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Sunday, October 29, 2017

November 4th, Shabbat Vayeira: STAY HOME!! Detailed information on where to expect trouble in various cities in the US.

Various locations planned in the US, as well as information on how well armed they are, how many people are part of this, etc. He also mentions that attacks could be starting earlier, on Halloween night, Tuesday, October 31, at midnight. Beware!

Various pieces of advice on what to do if you happen to be in a place where Antifa is causing trouble:

Some historical material, and more advice:

... And some VERY SINISTER information! 

(On this blog you can find pictures of the Amona attacks on civilians years ago: they also had masked participants who were clearly mercenaries. Lots of articles on this blog about such activities in Israel. Now it's coming to the US too.)

Finally, regarding the EMP exercise and what to possibly expect, considering Antifa. Personally I think the guy is right.

So: if you are in the US, in one of the big cities mentioned, be prepared!



UPDATE, 10/30/2017 : More details about the exact locations of planned riots in specific cities. And a bombshell: WHO IS FUNDING Antifa: surprise? NOT! Among others, THE FORD FOUNDATION, as in the New Israel Fund. Hmmm....And of course George Soros, but that we knew already; and Killary herself, isn't that interesting....

And see here: Antifa and ISIS are partners! That should tell you all there is to know. After all we know WHO created ISIS, don't we? But that's a discussion for another day.

Will November 4th Be The Day That Changes America?

Daisy Luther says don’t be surprised if things turn violent on November 4th. Here’s why, and here’s where (List of cities all over the US)…
Here’s a List of Locations for the November 4th Anti-Trump Protests

November 4th is approaching quickly and that is that date that groups like Antifa, Resist Fascism, and the Revolutionary Communist Party plan to protest the “Trump-Pence Regime.” They’ve been meeting for months to openly plan sedition and organize what they promise will be massive protests all over the country. Don’t be surprised if things become violent.
As promised, here’s the list of planned events. These will be good places to avoid on November 4th.
Atlanta Saturday November 4
6:00 pm
Euclid & Moreland Ave NE
Little 5 Points/Findley Plaza, ATLANTA
Bring pots and pans, flashlights, glow sticks, lanterns, signs, banners, and everyone you know. The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!
Austin November 4
1:00 pm
Republic Square Park
422 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX
Boston November 4
4:00 pm
Shoppers Plaza 1 Franklin Street
Chicago November 4
1:00 pm
Federal Plaza, 219 S. Dearborn
Cleveland November 4
1:00 pm
Honolulu November 4
9:30 am
9:30am: Gather at Ala Moana Park (across from Pi`ikoi St.)
11:00 am: Rally at Thomas Square
Los Angeles November 4
1:00 pm
Pershing Square
5th St. and Hill St ~ Downtown LA
New York November 4
2:00 pm
42nd Street & Broadway NYC
Omaha November 4
1:00 pm
Memorial Park, Omaha
Philadelphia November 4
2:00 pm
Thomas Paine Plaza
1401 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia
Pittsfield, MA November 4
1:00 pm
Park Square 1 West Street
Pittsfield MA
Portland, Oregon November 4
2:00 pm
San Francisco Bay Area, November 4
3:00 pm
Union Square, San Francisco
Seattle November 4
12:00 pm
Gather at Seattle City Hall Plaza, 4th Avenue & James Street
There’s every possibility this won’t be all the events. The website has email addresses where people can announce new events or search for events nearby. Readers from towns small and large have sent me photos of signs in their area warning, “November 4th, It Begins.”


THINK: FIVE DAYS! We are just about FIVE DAYS away from destruction. Don't you think the message below applies to America as well - in particular, to the millions of American Jews who have abandoned Torah and have adopted the religions of Liberalism, of Hedonism, of Atheism, of Paganism, of Agnosticism, etc etc. all the ... isms you can think of? Isn't it time for you liberal Jews to return in full Teshuvah to Hashem? Hurry, there is very little time left!

"Their sin has been extremely grave." (Genesis 18:20).

The gravity of Sodom's evil, both in the areas of social injustice and immorality, led to its destruction.

Sodom was a paradise on earth – green and fertile with a healthy climate. Its opulence and comfort are what attracted Lot to live there rather than remaining with his holy uncle Abraham in Hebron. There was plenty of money in Sodom, and the more money they had the more corrupt and miserly they became. The area influenced the populace so much that Hashem could not even find one worthy person in all of the city or the four other surrounding towns that were destroyed with it.

Don't think that Hashem acted on a whim when He rained the hellfire and brimstone that turned Sodom, Gomorrah and the Dead Sea vicinity into utter desolation. The Midrash tells us that Sodom had fifty two golden years of abundance. But, during the last 25 years of its existence, Sodom suffered a series of earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters. Hashem sent them wake-up call after wake-up call, each one louder than the previous one. Yet, no one took Hashem's signs to heart. In Sodom and Gomorrah, it was business as usual until the bitter end (see Yalkut Shimoni, Job, Ch. 9, 904).

Let's look at the dramatic contrast between Nineveh and Sodom.

Image at right – the gravesite of Jonah the Prophet in Ashdod, Israel, adjacent to the Ashdod Lighthouse on a hill overlooking the shore where he was washed up when he was regurgitated from the whale's belly

Nineveh was very similar to Sodom. It was the main metropolis of the ancient Assyrian empire, located where the city of Mosul, Iraq is today. In the Fertile Crescent located between the Tigris River where Nineveh was situated and the Euphrates River, Nineveh too was a thriving city. But, like Sodom, their money and comforts went to their heads and they too became socially and morally corrupt. Hashem, in His love for all His creations – even the evil – gives them a chance to change their ways. Instead of sending natural disasters to Nineveh, Hashem sent them the Prophet Jonah to warn them that their destruction is imminent and that they now face the same verdict that Sodom and Gomorrah faced. Jonah said a mere five words – b'od chamisha yamim Nineveh nehefechet – in five days, Nineveh will be destroyed (see Jonah, Chapter 3). The people of Nineveh took Jonah seriously, unlike their predecessors from Sodom who ignored twenty-five years of messages from Hashem.

The King of Nineveh immediately took action. He took off his regal gold-embroidered cloak, got off his throne, donned sackcloth and sat on the floor in complete penitence. The entire populace followed suit. Not only did the people fast, but even the livestock refrained from eating. Nineveh's spiritual revolution for the good made such an impression in the Heavenly Court that all stern decrees were rendered null and void.

We see something amazing here: 25 years of natural disasters had no effect on Sodom and Gomorrah, yet five words from Jonah the Prophet caused a total upheaval in Nineveh, from the king to the lowliest slave in the kingdom. What's the difference between the two?

Rabbi David Kimchi, aka the "Radak" (1160–1235), one of our great medieval rabbis and biblical commentators, explains that the sailors aboard ship with Jonah, who witnessed all the miracles that happened at sea with Jonah aboard, came from Nineveh. When Jonah came to their city, they immediately ran to the King of Nineveh and told him that Jonah, the man of G-d, is the real deal. They must heed his warning (see Radak, Jonah 3:5). The king took the sailors' words to heart and Nineveh was saved.

In every generation, Hashem sends a righteous and pious individual whose blessings and prayers invoke miracles. Yet, it's not the miracles that earn this person the title of "tzaddik of the generation" or even his impeccable righteousness. It is his instruction and moral guidance for the entire generation, Jew and non-Jew alike. The Midrash in fact tells us that Jonah prophesized among Jews and non-Jews, both in Jerusalem and in Nineveh (Pirkei D'Rav Eliezer, Ch. 10). As such, when this tzaddik tells the generation to do something, they'd be wise to listen, for it could make the difference between Nineveh and Sodom.



And here: I couldn't have said it better. Please heed the warnings!

And you got to watch this too; so true!

And BTW there was a new attack yesterday, Nov 1st, this time in Colorado:

Thursday, October 26, 2017


  • To all, 

  • Various sources point to potentially devastating events coming, in particular to the US.

  • Please watch, read.


"....twitter and facebook will be used to notify the public if this “is a drill or an actual event”."
I have developed a hypothesis that ties together all of these dots. I think it is very likely that a November 4th event, similar to what is described, is indeed in the works. The UN is prepared and has deployed EMP proof communications. Does that mean that this will become operational on November 4th? That is not always the case beecause public exposure, similar to this article, can change the dynamics, but not necessarily the direction of the plot. However, as this scenario is unfolding, it is safe to conclude that we are looking at a plot to destroy America in one fell swoop. Additionally, I believe that under the cover of Korean War II, this deed could be carried out and the North Koreans would be blamed. Further this could provide the backdrop for taking Trump out of office....
...Yesterday, I wrote an article in which I detailed how I believed that the forces of darkness that were coalescing to remove Trump were ready to act. Today’s revelations strengthen that belief. America beware."

According to this video which I posted on October 25, as you can see from 0:30 to 0:50, for twelve days starting October 25, Nibiru will not be seen from earth, after which it will reappear. THE TWELFTH DAY IS NOVEMBER 5th! What is the connection with a coronal mass ejection on those dates: is the CME a good excuse for a false flag?


We are also all aware of Antifa's threats to "Occupy" major US cities on those days. backed by George Soros and friends.

Here: this summarizes everything much better than I could do it:
 And here is the original reporting source ( starting at 7:08 minutes): Infowars!


According to Rav Kessin - see videos below - 11 and 17 of Cheshvan are very special days connected to Mashiach.
  • Sat, 4 November 2017 = 15th of Cheshvan, 5778
  • ט״ו בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשע״ח
  • Parashat Vayera (in Diaspora)

  • Mon, 6 November 2017 = 17th of Cheshvan, 5778
  • י״ז בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשע״ח
  • Parashat Chayei Sara (in Diaspora)

17 Cheshvan
17 Cheshvan
17 Cheshvan 1656 - 2106 B.C.E.:The rains of the Mabul (flood) began to fall (according to Reb' Eliezer) flooding the earth and rising above the highest mountains. Only Noach and his family survived, in the Teyva / Ark built to that end by Divine command, and a pair of each animal species, who entered with him into the Teyva.

17 Cheshvan 5688 - November 12, 1927:
Josef Stalin became the undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union as Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party.

And then finally there is this very interesting post which I wanted to share with you:

Everybody stay safe, heed the warnings!



Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What are we seeing at night, here in Israel.... PART III: What an interesting coincidence, wouldn't you say?


Hello everybody,

A while ago I watched the three minute video below as part of my routine; and then around noon, as usual, I stepped out for my daily "rounds", with the sky as my patient. Lo and behold the patient is healthy today,  no unusual wrinkles, not white as a sheet, nice, beautiful, clear as it is supposed to be on a normal early fall day. Mind you, this morning I counted several airplanes passing overhead, but they did not stay static as yesterday, rumbling around several times; no, they flew, and they left. Today, no chemtrails! Is this a gift from Heaven or is it simply logic? Of course, EVERYTHING is from Heaven, thank you Hashem for letting me breathe today! But in addition logic also comes into play in this case. My guess is that for the next twelve days there won't be any chemtrails at all. Why? Watch the video and you will understand why. You see, PLANET X IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE VISIBLE for the next twelve days because of its orbit AWAY FROM THE SUN!

So this is a little experiment I am about to do: if my hunch is correct and there are no chemtrails for a full twelve days, and then they resume again, we will have a strong proof that they are being used for the express purpose of obscuring Nibiru! How do you like that, cool???

Here is the video:

This one is also quite educational ( sorry, I put it in the wrong part of this article, it belongs further down, next to Dr. Albers' presentation)

Have a nice day.


PS: Previous related posts are here:

UPDATE: 10/26/2017 12:53 AM Israel time

Here is the latest video from a known geoengineering activist, Dane Wigington. Hopefully this will teach me and you some important new information. I would start with the second, older video first, though, as it is very instructive and has important general information.

( After listening  to the second video, which excoriates Israel. my gut reaction is of course protective of our country. But the fact is, the STATE is the STATE, a secular entity far estranged from Torah, it is NOT representative of AM Yisrael. And the state as we just saw in this series of posts, is getting itself into deep trouble through involvement with entities it should stay far away from such as the UN. Didn't I warn you that this would turn the average Gentile against all Jews? Is this man simply a born antisemite, or might he have a point here? I believe he is an antisemite, but at the same time knowing what I know now about Israel's involvement with the UN re: space, what can I say?....Still, I do disavow him completely re: Israel, while I will listen to what he has to teach me about geoengineering, which is threatening us Jews as much as it is threatening him, if not more).

Here is the older  video which explains global geoengineering , AKA chemtrails,  in a very clear manner:

The more you learn, the more you realize you know nothing!


UPDATE 10/28/2017

I stumbled upon this very clear and thorough explanation of chemtrails, AKA geoengineering. This one is definitely worth watching; I learned a lot from it:

What more proof do we need that globally, the military is recklessly poisoning populations; this is a crime that has to be stopped. People are made sick and worse.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What are we seeing at night, here in Israel, ... PART II: THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE.


Hello to everyone,

A little after noon, Tuesday October 24th, 2017, I went outside to look at the sky, and to my shock and dismay, I saw the light blue sky criss-crossed with multiple chemtrails; a sight I don't ever remember witnessing in Kiryat Arba ( it could be I never looked for them!). Just about 2:30 PM, I looked again and the sky was white, covered with those flat, fluffy, unnatural clouds. Not to mention the rumble of airplanes overhead; but that is nothing new, as we are in the path of the army base in the Negev, and airplanes routinely fly over our homes. There is no way to know, short of seeing a plane discharging their heavy chemicals, that this is what they are in the business of doing right now; and I didn't see such action, only heard the planes, mostly IN THE EASTERN/NORTHEASTERN direction, where incidentally the spraying is at its thickest. But the whole area, INCLUDING HEVRON CURRENTLY IN P.A. HANDS, is covered with the white criss-crossed "clouds". In addition I looked at some of my trees, which by the way are very sick this year,( I don't know if it has anything to do with the spraying), and sure enough on some of the leaves, besides a thick layer of dust, which is to be expected this time of year in this desertic climate, I found several specks of a white chalky substance. It's a shame I left my camera in the US; it looks like I will need a new one so I can document visually what I am telling you.

The only thing that remains to do at this point is a thorough scientific evaluation of all data to see if indeed we have been sprayed with poisons. (In the following, interesting interview of Steve Olsen, after about 32:00 he discusses chemtrails and lab analysis ( which I was planning to do anyway). And if we have been poisoned, I won't stay silent. Until then.... may Hashem watch over every one of us.

Kol Tuv


PS: See the first part of this series here:

UPDATE, 18:40, 10/23/2017

The whole afternoon skies were very hazy. And my cough persists, with a metallic taste in my mouth; this has nothing to do with an infection: this is a chemical taste, which I don't recall experiencing here ever - and I have lived here for 20 years! Definitely, something here is new. When did it begin, and what exactly is it? What is going on in Israel, even in Kiryat-Arba Hevron, deep within enemy-controlled ( or at least that is what they want you to believe) territory, the fakistinian-Hamas authority: "somebody" is calling the shots for the whole place. Who is that somebody, and who is their Shaliach?

It seems that since Israel has entered the political business of "peaceful use of outer space" ( COPUOS)  the situation has gotten much worse here. Any connection?? And who is giving  orders here? Those are all questions that need to be answered. I will attempt to answer at least some of them.

QUESTION: who is Keren Shahar, the Israeli nominee to the Bureau? What is her background, what are her affiliations, what are her beliefs?  Why her of all people? 

Here are her qualifications and background:

"“The Permanent Mission of Luxembourg to the International Organisations in Vienna presents its compliments to the Office for Outer Space Affairs and has the honour to inform the latter that the Western European and Others Group (WEOG) has nominated Adv. Ms. Keren Shahar Ben-Ami (Israel) for the office of 2nd Vice-Chair and Rapporteur of the COPUOS Bureau for the biennium 2018-2019.”

She is also clearly working for the Israeli government. WHAT KIND OF HANKY-PANKY IS THAT? How can a person work for the Israeli government, yet at the same time represent foreign interests???

"2011-present Head, Project for coordinating national implementation of United Nations Security Council's Sanction Resolutions The Project is aimed at improving and coordinating the national implementation of Security Council's sanction resolutions"

It seems to me that she has already been working for the UN too, then, has she not? But she is also working for the Israel Foreign Office; isn't there a conflict of interest here?? Where do her loyalties stand: to Israel, or to the UN???.

Not only that, but she is representing Western Europe apparently. Then how can she in good conscience claim that she is working for Israel? She has clear dual loyalty, - or triple loyalty, or no loyalty at all : how can you have loyalty to a whole bunch of countries? At some point you have to make a choice, don't you think??

QUESTION: Why did Hadas Meitzad push specifically for Keren Shahar to be nominated? What is the relationship between these two? Are they friends, relatives, political affiliates?

I don't know. But it seems to me that they both work for the UN already. .

QUESTION: what is the connection between COPUOS Israel just became a lead member of,  and the Agenda 21 UN plan??? 


COPUOS and UN development agendas are definitely linked. The interface between these agencies is active, and the influence significant.

As an example: the person who pushed for the nomination of Israel to the committee is Hadas Meitzad according to the Jerusalem Post. It so happens that she is a member of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development: ( HLPF-2). Their goal  is REGIONAL, NOT NATIONAL! This is typical UN Globalist nonsense. Find Hadas Meitzad here:

What all this tells me is that for Israel to be at the forefront of this kind of thinking is extremely damaging to JEWISH interests in Israel. On the contrary, this nomination will serve OUR ENEMIES'  interests, as opposed to Torah and nationalist interests. So we have nothing to be happy about this development, just the opposite: appearances are deceitful!

Here is a little taste of what Agenda 21 has been involved in in the US recently:

I thought you might be interested in these shocking videos about the California wildfires that destroyed Northern California wineries country. IF this indeed was an Agenda 21 operation, we are in deep, deep trouble here. Israel will be cooperating with some very nasty and satanic people, and will be at the forefront of a very evil agenda, and ALL JEWS will be blamed for what is bound to occur! 

This is the absolute most damning evidence yet of all three videos:

 If this is a taste of things to come for us Jews who eagerly await Mashiach in Eretz Yisrael, and for Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Yisrael, we are in for a rude surprise! After you have watched  the third video and understand the tactics of UN Agenda 21, you will finally have understood why Sharon, Olmert, Bibi, etc. destroyed Gush Katif, Amona, Migron, Bet-El, and various other communities: IT MUST BE AGAINST AGENDA 21 PLANNING! They are even proposing new homes for them, just like Agenda 21 did in Santa Rosa. The whole thing is so sickening, so nauseating, the level of evil is so great, it is hard to digest.

You have to understand the way the six COPUOS representatives have been elected: by world regions.  Of course there is the exciting , prestigious and beautiful "space fanfare" touted as a sales pitch,

but underneath it all, the way I see it , ISRAEL WILL BE THE EXECUTIONER FOR THE WHOLE MIDDLE EAST ( Western Europe too it seems, since they chose her as a delegate), just as Brazil will be for South America, Poland for Eastern Europe, etc. Simple and diabolical plan. They chose their Shelichim carefully, with the intention of getting these officials to do the dirty work for them. In essence they got A JEWISH KAPO TO DESTROY AND STEAL FROM JEWS UNDER THREAT, just like George Soros himself did during WWII, except HE thoroughly enjoyed the experience: " Take everything these Jews have or YOU will be killed! " George Soros complied as a teenager and is reproducing his teen-age trauma and experience with others. How sick! The threat is sinister, satanic and thoroughly scary: "Don't comply and we will rewrite the Iran nuclear treaty and destroy you completely. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, DIRECTOR OF TREATIES KEREN SHAHAR? DO YOU UNDERSTAND, BIBI? SELL YOUR BROTHERS OR DIE, YOU AND YOUR WHOLE SHITTY LITTLE COUNTRY!". 

QUESTION: will Israel be able to in any way influence COPUOS , i.e. the UN, in a positive manner, or will we be forced to toe the UN line and act in ways detrimental to the population of Israel, and of the world in general? We know that the UN is a very malevolent and satanic entity, no question about that. On the other hand Trump and his new administration are decent people who care about their citizens. Is it to Israel and the world's advantage that we have a lead role there now, or  is it on the contrary an additional tool of bondage for Am Yisrael and the world? Will the tail wag the dog, or the dog wag the tail? What will Trump's role be in all of this, vs the role of evildoers of the UN and the Deep State? How much influence can we, as Jewish sovereign owners of Eretz Yisrael, effect on the discourse?Who knows, it's up to G-d: He will decide who will live and who will die. But we also know what Navi said about the goyim who come up against Eretz Yisrael. Review what all the Neviim have said.


All in all, once again,we have been hoodwinked.  Black is white and white is black, war is called peace,  globalism is called national achievement, etc. etc. Do not believe a word any of those politicians tell you: only TRUTH matters, and truth is of G-d alone.

Hashem, please save us from these evildoers! ANA HASHEM HOSHIAH NA!

The decree can be rescinded through Teshuvah, Tefillah and Tzedakah; is it too late? Pray that Hashem opens wide the Heavens to Tefillah, we will certainly need a lot of Tefillot! 


Sunday, October 22, 2017

What are we seeing at night, here in Israel? Maybe you can answer my questions; I am really puzzled.... WAIT, PUZZLE MIGHT HAVE BEEN SOLVED, B"H!

Shavuah Tov and Chodesh Tov to all,

Like many of us, I have been following the Nibiru story closely, both from a scientific angle and from a biblical prophecy angle. I have just returned to Israel after three months abroad, and last night in Kiryat Arba, I couldn't help but observe the dark red color of the sky after Havdalah, a color which was diffused by thick clouds , in an easterly/ northeasterly  direction. I kept searching on the net, trying to find some answers. Then this morning I saw this headline and attached article, which rang a bell in my mind:

Israel joins UN space committee bureau

.Following a vote in the United Nations General Assembly Fourth Committee, an Israeli representative was elected on Tuesday to the bureau of the UN’s Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS).

...After a vote was called, Canada, the United States and others led efforts to ensure a fair and unbiased process in the Committee. Together with Israeli diplomatic efforts....

....In addition to Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, South Africa and Indonesia were also elected to the COPUOS bureau. Keren Shahar, the Director of the Treaties Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will serve as Israel’s representative on the bureau....

What this is telling me is that whatever is happening in the skies over Israel, the government must be very well aware of it. Also don't forget earlier posts in which I had mentioned a CERN center in Amman and various weird phenomena occurring lately in our skies.  In addition,  since it is a UN body to which Israel has just been elected, Israel is obviously cooperating with other countries - for sure with the US and Canada, where tons of chemtrails take place continuously; and we know the level of global obfuscation, the lack of transparency associated with chemtrails, we know the covering up of space events related to Nibiru, etc. It stands to reason that by default then Israel must be, or will become an integral part of this cover-up; they owe a favor - the position - to the US, Canada and "others"; they know the implications of not cooperating with those countries all too well: after all the director of the Treaties Department got the job; what would happen to the Iran Treaty, say,  if Israel failed to heed US demands regarding chemtrails, among others??? We are now basically in the pocket of the US - READ DEEP STATE -  regarding Nibiru, etc.... notwithstanding Trump's and Bibi's seeming mutual attachment:,-Israel%27s-Netanyahu-relishing-in-Trump-love-fest


                                   on Friday the 13th, Trump decertifies the Iran deal, 

                                   on Tuesday the 17th, director of Treaties of the Israel FM nominated to UN Space Bureau COPUOS, 

                                   on October 21, very unusual planet seen in multiple places in North America,  not in Israel though; "too many clouds".

 Israel now has a sword dangling over her neck despite the apparent blessing.

The other elected countries mentioned will also have to toe the line from now on: excellent Nibiru information had been coming in from Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, etc; what will happen to it now? ( I was in Cape Town, South Africa, right before this past Shavuot; one of the things I admired the most there were the pristine skies, untouched by chemtrails; the clouds looked so natural, I couldn't stop enjoying them, I had forgotten what real cumulus clouds felt like. What will happen to those beautiful skies from now on?)

So my question remains: what are the red clouds I saw last night: chemtrails? Naturally occurring red iron oxide particles due to Nibiru and its planets? Something else?

While looking for explanations I finally stumbled upon this short video, which describes a phenomenon very similar to what I witnessed last night, Motzaei Shabbat October 21 ( a shame I did not look at my watch to tell you the exact time; I would say it was around 8 or 9 PM) :

Thank you Hashem for sending me all these bits and pieces of information! Maybe now we can piece the puzzle together. What do you think? Any reasonable input would be appreciated.

Kol Tuv

DS ( original post at 5:40 PM; since then, many kind readers have given their useful opinion which step by step helped clarify the issues - please read the comments section)

UPDATE 9:41 PM Israel time, October 22:

Well , well, well, how do you like THAT?!!! This would explain it all! It was captured pretty much at the same time I captured the red clouds here in Israel, of course allowing for time zone differences! A shame I did not have a camera to take pictures.  I bet you that is what I saw, except that because it was already night here, the light source appeared dimmer, more vague. It was definitely a LIT cloud, lighter than the dark night surrounding it; the light source was clearly not the moon as it was Rosh Chodesh. So my gut feeling tells me that THIS is what I saw, its Israel nighttime version. Wow!!! BTW if you read the comments below the video you will see that many other people saw this too; they think it's the moon because they don't think like we do, Rosh Chodesh etc. And it is not clarified where in Canada this shot was taken. Based on the direction I saw the red clouds in, I venture to say it was East/Northeast, NOT Western Canada.

Thank you Hashem for giving me the privilege of watching this amazing sight, with immediate explanation provided. What a wonderful bracha You just gave me. It was worth it to be here, coming all the way from America,  just to see this, sick or not; and so I could share it with you too, my dear readers.

CONCLUSION: 10/23/2017, 3:21 PM

To all who have contributed to my understanding of what I saw Motzaei Shabbat,

First of all, thank you!

Second of all, I am not an astronomer, I understand very little of astronomy, but my eyes didn't fool me: I saw what I saw, and it was not the first time; as I had mentioned in a previous post ( see under the label Nibiru, you will find it in one of the relevant posts), the first time I saw a "second sun" was one Erev Shabbat last year, during candle lighting time. 

My suspicion is that it is easier to capture planetary objects here in K.A. Hevron than within the "Green Line" because of the P.A., AKA Hamas; do you think they cooperate with Israel regarding chemtrails and other planetary issues? I would have my doubts. So, thank you Hamas for making my life more interesting!

Jokes aside, I would venture to say that the red night light I saw, if it was not from the moon, was coming from that object seen in Canada. Steve Olsen DID clarify that the object was in Eastern Canada, in a West/Southwestern position after sundown, which for us here in Israel would be East/Northeast. Whether that planet was visible in this part of the world - would it not have been obscured by heavy clouds - I have no idea. And whether it was the moon or not is definitely a debate, also according to the WSO post comments. Who knows more about planets, though, Steve Olsen, or us? Who among us has studied planets to the extent he and his friends have?  He categorically denies that this is the moon. In addition, one commentator mentioned that she saw that same object during daylight Upstate New York and it was bright orange. A full moon, orange, on Rosh Chodesh, during daylight?? Not very likely. Now of course there are hoaxes; was this a hoax? Based on the various witnesses, I really doubt it. 

It just occurred to me that it is not by accident at all that the vote at the UN took place last week, right before October 22nd. After all researchers had all but predicted that Nibiru would be visible around October 22nd, the night the clip was taken in Canada, the night I saw the red lit clouds."They" had to quickly put in place a protective mechanism so people would NOT see Nibiru.  They knew that good information had been arriving from Israel, as we are quite aware and alert here, specially the community who is waiting for Mashiach impatiently. I can tell you that clouds were very heavy here in Israel specially the night of October 21. So maybe these were chemtrail clouds I saw after all, chemtrails I breathed in heavily while watching them. I was so sick you have no idea.

We know that chemtrails full of Aluminum, Barium and various other toxic materials can make people very sick. Here is a quick, extremely important and relevant refresher course, in particular Dr. Blaylock's excellent video:

 I arrived from Atlanta where the air was simply unbreathable, horrible after Hurricane Nate, already sick with a bronchitis; as soon as I arrived in Israel the disease got much worse: the only time I ever had such a severe lower respiratory infection was once with a pneumonia, and I have had several bronchial infections, but none like this one.  I was first for three days in Jerusalem, and simply had to stay bedridden. The sputum was at first normal for a bronchitis, slightly yellow, but then it quickly turned copious, WHITE AND FROTHY, something very strange; it did NOT have the typical taste of a bacterial or viral infection ( please excuse the unpleasant details) , and it made me short of breath and extremely tired; I felt like I was choking; I don't know how I found the strength to come by bus from Jerusalem to Kiryat Arba! The whole Shabbat I had to stay in bed too, here in Kiryat Arba. On Rosh Chodesh, Erev Shabbat , one of my neighbors had to call an ambulance ( I never see ambulances around here!). I hear another one of my next door neighbors coughing too. The night of the clouds I had unusual heart symptoms, palpitations, terrible scalp ache  - it felt like inflamed scalp lymph nodes - I felt faint, weak, I almost called emergency services for help.  It only got somewhat better the next day Sunday, once the clouds had dissipated. But I am still coughing heavily and very deep. This is NOT my usual bronchitis pattern. And I was informed yesterday that "a virus' is going around in Atlanta, "everybody" is sick, the illness lasted a week. By the way, be aware that Atlanta is a Deep State city par excellence,  don't challenge the official line,  specially not in the Jewish community ( which is by the way wonderful, warm, welcoming, I have only good words for them, although I do deplore their gullibility). Everybody has very good material lives there and likes to keep it that way; so don't under any circumstances rock the boat for them there, will you! As for some people I specifically have in mind, don't ever ask any medical questions: it is a virus, period! Don't dare ask the question: "Could we have been poisoned with Barium, Aluminum, in order to hide Nibiru???" Don't dare ask sinister and ridiculous questions like that, two and a half hours away from the Georgia Guidestones!! Don't ask if maybe there could be a lab created genetically engineered influenza virus going around, how dare you! You must be crazy, you crazy conspiracy theorist, you are not a real doctor, you must be some stupid quack! Etc. etc. ad nauseam.....Got the picture???

Oh my G-d, look what I found!

Symptoms and Effects of Aluminum Poisoning The effects of aluminum poisoning are varied and may manifest in different areas of the body, according to length of exposure and degree of aluminum contamination, and include weight loss accompanied by loss of appetite. Deodorants often plug the sweat glands. Hair may become dry and brittle, and much may be lost. Lung: dyspnea, asthma, Shaver's disease associated with cough, shortness of breath, and frothy sputum.

... And this:

So to sum everything up, this time I don't have a categorical conclusion. That Nibiru is around is pretty much determined. That what I saw was Nibiru's "avak", its reflection so to speak, is a possibility; but that the planet is hovering around these days is not even in doubt. Read what the author of the "Absolute Truth" blog had to say when I posted a comment on his blog; he is a Talmid Chacham and has explored the question in depth. Here is the link; check the first comment, mine, and his reply, second comment:

It is worth reading what he has to say about Nibiru/Kochav Yaakov in general;  he has written in great detail about if from a Torah perspective in various posts, the links to which I am sure can be found on his blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post; let's pray that Israel does not let herself be coerced into doing dangerous, potentially lethal things to us her citizens, out of fear of the Iran treaty. Let's pray to Hashem to keep us in good health. Let's see what happens next, and let's stay on the good side of Hashem; that is the only thing that will keep us whole, healthy and sane.

Kol Tuv


PS: SEE ALSO HERE, PART II, continuation of the story with new information and explosive evidence:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

About DEA, Congress etc. collusion with Big Pharma; now it's official and no longer "conspiracy theories"! And then look at the flu vaccine HOAX confirmation!


Hello everyone,

I am finally able to write again; my apologies for not wishing you a Shana Tova and Chag Sameach; personal matters took every minute of my time for the last 3 months. Belatedly I wish you a very happy and healthy 5778; may Mashiach make his appearance this year, and may all of us be on the good side of things when we finally meet him, B"H!

Here is a wonderful article that validates what I have been claiming since working on vaccine stories and other medical news. I love Mike Adams: he is a very smart and honest researcher who really cares about his readers.

When you are done with this first article, please check out the next one too: even more details here!

And look at this great video that proves flu vaccines are a hoax: they actually harm people - all for profit of course, and with sinister ulterior motives!

Kol Tuv,


Washington Post: U.S. Congress engineered DEA racket to protect Big Pharma’s opioid drug giants

(Natural News) Although best known for publishing fake news or being forced give back a Pulitzer prize after being caught committing fake journalism, the Washington Post occasionally stumbles across an actual news story. Over the weekend, the Post published a story that reads almost exactly like Natural News a decade ago, accusing the U.S. Congress of conspiring with drug companies to hobble the DEA by erecting a protection racket for prescription opioid profits.
“In April 2016, at the height of the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history, Congress effectively stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription narcotics onto the nation’s streets,” says the article by Scott Higham and Lenny Bernstein. “A handful of members of Congress, allied with the nation’s major drug distributors, prevailed upon the DEA and the Justice Department to agree to a more industry-friendly law, undermining efforts to stanch the flow of pain pills…”
The WaPo story goes on:
The law was the crowning achievement of a multifaceted campaign by the drug industry to weaken aggressive DEA enforcement efforts against drug distribution companies that were supplying corrupt doctors and pharmacists who peddled narcotics to the black market. The industry worked behind the scenes with lobbyists and key members of Congress, pouring more than a million dollars into their election campaigns.
Of course, knowing that the Washington Post is capable of fabricating fake sources out of thin air — as in the paper’s fake news “Russia conspiracy” hoax narrative — we have to take all this with a grain of salt. Also keep in mind that, with this story, the Washington Post is asserting the existence of a massive drug cartel conspiracy involving Congress, drug companies and the DEA.
Ten years ago, I was ridiculed for asserting much the same thing, yet today this news blankets the pages of the Washington Post. Let’s look more closely at the structure of this drug cartel conspiracy the Post says is operating in America today, because as it turns out, WaPo actually got this story right.

Republican lawmakers are front men for Big Pharma’s illicit drug cartel

The Big Pharma opioid drug cartel protection racket was put in place by Rep. Tom Marino, a Republican, says the Post. That same story also names Republican Senator Orrin Hatch as complicit in the negotiation of the final language of the bill. Knowing the extreme dishonesty of the Washington Post’s fake journalism, there were probably all sorts of Democrats involved in this bill as well, but they didn’t bother to include them in the story, since everything the Post publishes is engineered to demonize Republicans rather than report all the relevant news facts.
“The new law makes it virtually impossible for the DEA to freeze suspicious narcotic shipments from the companies,” says the Post. “Political action committees representing the industry contributed at least $1.5 million to the 23 lawmakers who sponsored or co-sponsored four versions of the bill,” the article says, once again refusing to name any Democrats who received money from the drug industry. However, the Post does admit that President Obama signed it into law, adding that “top officials at the White House and the Justice Department have declined to discuss how the bill came to pass.”
Loretta Lynch, former attorney general and now widely known to be a treasonous cover-up artist who secretly met with Bill Clinton before shutting down any prosecution of Hillary Clinton for obstruction of justice (she deleted 33,000+ emails, remember?), “declined a recent interview request,” reports the Post.

The Washington Post runs head first into a massive government cover-up

“The DEA and Justice Department have denied or delayed more than a dozen requests filed by The Post and ’60 Minutes’ under the Freedom of Information Act for public records that might shed additional light on the matter,” says the Post.
When the Washington Post attempted to interview Rep. Tom Marino, his staff called the Capitol Police as a warning to reporters. Blocked at every turn, the Post says it is now suing the DOJ for documents that should have been released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
In other words, the Washington Post, a pro big-government paper that almost universally believes government can do no wrong, is suddenly finding out just how corrupt, incompetent and dangerous a government racket can truly become. When big pharma’s billions of dollars get funneled into the pockets of greedy Washington lawmakers, the health of the entire nation is put at risk while powerful corporations are granted a kind of “legal immunity” while dealing dangerous drugs.
Today, Rannazzisi is a consultant for a team of lawyers suing the opioid industry. Separately, 41 state attorneys general have banded together to investigate the industry. Hundreds of counties, cities and towns also are suing. “This is an industry that’s out of control. If they don’t follow the law in drug supply, and diversion occurs, people die. That’s just it, people die,” he said.
A key reason for the cover-up, of course, is that government officials routinely take jobs with the very same drug companies they previously regulated. Via the Post:
In 2011, Linden Barber left the DEA to join the Washington, D.C., office of the law firm Quarles & Brady. He started a practice representing drug companies. “If you have a DEA compliance issue or you’re facing a government investigation,” he said in a promotional video for the firm, “I’d be happy to hear from you.”
Barber’s move turned out to be a key moment in the struggle between drug companies and the government, but it was far from the only one. Dozens of top officials from the DEA and Justice Department have stepped through Washington’s revolving door to work for drug companies.
The DEA, in other words, quickly became nothing more than an extension of the Big Pharma drug cartel. This is known as a regulatory “captive” structure, where regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EPA, USDA and DEA very quickly become “captured” by the very industry they once claimed the regulate. As Natural News readers know very well, nearly every federal regulatory body has already been overrun by powerful industry interests.
The EPA, for example, is one of the top polluters in America, routinely “legalizing” toxic pesticides and herbicides that poison consumers and the environment. The USDA is a front group for the GMO biotech industry, and the FDA is nothing but a fake science cover for the corrupt, criminally-run pharmaceutical industry. The CDC, similarly, is a fake science front for the vaccine industry.
As far as the DEA goes, the independent media has been publishing stories for years that document how the DEA is running the drugs in America. It’s the DEA that grants certain drug cartels immunity from prosecution, of course, while taking down competing organizations in an effort to build near-monopoly drug cartels. Asset seizure laws also allowed the DEA to profit from taking down drug-running cells that were previously allowed to grow and prosper in order to build up assets that eventually became worth seizing. In effect, the DEA has been running a “drug cartel farming operation” in America.
Now, thanks to the Washington Post’s investigation, we learn that the DEA directly negotiated with the drug industry to grant opioid manufacturers selective immunity from criminal seizure and prosecution. Is anyone really surprised? This has been the DEA’s business model for decades.
The following graphic, published by the Washington Post, reveals that at least 56 DEA and Justice Dept. officials left their government jobs to work for the pharmaceutical industry:
In other words, America has become a narco-pharma state, and the infiltration of government by powerful, drug-dealing corporations is now complete. The drug pushers are running Congress and the regulators. They’re also running nearly the entire mainstream media, which is why independent media organizations like Natural News were a full decade ahead of the Washington Post in sounding the alarm on this sort of collusion. (What the mainstream media is just now waking up to, Natural News already reported in 2007 or earlier.)

Congress keeps medical marijuana criminalized to protect the profits of the corrupt opioid drug industry

Once you fully grasp the depth of collusion between the opioid drug cartels, Congress and the DEA, it’s not difficult to figure out why they’ve all conspired to keep medical marijuana, CBD and hemp extracts illegal at the federal level. The protection racket requires anything that competes with prescription opioids to be criminalized.
It’s all about limiting consumers’ options and funneling them into a life of personal addiction and Big Pharma profits. As long as the money keeps rolling in, federal workers will keep taking jobs with the drug industry, exploiting their contacts and influence in Washington to keep their toxic, deadly drugs flowing into the hands of vulnerable Americans. At the same time, every effort will be undertaken to keep medical marijuana illegal, thereby denying citizens and veterans an affordable, safe and highly effective option for pain control.
It has taken until 2017 for the mainstream media to finally admit all this is happening. The deep state collusion and conspiracy is now finally being covered by the Washington Post and 60 Minutes. Just remember that Natural News warned America about all this a decade ago and was ridiculed for believing in “conspiracy theories.”
Suddenly, it seems, the narco-pharma-government industrial complex is no longer a “theory.” It’s a business model for corporate America.