM SUPRIEM!) claims to be RA himself;  I believe him! He IS RA: RA as ra in Hebrew.

The devil's prophet claims that the Thule society is innocent of having caused any harm - 'to humanity'. But wait a minute: I thought that for the Thule society Jews were not humans, they were Untermenschen! So I guess, killing 6 -even closer to 7 - million Jews doesn't count as harming humanity, is that it? The members of the Thule society never had, and never have to this day a bad word for the Jewish People, right? Never influenced Hitler, right? Again, don't take my word for it. READ ABOUT THE HISTORY of the Thule society: it will speak for itself. Some of it is spelled out in my article; for the rest, do your own research; if you really want to find out the truth, there is plenty of material available on the net.If this modern-day society were really as innocuous and God loving as they claim to be, they would have chosen a different name. Have you ever heard of GOOD NAZIS? Oh no, we are Nazis, but we are not like the other Nazis; we just like the name Nazi: it sounds so good. Come on, do you really believe this nonsense?

So, I will not even address him in person. I do not hold debates with representatives of the netherworld. I stay as far away from them as I possibly can.

Instead, I will let one of OUR HOLY MEN SPEAK TO HIM. He has a message for him, which I do believe was inspired by RUACH HAKODESH, by the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, the spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD, HASHEM, YUD, KEI, VAV, KEI, THE TETRAGRAMMATON. After I post the devil's prophet's words, I will post the TRUE MAN OF GOD'S words. YOU BE THE JUDGE, AND SEE WHO SPEAKS THE TRUTH.

And if YOUR soul is too polluted to differentiate between truth and falsehood, GOD WILL. GOD RULES THE WORLD. HE IS THE KING, and HE DIRECTS ALL EVENTS OF HUMANITY. He knows who is sincere, who is innocent, who is truly pure, and who is a false, deceiving devil in disguise.


So here are the devil worshipper "prophet" 's words:

"I'd like to say that this blog is over zealous and exagerated.

We of the Thule-Gesellschaft stand in unity with Israel as we do with all nations.

We stand in sincere support of Supriem Rockefeller and find his vision for a united world under the love of GD to be of the best origins of holy faith.

This article clearly states how Hitler outlawed the Thule after his reign and let that speak for itself because the Thule did not share his anti-Jewish beliefs, that was never the vision of Sebottendorf nor of the Thule-Gesellschaft as a whole.

I think the claim of the Nazi affiliation is more founded in the fact theat Thule had any connection to Hitler at all, but then again so did Italy, and so today do we blame Italy? no we blame the leadership.

The strongest testiment of Thule -Gesellschaft being innocent of all false claims should be the fact as stated that Hitler OUTLAWED the Thule of that era for their unwillingness to support the great harm Hitler brought aginst humanity.

We rebuke any NAZI claim against us as it is false and unfounded. We reject Naziism and frown greatly upon it's rise in past history and with the entire world we see it as a horrible lesson for mankind to have learned and overcomed.

I might also add that Supriem Rockefeller has a genuine word of support from us as with many people around the world, we are one among many and we do not have anything to do with his personel business affairs we respect his right to privacy in all he endeavors, he simply has a fair vision for all the world that we see is good for all the world to embrace.

The love Supriem has for the world knows specific creed, relgion or color, he loves humanity as a whole and his mission is to serve the world.

Articles like this will not stop the progress of the New Aeon but rather give it more resolve as this world is hurting for answers and the answers are coming, all the world will see a new day and may that day be led by the love of GD.

Blessing's My Beloved,
Michael Noel Prescott
The Third Prophet"


Yes, a "New Aeon", a New Age, a New World Order - like we haven't had enough of that already! Thanks, I'll do without, as I am sure most of you will too. Just see what the messengers of that same creed, the UN and the WHO, have done for the world so far. You want more information? There are many, many articles on this blog about the evil of those two entities. Just search the words, UN, WHO, NWO, and find out.

..And notice the slips of the forked tongue - are those slips deliberate, or did Hashem make him slip despite himself??

" the love Supriem has for the world knows specific creed ....". So , here is an admission, by this PROPHET - he says he is one, right?! - that Supriem is a RACIST, THAT HE JUDGES PEOPLE BY THEIR CREED, RELIGION AND COLOR.

Notice also how he couldn't even get himself to spell the word "religion" in full. That is because religion is such anathema to Satan. The I is missing; it is like saying: religion doesn't have I, doesn't have me, I have no religion, I am outside of religion. See the coded words? Or are these slips of the forked tongue?

Notice also the strange signature: the apostrophe in the word blessings. That changes the whole meaning of the phrase, doesn't it? It now means: the blessing is my beloved. Better yet: MY BELOVED IS THE BLESSING ( WHO IS THE BELOVED: HIS WIFE? HIS GIRLFRIEND? SATAN? )

It does NOT mean I bless you. How could a prophet of the devil bless ANYONE, anyway?!

Now do you understand what I mean by A FORKED TONGUE???

That reminds me of the story of Balaam who was sent to CURSE THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, yet ended up BLESSING ISRAEL! NUMBERS 22-24


"tell him the following from me...

we do not believe u... u are a liar... we have 6 million dead brothers and sisters that forcefully prove otherwise... talk is cheap... if u wish to repudiate nazism and embrace Judaism than do so with actions and deeds and not with mere words... so first pull out of all plans and negotiations to take money from people to build this false temple in Jerusalem... give back all the money and ask back your money from all Jews whom u tried to influence to let u do this outrage and obscenity against the L-rd... and of course cease all activity which is directly led and meant to lead to the construction of this unholy and damnable heretical temple...

and then pronounce to the world the cessation of your desires and claims to want to hold Har Habayit and build upon it a blasphemous masonic/luciferian/nimrodian cult-slave-based temple to unite all religious faiths into the eternal throes of bondage which is the truth of the babylonian/egyptian mystery death-cult-moloch-worshiping religion of yours... the one which nimrod and mitzrayim a grandson and son of cham defied G-d with shortly after the mabul (the great deluge or the flood of Noach)... u pagans and idolators have no right to our Temple Mount and we want u to cease and desist trying to usurp it away from us...

acknowledge openly that the G-d of Israel reigns supreme over the universe and not your false messiah and jesus-wanna-be guy who is a false prophet and a false messiah who will eventually be exposed as a fraud... if u wish to befriend us... tell the the world that it is G-d Himself who wishes to have exclusive worship in a temple on Har Habayit in His holy land and holy city of Jerusalem and only in the guise of Torah judaism... and only under the auspices of His holy priests and levites...

and tell the world as well that G-d wishes all of this to be done only in the form as depicted in the Book of Leviticus and in many other places thruout the bible... exclusively in the Tenach... the old-testament... the only testament... say this and we will believe u... say it not and we know u lie and are an enemy of Jews and Judaism everywhere...

and tell the world that this temple can only be built in the shape and size to the specific measurements and specifications as revealed at the end of the Book of Ezekiel and that by no means can this third and final temple ever be built and take the shape of the former first temple model of King Solomon's original one...

tell the world that this is the secret by which we all may know that the world who favors this project to be done for all religions and faiths of the world and to replicate King Solomon's temple so as to unite all the races and creeds in one giant witch's cauldron... tell the world that this is how we can know that the fix is in and that we are being duped... and that this will lead to worldwide slavery and eternal serfdom as planned by the slime powers-that-be in this world... tell the whole world to be very wary of this plot... that this is the deathknell for freedom and liberty for all... and tell them that no man will be spared if this plan goes thru... and that this will spell the end of "all men were created equal" because this plan will only make us all equally enthralled in servitude for all-time to come... tell them this and we will accept u as a friend... tell mankind the full truth that they will all rue the day this temple went up... and
 that this is all a trick to enslave them all...

also tell the world that Judaism and Torah are the only forms of Divine worship acceptable to G-d... and that all other religions are varying degrees of idolatry and blasphemy against the living G-d... the one and only G-d of Israel... tell the world to adopt the 7 universal laws given to Noach after the flood... that the Jews will keep the 613 and all other nations and peoples only these 7... and do so immediately so that we might know u are our friend as u claim...

and tell the world to utterly reject all idolatrous worship and cults and to abandon all other forms of laws and rites and prayers and incantations and services to G-d and certainly to any other gods and satans or any earthly or heavenly bodies etc... tell them this angers the one true G-d Hashem to no end and is the worst of sins to Him... tell them that all religions are false except for Judaism... and while u are at it... tell them that also only orthodox Torah-true Judaism is the true Judaism and that all others are mere imposters and outright lies...

and stop calling Him y-a-h-w-e-y this too is an affront to His great glory and to the awesome levels of honor and reverence He is due...

and so do all of this today... openly and manifestly with these exact words and pronouncements... so we may know the truth of your protestations of sincerely loving us and G-d... or stop wasting our time and distracting us from fighting against u to the death if necessary for the sake of our G-d and our land and our people and our Torah... nikmatdam"


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Really?? And meanwhile the M.O.H. wasted US$ 75 million on useless and dangerous vaccines; so, how do you like the SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY OF OUR MINISTRY OF HEALTH???

Medical Federation Warns of System Collapse

Shevat 30, 5770, 14 February 10 09:59
( The Medical Federation (Histadrut Harefui) warned Sunday evening that the state's hospital admissions system was in danger of collapsing. The warning came after the Health Ministry announced that it was telling the Magen David Adom emergency service not to take patients to Sheba Hospital at Tel Hashomer, Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and Haemek Hospital in Afula because they were full.
Federation Chairman Leonid Idelman said the crisis was not unique to those three facilities, in fact all hospitals were overloaded. He called on the Health and Finance ministries to invest the needed resources in additional beds and medical staffing before it's too late.


SHmuel writes:

Daisy Shalom,
We are talking about a system utterly dilapidated by politicism.
The so called ministers are at best illusional and for the most misfits.
This is a system that installed;
Peretz as Defense Minister.
Halutz as "chief of staff".
Lapid as Justice?
Livni as the same...
Olmert as PM?!?!
etc, etc.
And we got Rav I forgot his name as Minister or acting minister of health.
There are more ministers here than in the majority of other places, competing with the number and qualifications of Saetoro Obama's Czar cadre.
Do not forget that in most hospitals many bed is "donated" by foreign donors and the "mda" uses ambulances donated as well.
That while charging astronomical charges from those in need of service.
Where is all the taxpayer money really going then...?

And Moshe writes:

זה בדיוק התוצאה  של גניעבת הכסף של משרד הבריאות ע'י ביבי לחיסונים המיותרים ,אז אין מיטות ותקנים בבתי חולים ,חשבתם שהוא נתן תקציב אחר הוא פשוט גנב את ה'כסף של ליצמן' כאילו שבשביל בתי חולים זה בשביל ליצמן כמו שבשביל רשויות מקומיות זה בשביל אלי ישי ובהשביל בטחון זה בשביל ברק (והסוף לצערי נכון)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, the sweet taste of success... have you seen this? Professor Engelhard, are you there? And what about you, libelous, hateful websites, such as DaisyJSternMDlies???

Gov't moves to stop delivery of more swine flu vaccines
BY JUDY SEIGEL ITZKOVICH, Jerusalem Post, 09/02/2010
There are currently 4.6 m. doses in the
country as only 700,000 have been 
Due to the very low demand for H1N1 flu vaccine - less than a
tenth of the population has gone for the 7.3 million doses 
ordered - the Health Ministry has asked that the last two 
million of them not be shipped to Israel.

The company will give the ministry credit for these vaccines,

the ministry said on Tuesday.

There are currently 4.6 million in the country after only

700,000 were used.

It is not known whether the purchased vaccines will be

usable for more than a year.



Now let's do a quick calculation:

4.6 million doses left;

that means that Israel PAID FOR AN EXCESS OF 4.6 million
doses .

Since the total cost of the vaccines was 450 million NIS , and 
4.6/ 7.3 = 0.6301369, or 63.01369%, that means that ISRAEL 
WASTED 283,561,600 NIS of taxpayer's money 

( 450 million NIS x 0.6301369% = 283,561,600 NIS)

I am arriving at that figure estimating the price of each vaccine
to be equal, although I do understand that some of the
vaccine was more expensive than the other, so there is a 
small leeway there. 

Considering that the Ministry of Health was repeatedly warned
even BEFORE they spent all the money, NOT TO DO SO, I
think the taxpayers, who are paying this, SHOULD BE SUING 
THE GOVERNMENT for a full refund of their money.

What can one do with 283,561,600 NIS?

At today's dollar/shekel rate, that comes out to US$ 75,818,609.6257
  I could think of a lot of things to do with $75 million dollars:

And the list goes on and on and on.

Or how about, simply giving a REFUND OF 10 dollars to each
man, woman and child in Israel? After all, it is OUR money you
so recklessly wasted!

One more aspect: Israel received "CREDIT" for the last two 
million doses it returned to the last pharmaceutical company 
(GSK, Sanofi or Novartis, I don't know which one of the three).

In Israel at least, credit is NOT cash back. 

(Maybe I am wrong and Israel did receive cash back, 
in which case you can disregard this item).

But if I am right, that means that even more of Israel's money
is being tied down, with that one company.

We are talking over 123 million NIS here :

( 2Mio/7.3Mio =27.39726% x450 Mio NIS = 123,287,670 NIS),

or  US$ 32,964,617.65. 

Almost US$ 33 million tied down with a company whose 
honesty is dubious at best, considering the entire H1N1 
vaccine fraud saga! What about all THAT illiquid money?

And of course, the money aspect is dwarfed by the HEALTH 
aspect of unnecessary and dangerous injections. 

So, Professor Engelhard, I have a question for you:

If I did decide to reapply for my medical license in Israel -
after all, I did nothing wrong, simply failed to renew it -
would you DARE to refuse it to me, either you or your minions,
on spurious grounds such as lack of loyalty to the system,
lack of loyalty to the medical establishment, etc?

NEGLIGENT, OR WORSE? ( I will leave it at that, because I 
am very nice)

Oh, and by the way, how much do we bet that those vaccines
will be TOTALLY USELESS BY NEXT YEAR, and will have to 
BE THROWN OUT ( unless you plan to sell them to some 
freier, ignorant third world country, God have mercy on you
- and on them)?

Yours sincerely, 

Daisy J. Stern, MD


Jack says:

Daisy, like I said, if you’re not taking flack, you’re not over the target.

SHmuel adds:

Dr. Daisy,
The system flotsam will never voluntarily accept responsibility.
And they will never forget anyone they target unless if THE PEOPLE thoroughly dismantle their base.
They have to be taken down and replaced with decent folk.
DS replies:
Thank you!

bill added:


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh my God, isn't this magnificent? Our very own "DOME" of protection from the Lord of Heaven. "Succat Shelomecha".

They didn't have much of a choice, did they? It is either that, or complete lack of credibility and probable prosecution. Nice people. I hope people realize by now that their credibility is ZERO. Professor Engelhard, are you there?

WHO to Consider Whether H1N1 Pandemic Has Peaked

Robert Lowes, from Medscape Medical News

February 11, 2010 — An emergency advisory committee of the World Health Organization (WHO), meeting later this month, will consider making it official what WHO has indicated for weeks — that the H1N1 influenza pandemic, although still active in many parts of the world, is winding down.
However, at a press conference today, Keiji Fukuda, MD, MPH, the special pandemic influenza advisor to the WHO director-general, cited a recent outbreak of H1N1 infection in Senegal as proof that the pandemic has not run its full course.
"We are seeing an overall declining pattern in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's very clear the virus hasn't disappeared," said Dr. Fukuda. "It's continuing to cause disease and death in many parts of the world."
Dr. Fukuda said WHO has received its first reports of communitywide infection in Senegal, where there have been 42 mild cases of pandemic H1N1 influenza, but no deaths. "Western Africa is one part of the world where we haven't seen much activity," he said. "We may be seeing a general decline, but in some places community outbreaks can [still] be expected."
The emergency committee, formed under the International Health Regulations approved by WHO member states, will review epidemiologic data and then recommend whether WHO should classify the pandemic as having entered a postpeak, or transition, phase, said Dr. Fukuda.
The postpeak phase is part of a pandemic classification system used by WHO that immediately follows phase 6, which marks a full-blown pandemic. In a postpeak period, according to WHO's Web site, "pandemic activity appears to be decreasing; however, it is uncertain if additional waves will occur and countries will need to be prepared for a second wave." Official designation of the postpeak period will help national public health authorities plan for the future, Dr. Fukuda said.
The final stage in the WHO spectrum is the postpandemic period. Here, influenza disease activity returns to "levels normally seen for seasonal influenza."
Dr. Fukuda said he expects the emergency committee to meet during the last week of February, although an exact date has not yet been set.
H1N1 Could Be Component of Next Seasonal Flu Vaccine for Northern Hemisphere
Dr. Fukuda also announced that WHO will convene its annual meeting of experts next week to begin deliberating on which influenza virus strains should make up the 2010-2011 seasonal influenza vaccine for the Northern Hemisphere. These experts hail from national public health agencies and laboratories that make up the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network. Dr. Fukuda said that this group will likely consider including the pandemic H1N1 virus as 1 of the 3 strains normally constituting the seasonal influenza vaccine.
"I don't want to second-guess what the expert advisors will recommend," said Dr. Fukuda. "But it's fair to point out that the current pandemic virus is by far the most common virus that's been isolated around the world. It's a good bet we'll see it around for quite a while."
Each September, WHO convenes the same experts to recommend the composition of the next year's seasonal influenza vaccine for the southern hemisphere. At their meeting in September 2009, they included a strain of the pandemic H1N1 virus — specifically, an A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)-like virus — as 1 of the 3 strains for 2010. The other recommended strains were an A/Perth/16/2009 (H3N2)-like virus and a B/Brisbane/60/2008-like virus.
Another WHO advisory group, the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization, recommended last year that nations ordering vaccines should have the option of either including a pandemic H1N1 virus in the traditional trivalent vaccine for seasonal influenza or making it a separate monovalent vaccine, with the other 2 recommended strains in a second vaccine.

"This Is a True Pandemic"
Dr. Fukuda continued to defend WHO against charges issued by European critics that profit-minded vaccine manufacturers swayed the agency to exaggerate the severity of the H1N1 outbreak. "Our position is very clear," he said. "This is a true pandemic."
WHO, he said, is currently assessing how WHO and other national public health agencies performed in responding to the pandemic so they can "do it better the next time." However, this investigation is not based on allegations by any particular individuals, he added.


WHO has no choice but to change their plans - they were going to continue with the " pandemic" farce for another year. So where does MARTIAL LAW FIT IN? If there is no pandemic, there is no 'legal' justification for military control of 193 nations by the UN. It leaves them in a serious quandary, doesn't it? I hope lawyers, specially international lawyers, will pay much attention to this small detail.

Should we call this the pope's SIXTH PLAGUE?? Not so fast. I am sure they will try to pull wool over people's eyes, and find all sorts of justifications for continuing their international control of the world. Is THAT why NATO thinks of going global now? It seems the UN has JUST "LOST ITS TEETH"! So will NATO now take its place?


NATO should be global security forum: Rasmussen

By David Brunnstrom and Mark Trevelyan
Sunday, February 7, 2010; 7:26 AM

MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - NATO should develop closer ties with China, India, Pakistan and Russia and become the forum for consultation on global security, the alliance's head said on Sunday, but a senior Russian politician reacted with skepticism.
The four countries all had interests in stability in Afghanistan and could do more to help develop and assist the country, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said.
"What would be the harm if countries such as China, India, Pakistan and others were to develop closer ties with NATO? I think, in fact, there would only be a benefit, in terms of trust, confidence and cooperation," he said.
NATO should become the global forum with other nations on a host of security issues extending from terrorism, cyber attacks, nuclear proliferation, piracy, climate change and competition for natural resources as well as Afghanistan, he said.
"NATO can be the place where views, concerns and best practices on security are shared by NATO's global partners. And where ... we might work out how to tackle global challenges together," he told a conference in Munich ahead of discussion of a new NATO Strategic Concept due to be approved in November.
Rasmussen said NATO was already working with Pakistan, and other countries stood to gain from a stable Afghanistan. "India has a stake in Afghan stability. China too. And both could help further develop and rebuild Afghanistan. The same goes for Russia," he said.
A senior Russian politician reacted skeptically to the proposals, saying NATO first had to think globally, and complained that Russia had not been involved in the process.
"I believe the problem of NATO today is that NATO develops in reverse order -- it tries to act globally more and more but continues to think locally," said Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Russian Duma's International Affairs Committee.
"As soon as NATO starts to reach beyond its borders this is no longer just an internal matter for NATO," said Kosachev, who was also speaking the annual Munich Security Conference.
Moscow still views NATO, its Cold War adversary, with deep suspicion. Ties were severely strained by the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia and by U.S.-backed plans to invite more former Soviet states to join the alliance.
Kosachev accused the alliance of provoking the Georgia-Russia conflict by promising Tbilisi eventual membership and of failing to tackle the drugs problem in Afghanistan. He urged NATO to show it was serious by having proper discussions with Russia about Moscow's security concerns and proposals.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, chair of a group of experts drawing up the Strategic Concept, and Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay backed Rasmussen's vision of NATO as the preeminent forum for global security discussion.
"I think we are talking about how we can have some coordinating mechanism for all the various organizations that exist in the world," Albright said, adding that the question was "which organization can make the biggest difference."
"While I am a great admirer of the United Nations, I know what it can and cannot do," she said, noting that it was NATO cooperation that halted the killing in Kosovo in the 1990s.
Rasmussen said he did not see the Western military alliance, which groups 26 European nations, Canada and the United States, becoming a competitor to the United Nations.
"We are talking here about a group of nations consulting, formally or informally, on security. Nothing more.
"In fact, I think it would actually benefit the UN. NATO is operating almost without exception in support of U.N. resolutions. Allies are all strong and active UN members," he said.
(Editing by Dave Graham and Dominic Evans)




bill said:
Yes. ...And with the record 60-inch snowstorm that has shut down the Federal Government for the past week, "Global Warming" won't work either!

Moshe said:

תרבות השקר ברמה הכי גבוהה ובמקום שאתה מצפה למקסימום אחריות בריאות העולם
ללמדינו שאנו בעולם השקר

 and continued:

מה רוצות כל המעצמות מאפגניסטאן הקטנה, האם היא מעצמת הרשע? האם אין כאן שנאת בני ישראל קדומה שגם נוחתת על הפשטונים?  הרוי במלחמה ב2000 האמריקאים שכרו את כל הלא-פשטונים כדי שידחקו את הפשטונים והטאליבאן מהשלטון .אז......
גם מה שנעשה היום באםגניסטאן זה נגד השלטון הנבחר של המדיה ,מישהוא סופר אותם נאטו רוצה לנצח ,מה זה בדיוק במקום כזה?
האשורים נשברו שם ,הנפרסים נשברו שם ,הם כבשו כמעט מחצית הודו בשיא כוחם ,הבריטים נשברו שם הרוסים נשברו שם ,אז כל האירופאים רוצים להשבר שם ,הלכה עשיו שונה ליעקב?