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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Re: Crazy story claimed by Hal Turner about HUGE FINANCIAL SCANDAL INVOLVING ISRAEL AND CONGRESS: read this, it's worth is, I WONDER, again, IF IT IS TRUE... and what would be the consequences?

Adina said:

DS, the proof as they say will be in the pudding. Turner knows that without such documentation, the charges remain just that, specious charges from a rabid anti-semite.

That being said, I fear this is true. Israeli leaders are corrupt to the core, as are many in Congress, we all know this.

The disturbing part though is not the charges, nor are its ramifications. The odious part is that the reason why an Israeli blew the whistle on this is because they are fed up with Arab deaths, NOT Jewish ones. The only thing I would want to know is - who is the traitor in the Knesset who gave this info? It is either an Arab MK or one of the radical Peace Now/Death Now brigade.

IF the shit hits the fan on this I think a Jewish fatwa needs to be placed on the head of the leaker. While I am all for the downfall of our corrupt leaders, I am not in favor of it coming about in the service of our enemies.


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