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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

re: US military preparing for Domestic disturbances. This is the third warning, coming from a different source. Three strikes and you're out! I think this is it. The only question is, when? How soon? Some sources claim around January 20-22. Who knows

DS replied:

I agree. Not only that, let a Schwarze take the blame for all the trouble befalling America, for the antisemitism for everything. It is very clear that he was manipulated like a puppet.

And these concentration camps were built with the advance knowldege of the financial collapse. The whole thing was engineered from A to Z, and they knew exactly what was coming, while they massively enriched themselves. Quite diabolical, worthy of the Satan himself.


bill wrote:

Did it ever occur to you that the oligarchs from Wall Street purposely advanced Obama, in order to let him take the blame for the economic collapse that is coming, while they get away scot free?
That would explain why they picked the weakest candidate from the Republican field to run against him, and why they "bought the election" for him for the incredible sum of 700 million dollars.

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