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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fw: Israel has no clear objectives in Gaza

Thank you bill. I agree with Rabbi Lazer Brody, this wavering and oscillating sounds just like the 2006 Lebanon War, only in the South,

Now I have a question:

Rabbi  Brody, who is a veteran of the IDF AND a Chassid, sees the problem. DOES HE HAVE A SOLUTION???


Israel has no clear objectives in Gaza


1. Israel has no defense against missiles from Gaza, as we are now so painfully seeing across the south of Israel just as our brothers in the north of Israel saw in the summer of 2006.

2. Israel has no clear objectives in Gaza, just as they had no clear objectives in Lebanon. What's the goal? To destroy Hamas? Hamas is not a ruling party - it's a grass-roots movement of devout Moslems. As the Torah tells us, they live by the sword - they can't be destroyed by conventional weaponry. Hi-tech armaments can't blow up an ideology.

3. Israel is deathly afraid of a ground assault; this is apparent in the Government and Defense Establishment's loss of momentum, excessive and contradictive rhetoric, and lack of conviction to fight the vicious war on the booby-trapped Gaza turf. That is also why they're trying to sign a truce.

4. In effect, the military arm of Hamas - Izzadin Kassim - is relatively unscathed and underground. Only a long and bloody campaign can flush them out of Gaza. They know that and are therefore praying five times a day that Israel attack Gaza on the ground.

In a most illogical move, the Israeli Defense establishment is recommending to the government a ceasefire with Hamas. Hamas claims that it has been approached about a truce, but has flatly refused it.

If the above repotss are true, then it means that we have the same confused leadership that bowed to Nasralla and the Hizbulla 30 months ago. At this point, any ceasefire will be a huge victory for Hamas and allow them to upgrade and restock more deadlier and longer-range missiles for the next inevitable round of hostilities. Also, just the thought of a truce or ceasefire at this point is an indication that Israel lacks the conviction and the means to end the missile threat from Gaza.



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