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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great piece.... Although the truth is, the storm was anything but innocuous Upstate. So, the principle is fair, but in this case a little bit off. That's what happens when the Hudson turns into Sodom.

.. AlthougMonday, August 29, 2011

Panic Nation

As I sit here in the sunken ruins of New York City, breathing oxygen through a two mile straw, and shopping by dispatching orders through a helpful school of fish-- I can't help but think that I should have listened to the media when they told me to panic, run to the stores and pay 40 dollars for batteries, and then listen to every weather update while waiting for the end to come.

But of course none of that actually happened. There are places where hurricanes are dangerous, but the city I live in is not one of them. Aside from a few downed trees, some power loss and a little flooding near the river, the same things that happen every few years, there was nothing to speak of. Nothing except a vast media driven overreaction.

Hurricane Irene is just another entry in the non-stop shriek of media driven panic. The news cycle is fed by three main types of stories, salacious gossip, horrible tragedies and panic stories. All three are culturally destructive, but the third is the most insidious because it contains a germ of truth that is inflated to spread panic. Hurricanes are dangerous, so are child molesters and the swine flu-- but they are also elements in a news cycle that is intended to induce a state of permanent panic.

Permanent panic is another word for 'helplessness'. Consume enough panic stories and you begin to feel like your life is out of control. And that is the intended or unintended consequence of the media. People who feel helpless are eager to listen to anyone who promises to help and willing to accept any solution.

Media driven panics agitate the public and encourage politicians to cluelessly leap on the bandwagon with bad policies. Then when the policies fail, the media blasts the politicians, feeding a backlash to a mess that it created. And when the politicians go back to ignoring the problem, they run alarmist stories and the cycle repeats itself.

The common denominators in the media driven panics are reports that assume the worst case scenario with only shallow reporting on the nature of the problem leading to general overreactions, rather than intelligent problem solving.

That's how we decided to strip search everyone getting on a plane, rather than profile likely terrorists, or treat any stranger as a potential child molester. Or why a city where weather kills less people than panhandlers, had to shut down over a hurricane. These overreactions create a siege mentality which shuts down critical thinking and leads people to accept otherwise unacceptable solutions without asking questions.

The media often likes to pretend that it is the voice of reason, investigating and asking the questions that the public doesn't know enough to ask. In reality its chief function is to stop people from asking questions and accept its narrative. Panicked people are less likely to ask questions and more likely to do what they're told.

Questions narrow down a problem and its solution-- which is the opposite of the media's presentation that maximizes the possible danger to everyone by keeping the details as vague as possible. Whether it's bird flu or terrorism-- the two questions that most need to be asked,where is the problem coming from and what is the actual risk go unanswered.

Panic is created when people are told that their survival and the welfare of their families is on the line, but are given little information about the real risk to them or how to deal with the threat. Media driven panic saturates the airwaves, the print media and the internet with empty reporting that emphasizes the scale of the threat, but provides little useful risk assessment information. These gaps are filled in with the usual gimmicks, on the spot reporting, man on the street interviews, which are usually pitched to make the state of panic seem universal.

"It's happening in Denver, it's happening in Atlanta, everything is worried and doesn't know what to do."

The media's own political slant keeps it away from the subject of Islamic terrorism, but even without that it is in its interest to keep the nature of the terrorist threat as vague as possible. White people are a larger and less avoidable threat constellation than Muslims. The media works hard to dissuade us from fearing outsiders-- but it works twice as hard to teach us to fear each other.

The media is a vertical top down messaging apparatus and its vertical dominance is almost unchallenged. The greatest threat to it comes from horizontal messaging, peer to peer, and community to community. The internet has made vertical communications much easier and more competitive which has badly rocked the media's boat. And it has compensated for it with more panic. And when the media panics, everyone else is supposed to panic.

Creating public mistrust within a community or a nation disrupts horizontal communications which helps those who control vertical communications. The less people trust each other, the more they are forced to trust the media. It's why Free floating paranoia is the media's drug of choice. And every broadcast injects into their listeners' ears and eyeballs over and over again.

Even when we aren't being taught to fear each other-- we are being taught to perceive other people as incompetent. Hurricane weather inevitably brings a rash of stories that emphasize how unprepared people are. How weak and stupid-- in contrast to those smart people who listen to the media. It isn't really about the hurricane, it's about modeling behavior by teaching viewers that smart means doing what you're told-- and stupid means refusing to listen to the media. This affects much more than hurricane preparation, it's meant to model a response to any and all events.

Citizen incompetence is one of the media's main narratives which teaches us that most people around us are dumb and barely able to cross the street. Again horizontal communications are being torn down to make way for top down messaging. If other people are stupid, then why listen to them? Much better to listen to the wiser heads in the media instead.

This sense of personal incompetence and group incompetence only strengthens the sense of isolation leaving only one voice in the room. The voice of the radio. The voice of the television. The voice of the press.

So a vast nation is whittled down, isolated and shunted off into the highways of conventional wisdom that everyone is supposed to obey. And always kept on the edge, uncertain of what will come the next day and the day after that. There are always a bewildering array of new threats. The oceans will rise if you don't recycle. Planes will explode if you carry baby milk along. It becomes easier to obey than to resist.

A permanent state of panic strains the nervous system to the breaking point, and pushes people into fight or flight responses, a state that makes lateral thinking difficult. False choices are given. If we don't bail out the banks then the economy will be destroyed. Either we raise the debt ceiling or the economy is destroyed. Either we follow the leader or absolute disaster follows.

It becomes easier to frighten people with a threat, than to have a conversation about our options. But the louder the alarm bells ring, the more the demands for action grow. We must raise the debt ceiling because the consequences are unthinkable. But how can they be unthinkable when the public is never given the chance to think about them-- when any debate or discussion is immediately squashed.

The failure to act immediately is branded as irresponsible. Debate becomes obstruction. Asking questions is a felony. Responsible leaders are told, do things immediately. They don't negotiate or debate. They just leap in. Or else everything is lost.

Obama's rule by executive order is an extension of the same media driven state of emergency, if urgent decisions have to be made right away, there's no time to discuss them. And even when we discuss them, all that we discuss is how terrible it would be if we don't make them. If is only the consequences of not making them that are discussed- never the consequences of not making them. "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in the bill."

Panic bridges the values gap between the media and the public. Panic blinds the people to the growth of incremental change that is drastically altering their way of life. A thousand mini-crises are used as weapons of mass distraction to prevent people from seeing how prices have gone up, morals have gone down and the very idea of what the nation used to be is being destroyed all around them.

Enough distractions and the voters with their antiquated notions of personal freedom and values can be kept at bay, while the country is torn down and rebuilt into a perverted mockery of itself. Enough panic and they will go along with it and even cheer the saviors that are presented to them. The men who will save them from themselves.

A permanent state of panic leads people to welcome anyone who will give them a sense of security no matter how baseless it might be. That was FDR's secret, the New Deal was a disaster, but it promised security. As did Obama's confident smirk-- the confident smirk, voters assumed of a man who knows what he's doing. They found out a little too late that he didn't, but there will be more confident smirkers coming along. And more panics for them to smirk through.

The important questions will go on being unasked, because to ask them would topple the empire of panic and the messiah of the confident smirk. If people began asking and answering those questions for themselves, they would no longer need the media to panic them or the smirkers to give them a sense of security. They would own their birthright again.

In other news, a satanic cult of industrialists is melting the ice floes using incandescent lightbulbs and saturated fats.

Now as for the reality on the ground, an hour or so north of New York City:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Christians, you are being tested as never before! Separating the wheat from the chaff. What momentous days we are living!

 Av 8, 5771, 08/08/11 12:43

Churches to Read Torah as Others Read Koran

Countering a move by churches across USA that read from the Koran, other churches prepare to read Torah.
Gil Ronen, IsraelNationalNews
Churches in the U.S. are preparing to read sections of the Torah on Sunday, August 13, in a show of solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.
The move is a response to an initiative by a group of churches that read from the Muslim Koran during their services on Sunday, June 26. According to the Faith Shared project, which initiated the Koran reading, 66 churches from 32 states joined that effort.
In an effort to counter the move, a grassroots movement of churches across America is preparing to read from sections of the Torah during their services.
According to Pastor Mark Biltz, one of the pastors leading the move, while Jewish communities around the world read the Shema prayer, Christian communities will join them in solidarity. “There is a special bond between Jews and Christians, as both hold as the greatest commandment to love the L-rd their G-d with all their heart," Pastor Biltz explained. "So I’ve also posted the Shema in as many languages as I could find on our website so everyone could see it.
“I am asking in a show of solidarity with the G-d of Israel, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that churches/organizations join together in one accord and read from the Torah during their Saturday/Sunday services this coming August 13 and 14,” he wrote.
Biltz went on to say that "The suggested reading from this Torah portion is the greatest commandment, found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, that we love the Lord with all our heart, soul and strength."
The pastor is referring to the verses after the one-line Shema prayer. The reading will obviously not be from a parchment hand-written Torah scroll.
"It is known in Judaism as the Shema and begins with asking Israel to hear and obey the Lord and realize He is the one and only G-d. This date was chosen because the Jewish people all over the world will be reading that portion on that weekend. So Christians will literally be joining a chorus of voices proclaiming on earth and to the heavens that the G-d of Israel is the One and Only G-d and that we are to love Him above all others!! This weekend also is the weekend right after the Ninth of Av and begins the readings of speaking comfort to Jerusalem."
Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel, host of Tuesday Night Live, said the initiative makes sense, historically: "The Western world is going to have to make a choice very soon," he explained. "To either side with Israel, history, facts and the Bible – or to try to appease the Arab world in its quest for world domination. The Christian world will have to choose between a G-d of love and life that our scriptures speak of, and a G-d of submission and death that is being promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood. I think that a grassroots demonstration within Christianity that identifies with more with Judaism and shows solidarity with Israel is a blessed move and should be encouraged."

Friday, August 5, 2011

These are your enemies, oh Israel! NO, I do NOT believe in Israel's demise: Hashem made a promise to us: we shall prevail, G-d willing, for the sake of the world! Shabbat Shalom


And here below is my latest interview on the Barry Chamish radio show, which discusses this very topic.

 The video you have just watched graphically demonstrates the alliance between these two parts of the 'Holy Roman Empire' ( or so they wish), the Vatican and the Knights of Malta. It is interesting that this video was shot just a little over a month ago; they are obviously up to something! For you to decide what.

Very telling, and to the point:

Notice, at 1:13: "... and there is a little contribution..", and a finger pointing at a white envelope... this just reinforces everything the following interview is all about. How much is in that envelope? How many millions of dollars, or British pounds, are in that "little contribution"? How many people were indirectly robbed for that "little contribution"? How much of that "little contribution" came from major banks controlled by the Knights of Malta? From fraudulent manipulation of the silver market? From the fraudulent foreclosure crisis? From the Federal Reserve? Or from some other similar source?

By the way, if you go back to the history of the Order of the Knights of Malta, you will see that they began during the Crusades, as Order of the Knights of St-John Hospitalier.
"King Juan Carlos attended a reception offered by Gonzi where he viewed the document whereby Holy Roman Emperor Charles V – known as Carlos I in Spain – gave Malta in perpetual lease to the Order of Knights of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in 1530."

( that was in February 2011).

See how closely the Knights of Malta are connected to Jerusalem. Their original and real name was "Knights of the Hospital of St-John of Jerusalem".

Now you see why they are all important to us: they are CRUSADERS, just like the pope, and they want Jerusalem for themselves!They are totally and thoroughly involved in all the shenanigans going on right now with Israel, the Oslo accords, the UN, the PA, the illegal immigrants, even the demonstrations about housing these days; everything, everything, everything!

Here is some more information on the Order of St-John and the Order of the Knights of Malta. In a way, they are similar to HAMAS, which is a TERROR organization, yet which has a front as a charitable organization. The two faces are totally intertwined: the charitable face is the one shown to the world; meanwhile, the quite less charitable face, which is, of course, not in the public eye, is the one dealing with murder, torture, terror, etc. So here, in this order, which is typical of the Vatican modus operandi,we find again the two-faced god Janus of ancient Rome. Another name for this two- faced persona, this mask, is what we call in common lingo "hypocrisy","falsehood", "lies". 

By the way, we should not be surprised that they have the same general organization as Hamas, since we know who created the Muslim Brotherhood: these very same evil and wretched people, these monsters, these arch murderers, these KNIGHTS OF MALTA!

Notice also that not all Knights of Malta are Catholics. You will be surprised to find out that Sweden has a local branch as well; I was looking for Norway's connection to them, didn't find it; but it is interesting that the King of Norway is the head of the Lutheran Church of Norway - and the Lutherans never severed their ties to the Knights of Malta! Peruse the link below for all things Knights of St-John and  Knights of Malta:

By the way, this is NOT my title for the interview,  I didn't choose it. I do not believe for a minute that Israel will die. Hopefully the evil parts of the Israeli government and their allies, the traitors within Israel, will be destroyed, but Am Yisrael Chai! David Melech Yisrael Chai Vekaham! During the War of Gog and Magog these evil ones, these Amalekites, will be totally destroyed.That is the promise made to us by the prophets, directly from God Himself. They think they can vanquish God, just like the generation of the Tower of Babel thought, but they will never be able to: they are but flesh and dust, they are nothing, they have no power, and they are great sinners too. When their time comes, I would not want to be in their place.


Dr Daisy Stern helps highlight you on the real destruction of Israel and who's really pulling the strings in the region. This broadcast took place on the 2nd of August in 2011. Please stick with this frustrating broadcast where Barry Chamish lacks true knowledge of the Vatican".

Parts 1-7:

This is only the first video, there are 7 altogether. Make sure to watch them all!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

If you haven't seen this one yet, you absolutely have to - it explains so much..

Enough already, let's get rid of these people! Once again, meddling of the Ford Foundation/ NIF, etc, in Israel. Certainly not what the media portrays!

What Do They Want to Achieve? The Tent City Protests

Terror victims' organization head Meir Indor's disturbing take on the housing protests in Israel. Is Netanyahu listening?
Meir Indor Over the past two weeks I have been combating disturbances in Israeli cities that aim to overthrow the government of Israel. Fortunately, participants in these disturbances have not been using guns or knives to hurt anyone. Their weapon of choice is rent money.
I have spent a lot of time visiting the tent cities that arose amid demands that the government see to lower rent and other concerns. What I have seen leads me to believe that the leaders aim not only to lower prices, but to bring down the Netanyahu administration—as they often say in their discussions, to recreate Tahrir Square.
Naturally, I would prefer that Tahrir Square stay in Cairo. The people of Egypt needed to change their government through mass protests because there were no real elections there. We Israelis, though, have elections on a regular basis. We did not assign this assortment of extremist political operatives and vacationing students the right to occupy private land, to block major intersections, and to speak and negotiate in our name. This is at best highly undemocratic.
On the other hand, having discovered who the lead protesters are, I am not surprised by their antidemocratic tendencies. The disturbances were initiated by Daphne Leef, an employee of the New Israel Fund, which is known for funding organizations that work to stigmatize Israel and the IDF, and to promote boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel.
Another leader is Stav Shafir, a self-avowed semi-anarchist in the employ of the news company Yediot Aharonot, which opposes Netanyahu and has been covering the protests nonstop.
Other prominent participants include Asaf Nadiv, who was convicted in 1989 of membership in the Trotskyite terrorist group Derech Hanitzotz; writer Anat Rosilio, who in December 2008 strongly opposed Operation Cast Lead against rocket fire from Gaza; Tzvika Besor, a self-described devotee of communist Dov Khenin; and more than a few other communist and anarchist activists.
The leaders are aided by teams of academics and operatives from fringe political organizations that coordinate protesters’ messages and see to the expulsion of opponents who make themselves heard.
In keeping with their politics, these activists genuinely want to lower the cost of living. This is a legitimate goal: prices are indeed too high. Unfortunately for them, their goal is complicated by their ideological opposition to a solution that permits private enterprise to make a profit in exchange for building housing, which is why they have readily dismissed Binyamin Netanyahu’s proposals.
The activists’ goal also is complicated by their own opposition to building housing for Israelis in the available open spaces. These same activists and organizations oppose action to put an end to illegal building for illegal immigrants in southern Tel Aviv. They oppose action by law enforcement to remove Arab and Bedouin squatters from land they have occupied in the Galilee and the northern Negev. Of course, they also oppose letting Jews live in Judea and Samaria. Because specific policies that they support artificially limit the amount of real estate available for housing Israelis, among other factors, housing prices are excessive.
Aside from the problem of housing, the campaign also serves as a way to pressure the prime minister. The same dynamic reigns here as in the debate over whether to release convicted terrorists from prison: organizations such as the New Israel Fund provide money for the protesters to protest or for the Schalit Task Force to demand the release of hundreds of murderers, like-minded Israeli media amplify the message and claim that the protestors represent a consensus position, and pressure is effectively brought to bear on the prime minister.
Today, virtually all political analysts agree that Ariel Sharon expelled the Jews of Gaza from their homes in order to bribe the Israeli media to downplay his legal troubles. He adopted the policies of the left, and the media left him alone.
Netanyahu is not under investigation for wrongdoing, but he knows that the same dynamic applies to him: if he enacts the platform on which he was elected, he will continue to be attacked. If he turns his back on the voters, he will be left in peace. Hopefully, Netanyahu will make the right choice.
(Last week, Arutz Sheva met Meir Indor at the tent city in Tel Aviv. He related what he heard from the protesters, and concluded that the protest is a radical leftist one.Video above.)

Angry about nationalist presence in 'their' protest, anarchists set fire to a tent and attack a cameraman.
Gil Ronen
 Anarchists attacked nationalists who joined the housing protest in Tel Aviv's Rothschild Ave. Thursday. The anarchists set fire to one of the tents pitched by the nationalists but the flames were quickly doused and no one was hurt. The tent was slightly damaged.
A photographer for Tatzpit who documented the arson was also attacked and his camera was damaged. He filed a complaint with the police.
The anarchists and other radical leftists have been harassing the nationalists since they arrived at the site Wednesday.  They have torn nationalist signs and shouted "racists out."
Nationalists fought back and a melee resulted. The nationalists also taunted the leftists, saying, "We thought the protest was not political."
There is copious evidence that the protest is organized and financed by the New Israel Fund. However, the protesters insist that they represent an authentic apolitical grassroots movement.

... But there is hope: this hostile effort by our enemies is backfiring: now 42 Knesset members acknowledge the one major logical solution to the housing problem: build in YESHA! And of course the other solution is to send the illegal African immigrants, AKA 'refugees', home, where they belong.

Just hours after Israel's High Court ruled the government must destroy the community of Migron a group of 42 MKs petitioned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to solve Israel's 'housing crisis' by building in Judea and Samaria.

According to the petition, "to solve the housing shortage throughout the country, we, members of the Knesset, the undersigned, urge you to include, among other solutions taken by the government, housing for tens of thousands of citizens in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. "

"We are in days of protest over a housing shortage, and we, as a lobby, have something to say about it," MK Zeev Elkin said.

"Judea and Samaria has enormous potential to solve the housing problem.
We turn here, named 42 ministers, deputy ministers and Knesset members who signed the appeal to the Prime Minister to act," Elkin added.

The petition was presented at a meeting of the Land of Israel Lobby and was also attended by Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman, the Minister of Science and Technology, Daniel Hershkowitz and Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin.

"Zionism is essentially a settler movement,"
Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said. "Without the Golan or the Negev, who knows what would happen to Israel. Since we returned here as a people, settlement was a sign of our way of returning to our country."

"We must show faith with those who settle Israel," MK Daniel Herskovitz said. "I was in Migron today and they tell me the verdict is that their community be destroyed by March. The Zionist movement does not uproot, it plants. It tore my heart, and I hope you find a way to avert the evil decree."

MK Yulia Shamalov-Berkovitz said, "Time to apply Israeli sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley."
Signatories included ministers Michael Eitan, Yuli Edelstein, Daniel Hershkowitz, Moshe Kahlon, Yossi Peled, and deputy ministers Danny Ayalon, Menachem Eliezer Moses, Leah Ness and Ayoub Kara, and numerous Knesset members from Kadima, Likud, Israel Our Home, Shas, National Union and the Jewish Home.