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Monday, December 22, 2008

Re: I wonder what the TRUE story is behind this headline; let's do a little brainstorming, will you? Hypotheses: 1.., 2..., 3..., etc. you fill the dots, I'll post them all.

( re: the FAA downgrade of Ben Gurion)

SHmuel answered:

No need of much brainstorming since we should be occupied with dismantling the unJewish system and electing a JEWISH and clean one.
But I offer this as a cause for the downgrading of the almost new international airport.
One cannot have flotsam like Mofaz in charge of the Transport Ministry and expect anything better.
Just as that gigantic yentz did with everything else so he did with his present sphere of bungling.
GIGO applies.

while bill said:

Highly suspicious. Is this a warning from the U.S. to play ball, or else?

DS comments:

1. What's GIGO?

2. I had the same feeling re:the downgrade. Actually, more than that, I think it is part of this new , aggressive, antisemitic, anti-Israel policy. It will also prevent a lot of Jews from coming to Israel, as rates will be too expensive. And it will starve Israel for cash. A very harsh form of boycott. I think Jews better hurry up and come quick, before it becomes impossible to arrive here. I don't know what other countries' airlines will do, though.

.... Unless, as SHmuel suggests, the standards really are very low, and we just didn't know, traveled while taking serious risks. Experts such as the Israeli Pilots Association and the IAA seem to think that there is a real and serious problem. In which case the previous opinion was just typical Jewish paranoia.

Or  maybe....

Could it be a little bit of both?


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