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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Hello everyone. Have been out of function, as you probably noticed. There are a few personal reasons, and something else....


Hello to all,

First of all, I hope you are all well and had a wonderful Shavuot.

There are a couple of personal, pressing reasons why I had neither time nor a head to research topics and write posts. But in addition to that, I suspect I was what is called "shadow-banned". In essence what that means is that one way or another my blog has been made invisible to most, be it through google search, or from whichever agency decided to do that, in whichever way they know how to.

Just to give you an example: before this occurred, early 2018, I had a few thousand readers to each of my posts. Then all of a sudden the numbers dwindled to below a hundred, if I was lucky. I am sure you are aware of the numerous blogs and websites that have been attacked that way for being politically incorrect, or rather, for telling the truth. Truth is not wanted these days, I don't have to tell you.

So rather than writing for a disappearing audience I decided to take a few courses that will sharpen my understanding. When I am ready I will write but probably the blog won't be the primary conduit. Time - with G-d help - will tell, we shall see what happens.

Until then, please feel free to peruse whatever past writings you find relevant. For now I am continuing with my disappearing act.

Thank you for having given me the privilege of sharing information and thoughts with you.

Wishing you all happiness, peace, contentment. and lots of Koach and Siyata Dishmaya to help you deal with the upcoming upheavals expected everywhere.

Hashem Imachem