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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Re: "Do as I say, don't do as I do"; while his British, German, Irish, etc., minions are busy inciting Arabs to murder Israeli - Yesha Jews in various ways, the hypocrite (pope) talks of "peace", end of hatred and violence.

nik sent this:

just remember... when the bastard gets off the plane and kneels down to kiss the ground... he is not doing so to thank G-d for a safe journey... nor even in this case to show his recognition of the sanctity of the land of israel... it is for one reason and one reason alone... to demonstrate his sick philosophical position that he rules this land as pontif (king) representing jupiter or lucifer on earth (notice how closely the two names rhyme)... doing so in the long pagan tradition and continuation of nimrod's twisted cult of death and worship of sirius (horus ~ nimrod the son of nimrod... the first "baby jesus" in history)... attributed to the dog star (located behind the sun)... along with the the sun (osiris) (nimrod the husband and son) and the moon~wife (isis) (semiramis... the mother and eventual wife of nimrod)... which comprise the eventual and the actual "holy" (not) trinity... and for which these three stars represent the origin of the myth of the three wisemen... for catholicism is neither monotheistic nor even christian of the original hebrew-christian model... it is avodat kochavim (star-worship)... check out "2 babylons" by alexander hislop for this true story about the vatican...  so i hope his plane crashes... nik.

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