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Monday, December 29, 2008

Some reactions to: Tsafrir Ronen

Some answers re: Tsafrir Ronen's heart attack.

Dov 1. said:

 אני הייתי בלוויה, ומאחר והגעתי מוקדם, שוחחתי עם תושבים של
 המושב[מולדת] ושאלתי-מה קרה לצפריר?, הרוב לא ידעו דבר, אך
 בחנות המכולת, אמרו כי בזמן האחרון היו לו בעיות לב.

 לא צריך להיות שליח הואתיקן כדי להרוג, גם ניתן לחשוד ב-
 cia או בגופי ביון זרים, אחרים; לכולם יש אינטרס משותף,
 לגמד את ישראל ולשנות את זהותה.

Rough translation:

Tsafrir had apparently some heart problems lately, according to the grocery store of his Kibbutz.

It doesn''t have to be the Vatican who did it, it could be the CIA or other enemies, whose goal it is to change the character of Israel and destroy it.

DS answers:

When I say Vatican, I don't necessarily mean the Vatican directly, The Vatican is KNOWN to act THROUGH INTERMEDIARIES. What I mean is, GROUPS OF A SIMILAR MINDSET, ANTISETTLER, ANTISEMITIC, who COOPERATE WITH THE VATICAN, THE CIA, THE CFR, THE SHABAK EVEN,etc.

They all have a common goal, and they find a convenient person to be the triggerman or the triggerwoman, or the person pouring the poison,. Doesn't really matter how or who, the GOAL IS TO KILL.


Dov 2 said:

Possible. I said it also/ But mean while no evidences and no statistical proof.

And k. said:

DS, Tsafrir was definitely not obese. You might have seen some pictures that made him look heavy, but in actuality he was only slightly overweight. I saw him last week so I should know. We saw each other regularly, he was my best friend in Israel .....


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