"...Crusader Rule. The crusader rule (1100-1260) brought a temporary end to the Jewish settlement in Hebron. In 1100 the Crusaders captured the city, turned the mosque and the adjoining synagogue into a church and monastery, and expelled the Jews. There was probably no Jewish settlement in Hebron after that time--at any rate, there is no mention of the existence of Jews in Hebron. Maimonides, who visited Hebron (1166), as well as Benjamin of Tudela (c. 1171), Pethahiah of Regensburg (1176), and Jacob b. Nethanel (second half of 12th century) make no mention of a Jewish settlement or of the existence of Jews in Hebron. It is possible that Jews began to settle again in Hebron toward the end of the period of crusader rule, and by the beginning of the 13th century (1210) mention is made of a Jewish dyer "and his group" in Hebron (cf. A. Yaari, Iggerot Erez Yisrael (1943), 7 83).
Mamluk Rule. The Mamluks (1260-1517), who expelled the Crusaders finally from Palestine, made Hebron their district capital (c. 1260), at which time the Jewish settlement apparently began to be perceptibly renewed. Nahmanides, who immigrated to Palestine in 1267, wrote to his son that he could 'go to Hebron to dig a grave for himself there" (Yaari, op. cit., 84). Such an action would have been unthinkable had there not been a Jewish settlement in Hebron...."
Still wondering whether there is a church connection here??? Remember, this pope, Benedikt, is THE CRUSADER POPE par excellence; as he has proven repeatedly through his many hostile acts.