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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not only in Greece, mind you: fraudulent, illegal, should be fought tooth and nail, and the contract considered null and void; who could possibly be behind it, what do you think?

Which brings us to this, with the most recent update included - Nov. 24, 2011; surprised, anybody?

I had discussed this topic earlier; search the word 'Japan'. But honestly I am learning a lot today, had no idea about the convoluted reality underlying the stolen Japanese bonds. Thank you, Jonathan Levy, for doing what we all should be doing: suing the arch-evil Roman entity, and in the process unraveling its dirty secrets. 

Chazal describe to us the nature of Esav: violent, false, murderous, perverted, greedy, selfish, true disciple of Satan. Seeing Edom today, seeing Rome in its truth, without the phoney disguise it tries to project onto the world, is shocking and revolting; the Torah, however, knew about Esav's nature from the day he was born, even before he was born; only now is it being revealed to us, day after day after day. Truly Mashiach times we are living in.

Thanks to Ron for bringing this new info about Rome to my attention.

Vatican involved in Money Laundering: TeleGracia TV Reports from Protect Your Children on Vimeo.

Monday, November 28, 2011

KEEP EYES AND EARS OPEN, EVIL ON ITS WAY! What worries me is not the PA's reaction, but the content of the conference. Seeing that they failed the first time, they want to make sure they succeed next time.

... And I also don't like the venue: the U.N. has no business being in Jerusalem.

PA Group Condemns WHO Conference in Jerusalem
A Palestinian Authority human rights organization has used a WHO regional health conference as a launching pad for political salvos.
Chana Ya'ar, INN
A Palestinian Authority human rights organization has used a regional health conference as a launching pad for political salvos against Israel, condemning "in the strongest possible terms" the World Health Organization's Europe division for holding a health policy conference in Jerusalem.
The first European Conference on the New European Policy for Health is being hosted by Israel Monday and Tuesday in Jerusalem, which infuriated the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR). 
"By conducting a conference hosted by Israel in the city of Jerusalem, the U.N. agency WHO sends an implicit recognition of Israel's annexation of the city and gives implied legitimization to Israel's illegal actions in Jerusalem over the past decades," the PCHR charged in a statement sent to media.
The conference is "an important milestone in the development of the Health 2020 policy that the European Region plans to endorse formally in September 2012," said the WHO in a statement on its website. "One of the core aims of the new European policy for health -- Health 2020 -- is to promote and strengthen innovative ways of working across sector and agency boundaries for health and wellbeing."
The conference aims to identify ways to establish and consolidate dialogue with critical stakeholders and all levels of government across the spectrum, essential for meeting most of the major public health challenges facing the world today.
The last several years' pandemics, first with bird flu and then with H1N1 influenza, should be enough to convince most officials that regional cooperation is essential in developing a uniform strategy to prevent future tragedy.
But the PCHR instead used the conference as a political soapbox to launch a harangue against the Jewish state, claiming "Judaization" of Jerusalem, human rights abuses of PA Arabs and "destruction of Palestinian heritage sites" in the city.
Among other charges trotted out by the PCHR were the "regime of apartheid" accusation and the "mistreatment of Palestinian by Israeli occupation forces," in addition to the insistence that the WHO cancel its conference in deference to "East Jerusalem as Palestinian territory and the rightful capital of a Palestinian state." 
The conference venue, incidentally, was not located in any of the eastern neighborhoods of the Israeli capital.

Latest interview on the Tamar Yonah Show, A7, today. Pay attention to the BLOOD LIBEL below, discussed in the audio too. We cannot allow this blood libel to fester, it has to be exposed before we get accused of a crime we did not commit! The Maharal did it, and we can too.

From Israel National Radio:

No, Aharonovitch never said that the Jews of Yesha need to kill a politician in order to put his blood in Matzah for Pessach... but close.

Come on, now: we know perfectly well what those 'price tag' operations are: Shabak inventions, created for the sole purpose of inflaming public opinion against religious Jews of Yesha, also known as settlers. Every single time the police arrested some poor Yitzhar kid using wild and baseless accusations regarding those acts as an excuse, that kid was released for lack of evidence.

We have seen this pattern already before the Rabin assassination, so it's nothing new to us. Throughout the centuries the BLOOD LIBEL was used against Jews, it was a very effective tool of control, repression and murder: it was used by the Church, it was used by the Muslims, it was used by whoever wanted to get rid of the Jews.... and now it is being used by Internal Security Minister Aharonovich,  the Shabak's supervisor, against the Jews of Judea and Samaria. What does that tell us? That THEY are planning to murder somebody important, probably a politician - see how they are already preparing the public's minds with posters of Bibi in Nazi uniform!  If this is not a warning to Bibi, I don't know what is. Maybe he is terrified, he is getting the message loud and clear, and that is the reason he is opposing any reform of the judiciary, he is opposing removing a dangerous bridge at the Kotel today, while everybody is crying that it needs to be done. I think somebody high up is threatening him, and is planning to blame the settlers for the crime. Double-edged sword, poisonous arrow, directed at Bibi -  and if not at him, then at whom??? We know all about the Rabin assassination, the third bullet, etc. etc.......

So, public, beware. If ANYBODY gets killed in the next few months, we WILL know who the culprit is - and it won't be our children, it won't be settler kids, despite the media and the police's outcry: it will come straight from the Shabak, the agent of the Left, and the agent of the enemy powers in Israel.

(Comment by Moshe:

all this means is that the slime are planning one... probably of someone fighting oslo tooth and nail... and they have security people "predicting" it to make them look good in and if they foil it or it happens and they can say... "see we told u this was about to happen..." anyway... don't believe anything u hear in the media... they are all a bunch of liars serving up disinformation to control our thinking and mindset and to control the topics of conversation in society... just go about your life and  ignore them as much as possible... don't allow them to have power over your thought processes... mosh.out...

..... And further comment by Moshe:

by the way... "the special team" they set up to "investigate" this potential assassination... is the team planning to carry it out and to shepherd the poor slob(s) being framed to take the fall for it... "the patsy" de jour... ala... jfk, rfk, mlk, rav meir kahane, rabin, both ghandis (the israeli one and the indian one) etc etc etc... ad infinitum... ad nauseum... they have perfected this ploy down to an exact scientific formula and in carrying it out... they have raised it to a fine art... damn slime... these amalekite scourge of the earth... mosh.out...)

Aharonovich: 'Price Tag Activists Potential Assassins'

Rightist Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch (Yisrael Beiteinu) warned of the possibility of another political murder in Israel, adding that a special team set up by Israel's police is investigating recent "price tag" acts.

Daniella Weiss: ‘Price Tag’ Acts are False Flags

In a conference of the ‘Price Tag’ phenonena, Daniella Weiss accuses agents of carrying out the acts of vandalism in order to frame and besmirch the entire right wing.

  12/6/2011, Kislev 10, 5772

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Comic book by a famous ex-Jesuit priest, assassinated by the Church for being a whistleblower. Please ignore last pages ( from 26 on) as well as all missionary references; am posting it because of the historical content.

The Godfathers

See the rest of Alberto Rivera's works here; really very, very informative:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Great letter by an honest broker: there are still a few of them around, thank God. My question, though: does she mean ALL markets are doomed, or just the options and futures market?

ZeroHedge is a great site if you want to understand the worldwide financial collapse, and what is going on in the world of finance:

Hmmm.... and where might the money be? No kidding, who would have guessed: direct conduit to Rome, JP Morgan. How interesting...And see what happened to Gerald Celente's gold at MF Global

"The Entire System Has Been Utterly Destroyed By The MF Global Collapse" - Presenting The First MF Global Casualty

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This deal indeed raises questions, knowing Obama and Clinton's proclivities.... However, remember this, just in case WE are the reason for the armament - best video in a long time.

Check out the map on the first clip carefully: true, Israel looks even further from the UAE than Iran. However, Saudi Arabia isn't, the Gulf Cooperation Council as a whole isn't. So..... just asking questions.

Hmmm... Qatar now as well?!

Notice also Clinton's body language as she explains the reason for the arms build-up in the Gulf, and Iran's place in this scenario: she spews a very bizarre and convoluted sentence which is beneath her intellectual level and doesn't mean much. So, unless she is becoming senile, which I seriously doubt, or is exhausted, which she doesn't appear to be, my conclusion is that she is obfuscating facts, and is getting bogged down by her own misstatements. Notice the averted gaze as she states things that appear unrelated and untrue. She doesn't know what she is saying exactly - I think she is trying really hard not to reveal the true facts - and this weird statement is the result of her conflicting thoughts and emotions. At least that is how I interpret what I see and hear.

P.S.: for some reason, "Comments" on this post have been disabled by "an administrator", whoever that may be - it certainly isn't me! So I have no choice but to include your comments in the main text. If you care to voice your opinion, please do so in the Chat box or by e-mail, and I will post your words here. Thank you. DS

1. Ron says:

Thanks so much for the videos, particularly the second which glorifies what God has done and is doing, (whereas the former is concerned about what man fears that man can do).

I have more recently become aware that even that State of Israel was formed at the behest of the Rothschild’s who orchestrated the Balfour Declaration in order to create a country that was entirely under it’s control.  Not only this, but it seems that Obama and Netanyahu were both handpicked by the CFR.  Of course the CFR is a tool in the hand of the Rothschild’s but what most commentators have not understood, is that the Rothschild’s are a tool created by the Vatican

So what we are seeing is that God has used the instrumentation of evil to fulfil His Word and promise toIsrael for our times.  Even the 6 pointed Star of David that forms your flag is said to have been intended to represent the Rothschild family red hexagram which Moses Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) placed above the entrance door to his original counting house but instead has fulfilled prophecy. 

Don’t be concerned about what you see happening around you.  There are hard times ahead for your Nation, but circumstances will not hinder the Plan of God.  Scripture will be fulfilled, just as you expect It will be.

Warm regards,

2. Mi. says:

so interesting.
Thanks again and again

3. A Guest359 says:
Guest359 (guest)Too many citizens support Israel for those in power to attack Israel. I think you may have it right. They have to arm Israel's enemies under false pretense. Israel will never be destroyed. G-d will not allow it.But I am afraid for you.

4. DS response to Guest359:
 Thank you, guest 359, for your concern and worry. It is the support of people like you that give us courage. May Hashem shower you with blessings.

Precious: an insightful and delightful perspective on the "Unwanted Nobodies".

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More of the same: Torah and Hashem under attack! Read the article linked below to understand what is going on with Rabbi Druckman. Rabbis being persecuted more and more by a very scared secular left and their panicked bosses in Rome.

To better understand the environment the Left and Europe/Rome/Germany/UN are operating in, see among others:

PS: do not confuse Rabbi Chaim Druckman and Rabbi David Druckman: those are two very different rabbis, with very different values! The latter is a hero, unlike the former.

Rabbi Chaim Druckman, head of the Or Etzion Yeshiva, gave a special interview to Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew website on Monday, in honor of Tisha B’av. The interview ...

Rabbi David Druckman, Chief Rabbi of the city of Kiryat Motzkin north of Haifa, ....

Cheshvan 18, 5772, 15/11/11 04:16

Kiryat Motzkin Rabbi Questioned by Police

Rabbi David Druckman of Kiryat Motzkin was questioned by police over a letter he signed more than three years ago. "This is unreal."
Elad Benari, from INN
Rabbi David Druckman, Chief Rabbi of the city of Kiryat Motzkin north of Haifa, was questioned on Sunday by police about his signing of a rabbis’ letter against employing Arabs.
The letter was written following the 2008 massacre in the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem, when an Arab terrorist infiltrated the yeshiva and murdered eight Jews.
Rabbi Druckman, who refused to cooperate with the interrogators, told Arutz Sheva that he called on the police to also question former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy. Halevy recently said that Israel’s hareidi-religious Jews are “a bigger existential threat to Israel than Iran and Ahmadinejad.”
“I told them that as a matter of principle I am not willing to cooperate in the investigation so long as they don’t question Ephraim Halevy for inciting against hareidim and as long as they don’t question those academics who incite against the State of Israel and against the Jews,” Rabbi Druckman said.
He added that the interrogators kept trying to ask him additional questions, but his response was that he is a law-abiding citizen and is convinced that his actions were consistent with the law.
Rabbi Druckman said that he does not know if the police now intend to question all the rabbis who signed the letter, but said that questioning a rabbi for signing a letter is “unreal.”
“Twice daily we hear inciting statements made by public officials and no one does anything about it, but in this case they are still talking about a three-year-old issue,” he said. “This is horrifying, especially if you recall that the letter was signed after a terrible massacre of yeshiva students.”
He added, “My feeling is that we’ve already gotten used to this farce and that is shameful, because when you are 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

See what I mean by escalation? The war against the settlers is definitely heating up, starting now. They are going all out against us, arresting, killing... just watch!

... Meanwhile, see what's going on in Brooklyn: massive escalation there too! Not to mention a Chabad murderer threatening to kill Rav Ovadiah Yosef, and the PTB not doing a thing about it...

Cheshvan 16, 5772, 13/11/11 05:16

Nationalist Arrested for Facebook Post

Y, a citizen of Jerusalem, responded to a leftist on Facebook. Several days later he was arrested by police.
Elad Benari
The police recently arrested a citizen of Jerusalem simply for responding to a Facebook status written by an extreme leftist.
The incident occurred this past week when Y (whose full name cannot be revealed for reasons of confidentiality) was surfing on Facebook. He came across a post by extreme leftist Dorit Eldar (a lecturer at Tel Aviv University), who was calling on Israelis to come and protest on Friday against the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.
Y told Arutz Sheva that Eldar was complaining in her post that several weeks ago as she and her friends were protesting and blocking the entrance to the Jewish village of Anatot next to Jerusalem, IDF soldiers in the area conducted a “pogrom”, as she put it, against her.
“When I saw this post, I replied to her in a polite manner and told her that it’s inappropriate and illegal to prevent people from entering their home,” Y said.
“Two days later I was in my car,” he continued, “when suddenly I got a call from the police asking me to come for questioning. I said I was on my way, and I never even thought it had anything to do with what I wrote on Facebook. Seconds after I got off the phone with them I was blocked by a police car that stopped me for questioning. They interrogated me for two hours.”
He added, “They asked me what organizations I was a member of. I told them I was a member of Yisrael Sheliand of Im Tirtzu. They found in my car a spray for the wheels and accused me of using it to spray-paint graffiti (of the kind used in so-called "price tag" operations -ed.). They picked me up like a criminal with several illegal Arabs and only let me go home late at night.”
Y said that while he was being interrogated at the police station, detectives came to his home and confiscated his personal computer and cellular phone. He has yet to get them back.
Y, who served in the IDF for three years as every citizen is required by law, said that he does not understand why he was arrested while extreme leftists, such as the one he responded to on Facebook, who speak against IDF soldiers and incite against Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, are not detained.
“I am deeply hurt that the State of Israel is acting against people who truly love the country,” he said. “It’s a disgrace.”

Another 11/11/11 anti-Jewish escalation: I have warned American Jews, ever since the infamous visit of Benedikt XVI to Har Tzion, Jerusalem, in May 2009, that he had started a worldwide campaign of antisemitism there and then. I knew this was coming. HE is behind all of this! One dead.

Cheshvan 15, 5772, 12/11/11 08:49

Cars Burned in Anti-Jewish Rampage in Brooklyn

Anti-Semitic vandals went on a rampage in Brooklyn Friday, burning Jewish-owned cars and scrawling swastikas in a Jewish area.
Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ( INN)
Anti-Semitic vandals went on a rampage in Brooklyn before dawn Friday, burning Jewish-owned cars and scrawling swastikas in a Jewish area.
The latest hate attacks followed by only several hours an announcement by police that they caught one man who was responsible for hate attacks earlier this week on two libraries and a synagogue.
A Jaguar, BMW and Lexus were set n fire on Friday, and “KKK”  -- Ku Klux Klan – was written on a red van in addition to hate slogans and swastikas scrawled on benches.
“The violence – I’m calling it violence when you blow up three cars – adds a sickening dimension to this type of anti-Semitism,” said New York state delegate and area resident Dov Hikind.
“We walk down Ocean Parkway every single week” on the way to synagogue,” he told New York media. “All I could think about was my mother sitting on a bench with a swastika scrawled on it. She survived Auschwitz.”
The Midwood area, where the arson took place, and Borough Park, are populated by one of the largest number of Holocaust survivors outside of Israel.
“The fact that this most recent attack came on the heels of the 73rd anniversary of Kristallnacht may or may not be a coincidence,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said. “The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is actively investigating the twisted person or people who attacked cars, benches, and a sidewalk on a block of Ocean Parkway early this morning.”
Earlier on Friday, police had said they arrested a man who painted swastikas on two libraries, a church and synagogue.

About Midwood: 

Most major Jewish schools, Yeshivot, etc, are in Midwood. It

is what we call FLATBUSH in everyday lingo. See here:,_Brooklyn

About Boro Park: 

Which Jew doesn't know Boro Park?,_Brooklyn

And then look at this incident, buried in the press - from Yeshivah World News:

Williamsburg: Frum Man Beaten By Thugs On Friday Night

(Saturday, November 12th, 2011)
A Frum man was R”L severely beaten and left unconscious with multiple fractures on Ross Street in Williamsburg, Friday morning. He was taken to the hospital by Williamsburg Hatzolah.
This terrible crime took place just a week after swastikas were found in the same Brooklyn neighborhood and the night after the anti-Semitic vandalism in Midwood.
The NYPD and Williamsburg Shomrim are trying to find video footage from security cameras in the area. There may have been more than one person involved in the attack.
Councilman Stephen Levin, Assemblyman Vito Lopez and Assemblyman Joseph Lentol will join with Rabbi David Niederman, Executive Director of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, and other community leaders at a press conference on Sunday morning. They will call for increased police presence in Williamsburg to ensure that the neighborhood is once again a safe haven for all residents.
If you have any information which can assist in the investigation, please call Williamsburg Shomrim at            718-237-0202      .
(Eli Gefen – YWN)

... And what about this? Who is behind this hit-and-run in a predominantly Hassidic neighborhood? Why wouldn't it be deliberate, considering the rest of the attacks? 

Hit & Run In Williamsburg Kills Elderly Woman R”L [UPDATED 3:00PM]

(Friday, November 11th, 2011)
A elderly woman is fighting for her life, after she was struck by a hit-and-run vehicle in Williamsburg, Friday morning.
The incident happened on Taylor Street and Lee Avenue, just before 10:00AM, when the vehicle slammed into the 75-year-old woman who was crossing the street. Without hesitating, or even getting out to see the condition of the victim, the driver sped away.
Williamsburg Hatzolah rushed to the scene, and found her in traumatic arrest R”L.
She was taken to Brooklyn Hospital in extremely critical condition.
The NYPD’s Accident Investigation Team is on the scene, and are looking for a black Ford Explorer with TLC license plates.
UPDATE 3:00PM EST: YWN regrets to inform you of the tragic Petira of Mrs. Chaya Zlata Uhr A”H (wife of Reb Avrohom Yehuda Uhr), who was Niftar from injuries sustained when she was struck by a hit-and-run vehicle earlier Friday morning.
(Moshe Altusky – YWN)