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Monday, March 31, 2008

BEAUTIFUL!: WRONG AGAIN! by Rabbi "A" ( who is Rabbi A? I hope it is not Rav Aviner, is it?)


WRONG AGAIN! by Rabbi "A"

forwarded by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

People make a big mistake. They think that the evacuation from Gaza was in order to advance the "peace process" - and that the Jewish settlers in Gush Katif/Gaza just happened to get hurt in the process. Wrong. The purpose of the Gush Katif/Gaza evacuation was to hurt the settlers - and the "peace process" was just an excuse.

People think that putative attempts by the world, abetted by Quisling-style Israeli government to make Judea and Samaria "Judenrein" (Jew-free), is in order to advance the "peace process". Wrong again. Their goal is to make Judea, Samaria (and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) "Judenrein". The "peace process" is just a flimsy excuse.

We have all been imagining that the "peace process" was real. Yet, we couldn't understand how any moderately rational individual would be so stupid, or so delusional, to imagine that anybody at all on the Muslim-Arab/Palestinian side wanted to make peace. The insanity of it all was driving people to literally "pull their hair out" in frustration.

You see, they really weren't all that dumb, or locked up in their own fantasy world. They all know that this so-called "peace process" has absolutely no chance whatsoever. They know that it will leave what is left of Israel in a vulnerable position. That is exactly what they want! Ever hear the expression: "Crazy like a fox"?

What did you think, that anti-Semitism had disappeared? They want to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish Land because we carry the G-d given message of morality to the world. They don't want to be moral.

So what should we do? Taking on the whole world is not an easy thing. We see how the nations of the world failed to stop the Holocaust - some even assisted. They didn't even let fleeing refugees in. We've tried rallies and reason - they didn't seem to have much of an effect.

There is one hope. It takes a bit of effort. If we simply return to following G-d, completely - He has offered to do miracles for us. Or we can keep trying to do things "our" way.

Most of the world will actually be destroyed or damaged - largely for the sin of collaborating to harm G-d's Chosen People and for trying to silence G-d's messengers.


WATCH THIS, see the evil in action: Condi. Look at her eyebrows. This is EVIL. This is what G'd , I hope and pray, will SMASH with all His power.

Carl sent this. Thanks, Carl: precious!


Notice that Condi says, the establishment of a Palestinian State by the end of the year, which is subject to Road Map implementation."


I believe with these words that there will definitely be "some pushing around" to get this done for the sake of Bush's legacy (the CFR's demand, better said).



Re: MK Ariel is somebody we should be in contact with. He and Eldad have their head on their shoulders. They are pointing the finger where it belongs.

bill said:

Olmert and Barak are beginning to move faster, because they sense that time is running out. People are beginning to catch on to what they're doing.

MK Ariel Connects 'Gestures,' Attack

Ariel blamed Defense Minister Ehud Barak for approving the easing of security checks as a "gesture" to the PA.  Barak was responsible for attacks resulting from the reduced number of checkpoints, he said.  Ariel pointed out that Barak both approved the removal of checkpoints and froze government funding aimed at providing extra protection for vehicles used by Jews in Judea and Samaria at the same time.

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MK Ariel is somebody we should be in contact with. He and Eldad have their head on their shoulders. They are pointing the finger where it belongs.

MK Ariel Connects 'Gestures,' Attack

24 Adar Bet 5768, 31 March 08 06:42

( MK Uri Ariel (NU/NRP) attributed an attempted terrorist attack near Shilo on Monday afternoon to the removal of an IDF checkpoint and roadblocks in Judea and Samaria earlier in the day.  The attack took place just hours after the IDF began easing security checks for Palestinian Authority Arabs, and just a few kilometers west of the checkpoint that was removed, he said.

Ariel blamed Defense Minister Ehud Barak for approving the easing of security checks as a "gesture" to the PA.  Barak was responsible for attacks resulting from the reduced number of checkpoints, he said.  Ariel pointed out that Barak both approved the removal of checkpoints and froze government funding aimed at providing extra protection for vehicles used by Jews in Judea and Samaria at the same time.

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Re: Israel "schteiging" in Torah and good deeds. When you see the results on a national level, is it any wonder??

You have to read some of the replies I got to this post. First, the funniest, specially because it is so true!  DS

SHmuel said:

I propose that they close the knesset and use the premises in that fashion.  It is already a whorehouse so the changes would be minimal.

Jack said:

Prostitution IS legal in Israel. Pimping in illegal but not enforced. The "women's movement" refuses to demand action against pimps, who hold their women in bondage by violence and drugs, because "they are providing employment opportunities" for the women. That's where we have come to. The problem is really not the prostitutes. It's deeper than that.

bill said:


and finally,

Elisheva said:



MKs to Discuss Legalized Prostitution

24 Adar Bet 5768, 31 March 08 08:34

( Members of the Kne

Something very strange is happening. Every time I download an article critical of Islam, my computer goes blank. I was posting that all critics of Islam have to go into hiding, one by one. And govs are so scared, they don't say a peep.

Report: Dr. Wafa Sultan in Hiding

24 Adar Bet 5768, 31 March 08 09:32

( Dr. Wafa Sultan has been forced to go into hiding with her family following a fatwa (religious edict) from an Islamic scholar, according to Omedia.  Sultan faces the fatwa following a recent debate on Al-Jazeera in which she challenged Egyptian Islamist Talat Rheim over Dutch cartoons of Mohammed, who Muslims revere as a prophet.  Sultan argued that Denmark had the right to print the cartoons.

Sultan joins a growing list of public critics of radical Islam facing death threats.  Her supporters have asked the American public to join them in writing to the embassy of Qatar, the country which sponsors Al-Jazeera, as well as to United States President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, asking them to defend Sultan's right to free speech and personal safety.

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Israel "schteiging" in Torah and good deeds. When you see the results on a national level, is it any wonder??

MKs to Discuss Legalized Prostitution

24 Adar Bet 5768, 31 March 08 08:34

( Members of the Knesset's Subcommittee on the Trafficking in Women will meet Monday to discuss a proposal that would legalize prostitution in Israel.  MK Elhanon Glazer (Gil Pensioners Party) suggests that some brothels be given permission to operate. 

The brothels would be required to ensure their workers' health, maintain a high standard of sanitary conditions, and to prevent minors from entering the facility.  Those with a criminal background would not be granted authorization to run a prostitution ring.

MKs will discuss nations that have legalized prostitution, such as Germany, Holland, and Australia, and will discuss the implications of legalizing prostitution in Israel.  MK Glazer said Sunday that his proposal "will add Israel to the list of enlightened countries that have legalized prostitution."

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Report: PA Troops to Control Tulkarem, Hevron

24 Adar Bet 5768, 31 March 08 08:27

( Israel is considering allowing the Palestinian Authority to station troops in Tulkarem and Hevron in the near future, following the deployment of 700 PA troops in Jenin, according to the Jerusalem Post.  The PA has already stationed troops in Shechem and Bethlehem, although IDF forces maintain the right to carry out counterterrorist operations in both cities.

Israel has agreed to allow the PA's forces to import armored personnel carriers from Russia, along with weapons and ammunition.  The troops that will be stationed in Jenin are currently undergoing United States training in Jordan. 

Hevron Jews: PA Troops 'Extremely Dangerous'

24 Adar Bet 5768, 31 March 08 08:28

( Hevron's Jewish community expressed concern on Monday over reports in the Jerusalem Post according to which Israel is considering allowing Palestinian Authority troops to deploy in Tulkarem and Hevron in the near future.  The deployment of PA troops would be "extremely dangerous" for Hevron's Jews, said spokesman David Wilder.

PA forces have been involved in terrorist attacks on Jews in recent months, and members of the PA security forces were responsible for the murder of two young Jewish hikers near Hevron in December of last year.  While PA troops are responsible for preventing terrorist attacks, many of the troops are themselves former members of terrorist groups who joined the force as part of an amnesty deal with the PA. 


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Excellent piece about FITNA .

 Thanks, AM.

Apologists throwing a 'Fitna' over upcoming film

By Diana West |

Any day now, a short film connecting the Koran to Islamic violence is expected to be released.

The film is by Geert Wilders, a Dutch member of parliament who wants to reverse the Islamization of Europe and believes the Koran should be banned along with Hitler's "Mein Kampf" for inciting hatred and violence. The film is called "Fitna," Arabic for upheaval. And just the thought of "Fitna" has Europe in an upheaval, anticipating Islamic outrage expected to range from diplomatic huff, to economic boycott, to rioting, even bloodshed over this still unseen, 10-minute film.

Similar mass psychosis has erupted before — Satanic Verses Rage, Koran Rage, Cartoon Rage, Pope Rage, even Teddy Bear Rage. But never has an Islamic "rage" begun to build without actual cause. For the first time, we are seeing rage preparations and precautions before "offense" has been given or taken.

In other words, Pre-Emptive Rage is something new. It works like this: Because Wilders' film is expected to criticize Islam, Muslims who brook no religious criticism are expected to freak out. Therefore — just as if this were the most normal, everyday, ordinary state of affairs — Muslims and Europeans are making their respective arrangements.

In Afghanistan, Muslims have been igniting Dutch and Danish flags (did I mention Danish Cartoon Rage is back?), threatening to eject Dutch and Danish troops, and practicing their "Death to America" chants. Iranian officials have promised diplomatic rupture and worse if the film comes out. Meanwhile, the Dutch have embarked on a veritable world tour of pre-emptive appeasement. The MEMRI Blog reported that the Dutch government sent a letter disavowing Wilders to Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, Sunni Islam's foremost figure (who has variously called for "jihad" against U.S. forces in Iraq and sanctioned suicide bombings against Israeli women and children). The Sheikh's response? He "demanded that the Netherlands government take more action against Wilders, and added that protection given to those harming Islam will negatively affect Egyptian-Dutch relations."

Pre-emptive "Fitna" rage has made European elites hopping mad — only not at the rioters and blackmailers (the healthy, normal reaction), but at Geert Wilders. Here, multiculti Europeans and perpetually aggrieved Muslims are finding common ground.

Thus, as reported by Dutch blogger Klein Verzet, the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, admonished the European Parliament about film-related "riots, bloodshed and violence" for which "Wilders will be responsible." And thus Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende said exactly the same thing (in between begging Wilders not to release his film). The online Dutch site NIS News Bulletin reported Balkenende has "stressed repeatedly and with irritation that Wilders and no one else was responsible for any violence that might break out after his film's release."

And when Sheikh Tantawi indicates that providing "protection" for Mr. Wilders is a bad idea, it not only sounds like a mafia don calling for a hit, it also echoes the dean of Dutch journalists, Henk Hofland. As Thomas Landen of The Brussels Journal reported, Hofland urged the Dutch government to withdraw state protection from Wilders, who lives under constant threat of assassination. "Let him feel what it is like for those whose lives he endangers," said Hofland, adding that any murders committed in retaliation for Wilders' opinions on Islam would be the responsibility of Wilders, not the murderers.

Such thinking reveals a disconnect from both reality and morality. Killers, not a movie, kill people, and killers are duly responsible. But there's more to consider: The unified effort of Muslims and Europeans to censor a critique of Islam for being a critique of Islam — something not tolerated under Islam.

From EU to NATO officials, from the head of France to (sadly) the head of Denmark, the official European response to "Fitna" is less in line with Western traditions of free speech than with the censorship of Islamic law. Indeed, Dutch officials couldn't find a Dutch law under which to ban "Fitna," and they tried. The pressure to silence "Fitna," however, reveals the extent to which Islamic law has already eroded core conceptions of Western liberty.

Wilders refuses to submit. "I'm not bound to any Afghan or Sufi or Pakistani law," he told The Spectator. "I am bound to the Dutch law and I'm sure that my movie will be within all the boundaries of the Dutch law."

But who besides courageous Wilders will act to uphold Dutch law against Islamic-style censorship?


Am I being paranoid? An infected tourist from Britain in Israel infects the population: is this a "smallpox blanket"'? Accidental or deliberate???

But there is nothing WE can do, except maybe sound the alarm and alert people to the possible scenario. Sooner or later the concept will penetrate even the thick skulls of the left. People have to be alert to the emergence of similar "'accidental"' epidemics started by foreigners entering the country. It could be anything: measles, mumps, rubella, Tb, or even worse. Remember the anthrax scare in the US a few years ago.

We've been put on notice. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Nobody is accusing anybody at this time. Just be alert, that's all.


I agree. It could be anyone traveling from there and so must be prepared for all possibilities.

And who said the tourist was Jewish? It could be one of those leftists, or simply a non-Jew.


Britain is a latent enemy country and as such Jewish persons traveling from enemy territory must
be at least quarantined. Jews must understand that by choosing to remain in enemy lands
they are bound to be affected.  It would not be difficult for Moslems or neo Nazis in Britain to
USE the traveling Jews to israel and slip in toxins, viruses, bacteria or fungus.
Moslem visitors from Britain must be refused entry.
I have no idea to what extent the beasts would go into, but judging from their track
records I would not doubt in the least that using intentionally infected carriers will be
part of their war tactics.
Subject: Am I being paranoid? An infected tourist from Britain in Israel infects the population: is this a "smallpox blanket"'? Accidental or deliberate???

Measles Outbreak in Dana Hospital; Six Infected Per Day

23 Adar Bet 5768, 30 March 08 10:52

( Doctors reported Sunday that a patient who visited the Dana Children's Hospital on Saturday night had been diagnosed with measles.  Those who were in the hospital at the time have been asked to report to the Health Ministry and receive a booster shot if necessary.

Health Ministry officials said Sunday that they were overwhelmed by the number of new measles cases.  The latest outbreak began with a single tourist from Britain, they said.  Now, an estimated six people a day contract the virus. 

Ministry officials are working to vaccinate those who came in contact with measles patients in order to stop the spread of the illness.  While measles is rarely fatal in healthy children, it can cause complications, particularly among adults.  In addition, measles is extremely dangerous for immuno-compromised patients, such as the elderly or those taking certain medications.


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Re: READ FROM A TO Z ; as usual, excellent piece, well written, great summary: HOW MANY DIRTY TRICKS CAN OLMERT PULL BEFORE HE IS DE-THRONED?

We know that Olmert is colluding with Rice to give Bush an historical legacy - even if Israel must be sacrificed to die for it.

The only legacy Bush will have is his Road Map to War.  You know as well as I do that there will be no peace, with the conditions the way they stand.  Only a moron would believe otherwise.


by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst


Sunday, March 30, 2008

But wait a MINUTE: WHAT DO I READ HERE? Apparently the murderous resolutions are the brainchild of our VERY OWN MINISTER OF OFFENSE, EHUD BARAK. So maybe the noose belongs somewhere else. Sorry Condi, mistaken identity!

14:10 , 03.30.08


Three-Way Meeting
Photo: Daniel Bar-On Ehud Barak Photo: Daniel Bar-On
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Barak says will allow establishment of Palestinian city

Israeli source says US Secretary of State Rice was 'amazed' by Israeli gestures to Palestinians presented during three-way meeting with defense minister, Palestinian prime minister
Roni Sofer

Condoleezza Rice was amazed by the Israeli gestures to the Palestinians, an Israeli source reported Sunday following a three-way meeting between the US secretary of state, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.


The Palestinian leader refused to issue a joint Palestinian-Israeli-American statement, which was supported by Barak due to the Israeli gestures to the Palestinians presented during the meeting.


Rice-Livni Meeting

Livni: Advance compensation to West Bank evacuees / Roni Sofer

Foreign minister meets with US secretary of state in Jerusalem, says government must assist West Bank settlers who choose to leave their homes, but stresses borders must be defined first. Rice urges Israelis, Palestinians to carry out 'meaningful things' both in economic and security fields
Full story

Rice eventually delivered a short statement, and the three officials were photographed and bid farewell.


During the meeting, the US secretary of state received a 35-page booklet in English, prepared by Barak's assistants in three days. Barak demanded that the booklet include a series of real gesturers, which would manifest Israel's seriousness without harming the security of Israel's citizens.


Ynet has learned that the series of gestures include the establishment of a city or several neighborhoods near the West Bank city of Ramallah, which would be financed by a Jordanian businessman.


The project would be built north of the town of al-Bireh and is aimed to be inhabited by tens of thousands of Palestinians in a bid to ease the housing shortage in the Ramallah area.


The city will be connected by a road in the Birzeit area, approved by the IDF. The plan is currently subject to the approval of the Civil Administration, in coordination with the Palestinians.


35 pages of restrictions to be eased

Rice told Barak during the three-way meeting that she welcomed the serious work she was presented with. During her meetings Sunday with Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, the US secretary of state said that such actions were the only way for the process to move forward.

Fayyad, Rice and Barak in Jerusalem (Photo: AFP)


The defense minister said during the meeting that Israel planned to remove the Mevo Horon outpost, in addition to two other outposts already removed.


Barak also announced that 700 Palestinian police officers would be allowed to enter Jenin, and that a checkpoint and 50 dirt roadblocks would also be removed, easing the Palestinians' movement between the West Bank cities of Jenin, Tulkarm, Qalqilya and Ramallah.


Additional gestures presented in the meeting include:


  • The establishment of a Palestinian police station in the B areas.
  • The transfer of 25 armored vehicles to the Palestinians.
  • Ease of restriction on Palestinian public figures.
  • Building two intersections for the Palestinians in the Hebron area.
  • Advancing the establishment of industrial zones in Jericho and hebron.
  • Increasing the number of laborers allowed to work in Israel to 5,000.


In addition, Palestinian businesspeople passing through the crossing will undergo easier security checks, and the daily quota of people allowed to pass will be increased from 500 to 1,500.


Barak also suggested upgrading the infrastructure for aiding the Palestinians waiting at the crossings, the cost of which is estimated at NIS 8.3 million, transferring 325 cars and logistic equipment from the IDF to the Palestinian security organizations, including generators, blankets and first aid kits, and looking into the possibility of handing bullet-proof vests to the police officers subject to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as well as building a sewage purification device in the Beit Hanoun area.


As she left the meeting Sunday, Rice said that the parties discussed the need to improve reality in accordance with the route suggested at the Annapolis peace conference. She added that Barak and Fayyad told her they had met before her arrival and would continue to meet in the future.


Rice's previous visit to the region took place only three weeks ago, and her recent remarks testify to Washington's dissatisfaction with the progress made. The US is concerned about the continued Israeli construction in the territories, the failure to evacuate illegal outposts and the presence of roadblocks across the West Bank.




Jack said:

We know from bitter experience that we can expect the first murders within hours of taking down the roadblocks. What those screaming "Apartheid" at Israel, including Condoleezza Rice, do not know or do not admit or do not care about, is that before Oslo, when there were no territories controlled by "peace partners" like the "moderate" Fatah-dominated PLO, and the only force in Judea, Samaria and Gaza was the Israeli military, there were no roadblocks and no restrictions on "civilian" traffic and no roads where Arabs were not permitted to travel. If they truly want to improve the conditions of life of the "innocent Palestinian civilians" they should favor the return of exclusive Israeli rule. The "occupation" was the best government they have ever had.





by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

According to Kol Yisrael radio news at 3 PM Israel time, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is insisting that Israel remove 50 checkpoints set up to catch Terrorists. As of 3:30 PM, Israel had accepted these demands. This will certainly result in more Terrorists getting through, more Terrorist attacks, more deaths and maimings.

The question is: Can Condoleezza Rice, personally, be sued for causing more deaths? What if those killed include Americans? How about other English speakers?

Would British, Canadians or Australians also rate?

After the recent massacre of eight youngsters at a Jerusalem Yeshiva by a Muslim Arab-Israeli, a poll of Khalil Shilkaki, cited in the New York Times of March 19, 2008, found that 84%(!) of Muslim Arab Palestinians in Judea and Samaria supported the massacre! Yet, these are the very people who Condoleezza Rice wishes to permit easier movement - allowing them and their supporters to carry out more Terror attacks.

Common sense would dictate that these massacre supporters be placed under permanent curfew, allowed out at certain supervised hours - while being checked for guns and explosives - than with the lives of those who may be killed as a direct result of her policies.


from: "Andy" <> Following is a complete (so far) list of the "concessions" and "appeasements" Olmert, Livni and Barak have agreed to:

(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

Defense Minister Ehud Barak today (Sunday), 30.3.08, met with US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The two first met privately; later, they were joined by their delegations. Following the meeting, Defense Minister Barak held a 3-way meeting with Sec. of State Rice and Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, at which the three discussed various regional, diplomatic and security issues. Defense Minister also presented a package regarding the easing of various restrictions on the Palestinians, which he approved last week as follows:

Easing of Security Restrictions (fabric of life, law and order)

1. Approximately 50 dirt roadblocks will be removed thus enabling vehicular traffic between Jenin, Tulkarem, Kalkilya and Ramallah.

2. Opening of the permanent checkpoint in the Rimonim area.

3. Approval for the establishment of Palestinian police stations in B and B+ areas in order to promote law and order, after a comprehensive picture of deployments in Judea and Samaria will have been presented.

4. Deployment of 700 police personnel in the Jenin area (following their return from training in Jordan). Ultimate security responsibility will remain in Israel's hands.

5. Mechanisms for issuing action permits for Palestinian forces for movement to B areas and for movement across brigade areas, in order to better deal with law and order, will be improved.

6. An inquiry into lifting additional roadblocks and checkpoints in Judea and Samaria will be carried out in the coming weeks, with the intention of completion by mid-May.

7. The delivery of 25 APC's – out of 50 – was approved.

8. The delivery of 125 vehicles and pieces of logistical equipment for the Palestinian security forces has been approved.

9. Approval of non-lethal equipment for the Presidential Guard is under consideration.

10. Various restrictions on the movement of public figures have been eased.

Easing of Restrictions on Businessmen

11. Various restrictions on the movement of businessmen have been eased.

12. Maximum assistance will be rendered vis- -vis the 21-23.5.08 business conference in Bethlehem.

13. A senior Coordinator of Activities in the Territories officer has been appointed to deal with all issues involving the conference.

Increase of Employment in Israel

14. An additional 5,000 permits will be issued for construction work in Israel (the current quota is approximately 18,500).

Easing of Restrictions at Crossings (fabric of life)

15. Opening of the Sha'ar Ephraim Crossing for commercial activity on Fridays (immediate implementation).

16. Easing of pressure at the Kalandia and Rachel crossings by diverting prisoners' visits to the Beituniya Crossing.

17. Upgrading biometric procedures.

18. Upgrading the humanitarian infrastructure at crossings.

21-23.5.08 Bethlehem Economic Conference for Investors

A. To allow the passage of businessmen from Arab countries, the United Kingdom, Turkey, the Palestinian Authority and Israel on a VIP footing (without checks) at Ben-Gurion International Airport, the Allenby Bridge, internal crossings (especially in the Jerusalem area), as per the lists and pre-screening.

B. Israeli businessmen will be allowed to enter Bethlehem for the conference.

C. Approval has been given for the organized movement of businessmen in Judea and Samaria cities and into Israel (including Jerusalem and Nazareth).

D. Hours at the Allenby Crossing will be extended to 24:00 on 20.5.08 and 24.5.08.

Advancing the Establishment of Industrial Zones in Jericho, Hebron and Mukibla

A. The Tarkumiya Industrial Zone in the Hebron District – the goal is to move the "Ankara idea" from the Erez Industrial Zone to Judea and Samaria. The zone will received Turkish financing.

B. An industrial zone will be established for the processing and marketing abroad of Palestinian agricultural produce. The Japanese industrial zone in Jericho will be established close to the city. Japan, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and Jordan will be involved.

READ FROM A TO Z ; as usual, excellent piece, well written, great summary: HOW MANY DIRTY TRICKS CAN OLMERT PULL BEFORE HE IS DE-THRONED?


by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

How many dirty tricks can the Olmert Kadima Party pull just before they are ejected from office? Naturally, they will rely upon the exceptionally biased Israeli Supreme Court to use twisted legalisms to justify the last Leftist push to de-Judaize the Jewish nation through re-partition.

The Eliyahu Winograd Commission fiasco was only a small indicator of how far the corrupt Olmert government would go to save themselves.

What will Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his unbelievably corrupt supporters attempt to do before they leave (are forced out of?) office, hopefully never to gain any office in the future?

What then are they already doing to advance these goals?

In no specific order of sequence...:

1. The discussions of 'dividing Jerusalem" is on-going with the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice deeply involved. Olmert denies but, uses Israel's treasury money to bribe the Sephardic religious Shas Party to stay in his government and thus enable him to continue his political "dirty tricks".

2. Olmert tried to break the terms of the Camp David Agreement stipulating that no Egyptian soldier should remain in the Sinai Desert by simply dictating an offer to Mubarak to bring armed troops to the border. These troops were supposed to stop the arms smuggling into Gaza for the irredentist Terrorist organization of Hamas and restrict entrance of Muslim Arab Palestinian Terrorists. Instead the Egyptians acted as "arms transfer agents" and further assisted arms, explosives and more Arab Muslim Terrorists to be transferred into Hamas-held Gaza. Egypt also recently released some of the most vicious and accomplished Muslim Arab Terrorists captured when Hamas broke through the concrete border fence between Gaza and Egypt which was abandoned by Israel, courtesy of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert.

3. Olmert, in collusion with his Defense Minister Ehud Barak agreed to allow 600 Arab Muslim Palestinian Police, trained in Jordan by American and Jordanians to police the Terrorist city of Jenin - previously given over by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres to Yassir Arafat's PLO under the Olso Accords. Since most PA Police are also Terrorists, Israeli anti-Terror units will be under a double threat in Jenin and the other six "Oslo" cities.

4. Note: A military squeeze has been ordered by Olmert and Rice to restrain the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). To the South, in addition to the virulent Hamas with its Kassam Rockets increasing in range and accuracy, Olmert draws in armed Egyptian forces (abrogating the Camp David Accords forbidding armed Egyptians in Sinai). To the East in the Oslo controlled 7 cities, Olmert and Barak bring in Muslim Arab Palestinian armed forces. To the North, Hezb'Allah has restocked to at least 40,000 Missiles. And Syria has brought 3 armed brigades to their border with Lebanon. Ben Eliezer speaking for Olmert, floated the idea of negotiating the Golan surrender with Syria's Bashar Assad.

Surely, Olmert and his entire support mechanism should be brought up on charges equal to a Court-Martial, accompanied by a sentence of capital punishment if found guilty of treason and assisting Israel's enemies in time of war.

Olmert wants to Gaza-ize Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights. He has said he wants to evict 250,000 to 500,000 Jewish men, women and children from their homes and import what could amount to 3-5 million Muslim Arab Palestinians who would be ejected from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq plus accepting those settled in Europe and America - at the orders of Abbas and Rice.

Olmert, at the behest of Rice, has kept the Israeli Army in a submissive position of restraint. They many not seriously attack the Arab Muslim Palestinians in Gaza who are firing daily salvos of Rockets and missiles on Sderot, Ashkelon and kibbutzim within range. Those Rockets and Missiles are being upgraded to greater range, accuracy and lethality. Here again Olmert and his gang must be tried for crimes against the Jewish people in Israel by refusing to protect her citizens.

This negligence has its affect in foreign countries as well, as aggressive anti-Semites feel free to enact their hostility because Israel doesn't pro-actively protect her Jews.

Olmert has elevated his war of intimidation against the Jewish people as he orders the Israeli Police to arrest, intimidate and brutalize protesters to his policies. The Police have been acting especially cruel and intimidating to Israeli youth. Young teen-age Jewish girls are arrested, beaten up, strip-searched, kept in filthy cells, deprived of food and water and held for long periods without normal privileges accorded to Arab Muslim adults.

When protests mount, finally they are released by equally corrupt judges saying there is no evidence to keep them longer. (Nor was there evidence to arrest them in the first place - as has been openly admitted.) This process of intimidation is well-planned and approved by Olmert and crew. Illegal imprisonment for non-crimes is always the mark of dictators and tyrants who rule by trying to sow fear among their people.

I have little doubt that Olmert will attempt to strip the settlers of their personal licensed weapons of self-defense when he tries to declare that he is driving out the Jews and turning homes, factories, farms built by Jews over to Abu Mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas) so his Arab Muslim Palestinians can have what the Jews built.

Watch the three Leftist families who own Israel's Hebrew newspapers as they start to pour out disinformation as to how happy all will be in that great "Peace" to follow when the Muslim Arab Palestinians have Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and those parts of Jerusalem which Jordan occupied and desecrated for 19 years from 1948 to 1967.

Watch the Leftist Israeli Supreme Court issue new laws and rulings to stop Jews from building homes in their ancient homeland. It will all be "legal" - or as "legal" as the laws of Stalin, Hitler or the Arab countries. It has already begun.

Watch for another Police sweep of anyone who appears as a leader of protest to Olmert's policies. That will begin just prior to Olmert's government re-partition of the Jewish country through the "diktats" and by the demands of C. Rice - to give up Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and those parts of Jerusalem which Jordan occupied and desecrated for 19 years from 1948 to 1967.

Watch Olmert release many more convicted and jailed Arab Muslim Terrorists, especially Marwan Bargouti, now in prison for 5 life sentences on 5 counts of murder. Here we find the fingerprints of Rice, Bush and James Baker III, manipulating things so Bargouti can take the place of Mahmoud Abbas (who may be viewed as not strong or virulent enough to fight the Israelis. After all, Abbas is just a "suit".)

All investigations of Olmert's crookery will be soon dropped by the Police. Suddenly, the slate for Kadima crooks will be wiped clean for "insufficient evidence" or "disinterest on the part of the public".

Watch Olmert declare a pardon for all the crooks in his government, now under investigation. That will follow the example set by President George Herbert Walker Bush who issued a waiver (pre-pardon) for every member of his Cabinet who might have been doing business with Saddam Hussein before and up to the time of Saddam Hussein began his invasion of Kuwait July 29, 1990. (Saddam began to move his men toward Kuwait on July 29th, which was the date of the Jewish commemorative holiday of Tisha B'AV.)

Olmert has been transferring weapons and ammunition to the PA (Palestinian Authority) at the behest of Rice and Bush. He has also allowed the PA to receive 600 armored personnel carriers from Russia's Putin. (1) Olmert will try to give legitimacy to his action when (not if) Israelis are killed by those weapons - as happened before.

Watch for an Olmert agreement to allow foreign troops to enter Judea and Samaria as Peace-Keepers but, really to protect Muslim Arab Palestinians and drive the Jews out of their Land.

When Hezb'Allah, in coordination with Hamas, start to launch some or all of their 40,000 missile inventory, Olmert and his gang will, no doubt, disappear from view. The Israeli people know Olmert has done nothing to protect them. Even otherwise sane people can turn into a hanging mob when their family is dead because of the treachery of a government.

Olmert, Livni and Barak have been secretly (or not so secretly) talking to Syria about abandoning the Golan Heights while lying to the people, saying it is not discussing anything with Syrian officials.

Just before Olmert and his gang are thrown out of government, watch for a statement to the effect that, as the elected government, they officially abandon the Golan Height and order withdrawal of all IDF forces. This would leave the 20,000+ Golan Jewish residents at the mercy of Assad's Syrian troops. (Note! The Syrians have placed 3 of their Army Divisions on the alert at the border of Lebanon and are in combat positions.)

Recall that when Ehud Barak was Prime Minister in 2000, he wanted then to abandon the Heights and said that the feared for Israeli troops and civilians because Syria could so easily roll over them. He's doing it again! But, as long as Israel is up on the Golan and has line-of-sight views of Syria, their military can't move without Israel knowing in advance.

Barak was more wise once. On May 20, 1993 he spoke to an American Jewish Press Association press conference. When asked what was his strategic, military opinion as to what Lands liberated in 1967 needed to be kept for Israel's safety and sovereignty, he quoted the Secret Memorandum by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of June 29, 1967 signed by General Earle Wheeler. The 1967 Memorandum was made public by the Wall St. Journal in 1983. It stipulated that Israel must keep those areas of Judea and Samaria up to the peaks and down half the eastern side of the mountains, all the areas around Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Sharm el Sheik, al Arish and a section in the middle of the border along the Israeli - Sinai border. (That map is available if you request it and send your FAX number.)

I fear that Israeli civilians must die in large numbers before the IDF will put the government into "protective custody". Only after there are massive deaths and grievous injuries due to the Olmert Leftist policies will the people awaken. Is that really necessary? I fear that when they finally do awaken because the egregious weakness by the Olmert officials, they will be in a frame of mind of grief and rage. I believe then they will hunt down the participants who made them vulnerable and summarily execute them for all the family and friends they have needlessly lost.

So, what of consequence have we missed?

We know that Olmert has negotiated to betray the nation.

We know that the Courts of Israel are corrupt and politically biased.

We know that Olmert has been driven by Rice (and his own internal biases).

We know that Olmert is a crook, who is now protected by the Police.

We know that Olmert has bribed Shas and a Rabbi (whose "smicha" - Rabbinic ordination - must have been stripped away by G-d.)

We know that Olmert and Rice want to release Marwan Bargouti, from prison.

We know that Olmert wants to release hundreds more convicted Terrorists, who will return to their acts of Terror within days of their release.

We know that Olmert is colluding with Rice to give Bush an historical legacy - even if Israel must be sacrificed to die for it.

We know that Olmert and the Leftist Elite wish to de-Judaize Israel, with the division of Jerusalem, their denials notwithstanding.

Olmert, Livni and Barak exceed the expectations for politicians to lie because they are proven inveterate liars when it comes to abandoning the Jewish Land. Their lies cross all red lines, putting all of Israel in grave danger. Clearly, they and their supporters are a clear and present danger to the Jewish nation and must be removed from office immediately!

No doubt, there is much more - but, this is enough for now.


1. "Israel's Accountability Problem" by Caroline Glick Jerusalem Post Mar. 27, 2008

Did you see THIS? The Goyim found a way to screw the Jews out of their legitimately deserved money. SURPRISED? Look who is behind this theft; again: the BLACK WITCH RICE. And maybe the Vatican, behind MARRERO??
Palestinian Authority Granted New Trial in Terrorism Damages Suit

By Glenn Kessler
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 28, 2008; A07

The Palestinian Authority won a major legal victory when a federal judge, in a ruling made public yesterday, agreed to set aside a judgment of nearly $200 million awarded to American victims of Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel and allow a new trial.

Such rulings are rare, and the judge, U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero, said that he would vacate the previous legal victory only if the Palestinian Authority put up a $192.7 million bond to ensure that it does not default again if it loses in court. In a ruling Wednesday, he also ordered the Palestinians to reimburse the plaintiffs for previous legal expenses.

But Marrero's decision gives the Palestinian government hope that it can escape from lawsuits that its officials said threatened to bankrupt it. Top Palestinian officials, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, had urged Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to intervene in the case.

Marrero had earlier sought the Bush administration's opinion on the case, confronting it with a choice between supporting compensation for victims of terrorism and bolstering the Palestinian government as the United States presses for a breakthrough in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. The administration ultimately declined to offer an opinion, but noted in a statement to the court that it was concerned that lawsuits by victims of terrorism could harm the "financial and political viability" of the Palestinian Authority -- a statement that Marrero noted in making his decision.

Leslye Knox, a 46-year-old mother of six children and widow of Aharon Ellis, had sued under a law passed by Congress in 1990 after the murder of Leon Klinghoffer by terrorists who seized the Achille Lauro cruise ship. Ellis, a U.S. citizen, was shot and killed along with five other people by a Palestinian militant in 2002 in Hadera, Israel.

The Palestinian Authority initially argued that it had sovereign immunity, meaning that as a state it was beyond the reach of the U.S. legal system. But U.S. courts rejected that claim, noting that Palestine is not a state.

With the Palestinian Authority refusing to defend itself in court, a federal judge in 2006 ordered the PLO and the Palestinian Authority to pay Knox and other Ellis relatives nearly $174 million. Nothing has been paid. Marrero ordered a $192.7 million bond to also cover interest.

With a new set of lawyers, the Palestinian Authority last year said the Knox judgment should be nullified because the authority was now prepared to litigate the case and offer a vigorous defense.

The plaintiffs have argued that testimony in Israeli courts has connected senior Palestinian leaders -- such as the late Yasser Arafat -- to specific terrorist attacks involved in the lawsuits. But, after reviewing the evidence, Marrero ruled that the defendants "have sufficiently demonstrated evidence of facts that, if proven at a trial, would constitute a complete defense to plaintiffs' aiding and abetting" the attack. Marrero also said that the size of the judgment warranted a new trial.

Mark J. Rochon of the Washington firm Miller & Chevalier, who represented the Palestinian Authority, could not be reached for comment. Knox's attorney, David J. Strachman, also could not be reached for comment.

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FOR GOOD MEASURE... if the USA is evil , Europe is three times as evil.... ( in case you missed it, a lot of this money went to pay the salaries of Al-Aksa Martyrs' brigades and company)

EU releases 300 million euros in aid for Palestinians

Tue Mar 25, 8:57 AM ET

The European Commission released 300 million euros (467 million dollars) in aid for the Palestinian Territories Tuesday, from the 440 million euros the EU executive has pledged for this year.

Of the total, 71 million euros is earmarked to go to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), a commission spokeswoman said.

The rest is to go to a new EU mechanism -- dubbed PEGASE -- intended to channel aid to help build a Palestinian state, with 176 million euros destined for supporting public services.

At the Paris donors' conference last December, Europe pledged more than half of the total 7.481 billion dollars (4.8 billion euros) in aid commitments to support the Palestinian Authority and recently revived peace talks.

At the time, the commission pledged 440 million euros in aid for the Palestinians this year.

Last Wednesday, the United States granted 150 million dollars to Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's West Bank government in a first installment of the 555 million dollars Washington pledged at the donors' conference.

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50 Roadblocks, Better Security

23 Adar Bet 5768, 30 March 08 08:17

( Israel will give up 50 roadblocks and the Palestinian Authority promises better security in return, according to US officials traveling with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The deal was revealed in a statement released after a trilateral meeting between Rice, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Sunday in Jerusalem.

"This is a program that will improve the daily lives of Palestinians and help make Israel secure," said the statement, which did not specify which roadblocks would be removed. The PA will increase security forces in Jenin; Barak already said last week he agreed to the deployment of 600 Jordanian-trained officers there.

PA's Only Commitment is to 'Work to Prevent Terror'

23 Adar Bet 5768, 30 March 08 08:20

( The agreements reached in talks between U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and PA "Prime Minister" Salam Fayyad include a series of concessions by Israel and only one commitment by the PA. "For its part, the Palestinian Authority will deploy security forces to provide law and order, and work to prevent terror," the statement issued by the American delegation said.

The statement went on to say that "both sides are committed to success of the Bethlehem investment conference and special arrangements will be made so that international visitors may attend." In addition, "the parties have completed connection of 27 Palestinian villages in [Judea and Samaria] to the Israeli power grid and, in an unprecedented action, have connected Jericho to the Jordan power grid."

Among other gestures, Israel "offered to expand significantly opportunities for Palestinian workers and businessmen to travel to Israel from [Judea and Samaria."

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Aircraft in Australia Attacked by Laser Lights, Sun-Herald Says

By Victoria Batchelor

March 30 (Bloomberg) -- Six airplanes flying into Sydney Airport on March 28 were attacked by people shining laser lights from the ground, Australia's Sun-Herald newspaper reported.

Pilots notified air traffic controllers after the laser- beam attacks began at 10:15 p.m. local time in Sydney's south- west, the newspaper said. Police, who arrived in the area at 10:45 p.m., couldn't find the perpetrators, the newspaper said.

Air traffic controllers closed the flight path and diverted incoming planes to a different runway, the newspaper said. Some aircraft landed as much as 30 minutes late, it reported.

Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus said the government would look at banning imports of laser lights, and also at increasing penalties for shining a laser light at an airplane from the current two years of jail time, the newspaper reported.

To contact the reporter for this story: Victoria Batchelor in Sydney at