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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Now watch out. This is very, very long. But I have gathered together enough evidence to explain the recent events to you. See the sources, judge for yourselves. Read below.


Hello everybody,

It's been a while since I have gathered a lot of evidence for a research topic to send to you. Now please bear with me: the articles I am including below are quite numerous, and not short. But if you really want to understand the whole plot, and not just believe what I am suggesting to you,  please take the time to read them all, scrolling all the way to the bottom . Surprisingly, most of the evidence for my contentions appeared about a year ago on my blog. What we see today is basically a repeat of last year's events, just more dramatic, and more extensive,a major escalation of last year's events. And unfortunately, we are going to see an even greater application of the same principles in the near future, if ISRAEL, INDIA and PAKISTAN REFUSE TO PLAY BALL WITH THE VATICAN, THE CIA, THE INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, THE BRITISH MI5, KING JUAN CARLOS OF SPAIN, and by EXTENSION, the ULTIMATE AMALEK, THE ULTIMATE ESAV, THE BLACK POPE IN ROME, AND THE WHOLE VATICAN APPARATUS.

This is a SICK, CRUEL, INHUMANE SAGA, that we have already come to expect from the ultimate cruel players on the scene, the descendants of the ultimate cruel brother of Jacob, ESAV. To this day, ROME, that is, ESAV, has not ceased to covet our inheritance of Eretz Yisrael. To this day, ROME HAS NOT CEASED TO COVET WORLD DOMINATION.

The events in Mumbai are only the murderous progression of this desire to conquer Eretz Yisrael, and to rule the whole world FROM JERUSALEM.

If you recall, last year, around December 26-28, at just about the same time as the terrible murder of the two soldiers in Hevron, Amichai and Rubin, occurred, Benazir Bhutto was shot to death in Pakistan. The same players as this year participated: the ISI in Pakistan, the CIA in Washington, Condi Rice, and the local Arabs doing the dirty work of the Shabak were alsoinvolved.

What do we have this time? Seemingly unrelated events: a terrible terror attack in Mumbai in which religious Jews are killed - along with other victims, of course, but where the Jews are singled out for torture. At the same time, there is an attack on Hevron, this time on a larger scale, a whole building is illegally evacuated, and JUDEA IS DECLARED A CLOSED MILITARY ZONE, similar to the situation in Gaza before the expulsion. At the same time, an extremist Moslem group is blamed for the attack in India, while downplaying the role of the ISI.

The same CIA spokesperson, Bruce RIEDEL
, a SENIOR CIA PLAYER IN PAKISTAN,( see his extensive biography and bibliograhy, and his CFR MEMBERSHIP, below) comes out and blames AL-QAIDA FOR THE MURDER OF BENAZIR BHUTTO, and Lashkar-e-Taiba for THE MUMBAI ATTACK, when in fact, India has clear intelligence that the ISI PLANNED THE ATTACK, AND WHILE THE US IS FULLY AWARE OF ALL THE LOGISTICS OF THE ATTACK.

Now again, remember that the ISI, THE MI5, THE CIA, THE SHABAK, are all part and parcel of the same international intelligence community serving the interests of the Vatican.

So what do we have here, in fact?


AND PLANNED FOR THE SAME DAY AS THE FUNERALS OF CHABAD, SO AS TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER, - don't forget that Chabad is one of the greatest supporters of Hevron! -THE EXPULSION FROM THE PEACE HOUSE IS PLANNED AT THE HIGHEST ECHELONS OF INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMACY, DOWN TO OLMERT AND BARAK, PLANNED TO DISAPPEAR FROM THE HEADLINES IN THE MIDST OF THE MUMBAI ATROCITIES. ( don't forget to read how the US has determined that the Peace House was illegal), both in Israel, and in the international arena.



( which, in and of itself, is not a bad idea. The question is, how does the US view that war, and what is supposed to be the outcome of this war. And what is in it for Rome?????).

 For that purpose, the CIA/MI5/ISI are capable of using the worst atrocities, of course by using barbaric Moslems as their FRONT, so that they stay in the background, and appear, as usual, white as snow.

( This already happened in the days of Esav and Jacob, when Esav wanted to use Ishmael's children as a front for his planned murder of Jacob. As you can see, nothing has changed in 3300 years!)

And of course, ISRAEL is being blamed by the terrorists in the media; another stab at Israel, let ISRAEL be the culprit for everything. Just as at the same time as Benazir Bhutto was murdered, Al-Qaida allegedly sent a message blaming Israel ( never mind the fact that Al Qaida DIDN'T murder Bhutto, the ISI did!)

If you notice in one of the articles below, MORE terror attacks are threatened for INDIA if it doesn't comply with the wishes of the NEW WORLD ORDER. The next attacks will be much greater, and the next ones after that will target ( the degenerate) ISRAELIS IN GOA. Now realize what this means: the beasts of the ISI etc. threaten the SECULAR ISRAELIS THIS TIME: IF YOU DON"T EVACUATE THOSE DAMN SETTLERS FOR GOOD, NEXT TIME WE WON"T GET THE RELIGIOUS JEWS THAT YOU DESPISE SO MUCH: THIS TIME WE"LL GET YOUR OWN CHIILDREN!

Is this a good enough motivation to get the kapos in the israeli government to comply , or not?

And of course, unctuous Shimon Peres sheds CROCODILE TEARS both times, both in Mumbai and with the Amichai/Rubin murders, while advocating a GLOBAL FORCE AGAINST TERROR - READ: A VATICAN POLICE!! ( Yes, we know, Peres, Vatican poodle, you are a shameful, despicable creature )

My job is to expose the beasts. Eric Phelps, of the Vatican's Assassins, did an excellent job of exposing the ISI last year. Please read his explanations, in red.

I attended a memorial for the Holtzberg murders in LA, where I was last Sunday. Remarkable were two speeches: the first I noticed immediately was by a US official. who said, without any shame, that this attack was a WARNING TO INDIA THAT IN THIS NEW WORLD ORDER, YOU CANNOT BE NON-ALIGNED. How much clearer a threat do you need?

The second, very powerful speech, was by Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. He poignantly remarked: how it is that the UN can address every problem in the world, except for SUICIDE TERROR? He also addressed the perpetrators directly:( paraphrasing) "Don't worry, murderers: you can kill us, torture us. We have gone through the Inquisition, the Nazis, the pogroms... but we are still here, while you turn to dust" or something to that order. At that moment, the US - NWO representative walked out. I guess this direct attack on the TRUE PERPETRATORS, of which is a part,  was just too much to bear for him.

And of course, WHY is the UN not addressing world terror? BECAUSE IT IS THE ACCOMPLICE OF THE TERRORISTS, THAT's why!!!!

Another goal of these attacks, of course, is:




So what we have is a very elaborate deception, using Al-Qaida , Lashkar-e-Taiba, Fatah, and other WILLING AND EAGER Muslim groups, trained and equipped by the Western Intelligence Agencies, to perpetrate these atrocities, making them appear to be the work of 'terror groups", when in fact, these terror groups are only the executioners. The brain, the organization, is ESAV, is ROME!!!!

Just one more thing: by all means watch Condoleeza Rice's video, in which she ORDERS the cooperation of Pakistan - don't forget that the current Prime Minister is the HUSBAND OF MURDERED SHIITE BENAZIR BHUTTO,-  Rice is as good as saying: "do as I say, or you are next!" -, and specially, don't miss her SMIRK as she BLAMES ALQAIDA FOR the terror. LUCKILY FOR HER, NEWSWEEK CUT HER SMILE , by showing other, irrelevant pictures. I guess her body language was just too transparent. It is clear that she absolutely doesn't believe a word of what she says. Actually, she almost broke out laughing when she said that. Was saved by a cooperative media assistant.

Heavy, frightening stuff. Much more freightening than Al Qaida or Hamas. Very ominous for Yehuda and Shomron. Esav knows that when Jacob has ascendency, it loses.



( Welt Online).........


The tactics -- a military-style assault on soft targets, singling out foreigners, and taking hostages -- are rare and do not fit the usual methods of militant attacks on civilian areas....


Some analysts say the level of sophistication of the attacks, and the fact that foreigners were targeted, point to the involvement of a more experienced and al Qaeda-influenced group, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba. The group, based in Pakistan and fighting Indian rule in Kashmir, denied any role in the attack.

India names Pakistani masterminds, date plot to 07

By SAM DOLNICK, Associated Press Writer Sam Dolnick, Associated Press Writer 2 hrs 5 mins ago

NEW DELHI – A Pakistani militant group apparently used an Indian operative as far back as 2007 to scout targets for the elaborate plot against India's financial capital, authorities said Thursday, a blow to Indian officials who have blamed the deadly attacks entirely on Pakistani extremists.

As investigators sought to unravel the attack on Mumbai, stepping up questioning of the lone captured gunman, airports across India were put on high alert amid fresh warnings that terrorists planned to hijack an aircraft.

Also Thursday, police said there were signs that some of the six victims of the attack on a Jewish center may have been tortured. "The victims were strangled," said Rakesh Maria, a senior Mumbai police official. "There were injuries noticed on the bodies that were not from firing."

Members of an Israeli rescue group which had a team in Mumbai said it was impossible to tell if the bodies had been abused, however, because no autopsies were conducted in accordance with Jewish tradition.

The surviving gunman, Ajmal Amir Kasab, 21, told interrogators he had been sent by the banned Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba and identified two of the plot's masterminds, according to two Indian government officials familiar with the inquiry.

Kasab told police that one of them, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Lashkar's operations chief, recruited him for the attack, and the assailants called another senior leader, Yusuf Muzammil, on a satellite phone after hijacking an Indian vessel en route to Mumbai.

The information sent investigators back to another reputed Lashkar operative, Faheem Ansari, who they hope could be key in pulling together different strands of the investigation.

Ansari, an Indian national, was arrested in February in north India carrying hand-drawn sketches of hotels, the train terminal and other sites that were later attacked in Mumbai, said Amitabh Yash, director of the Special Task Force of the Uttar Pradesh police.

During his interrogation, Ansari also named Muzammil as his handler in Pakistan, adding that he trained in a Lashkar camp in Muzaffarabad — the same area where Kasab said he was trained, a senior police officer involved in the investigation said.

In Pakistan, Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik told reporters he had no information on Lakhvi or Muzammil but that authorities would check.

Ansari "told us about a planned Lashkar attack on Bombay, on southern Bombay," said Yash, referring to Mumbai by its previous name. "He gave us eight or nine specific locations where the attack would be carried out," he said, adding that Ansari had detailed sketches of the places and escape routes from the sites.

Ansari said he carried out the reconnaissance in the fall of 2007, which also included the U.S. consulate, the Bombay stock exchange and other Mumbai sites that were not attacked.

Ansari is now in Indian custody, according to Yash. It was unclear if he was being questioned again, but Maria said they were working to determine if Ansari played a role in how the attackers "got such intricate knowledge of the sites."

Indian authorities have faced a torrent of criticism about missed warnings and botched intelligence, and revelations that Ansari disclosed details of the Mumbai plot 10 months ago will be added to the list. Linking an Indian national to the plot also undermines India's assertion that Pakistan is solely responsible.

The attacks have heightened tensions between the contentious neighbors. They have fought three wars since independence from Britain in 1947 and both have nuclear weapons.

Yash said during extensive interrogations Ansari confessed to scouting Mumbai, arranging a safe-house there for Lashkar militants and provided details on his involvement in the group. "We got everything out of him, whatever he knew," he said.

Ansari linked up with Lashkar while working at a printing press in Dubai. He was taken by sea to Pakistan to the Lashkar camp in Muzaffarabad and received a false Pakistani passport and citizenship papers, which police recovered when he was arrested.

In 2007, Ansari said, he traveled to Katmandu, Nepal, and then crossed back into India and settled in Mumbai, where he conducted reconnaissance for a future attack, Yash said.

He was arrested Feb. 10 in the northern city of Rampur after suspected Muslim militants attacked a police camp, killing eight constables. He said he was there to collect weapons to bring to Mumbai for a future attack.

Yash said Ansari's arrest did not derail Lashkar's plans for an attack. "When they found that their mole in Bombay had been caught...they carried out the operations in a different way," he said.

Meanwhile, police officers said they were trying to get as much detail as possible from Kasab.

"A terrorist of this sort is never cooperative. We have to extract information," said Deven Bharti, the head of the Mumbai crime branch.

Indian police are known to use interrogation methods that would be regarded as torture in the West, including questioning suspects drugged with "truth serum."

Bharti provided no details on interrogation techniques, but said "truth serum" would probably be used next week. He did not specify what drug would be used.

During questioning, details of Kasab's recruitment by Lashkar began to emerge, said police, describing him as fourth grade dropout from an impoverished village who was gravitating to a life of crime.

"Lashkar recruited him, preying on a combination of his religious sentiments and his poverty," said Maria.

The revelations came as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with leaders in Islamabad after visiting India's capital — part of a U.S. effort to pressure Pakistan to share more intelligence and pursue terrorist cells believed to be rooted in the country.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari promised Rice his country would take "strong action" against any elements in Pakistan involved in the siege.

On Thursday, the U.S. Treasury Department designated as terrorists four individuals who hold leadership positions in Lashkar, including Lakhvi, and ordered any of their U.S. assets to be frozen. Also named were Muhammad Saeed, the group's leader; Haji Muhammad Ashraf, its chief of finance; and Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmed Bahaziq, a financier with the group.

Meanwhile, India put its airports on alert following threats of possible airborne attacks. Security forces swarmed New Delhi's international airport early Friday after the sound of gunfire was heard, police said, but no one was injured or killed. Police said it was not a terrorist incident.

The warning received by the airports "spoke of possibility of aircraft being hijacked by terrorists," India's air force chief, Fali Homi Major, told reporters Thursday.

The alert focused on three major airports — New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai — but security was stepped up across India.

Several extra layers of security were set up and some passengers' bags were scanned for explosives.

"Passengers have been asked to pass through six-stage security checks," said Brij Lal, a senior police official organizing security at the airport in the northern city of Lucknow.

Nirmala Sharma, a passenger who flew from New Delhi to Lucknow, said her bags were checked a half dozen times and she went through a metal detector three times. "Sometimes it seemed tedious, but it seems to be the need of the hour," she said.


Associated Press writers Ramola Talwar Badam and Muneeza Naqvi in Mumbai, Ashok Sharma and Tim Sullivan in New Delhi, Biswajeet Banerjee in Lucknow and Anne Gearan in Islamabad contributed to this report.

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Here's another outstanding Stratfors Analysis of Al Qaeda's murderous
program to disrupt Western Civilization and convert the world to islam.

From the New York Landmarks Plot to the Mumbai Attack

December 3, 2008
Global Security and Intelligence Report

By Fred Burton and Ben West

On the surface, last week's attack on Mumbai was remarkable for its execution and apparently unconventional tactics. But when compared to a plot uncovered 15 years ago that targeted prominent hotels in Manhattan, it becomes apparent that the Mumbai attack was not so original after all.

The 1993 New York Landmarks Plot

In July 1993, U.S. counterterrorism agents arrested eight individuals later convicted of plotting an elaborate, multistage attack on key sites in Manhattan. The militants, who were linked to Osama bin Laden's then-relatively new group, al Qaeda, planned to storm the island armed with automatic rifles, grenades and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). In multiple raids on key targets combined with diversionary attacks, they aimed to kill as many people as possible.

The planned attack, which came to be known as the "Landmarks" plot, called for several tactical teams to raid sites such as the Waldorf-Astoria, St. Regis and U.N. Plaza hotels, the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, and a midtown Manhattan waterfront heliport servicing business executives and VIPs traveling from lower Manhattan to various New York-area airports. The militants carried out extensive surveillance both inside and outside the target hotels using human probes, hand-drawn maps and video surveillance. Detailed notes were taken on the layout and design of the buildings, with stairwells, ballrooms, security cameras and personnel all reconnoitered.

The attackers intended to infiltrate the hotels and disguise themselves as kitchen employees. On the day of the attack, one attack team planned to use stolen delivery vans to get close to the hotels, at which point heavily armed, small-cell commando teams would deploy from the rear of the van. Stationary operatives would use hand grenades to create diversions while attack teams would rake hotel guests with automatic weapons. The attackers planned to carry gas masks and use tear gas in hotel ballrooms to gain an advantage over any security they might come up against. They planned to attack at night, when the level of protection would be lower.

The targeted hotels host some of the most prestigious guests in Manhattan. These could have included diplomats like the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, who traditionally keeps an apartment in the Waldorf-Astoria, or even the U.S. secretary of state, who is known to stay at the Waldorf during U.N sessions. They also host various business leaders. If successful, the attackers doubtless would have killed many high-profile individuals key to New York's stature as a center for financial and diplomatic dealings.

Meanwhile, the plots to detonate explosives in the Lincoln and Holland tunnels would have blocked critical transportation infrastructure, sowing chaos in the city as key escape routes were closed off. And VIPs seeking to escape the city via the midtown heliport would have been thwarted by the attack planned for that location. In fact, the heliport attack was planned to be carried out using watercraft, which also could have been used to target transport ferries, further disrupting transportation in and out of Manhattan. The New York City Police Department could plausibly even have quarantined Manhattan to prevent the attackers from fleeing the city.

With the city shut down and gunmen running amok, the financial center of the United States would have been thrown into chaos and confusion until the attackers were detained or killed. The attacks thus would have undermined the security and effectiveness of New York as a center for financial and diplomatic dealings.

At the time, U.S. counterterrorism officials deemed that the attack would have had a 90 percent success rate. Disaster, then, was averted when federal agents captured the plotters planning the Landmarks attack thanks to an informant who had infiltrated the group. Along with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing just four months earlier, which killed six people but was intended to bring down both towers, the United States dodged a major bullet that could have been devastating to New York.

The Nov. 26 Mumbai Attack

A little more than fifteen years later, the Nov. 26 attacks in Mumbai closely followed the script of the New York plot. Militants armed with AK-47s, grenades and military-grade explosives carried out a very logistically sophisticated and coordinated attack on the financial capital of India.

Mumbai Attacks Screen Capture
(click to view map)

Clearly, the Mumbai attack involved extensive preoperational surveillance. Attackers had maps of the targeted hotels, and according to the Indian Marine Commandos who raided the Taj Mahal hotel, the militants moved around as if they knew the hotel's layout by heart. Advance members of the attack teams had already taken up positions in the hotels, stockpiling firearms, ammunition, grenades and food that were quickly accessed and used to maintain the attackers' positions in the hotels. One of the attackers reportedly also had taken a job as an intern chef in the Taj Mahal hotel kitchen, so his movements raised less suspicion and he had a detailed knowledge of the entry points and corridors For such attacks, preparedness is key, and escaping alive is a long shot. The attackers therefore must have been highly motivated and willing to die — a rare combination that requires immense amounts of training and ideological zeal.

At least two teams entered the city by watercraft, breaking up into smaller groups as they made their way to the Taj Mahal hotel, Oberoi-Trident hotel complex and Nariman (also known as Chabad) House, a Jewish center in the same area of Mumbai. These tactical teams dispersed across the city, attacking prominent sites where foreign VIPs were sure to be present. They infiltrated the hotels through back entrances and kitchens, thus enhancing the element of surprise as they opened fire on guests in the dining areas and atriums of the hotels.

Beyond killing people and holding hostages in Mumbai's most prestigious hotels, other attack teams assaulted additional strategic sites in Mumbai, creating a sense of chaos and confusion over the whole city. Mumbai's main train station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, as well as Cama Hospital, offices of The Times of India newspaper, restaurants, a theater, and bars frequented by foreigners also were attacked. The attackers' excellent coordination — the multiple attacks took place nearly simultaneously — thus ensured maximum confusion and chaos, frustrating police responses. This could explain in part why operations like those at Nariman House and the hotels lasted for more than 48 hours.

Similarities between New York and Mumbai

The similarities between the Landmarks plot and the Nov. 26 Mumbai attack are quite obvious. In symbolic terms, as the Mumbai attack unfolded, many onlookers said that an attack on Mumbai is to India what an attack on New York is to Americans. In more concrete terms, the targets, methods, weapons and geography involved were similar (if not identical), and the unconventional style of the attacks points to a common author.

U.S. counterterrorism forces in 1995 detained Landmarks plot mastermind Ramzi Yousef, who remains in U.S. federal prison. But his ideas obviously did not stay behind bars. This illustrates how a plan's initial failure does not mean the threat has been eliminated. Indeed, Stratfor observed in 2005 that the 1993 Landmarks plot (among others) should not be discounted, as al Qaeda or other terrorist groups are known to return to past targets and plot scenarios.

The similarities between the Landmarks plot and the Mumbai attack exist at several levels.

The first relates to the target set. Both New York and Mumbai are the respective financial centers of their countries and home to their nations' major stock exchanges. In both cities, the planners had picked out high-profile soft targets — sites that have less security personnel and countermeasures than, say, a military installation or key government building. Softer security means gaining access to strategic assets and people is easier. Stratfor has long stressed the importance of maintaining vigilance at soft targets like hotels that cater to international guests, as these are likely targets for militant Islamists. Both plans also involved infiltrating hotel staff and booking rooms in the hotels to gain inside information and store supplies.

The second similarity involves how both plans included peripheral targets to cause confusion and chaos and thus create a diversion from the main targets In Mumbai, transportation infrastructure like the city's main railway station was attacked, and militants detonated explosive devices in taxis and next to gasoline pumps. Meanwhile, roving gunmen attacked other sites around the city. In a country where coordination among first responders is already weak, the way the attackers fanned out across the city caused massive chaos and distracted security forces from the main prize: the hotels. Attacking Cama Hospital also sowed chaos, as the injured from one scene of attack became the targets of another while being rescued.

A third similarity exists in the geography of the two cities. In both plots, the use of watercraft is a distinctive tactical similarity. Watercraft gave militants access at unconventional locations where security would be more lax. Both Mumbai (a peninsula) and Manhattan (an island) offer plenty of points where militants can mount assaults from watercraft. Such an attack would not have worked in New Delhi or Bangalore; these are landlocked cities where militants would have had to enter by road, a route much more likely to encounter police patrols. Being centers of trade and surrounded by water, both Mumbai and New York have high levels of maritime traffic. This means infiltrating the area from the water would raise minimal suspicions, especially if the craft were registered locally (as was the case in the Mumbai attack). Such out-of-the box tactics take advantage of security services, which often tend to focus on established threats.

A fourth similarity lies in transportation. In addition to using watercraft, both plots involved the use of deceptive vehicles to maneuver around the city undetected. The Landmark plotters used taxis to conduct surveillance and planned on using a delivery van to approach the hotels. In Mumbai, the attackers planted bombs in taxis, and at least one group of militants hijacked a police van and used it to carry out attacks across the city. Using familiar vehicles like taxis, delivery vans or police vans to carry out surveillance or attacks reduces suspicion and increases the element of surprise, allowing militants to stay under cover until the moment of attack.

An Off-the-Shelf Plan

As indicated, the striking similarities between the Landmarks plot and the Mumbai attack suggest that Ramzi Yousef and other early al Qaeda operatives who helped prepare the Landmarks plot in New York authored the Mumbai plan. Considering that the militants launched their original attack from Karachi, Pakistan, and the previous involvement of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency — which has connections with al Qaeda leaders in western Pakistan — it is very likely that al Qaeda in Pakistan at least provided the blueprints for this attack. On-the-ground operations like training, surveillance and the actual attack appear to have been carried out by the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba in connection with Indian Islamist groups.

Here we see more evidence of the existence of an ideological or strategic battle space that exists in the radical Islamist world, which has been greatly influenced by al Qaeda. Like a contingency plan that might sit on the shelf for years or decades before it is useful, terrorist plots (especially good ones) can have a long shelf life and be applied in various scenarios. In fact, plans that sit on the shelf longer might actually be more effective as security officials focus their attention on evolving threats and forget old ones.

Just because a plot has been disrupted, the threat has not been eliminated. Once terrorists happen upon a successful model, they are likely to follow that model. This can be seen in al Qaeda's return to the World Trade Center in 2001, eight years after the initial truck bomb attacks in 1993. It can also be seen in the fact that Mumbai has been the target of multiple attacks and threats, including train bombings in 2006 that killed approximately 200 people. Though the tactics might have differed, the target set remained the same. Various parts of the attack cycle can change, but rarely does an attack occur that is completely novel.

Ultimately, the biggest difference between the Landmarks plot and the Mumbai attack is that the Mumbai attack succeeded. The failure of the Landmarks plot probably provided key lessons to the planners of the Mumbai attack, who were able to carry out the stages of the attack without detection and with the full element of surprise. Gauging by the success of the Mumbai incident, we can expect similar strategies and tactics in future attacks.

FBI: Pakistani Intelligence Involved in Mumbai Attacks

Kislev 8, 5769, 05 December 08 09:38

( Indian newspapers reported on Friday that Pakistani intelligence was involved in last week's attacks on Mumbai, which killed at least 171 people, including six Israelis and other Jews. Pakistan has denied involvement in the attacks.

The Times of India quoted local intelligence sources as saying, "The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) connection was clear and evident." Some of the information was provided by the American Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is helping Indian authorities with their probe of the attack. The newspaper said investigations ck had led to the names of apparent ISI or military handlers and trainers of the gunmen and the locations where the training was held.

The surviving terrorist told investigators he had attended four training camps in Pakistan over the past 18 months, according to Mail Today. He added that he is a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamist group fighting Indian rule in disputed Kashmir, which has had ties with Pakistani intelligence in the past.

© Copyright
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'Lashkar-e-Taiba is behind the terror'

Nov. 30, 2008

Suspicions in the devastating Mumbai terror attacks are centering on a Pakistani-based jihadi terror organization whose objectives include destroying India and Israel, and establishing an Islamic caliphate.

Indian media and government officials have begun to point fingers at Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic fundamentalist group long seen as a creation of the Pakistani intelligence service to help wage its clandestine war against India in disputed Kashmir.

On Sunday, Indian Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria said the only gunman captured by police admitted the group was behind the attacks and had intended to hit even more targets.

"Lashkar-e-Taiba is behind the terrorist acts in the city," Maria told reporters. "The terrorists were from a hardcore group in the L-e-T."

The organization, which is banned in India and Pakistan, has reportedly denied any involvement. Pakistan has also denied involvement.

The militant group's political wing has described Hindus and Jews as the main enemies of Islam and India and Israel as the main enemies of Pakistan, according to B. Raman, a former Indian government official, who authored a 2001 article on the secretive group. The group also aims to reestablish an Islamic caliphate from Morocco to Indonesia.

Six Israelis were killed in the Chabad House that was attacked and seized by terrorists starting on November 26.

Maoy Krishna Dhar, a New Delhi-based author and former director of India's intelligence bureau, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that "Lashkar-e-Taiba carried out the attack with guidance from the ISI [Inter Services Intelligence - the Pakistani intelligence services]" and assistance from Indian terrorist and drug lord Dawood Ibrahim.

Dhar's claims could not be verified by the Post.

A Mumbai police spokesman, however, said Sunday that while "a Pakistani connection is clear" as had been stated by government officials, the "Ibrahim connection is not clear."

Lashkar-e-Taiba - or Army of the Pure or Righteous - is the armed wing of a Pakistani-based religious organization founded in 1989. During the 1990s, the group received instruction and funding from Pakistan's intelligence agency in exchange for a pledge to target Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir and to train Muslim extremists on Indian soil, according to the US Council on Foreign Relations.

The group is also listed as a terrorist organization in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and other countries. It is suspected of being involved in the December 2001 attack on New Delhi's Parliament, the 2006 Mumbai train bombings and the February 2007 blast on a train running between India and Pakistan, according to the council's Web site.

Meanwhile, the sole surviving gunman from the Mumbai massacre, Azam Amir Kasav, told Indian police that the terrorists had been sent with the specific mission of targeting Israelis at the Chabad House in order to avenge atrocities committed against the Palestinians, The Times of India reported Sunday.

"Islamic Jihadis are opposed to Israel's confrontation with the Palestinians and wherever the Jews are, they try to attack them," Dhar added.

The Chabad center, he added, was an "easy target," since it was a private building and not well protected.

"Many inhabitants, including the rabbi and his family, were living in that house," Dhar said. "Each and every house cannot be given full protection. There were some police patrols, one or two police guards, that's all."

He added that civilian police usually only carry batons with them.

The group that claimed responsibility for the attacks that rocked India's financial capital call themselves the Deccan Mujahideen - a name that indicates Indian origins. But Dhar argues that the name was "misleading propaganda" to divert attention away from the real culprits.

A surviving suspected terrorist who has been caught and arrested in India following the attacks is a resident of the Punjab providence and has admitted that he has undergone Lashkar-e-Taiba organized training in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, Dhar said, citing unnamed former colleagues and friends in the police and intelligence departments.

"Later on, [the terrorists] were trained in the city of Karachi in naval warfare," Dhar said. "They were directed to demolish the Taj and Oberoi hotels... and they were given a target to kill 5,000 people," he said.

The arrested Pakistani terrorist and several others headed for India in a Pakistani vessel and, somewhere in the Indian province of Gujarat, had hijacked an Indian vessel and came to Mumbai, Dhar said.

In addition, Dhar said he believed that Dawood Ibrahim, one of the biggest mafia kingpins in the region, who is believed to be based in Karachi, arranged for gangsters in India to assist Lashkar-e-Taiba in carrying out the operations in Mumbai and partially financed them.

The US Treasury Department designated the Indian crime lord as a global terrorist in 2003 for "funding attacks by Islamic extremists aimed at destabilizing the Indian government."

"Without Ibrahim's help, the ISI and Laskhar-e-Taiba could not carry out such an organized, big mercenary attack on Mumbai city," Dhar said.

Jerusalem Post staff and AP contributed to this report.

Copyright 1995- 2008 The Jerusalem Post -

India Flight with Intel Agents, ZAKA, Chabad Officials Held Up

Kislev 3, 5769, 30 November 08 05:38
by Gil Ronen

( A team of Israeli experts in analyzing and investigating terror scenes, as well as a police forensics team and representatives from ZAKA and Chabad were scheduled to leave for India Sunday but their flight was held up because of confusion regarding entry visas to India.

There are conflicting leaks regarding the identity and number of the experts who are headed for India, and some reports say that at least two of them already boarded a flight to India Friday. One report says they are ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) and Mossad agents. Another quotes Israel defense officials as saying that they are "two high-ranking security men," and that one is a representative of the Defense Ministry and the other is from the ISA. Yet another version has it that they are from the Foreign Ministry and the ISA.

The officials are also reportedly coordinating security at Israeli sites in India with local authorities.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a forensics team will leave Sunday for Mumbai to help identify the bodies of the Israelis. An Israeli air force plane is to fly the team to India and return with the bodies. The flight was scheduled for 3 P.M. but confusion regarding visa arrangements with Indian authorities have held it up. The flight was reschduled to 8 P.M.

Attack 'very well planned'
Israeli officials were quoted as saying that "on the face of things, the attack appears to have been very well planned," and that they are interested in determining if any government was behind the assault.

Officials have said that the attackers specifically chose the Chabad House and that this aspect of the attack made it necessary for Israel to take part in the investigation. Indian press reports have also quoted a surviving terrorist as saying that the attack on Chabad House was a part of the planned operation.

A senior security official stated that "the Chabad House is a place where Jews and Israelis visit and it was no accident that the terrorists chose it as one of the targets".

Pakistani British citizens again
Officials have also learned that some of the terrorists are Pakistani-born British citizens. Indian news channel NDTV said two suspected Islamic militants arrested by commandos were "British citizens of Pakistani origin."

Pakistani-born British citizens were also involved in the Mikes Place terror attack in Tel Aviv on April 30, 2003, when three people were killed and over 50 wounded when. A Pakistani-born British national, Asif Muhammad Hanif, blew himself up on a Tel Aviv promenade.

A second British citizen, Omar Khan Sharif, 27,  was also due to have perpetrated a suicide attack at the same time, fled the scene after the bomb in his possession failed to explode. Sharif's body washed ashore on the Tel Aviv beachfront on May 12th.

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Israeli experts help India prepare commando raids into Pakistan

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

December 6, 2008, 4:23 PM (GMT+02:00)

Indian commando

Indian commando

New Delhi has asked Jerusalem to assist in the operational and intelligence planning of Indian commando cross-border strikes against Islamist terrorist havens in Pakistan - including al Qaeda, Indian counter-terror sources report.

The Indian government's decision to embark on these in-and-out incursions in reprisal for the Mumbai outrage of Nov. 26-29 was first revealed in DEBKA-Net-Weekly 375 published Dec. 4 (Indian Retaliatory Raids inside Pakistan Impending).

DEBKAfile adds: Israel is willing to help the Indians carry out punitive forays into Pakistan because it has its own scores to settle for the brutal murder of six Israelis in Mumbai's Chabad Center by the Islamist terrorists and for the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency's hand in the atrocity.

Security sources in New Delhi disclosed Saturday, Dec. 6, that ISI officers actively trained the terrorists on military lines and selected their targets, including two big hotels and the Jewish-Israeli center.

Indian sources told DEBKAfile that Israel was asked for assistance because its special undercover forces were long seasoned in plotting and executing reprisals for terrorist attacks; above all, they were expert in getting away after covert operations without leaving a trail. New Delhi wants its commando operations in Pakistan to be stealthy and focused, and does not propose to admit responsibility.

Four Pakistani locations are targeted:

1. Pakistani Kashmir where scores if not hundreds of extremist Muslim training facilities are situated - many of them ISI-run and funded;

2. Punjab in eastern Pakistan on the border of northern India. DEBKAfile's counter terror sources report that Lahore and Multan have attracted a cluster of Islamist terrorist centers.

3. Pakistan's southern coast - from Karachi north to Gwadar close to the Iranian border. Indian intelligence (RAW) has evidence that this strip was where the terrorists who besieged Mumbai ten days ago were trained for their assault.

Our New Delhi sources disclose that Indian leaders showed the outline of this plan to US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice when she visited last week. She commented guardedly that the United States was strongly opposed to a full-scale war between India and Pakistan but not averse to limited counter-terror operations.

Print Print Send by e-mail Send to Friend Close window Close window Home Page

Copyright 2000-2008 DEBKAfile. All Rights Reserved.

New Delhi knows that despite his strident rhetoric, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari's hands are tied and that he will not move much beyond harsh words.

Zardari's flip-flop over the visit of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief to India is an indication that he does not enjoy full control, according to officials. The last thing Zardari wants is further extremist backlash against his family after the assassination of his wife, the former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto.

Also watch carefully the video " Rice: Pakistan must cooperate fully. ( #2 on the right)

Watch Rice's SMIRK as she describes Al-Qaida's part in these attacks, and how she is "mercifully" cut, so we can't watch her laugh as she continues talking about Al-Qaida. Her BODY LANGUAGE betrayed her!

Rice fails to damp Indian-Pakistan tensions which rise amid fresh terror threat

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

December 4, 2008, 11:08 AM (GMT+02:00)

Condoleezza Rice in New Delhi

Condoleezza Rice in New Delhi

DEBKAfile's military sources report that in their talks in New Delhi and Islamabad Wednesday, Dec. 3, US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and top US soldier, Adm. Mike Mullen, failed to tamp down the rising military tensions between India and Pakistan. Their talks were clouded by the threat of a second round of terror, this one directed against three Indian international airports, Delhi Bangalore and Chennai, by infiltrators of Pakistani or Afghan origin. Last week, Lashkar e-Taiba Islamists held Mumbai to siege for three days and killed more than 170 people. The Indian investigation points to two Lashkar leaders, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi and Yusuf Muzammil, as masterminds of that outrage.

The intelligence of a second round of attacks which may include the hijacking of aircraft at the three targeted airports, was handed to prime minister Manmohan Singh Wednesday, Dec. 3, by the Indian spy agency RAW. Special forces backed by armored vehicles and explosives detecting devices including sniffer dogs were posted at those airports.

According to our counter-terror sources, Indian intelligence has been warned of a third round of attacks scheduled for the coming festival season against resorts like Goa and Puna which are frequented by foreign tourists and trekkers. Once again, Americans, Britons and Israelis will be singled out.

When Condoleezza Rice urged Indian officials to exercise military restraint against Pakistan they showed her this intelligence. Since Islamabad did not rein in the terrorists who cross the border at will, India had no choice, they said, but to send its army across to hit them in their Pakistani lairs.

Rice then traveled to Islamabad for a last-ditch appeal for urgent Pakistani "cooperation" by rounding up the suspects behind the Mumbai atrocity. But the new president Asif Zardari lacks the clout to deliver.

Security measures have also been tightened across India for the Dec. 6 anniversary of the destruction of the medieval Ayodhya mosque in 1992.

Print Print

A veteran CIA analyst also claimed earlier in the day that Mumbai attackers had ISI links.

"If there's anything that is a 64 million dollar question today," it is finding out the "extent of its(LeT) current ties to the Pakistani intelligence service(Inter Services Intelligence)," said Bruce Riedel in Washington.

Meanwhile Indian authorities have claimed that they have 'incontrovertible' proof about ISI involvement in the attacks. Sleuths are aware of who trained the 10 terrorists and where the training took place in Pakistan. This and other pieces of evidence have been shared with the US, sources reveal.

Evidence collected in probes so far has pointed to two members of outlawed Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba as masterminds in the attacks, according to two officials familiar with the matter.

The men, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi and Yusuf Muzammil, are believed to be in Pakistan, the officials said. Lakhvi was identified as the group's operations chief and Muzammil as its operations chief in Kashmir and other parts of India....

But it has come to light that the US knows more about the attacks that earlier thought. Its troops being stationed in Pakistan, the US has reportedly got more evidence about Pakistan's role. It is aware of the exact route that the terrorists took from Karachi to Mumbai and the same has been shared with Pakistani authorities.


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Saturday December 6, 2008

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Senior Fellow

Bruce Riedel

Bruce Riedel

Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy

A former CIA officer, Bruce Riedel focuses on political transition, terrorism and conflict resolution. He was a senior advisor to three U.S. presidents on Middle East and South Asian issues.


Counter-terrorism; Arab-Israeli issues; Persian Gulf security; India and Pakistan


Past Positions
Special Advisor, NATO, Brussels, Belgium (2003-2006); Member, Royal College of Defense Studies, London, UK (2002-2003); Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and North African Affairs, National Security Council (2001-2002); Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs, National Security Council (1997-2001); Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Near East and South Asian Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense (1995-1997); National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asian Affairs, National Intelligence Council (1993-1995); Director for Gulf and South Asia Affairs, National Security Council (1991-1993); Deputy Chief Persian Gulf Task Force, Central Intelligence Agency (1990-1991); Various assignments, Central Intelligence Agency (1977-1990)

Expert Awards
Department of State Meritorious Honor Award, 2006; Distinguished Intelligence Medal, 2001; Secretary of Defense Distinguished Service Medal, 1997; Intelligence Medal of Merit, 1991


M.A., Harvard University, 1977; B.A., Brown University, 1975

"The Taliban feel that momentum is on their side right now in the war in Afghanistan. And every statistical measure of the conflict would suggest that that is correct. The rate of attacks is up, the number of casualties of NATO and American forces is up, the amount of territory that U.N. and other third parties evaluate is under the control of the Taliban or outside the control of the government continues to increase. It's hard for me to imagine that the Taliban is going to be seriously interested in negotiations or that you can find defections from the Taliban when they feel they're winning."

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Bruce O. Riedel

  • Bruce O. Riedel

    Bruce O. Riedel

    Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution

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    Counter-terrorism; Arab-Israeli issues; Persian Gulf security; India and Pakistan


    Past Positions
    Special Advisor, NATO, Brussels, Belgium (2003-2006); Member, Royal College of Defense Studies, London, UK (2002-2003); Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and North African Affairs, National Security Council (2001-2002); Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs, National Security Council (1997-2001); Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Near East and South Asian Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense (1995-1997); National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asian Affairs, National Intelligence Council (1993-1995); Director for Gulf and South Asia Affairs, National Security Council (1991-1993); Deputy Chief Persian Gulf Task Force, Central Intelligence Agency (1990-1991); Various assignments, Central Intelligence Agency (1977-1990)

  • 2008

    Riedel: U.S. Needs to Tread Carefully in Pakistan

    September 12, 2008

    Riedel: U.S. Needs to Tread Carefully in Pakistan

    Bruce O. Riedel, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman, Consulting Editor,


    Bruce Riedel, a former high-ranking CIA and Pentagon official, says the United States faces a very frustrating situation in Pakistan, and that the recent U.S. cross-border attacks from Afghanistan into Pakistan is risky given the anti-Americanism in Pakistan.

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    May 6, 2008

    Brookings: Expand the U.S. Agenda toward Pakistan
    Bruce O. Riedel, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution

    Must Read

    The Brookings Institution's Bruce Riedel lays out a new U.S. policy agenda toward Pakistan for the next president. He says the United States has failed democratic forces in Pakistan, and must change course in order to better support the country on its "torturous path to democracy." He also says the United States must "greatly intensify efforts to ensure the security of Pakistan's weapons arsenal."

    See more in Pakistan, U.S. Election 2008



    U.S. is One of the 'Central Pillars' of Indian Foreign Policy

    April 29, 2008

    U.S. is One of the 'Central Pillars' of Indian Foreign Policy

    Bruce O. Riedel, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman, Consulting Editor


    South Asia expert Bruce Riedel sees the continuing development of U.S.-India ties as a major accomplishment of President Bush, who has built on steps taken by his predecessor.

    See more in United States, India, Trade, Energy, Diplomacy



    April 17, 2008

    Nonproliferation Trip Report: Bruce Riedel
    Bruce O. Riedel, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution

    Other Report

    Bruce Riedel traveled to India in February to meet with business leaders, government officials, and members of the media. Riedel notes that much of the conversations revolved around Iran's pursuit of nuclear capabilities and the Iran-India relationship. Some in the United States have strongly criticized India for maintaining strong economic relations with Iran and for having exchanges of low-level military delegations. Riedel notes that although India opposes a nuclear Iran, its ties with Iran will lead it to oppose use of a military option against Iran.

    See more in Middle East, Proliferation, U.S. Strategy and Politics, Presidency, U.S. Election 2008



    Riedel: Bhutto's Assassination 'Almost Certainly' Work of Al-Qaeda

    December 27, 2007

    Riedel: Bhutto's Assassination 'Almost Certainly' Work of Al-Qaeda

    Bruce O. Riedel, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman, Consulting Editor


    Bruce Riedel, a former CIA official and key South Asia policymaker in the 1990s, says he believes Benazir Bhutto's assassination "was almost certainly the work of al-Qaeda or al-Qaeda's Pakistani allies."

    See more in Pakistan, International Peace and Security



    June 1, 2007

    Al Qaeda Rising? [Rush Transcript; Federal News Service]
    Bruce O. Riedel, Senior Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings Institution, Author, "Al-Qaeda Strikes Back," May/June Foreign Affairs
    Warren Bass, Deputy Editor, Outlook, The Washington Post


    Lawrence Wright and Bruce Riedel discuss the continuing influence of al-Qaeda as both an ideology and an organization, and where and why the U.S. has not fully understood or not adequately combated the threat of global terrorism.

    See more in Afghanistan, Defense Strategy, National Security and Defense, Economics, Terrorism



    May 31, 2007

    Al-Qaeda Rising? (Audio)
    Bruce O. Riedel, Senior Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings Institution; Author, "Al-Qaeda Strikes Back," Foreign Affairs, May/June 2007
    Lawrence Wright, Staff Writer, The New Yorker; Author, The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11
    Warren Bass, Deputy Editor, Outlook, The Washington Post


    Listen to Bruce O. Riedel, senior fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, and Lawrence Wright, staff writer for the New Yorker, discuss the continuing influence of Al-Qaeda and whether the United States has fully understood and adequately combatted the threat of global terrorism.

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    April 26, 2007

    Al Qaeda Strikes Back [Rush Transcript; Federal News Service]


    In this Foreign Affairs-sponsored call, Al-Qaeda Strikes Back author Bruce Riedel argues that al-Qaeda is trying to lure the United States into a war with Iran and that Osama Bin Laden's group now has more bases, more partners, and more followers today than it did on the eve of 9/11.

    See more in Middle East, Iran, Homeland Security, Terrorist Organizations



    May/June 2007

    Al Qaeda Strikes Back
    Bruce O. Riedel, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution

    Foreign Affairs Article — Summary

    By rushing into Iraq instead of finishing off the hunt for Osama bin Laden, Washington has unwittingly helped its enemies: al Qaeda has more bases, more partners, and more followers today than it did on the eve of 9/11. Now the group is working to set up networks in the Middle East and Africa -- and may even try to lure the United States into a war with Iran. Washington must focus on attacking al Qaeda's leaders and ideas and altering the local conditions in which they thrive.


Toward A New U.S.-Middle East Strategy is a joint Saban Center at Brookings – Council on Foreign Relations project staffed by Middle East experts from both policy establishments.  The project has a Board of Advisors that consists of a select group of leading foreign policy generalists, including former senior government officials.  Co-directed by Martin S. Indyk, director of the Saban Center at Brookings, and Gary Samore, vice president and director of studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, the strategy group is conducting in-depth research, fact-finding trips to the region, dialogue with regional officials, and consultation with American policymakers in an effort to develop a new Middle East strategy for the next president.

When the next president assumes office, he or she will be immediately confronted with multiple crises in the Middle East:

  • How to promote national reconciliation in Iraq and contain the spillover effects of Iraq's instability
  • How to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions and its assertion of influence across the region
  • How to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and resolve the Palestinian problem
  • How to promote stability in Lebanon
  • How to deal with the threat of radical Islamic terrorism
  • How to promote political and economic reforms in the Middle East in a more effective way

The joint Brookings-Council on Foreign Relations project will present a non-partisan policy blueprint that the next president and his/her advisors can use as the basis for their administration's Middle East strategy. A final report will be published in late 2008. The strategy group will also brief members of the incoming administration and present its recommendations for constructing a new Middle East policy framework to Congress, the media, and the public.

The project marks the first time in the history of the Brookings Institution and the Council on Foreign Relations that a group of their respective experts are partnering to develop strategic recommendations.

NOW for articles written one year ago, on Israel Truth Times

One more fascinating article that highlights the relationship between the ISI ( Pakistan's Secret Service), Al-Qaida, and the CIA

Posted by DS at 10:47 AM 0 comments

Re: Al Qaida, I have received important information from other sources that you should see. Maybe you'll look at these threats in a different way, after that. See WHO could be really threatening Israel , via a FRONT, AGAIN???.

1. Al-Qaeda Threatens Israel Directly

21 Tevet 5768, 30 December 07 12:49
by Hillel Fendel

( A new audio cassette, the fifth one issued by the Al-Qaeda international terrorist organization this year, tells the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza that they need not be concerned.  "I have not forgotten your struggle," the reviled terrorist chieftain Osama Bin-Laden is heard saying, "and we plan to expand our Jihad [holy war] to Palestine as well.  We intend to liberate all of Palestine, from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea."

Previous messages by Bin-Laden have not mentioned Israel directly.

Just last week, Al-Qaeda carried out the murder of Pakistani Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, a Shia Moslem.  Though it later denied its involvement, at least one recording has surfaced of Al-Qaeda leaders congratulating each other on the successful operation. 

In the most recent tape, Bin-Laden speaks for nearly an hour about Iraq, the United States - and Israel.  Promising to carry out attacks against Israel, he says, "Blood for blood, destruction for destruction."
"Unlike other Moslem leaders," Bin-Laden said, "we don't recognize even one centimeter of Palestinian land [sic] as belonging to the Jews."  Even Hizbullah is too moderate, Bin-Laden feels, for having agreed to the stationing in southern Lebanon of an international peacekeeping force "to protect the Jews."

It was reported on Sunday that Egyptian security forces recently thwarted an Al-Qaeda attempt to establish a terrorist cell in Egypt.  Fourteen Al-Qaeda suspects were arrested, according to a report in the London-based Al Hayat newspaper.

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3.Mossad Snubbed Bhutto's Protection Request

19 Tevet 5768, 28 December 07 03:43

( Slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto "desperately" asked the CIA , Scotland Yard and Israel's Mossad to assist in her personal protection in the weeks before her assassination, Maariv reported Friday. Bhutto said that President Pervez Musharraf's men would not let her protect herself adequately: she was not allowed to use dark-paned windows in her motorcade or use equipment for location of roadside explosives. She suspected Musharraf wanted to make her an easy target for assassins.

In Israel, discussions were held on the subject between the Foreign Ministry, which supported the request, Mossad, and other bodies involved with protection of VIPs. No decision was reached because Israel was concerned about upsetting the Pakistani or Indian regimes.

The paper reports that Bhutto sent an e-mail to one of her confidantes in Washington, an American named Mark Siegel, in which she said that if something happened to her, she blames Musharraf. She asked Siegel not to make the e-mail public unless she was assassinated.

4. Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind is saying that the British SIS intelligency agency, with King Juan Carlos of Spain, Knight of Malta Commander for the Middle East in charge, were the culprits behind the assassination of Bhutto, since nothing major ever happens in Pakistan without their hands being in it.  Pakistani intelligence is part of the International Intelligence community working for the Jesuit General.

5.Subject: Re: Fw: Brasscheck TV: Osama bin Laden is dead

Fascinating. But why are you saying that Bush is OK with the status quo? This is not what I am reading.
The Black Pope's International Intelligence Community led by the British MI6 and the American CIA killed Benazir Bhutto.  She was against bringing Pakistan into the war on Iraq and Iran.  This would have frustrated the entire purpose for the CIA building the pro-Al Qaeda Pakistani ISI.  Thus, she was killed by the ISI with a mortal shot to the neck, one to the chest and was probably finished off in the ambulance on the way to the hospital as was Lee Harvey Oswald.  Sunni Pakistan is to join the crusade against the Moslem Shia in Iran along with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.  The Order's Sunni/Wahhabi Masonic International Terrorist Network is controlled by the Order's International Intelligence Community.   Bush and the successor of Bin Laden work together.

And also, assuming the CIA is funding their intelligence, does it mean that it is a CIA person within the intelligence that killed her? Are there ONLY CIA individuals in their intelligence ?? After all, there are a lot of terrorist infiltrators in these countries, just like in Iraq.
The terrorism on one side is being carried out by the CIA, Blackwater and US troops in Iraq. On the other side is Sunni Al Qaeda which hates the Shia.  Both factions work together for the destruction of the majority Shia populations in Iraq and later in Iran.  Once the Shia are neutralized in Iraq and in Iran, the Sunnis can then be united, via Wahhabi leadership, against the West for our invasion.
Brother Eric
 ( Eric Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, I, II, III)


Go to this website for some information about anti-semitism in Roman Catholicism

PLEASE NOTE that the last statement at the bottom of the article about Rome's changing their position and being more tolerant in the late 20th century is ALL BOGUS.  This was a smokescreen for Pope John Paul II's ecumenical movement and for transferring the deed of Jerusalem by Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilen into the hands of the Vatican.  This is nothing more that a so-called "instant" peace settlement after centuries of atrocities against the Jewish people.  It's like a Catholic going to confession every week to confess his sins to a Catholic  priest (who is just as guilty or more so than the confessor), feels good about himself, then turns around and reverts back to the same sinful living, then goes to confession, feels good, reverts back to sinning, - a continuous cycle, while the spots on the Leopard never change.   IT'S  LIKE PUTTING A BANDAID ON A CANCER SORE.   Shall the devil ever change or repent of his evil?  But HE CAN DECEIVE IN A WAY TO MAKE YOU THINK HE HAS CHANGED!!!!! 
The so-called "apology" from the Vatican for their "negligence" in the Holocaust was nothing short of total fraudulence.   It was all part of the plan.


Here is an interview with Benazir Bhuttol  It lasts between 14-15 minutes.

Subject: Brasscheck TV: Osama bin Laden is dead

> Carl
> Pakistan is on track for a social
> and political meltdown.
> Bush & Co. seem fine with that.
> They may even be helping it along,
> or at least sitting back while
> the CIA-managed Pakistani intelligence
> service funds terror attacks in that
> country.
> Did you know that according to the
> recently murdered Benazir Bhutto
> Osama bin Laden is dead?
> I don't claim to understand it all, but
> Pakistan appears key to keeping the fabricated
> "War on Terror" alive which is why Bush & Co.
> seem to happy with the crooked dictator
> who's in charge.

Posted by DS at 3:39 AM 0 comments

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fwd: As I had said, this whole tragedy is the work of the CIA-trained PLO-Al Aksa Martyr brigade , with other words the POPE/RICE/BUSH/BLAIR/OLMERT/PERES, despite shameful hypocrisy and disinformation. Please read ALL below.


Dear All,

Shavuah Tov.

As you have already heard, this terrible tragedy happened Friday, when two young, beautiful, brave Jewish boys from Kiryat Arba were gunned down by Arab terrorists. This hit very closely home, and right away I knew it was no random terror attack.

There is the pattern of targeting prominent rabbis or their families, or various opposition leaders such as Ido Zoldan recently, whether by fake car accidents or actual shootings, a pattern that is statistically simply impossible.

Then there was also the story of the shots in the head, the all- terrain vehicle.. it just didn't make sense that this would have been some random attack by wild maniacs: this was a highly professional hit by experts. First the disinformation came that the Al-Quds brigade had claimed responsibility. The Al-Quds brigade is an arm of Iranian terror, why would they target soldiers in Telem? Then came the revelation that in fact, it was not Al-Quds, but Al- Aksa: close enough in sound, but a whole different meaning!

The Al-Aksa martys brigade is the most murderous arm of the PLO, it receives money from the PA government ( i.e. from ISRAEL, the EU, the US, etc, at the tune of over $ 6 billion pledged, if you remember Paris two weeks ago.), and it is trained by the CIA.

With other words, this was a GOVERNMENT HIT! Through fronts, of course, as usual, with disinformation, apologies. How do you like the cruel, phony, utter cynicism of Shimon Peres , using Fayyad's crocodile tears to actually PRAISE the PA for their murderous action!?

Now you are asking, how did they find out about the boys' whereabouts? . Well, I was at the funeral tonight, and the story I heard was that the two boys were at that spring in Telem, and they saw this Arab walking there too who started a conversation with them, they actually exchanged salaams! And while they were talking, the Arab alerted his four  terrorist buddies who arrived there in their all -terrain vehicle, fully armed, and started shooting at the boys.

All very well planned and executed.

What we should ask, though, is WHO alerted the Arabs that the boys were going on this trip? They were soldiers on leave. Somebody from the Shabak must have alerted the Arabs that they were on their way. WHO? FROM THE ARMY? FROM  KIRYAT ARBA? Don't forget, the gate to get out of Kiryat Arba has spies there at all times.

Also, one more important fact:

Rav Yehuda Amichai is a very prominent and important Rabbi. I spoke to him a couple of times before the Shemitta year to ask him a couple of questions re: Shemitta. He is THE EXPERT on Shemittah here, nobody is as knowledgeable as him here. He is highly respected and famous nationwide as the head of the OTZAR HAARETZ organization, which provides Shemittah produce for observant Jews all over Israel. It is a system whereby JEWISH LABOR ONLY is used in a HALACHICALLY PERMISSIBLE WAY. That sure goes against everything this evil government believes in. Witness the coercion they used to force rabbis to approve the Heter Mechira system. OTZAR HAARETZ DEFIES THE ISRAELI GODLESS GOVERNMENT!!

Hitting at the observance of Shemittah is hitting at the very essence of our link to the LAND. Do not forget that the PENALTY FOR NOT OBSERVING THE SHEMITTA CORRECTLY, ACCORDING TO TORAH, IS EXILE!



The second rabbi is a rabbi at the Shavei Hevron Yeshiva. By killing his son, they are hitting at the heart of Hevron, trying to weaken Hevron.

So the whole thing makes a lot of sense from their point of view.

Just putting two and two together.

By the way, the young man who gave a eulogy for the dead is literally my next door neighbor. His parents and siblings can look at my garden every day...even into my bedroom , if they really wanted!!!










David Rubin and Achikam Amichai Laid to Rest

20 Tevet 5768, 29 December 07 11:31
by Gil Ronen

( The funerals of the two young men from Kiryat Arba who were murdered by terrorists Friday will be held tonight.

The funeral procession of David Rubin and Achikam Amichai left the homes of the slain boys at 7:30 P.M.. The joint funeral at Har Herzl will begin at 10 P.M.

Achikam is the son of Rabbi Yehuda Amichai, the head of the Torah Institute and the grandson of Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neria. David and Achikam were murdered in Nahal Telem, to the north and west of Hevron.

According to the details that have been leaked from the initial inquiry into the event, the two soldiers, who were on leave from their units, were approached by terrorists in an SUV who apparently had been tipped off as to their presence in the secluded riverbed. The terrorists struck up a conversation with their intended victims, and at a certain point opened fire on them.

The two young men, both of whom served in elite units, managed to return fire and killed one of the terrorists. At least one other was reportedly wounded. IDF sources told Ynet that the two "fought to their last drop of blood."

The young woman who was with the two managed to run and hide, and called the emergency services. Bad cell phone reception delayed the process of locating the attack victims. By the time the army and emergency crews arrived on the scene, the two young men were dead. The emergency crews also found the body of one Arab terrorist. The Red Crescent emergency services reportedly evacuated the second injured terrorist to a hospital in Hevron.

Fayad: We Are 'Pained' By Killing of Soldiers
Salam Fayad, chairman of the PA in Judea and Gaza, said Saturday evening that he shares the pain over the killing of the two Israeli soldiers near Hevron. "We feel pain over the death of the two soldiers. Every death is unnecessary," Fayad said at an economic conference being held at a hotel in Hertzliya.

Fayad said the PA arrested suspects in the matter and asked to convey his condolences to the bereaved families. These are not just words here, but also deeds," Fayad said. "We are working in cooperation with the Israeli security services and we will see this matter to its end."

'Only force'
The Yesha Rabbis' Council reacted to the murderous attack near Hevron by saying: "Any intention and plan to give up parts of the Land of Israel is understood as weakness and surrender and leads directly to the murder of Jews."

"The Arab enemy understands only force, power and resoluteness," the rabbis said. "A Jewish government needs to evict its enemies from within it and settle Jews in their stead."

The newly-formed Hatikva party responded to the murderous attack, and said: "The victims of Annapolis who were gunned down today in Har Hevron died as a direct result of the terrorists' daring, which increases the more Olmert and Livni court the chairman of the Palestinian terror authority, Abu Mazen."

Terror victims' organization Almagor sent a message to the Israeli cabinet following the attack, and asked it to return the roadblocks it removed from Judea and Samaria's roads "instead of discussing relaxation of the criteria for releasing terrorists."

Besides the pressing need to replace the roadblocks, Almagor said, such a move "would convey a proper message to the terror groups in the wake of the murder."

MK Uri Ariel (NU/NRP) said that the murders were "additional proof of how the Arab terror raises its head the moment it recognizes weakness and willingness to compromise" on the Israeli side. "The Prime Minister's announcements about releasing terrorists, freezing construction and supervision of tenders in Jerusalem give terror a boost," he said.

© Copyright
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Rabbi Lior: Slain Young Men's Heroism will Make Us Stronger

21 Tevet 5768, 30 December 07 12:19
by Gil Ronen

( Rabbi Dov Lior, the Rabbi of Kiryat Arba, told mourners in the funeral procession for the young men slain Friday that the way the two returned fire despite being wounded "is encouragement for heroic deeds by Jews who fight for their lives."

Lior tore at the government for its decision to narrow the definition of terrorists "with blood on their hands" so as to enable the return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit who was abducted by Hamas. "They free terrorists with blood… but the fact that a terrorist tried to murder and failed, and because of this they then free him, that is madness." 

'The government is weak'
Rabbi Lior continued: "Who said that the weapon with which they murdered the two heroes is not a weapon our government provided them with? The government surrenders, the government is weak, and now they have even invited some goy from America who came to pressure us to give up and retreat."

Lior said that things have reached a state in which a Jew can no longer walk freely in his own country. "We cower behind walls," he said, "but the youth will continue to redeem our land and from this shall come peace, true peace, unlike the one they are trying to drug us with."

Rabbi Lior added a prayer: "May G-d avenge His servants and cause the government to be replaced." The current government supposedly cares about security but releases hundreds of murderers. They want to uproot Jews from their land, and this encourages terror."

'For me you are a journey'
Benaya Sarel, who was a friend of both of the terror victims, told the mourners about Achikam, who had nine brothers and sisters, and who Sarel said was incapable of fear. "There is no spring you failed to dip in, you stepped in every stream and for me you are a trip, a journey, a walk, sometimes with no objective."

Sarel said his slain friends belonged to a kind of heroes that is becoming extinct. David Rubin, eldest of seven siblings, never cried once. "You never broke and you always led the way forward," he grieved.

Sarel vowed that he and his friends would not be deterred from continuing to hike all over the Land of Israel, including the "dangerous" zones. "We followed you with our eyes closed, and we will continue to leave no rock unturned, he said, "only this time we will have no one to ask where to go.

© Copyright

PA Official: PA Al Aqsa Terrorists Now PA Policemen

21 Tevet 5768, 30 December 07 12:21
( Among those arrested by the IDF in connection with the murder of David Rubin and Achikam Amichai on Friday was Ahmed Muhammad Abu Sitteh, 
also known as Abu Suleiman, the Hevron area commander of the Al-Aqsa Brigades terror group.

According to Palestinian Authority Interior Minister Abdel-Razak al-Yahya, the terror group has been disbanded. "There is no Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades any more," he said in an interview with PA Radio. However, this does mean they have given up their weapons; instead, he said, they have been absorbed into "legitimate" PA security ranks, and are now "PA policemen." Yahya saw this as an ideal solution to dismantling the terror infrascture in Judea and Samaria. "We wish they [other terror groups] will respond positively and follow al-Aqsa's example," he said.

© Copyright
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Israeli forces seized the field commander of the military wing of Fatah, the Al-Aqsa Brigades in the West Bank city of Hebron and four other Al-Aqsa Brigades members on Friday.

The Al-Aqsa Brigades Media Center said commander Ahmed Muhammad Abu Sitteh, also known as Abu Suleiman, was detained late on Friday night and taken to an unknown location.

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Hebron Aftermath

Photo: Reuters
Fayyad with Peres on Saturday Photo: Reuters
Cpl. Ahikam Amihai 
Sgt. David Ruben 


Fayyad: We mourn deaths of Israeli soldiers

Palestinian prime minister meets with Israeli President Peres, expresses sorrow over deadly shooting attack near Hebron on Friday, says PA security forces have apprehended men suspected of involved in the attack

Atilla Somfalvi

Latest Update: 12.29.07, 23:24 / Israel News

"We mourn the deaths of the two soldiers. Every death is a senseless one," Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said on Saturday evening in a meeting with President Shimon Peres in Herzliya.

'We will combat terror'

Fayyad: PA responsible for attack in its territory / Ali Waked

Palestinian prime minister pledges Palestinian Authority will fulfill its commitment to combat terror. During visit to Nablus he addresses terror attack near Hebron on Friday, admits shooting was carried out in region under PA's charge. Meanwhile PA interior minister announces: 'There is no al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades anymore'
Full Story


"We are working to end the bloodshed, to create a better future," said Fayyad and extended his condolences to the families of Cpl. Ahikam Amihai and Sgt. David Ruben, two off-duty soldiers on a hiking trip who were killed in a shooting attack south of Hebron. Hundreds attended their funeral Saturday evening. 


''In spite of our best efforts, from time to time our relations get tested with an incident like this unfortunately,'' Fayyad said. ''This is a sad reality, it's something that we have to deal with.''


Fayyad announced that Palestinian security forces have already apprehended several suspects in connection to the attack.


''We have suspects in custody already. We are coordinating and cooperating with the Israeli security services, weapons have already been returned to Israeli security in connection with this particular incident,'' he said . ''So it's not only strong words of condemnation, it's action.''


Fayyad did not give further details and the Israeli military had no immediate confirmation of his comments.


Peres stressed the importance of Fayyad's statements and praised the work being done by PA forces to combat terror in the West Bank.


During a survey of the PA's deployment in Nablus earlier in the day, Fayyad acknowledge that the attack



had occurred on Palestinian territory. He vowed that the government would fulfill its commitment to rein in armed groups attacking Israel.


"Security is what Israelis view as most important; it is difficult for the public to understand why we are still being attacked after the withdrawal from Gaza. They are concerned that this will be the situation in the West Bank," said Peres.


First Published: 12.29.07, 20:00



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  • =Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Palestinian nationalists

    October 31, 2005

    What are the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades?

    The brigades are a group of West Bank militias affiliated with former Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat's al-Fatah faction and have been one of the driving forces behind the latest Palestinian intifada (uprising). While the group initially vowed to target only Israeli soldiers and settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in early 2002 it began a spree of terrorist attacks against civilians in Israeli cities. In March 2002, after a deadly al-Aqsa Brigades suicide bombing in Jerusalem, the State Department added the group to the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations.

    Are the brigades an Islamist movement?

    No. The brigades began in 2000 as an offshoot of Fatah, the secular Palestinian nationalist movement led by Arafat. Fatah is the largest faction in the Palestine Liberation Organization. (When Israel and the PLO signed a peace deal in 1993, Arafat renounced terrorism and founded a new, Palestinian-led administration in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.) The al-Aqsa Brigades commit the same sort of suicide bombings widely associated with such Muslim fundamentalist groups as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, but the group's ideology is rooted in Palestinian nationalism, not political Islam. In early 2002, the al-Aqsa Brigades' attacks killed more Israelis than those of Hamas.

    What sort of attacks do the brigades launch?

    Mostly shootings and suicide bombings, experts say, including attacks by female suicide bombers. Brigade members say they draw inspiration from Hezbollah, the Shiite Lebanese militia whose attacks drove Israel out of its self-declared security zone in southern Lebanon in 2000. Similarly, the brigades hope to drive Israel out of the West Bank by force. The group began by targeting Israeli roadblocks and settlers in the West Bank, but since shifting its tactics in early 2002, the brigades have claimed responsibility for some of the conflict's most significant attacks, including:

    • An October 2005 suicide attack at the Gush Etzion junction that killed three Israelis and wounded three others;
    • A March 2004 suicide bombing at a checkpoint at the Port of Ashdod that killed ten people. Hamas also claimed responsibility for the attack;
    • An January 2004 attack on a bus in Rehavia, Jerusalem that killed eleven people;
    • A pair of January 2003 suicide bombings in downtown Tel Aviv that killed 23 people and injured about 100 more, one of the bloodiest attacks of the current Palestinian uprising;
    • A November 2002 shooting spree at a kibbutz in northern Israel that killed five Israelis, including two children, and wounded seven more;
    • A March 2002 suicide bombing in Jerusalem that killed three Israelis, prompting Israel to call off ceasefire talks with Arafat's Palestinian Authority;
    • Another March 2002 suicide bombing in a Jerusalem café that killed 11 Israelis and wounded more than 50;
    • A March 2002 sniper attack on an Israeli army checkpoint in the West Bank in which the gunman methodically killed 10 Israelis, including seven Israeli soldiers, before escaping;
    • A January 2002 suicide attack in Jerusalem by a female terrorist that killed an elderly man and wounded about 40 other people.
    When did the group begin to target civilians inside Israel?

    Experts say the shift began in early 2002, when the Palestinian death toll in the current uprising was nearing 1,000 and the popularity of Arafat's secular Fatah faction was waning in comparison to the Islamist militants of Hamas. (Polls say most Palestinians support suicide bombings.) The al-Aqsa Brigades' attacks became more deadly after January 2002, when the group's West Bank leader, Raed Karmi, was killed in an explosion—widely believed in the region to have been a "targeted killing" by Israeli forces. The al-Aqsa Brigades claim the deaths of women and children in their attacks are accidental.

    What's the brigades' relationship with the Palestinian government?

    Palestinian officials have said most of the group's members are on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority, often because they serve in both the brigades and in one of the fourteen formal security services. In October 2005, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia announced a plan to begin disarming the brigades by setting up training camps and incorporating its members into the Palestinian security forces. Al-Asqa spokesmen in the West Bank and Gaza strip said they were confident the group would go along with the new plan, but Israeli officials are skeptical that the effort to disarm the group will actually be successful.

    What does the name al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades mean?

    The group's name refers to the al-Aqsa Mosque—located atop the contested Jerusalem holy site known by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and by Jews as the Temple Mount— and to Palestinians killed in the current intifada. Arabs refer to the uprising, which began in September 2000 after a controversial walk atop that holy site by Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon, as the al-Aqsa intifada. Muslim tradition holds that the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven from the site of the al-Aqsa Mosque, whose name is Arabic for "the farthest place." The individual militias that make up the group are often named after recently killed Palestinian militants.


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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > How Clinton trained terrorists - CIA 's PA police training course graduates joined Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade

How Clinton trained terrorists - CIA 's PA police training course graduates joined Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade

July 24, 2006

Fast Times At Clinton U

By William A. Mayer

July 24, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - A few days ago DNC Chief Howard Dean made a statement that should be consigned to the Twilight Zone:

"If you think what's going on in the Middle East today would be going on if the Democrats were in control, it wouldn't, because we would have worked day after day after day to make sure we didn't get where we are today. We would have had the moral authority that Bill Clinton had when he brought together the Israelis and the Palestinians."

Books could - and have been - written about the shortcomings of foreign policy initiatives under the last Democrat president, however one in particular [there are a multitude of others of course - gifting a crazed N. Korean dictator with his very own nuclear reactor and inviting Iranian intelligence operatives into Bosnia for starters, immediately comes to mind] should serve to illustrate the imbecility of Mr. Dean's pronouncement.

Central to Dean's thesis [also touted now by Madeline Albright - out on the hustings again pimping her Albright Group - an amalgam of low level project managers for Clinton's delusional North Korea nuclear policy and the still smoldering Balkan intervention, the upshot of which was to establish an Islamist base in Central Europe] is that under the Clinton administration things were different...which they certainly were.

Starting in 1996 a program was initiated whereby the CIA would train key members of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian security force with the expectation that they would then weed out terror elements within the PA. Two years later as Clinton leaned on Israel in pursuit of something he could cling to as a legacy he formalized the training of Arafat's Palestinian security teams - who were oft times also moonlighting in outright terrorist organization like the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade - as part of the Wye River Memorandum, specifically:

2. Forensic Cooperation

There will be an exchange of forensic expertise, training, and other assistance.

C. Other Issues

(b) Should the Palestinian side request technical assistance, the U.S. has indicated its willingness to help meet those needs in cooperation with other donors.

In this manner the Clinton administration codified and intensified an ongoing program, providing the highest level of technical assistance available - methodologies and hardware - to Arafat's terrorists.

The lead image above is of the "graduating class" of 1998, comprised of 18 members.

Khaled Abu Nijmeh was a member of this class, trained under the Clinton doctrine which we must assume DNC Chair Dean would now like to resurrect.

Nijmeh had directed numerous terror bombings against Israelis and along with 12 others participated in the 2002 siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

On the lam in Europe, he told the San Francisco Chronicle:

"I am a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and a first sergeant in Palestinian General Intelligence," Abu Nijmeh, now 36, told The Chronicle from his temporary home in Rome. "I personally received a course in antiterrorism and VIP protection. "I was not alone. Many Palestinian security people were trained by the Americans. We hope they will continue helping us." - February 14, 2005, "Mideast training program backfires Palestinian security officers schooled by U.S. later used tactics against Israel," Matthew Kalman, Chronicle Foreign Service

Raafat Bajali was also in this graduating class, quickly offering his newfound expertise to the al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade. Bajali died in a December 2001 explosion caused by the premature detonation of the bomb he was constructing.

Israeli officials including Clinton's handpicked PM Ehud Barak, complained, often bitterly that the American program was a serious threat to Israeli security:

"According to a senior member of the Israeli defense establishment, the American-Palestinian connection hurts Israel - and in a big way. 'Every course advances them, raises their level, helps them to become more professional. The CIA invests in them, gives them good courses. They get fantastic equipment, not just from the USA, also from European countries. The problem is that they also use the equipment against us, instead of using it to trap terrorists. So, for example, in the area of surveillance, they have a surveillance unit that monitors Israeli targets. And if you have advanced equipment, there is no problem monitoring military communications networks, intelligence networks or cellular telephones." - Article Link

The graduates of Clinton U learned their craft well, mastering shooting disciplines, VIP protection, interrogation techniques and communication skills, however many of them offered these new skills in service to the Palestinian's most violent killers.

As Front Page Magazine noted:

"More than half of the original class of 18 went on to become fighters in the Al-Aqsa brigades."

The training provided to Arafat's Fatah in the United States was coordinated through CIA contractors like Armor Group and Texas based International Training Inc. Additionally, state players - England, Jordan and Egypt directly provided instruction, in accordance with Wye.

One should be careful not to dismiss the fanciful pronouncements of partisans like Dean and Albright outright, because though often ridiculous on their face such sentiment permeates the leadership of the Democrat party, much of the press, academia and the permanent bureaucracy of the Dept. of State and the CIA.

Oft criticized as pre-9/11 thinking it goes deeper than that.

Perhaps the greatest defect with such policies lies in an almost complete misunderstanding of the nature of Islamist expansionism.

Such thinking leads boy-presidents with an eye to history and no experience in state-craft into problematic undertakings with huge potential downsides.

This leads seemingly well intentioned people to mount charm offensives [and "good will" gestures, training your enemies to more efficiently kill you] to demonstrate the benevolence of U.S. intentions towards people already proven implacable as participants in a manifest destiny of religious domination.

The nearly universal pressure to incorporate multiculturalism and moral relativism into any scheme of conflict resolution also looms large, one reason why the knee-jerk reaction to any confrontation between the Islamists and the West is almost always a demand for an "in place ceasefire," thus preserving terrorist gains and preventing any reversal of their fortunes.

At their core those who counsel a ME strategy heavily weighted towards negotiation and cooperation - absent the defeat of our enemies - are asking for the re-adoption of policies that have severely burned us and our allies in the past.

For that reason alone such rhetoric should be subjected to the derision it deserves.

©1999-2006, all rights reserved

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Posted by DS at 6:31 PM 0 comments

How interesting! According to Benazir Bhutto who was just assassinated, Bin Laden is DEAD! Could he be a very convenient GHOST to evoke when so many new murders take place here? Is it getting too hot for Olmert to handle as is? Too tra

Check out this interview with Benazir Bhutto!!


Compliments of C. H.


Bin Laden: Jihad to Expand to 'Palestine'

21 Tevet 5768, 30 December 07 03:55
( In a new message to the West, arch-terrorist Osama Bin Laden threatened to expand his Jihad to Israel. It was said by experts to be the most detailed set of threats against Israel in any message ever released by the head of Al-Qaeda.

"I would like to assure our people in Palestine that we will expand our jihad there," he said. "We intend to liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the sea," he added, threatening "blood for blood, destruction for destruction. "We will not recognize even one inch for Jews in the land of Palestine as other Muslim leaders have," he said.
© Copyright
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Posted by DS at 6:10 PM 0 comments

Friday, December 28, 2007

Once again, SONS OF PROMINENT RABBIS were targeted. There is a lot of disinformation in the press.Islamic Jihad? I don't buy it. More like PLO policemen in one of their expensive vehicles, armed with specific info from the Shabak

Confusing Reports Regarding Shooting Attack Near Hevron

19 Tevet 5768, 28 December 07 03:51

( There are unconfirmed reports of a second shooting attack near Adora, besides the one in which an Arab was shot in the head in a clan dispute.

The report is of two Israelis, part of a group of hikers, who were "very seriously wounded" in the head. However, it is not at all clear that this indeed happened.

According to YeshaNews, IDF forces are combing the area in search of the person who reported the event.

© Copyright
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Two Young Jewish Hikers Murdered in Judea

19 Tevet 5768, 28 December 07 03:50

( Two Jewish hikers in their 20's were shot dead and a third hiker, a woman, was wounded, in Wadi Telem near Adora Friday.

Rescue forces are currently extricating them from the riverbed.

MDA said a woman who was with the group reported that the attackers fired at them from a passing car. The woman directed IDF forces and medical crews to the scene. There is also a report that an Arab was wounded in the incident and that he was evacuated by the Red Crescent.

© Copyright
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Peres Calls for Global Force against Terror

Kislev 4, 5769, 01 December 08 07:40

( President Shimon Peres met Sunday with visiting Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and spoke on regional issues and the Czech Republic's forthcoming presidency of the European Union (EU).

The meeting came amid the aftermath of the Mumbai terror massacre, and President Peres told the Czech Foreign Minister, "In order to fight global terrorism, the world should establish a unified global force, which would operate using new tactics and methods appropriate to the threat." 

© Copyright
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Judea Declared Closed Military Zone

Kislev 7, 5769, 04 December 08 04:23
( All of Judea was declared a "closed military zone" by Judea and Samaria division commander Noan Tivon Thursday afternoon, following the eviction of the Jewish residents of Peace House in Hevron.
Citizens who are not residents of the area are not being allowed in "in order to prevent the arrival of additional people to disturb law and order," according to the army's spokesperson's office.
© Copyright
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Troops Fire at Kedumim-Area Demonstrators

Kislev 7, 5769, 04 December 08 06:22

( Soldiers of the Samson brigade fired at demonstrators who tried to block the highway near Kedumim on Thursday evening, according to the Samarian Residents' Council.

Referring to the timing of the eviction of Jews from the Peace House to coincide with the Labor Party primaries for Knesset, the council issued a statement that said "The primaries of [Defense Minister Ehud] Barak and the Labor are likely exact a price in blood." 

© Copyright
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Case against Olmert Closed in Bank Leumi Sale

Kislev 7, 5769, 04 December 08 05:04

( State Prosecutor Moshe Lador ordered the case closed against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Thursday afternoon in the sale of the government's shares in Bank Leumi for lack of enough evidence to gain a conviction.

At the same time, sources in the Prosecutor's office say that analysis of the evidence raised suspicions that Olmert's handling of the sale as a minister included conflict of interest regarding his relations with one of the groups.

Full story

© Copyright
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U.S.: Peace House Jews Were There Illegally

Kislev 9, 5769, 06 December 08 11:09
by Hana Levi Julian

( The U.S. State Department praised Israel's government for its actions in expelling Jews from their homes Thursday afternoon in the Peace House apartment building in Hevron, saying the residents had illegally occupied the site.

State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood characterized the violent clashes in which dozens of activists were injured by Yassam government forces as "a difficult situation." He added in his briefing Friday morning with reporters in Washington D.C. that the Israeli government was doing what it could to make sure the residents comply with the laws in Israel.

"They were basically arresting people -- removing people from a site that they were occupying illegally," said Wood. A reporter, asking for clarification, repeated the question, "Did you say a site they were occupying legally or illegally?"

Wood repeated, "Illegally."

Wood said the government was "trying to do what it can to tamp down, you know, any kind of violence," adding that troops were especially focused on preventing Jews from attacking Palestinian Authority Arabs.

The issue of whether the residents were legally allowed to live in Peace House has yet to be settled by the High Court of Justice, inasmuch as the ownership of the building is still in dispute. An eviction order issued by the court had offered the government the option to forcibly remove the residents from the site, but did not mandate the action, despite claims by Defense Minister Ehud Barak that the court had ordered the action.

Although the building was purchased by a Jew from its Arab owner in a filmed transaction for the sum of $700,000 in cash, the seller later recanted after he was arrested and threatened with execution by the Palestinian Authority. In the PA, as in Jordan, selling property to a Jew is considered a capital crime and is punishable by death.

© Copyright
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