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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Re:: You all still in the US, PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES! This is CHILLING, and the closest comparison is the TRANSPORT TRAINS USED TO HAUL JEWS TO THE DEATH CAMPS. PLEASE!!!


4. While Carl said:


That's 25,000.  But these rail cars have been spotted in various parts of the country.  Remember, there are reportedly some 600-800 concentration camps ready for use in the US.


3. RYH answered:

So they are capable of moving 1% of the prisoners in the US at one time.
The question of why the government should want to move the prison population should be asked in Congress and answered by prison authorities or Justice Department personnel.
Do you know a USA citizen-resident who can request that his/her Senator ask the question?

2.DS asked:



1.RYH wrote:

Summary findings
On December 31, 2007 —
– 2,293,157 prisoners were held in federal or state prisons or in local jails – an increase of 1.5% from yearend 2006, less than the average annual growth of 2.6% from 2000-2006.
– 1,532,817 sentenced prisoners were under state or federal jurisdiction.
– there were an estimated 506 sentenced prisoners per 100,000 U.S. residents – up from 501 at yearend 2006.
– the number of women under the jurisdiction of state or federal prison authorities increased 1.7% from yearend 2006, reaching 114,420, and the number of men rose 1.8%, totaling 1,483,896.


100X250=25000, not 250,000.
Weekly Population Report

Total Federal Inmates:  201,424 (Last updated on December 25, 2008 )

The weekly population report is generated every Thursday at 12:00 a.m.

Still the question is a very good one: why move so many prisoners at once?

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