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Friday, February 29, 2008

This is good news. Specially the part that this animal is suing his superiors,. Let them fight it out and expose all the filth in the courts. I hope it is a huge battle, with lots of media present. And if not, WE need to be the media!

Yassam Riot Police Officer Indicted on Brutality at Amona

23 Adar 5768, 29 February 08 12:14
by Hana Levi Julian

( Former Yassam riot police officer Mordechai Mehager is facing a judge in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court to answer charges of brutality in the 2006 eviction of protestors prior to demolition of nine structures at the Samarian town of Amona.

Mordechai Mehager was indicted on three counts of grievous assault following an Internal Affairs investigation of his role in the unprovoked violence that bloodied at least 200 people, including two Knesset Members and more than 100 young activists.

Yishai Greenbaum, one of the young activists brutalized during the expulsion, filed charges against Mehager, saying he beat him with a club for two full minutes on his head, arms and leg – leaving him with a permanent disability.

The Yesha Human Rights Organization assisted Greenbaum in filing the suit, with attorney Chaim Cohen writing in the petition that "the accused – officer Mehager – exceeded the authority granted to him by law and police regulations, acting in an independent manner and exercising excessive force without justification."

Accusations by Mehager's lawyers that their client is being used as a political scapegoat by his superiors were countered in Greenbaum's petition. "Alternatively, if it turns out that the accused received 'orders from above,' then we are dealing with unacceptable orders whose implementation should have been refused."

A simultaneous Internal Affairs investigation resulted in a decision to indict Mehager as well.

State prosecutors refused to provide the former riot police officer with immunity and said if he was fined, he would have to pay the damages himself.

Mehager was indicted partly on the strength of video evidence provided by demonstrators who filmed him clubbing young protestors as they sat passively on the floor in one of the nine structures slated for demolition.

Mehager blamed his superiors, testifying "clear instructions were given [to riot police officers] that in any eventuality it would be necessary to use batons." He has filed suit against his former employers, Israel Police, saying he was "a victim of the prosecution and political interests on the one hand, and of the police on the other."

Collision Between Politics and Police Methodology
The overwhelming brutality of that day marked a turning point in the way the government has since approached the issue of dismantling unauthorized outposts.

The hilltop community of Amona, one of the oldest communities in Samaria, was established by 30 families in 1995. It was built on the hill that overlooks the nearby town of Ofra.

The town was hooked up to the national electricity grid – a move which requires approval by the Defense Ministry – by 2003. Today there are approximately 45 families living there.

Nine unfinished structures, intended to become homes in a new neighborhood on the outskirts of Amona, became the flashpoint in the conflict between the government and residents for Jewish rights in Judea and Samaria.

The decision to demolish the new neighborhood was made at the time by then-Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to placate U.S. and Palestinian Authority leaders by demonstrating his willingness to freeze construction and destroy "illegal outposts" in Judea and Samaria.

Passive Resistance Met with Police Brutality
More than 2,000 Yassam riot police and mounted officers had spent a week preparing for a showdown on the appointed day of eviction. Several hundred activists were prepared as well, with many packed tightly into the structures in a passive protest geared to keep things calm.

Others waited outside, gathering cinder blocks and other items with which they hoped to block bulldozers and other efforts to carry out the demolition.

Events quickly spiraled out of control.

A number of other club-swinging police officers and at least one mounted police officer have been indicted for their role in the violence.

Mounted police officer David Edry was charged with trampling at least one protestor beneath the hooves of his horse.

An army driver who happened upon the scene, Ibrahim Sharif decided to join the action, borrowed an officer's club and started swinging, beating activists in the head and elsewhere on their bodies.

The Yesha organization said there are been many more active civil cases against violent police officers who were involved in the brutality than there have been Internal Affairs investigations.

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Bruce sent this and said:

Excellent letter by Rabbi Alfassa to a Court Jew Re: - Vatican - King David Last Supper Room

Dear DS,
This Jew has it right in attacking papal court Jew Gary Krupp whose American Jewish Congress betrayed European Jews into the death camps of the pope.
Brother Eric

Fwd: * SHALOM, Y'ALL! Why Do Jews Attack Israel's Friends and Support Israel's Potential Enemies?






It appears that I'm obliged to jump into the fray.

Naomi Ragen is one of Israel's strongest voices for Jewish Survival.  She has never been afraid to take

on Islamic Terrorists, suicidal, self-hating Jews, Jew-haters, or traitorous members of the Israeli government.

I've sent out her writings in Shalom, Y'All! many times.

Please read her support letter for Brigitte Gabriel, a non-Jewish friend of Israel, someone who has fought for Israel

more strongly than many of the cowards who now govern the shadow of the once-proud Jewish state.

Then read Brigitte's letter which she was forced to write to defend herself from --  Jews!

--  Allan


Now I've heard everything. Those in the American Jewish community who are so cravenly anxious to find favor with their "liberal," Times-reading, Israel-bashing friends that they are willing to bash a friend to Israel like Brigitte Gabriel because she points out a few problems with their new shining light, Barack Hussein Obama, make me sick.

Truly, they are willing to join the ranks of cowards and idiots sacrificing truth on the altar of appeasement. I want to apologize personally to Brigitte for every miserable Jew who complained to her about telling the truth about Obama. You are my sister, Brigitte, and these Jews have forgotten who are they, and what Judaism stands for.

They have forgotten that Hitler didn't make Jews fill out questionnaires about their beliefs before he filled up the cattle cars. I hope everyone on my list buys your wonderful book, Because They Hate. I hope everyone on my list sends you a letter of support (go to her website).

I love you Brigitte.

Naomi Ragen


By Brigitte Gabriel*   American Congress for Truth blog     February 22, 2008

Opinions are like...noses. Everyone has one. As someone whose life has been greatly impacted by Israel, I am an outspoken supporter and advocate for Jewish issues and Israeli security. My outspokenness creates a few storms now and then.

With the Internet amplifying publicly voiced opinion, comments can be swirled around through instant e-mail communication seeding the most dark and foreboding storm clouds. Most of the sleet, hail and lightning I get comes from the Jewish community, usually after I have said something extolling their virtues. Most remarkable was my statement at a Duke University counter-Palestinian Solidarity Movement rally in 2004 where I said the difference between Israel and the Arab world "is the difference between civilization and Barbarism." The comment went worldwide.

The president of Hillel apologized to the Arabs and Palestinians up one side and down the other.

I recently was asked my opinion about Barack Obama and boy! – what a tempest it has caused. And this time the maligning from my Hebrew friends comes for pointing out that a presidential candidate has deeply troubling connections to an anti-Semite. So? The adverse precipitation came last week from the United Jewish Communities (UJC), who took strong exception to my answering question posed by a woman about Barrack Obama. The UJC's published comments headlined by some as "slamming" Brigitte Gabriel, cast doubt on my legitimacy and my efforts to support the Jewish nation and fight the rise of Islamofascism. I think you will find, as others have commented to me, that they are doing a disservice to one of Judaism's ally in its fight as a people and Israel as a nation.

Here are the facts.

I was honored to be the guest speaker at the West Palm Beach Lion of Judah's luncheon on February 4th in Florida. My presentation, like many I have given to Jewish Federations in both Canada and the US, as well as countless non-Jewish organizations and churches, focused on the humanitarian qualities of Israel who rescued my family and other Christians from the Jihad against us by Muslim extremists in civil war torn Lebanon.

I warned the audience about the rise of Islamofascism throughout the world and here in America. I encouraged them to get involved, support the Lion of Judah and make a difference. The 350 women present gave me a standing ovation. After lunch and the Q&A they bought up every available copy of my New York Times best seller, "Because They Hate." I felt no hostility or heard any derogatory remarks during the greetings and exchanges of encouragement given me while signing 200 books. That was the good part.

It was during the Q&A that a woman asked my opinion as to whether or not Obama was "anti-Semitic"- her words. Knowing how sensitive political issues are, considering my audience, I prefaced my answer by saying, "I want to make something very clear before I answer this question. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am an independent who came to this country as a fresh slate and was not raised in a home in America that influenced me to vote either Republican or Democrat. So my answer to you will be as a terrorism expert and not as someone who is trying to influence you about any party." I then repeated what I had said at a similar Federation event in Boca Raton the previous week.

I discussed Obama's long association with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. of the Southside Chicago Trinity United Church. Obama has frequently referred to Wright as his 'spiritual adviser.' Wright has peculiar Black Racist, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic views. Wright's Church magazine, The Trumpet, has honored Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, promoted anti-Israel divestment efforts, and visited Libyan strongman, Mummar Ghaddafi.

My view is supported by the following facts: The Trumpet honored Minister Farrakhan at a banquet for his devotion to "truth." The magazine quoted Obama's "spiritual mentor," Rev. Wright, as praising Farrakhan for his "astounding and eye-opening" analysis of the "racial ills of this nation," a "perspective" that is "helpful and honest."

Minister Farrakhan, who regularly calls Jews "bloodsuckers," said in a March, 2007 Al Jazeera interview "The real anti-Semites are those who came out of Europe and settled in Palestine, and now they call themselves the true Jews, when in fact, they converted to Judaism" On January 15th, Senator Obama publicly distanced himself from the comments of Minister Farrakhan. Obama asserted: "I decry racism and anti-Semitism in any form and strongly condemn the anti-Semitic statements by Minister Farrakhan" Even with Obama disavowing the Farrakhan award by his Church's magazine I take great exception that he did not take the ultimate step of leaving Pastor Wright's church and continuously supports him.

I appreciate what ADL executive director Foxman said in an interview with the Jewish Week: 'This must be just a first step. He's distanced himself from his pastor's decision to honor Farrakhan. He has not distanced himself from his pastor. I think that's the next step. One can now expect from Sen. Obama that he confront his minister.

Ultimately, said Foxman, if Obama is unable to influence Wright to alter his stands, I think he has an obligation to leave." Conveniently, about the same time in January, Rev. Wright announced his 'retirement' from his Trinity Church pulpit in May of this year.

My opinion as to Obama having anti-Semitic views and characteristics is further influenced by the fact that Mr. Obama employed and still employs Nation Of Islam members and Farrakhan followers on his staff; his positions on the Israeli security fence; his comments on Yasser Arafat.

Coming from a highly sensitive viewpoint concerning the future and safety of Israel in a sea of worldwide anti-Israel bias, propaganda and media negativity, I see no difference between anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. I see them both the same. To your western ears, anti-Semitic may seem a harsher term by which it appears I am being judged.

In my opinion actions speak louder than words. It is important to watch what people do instead of what they say because talk is very cheap especially when you are raising funds and running for president! We are who we associate with. If Obama did not agree with his pastor he wouldn't be praising him as his mentor. There are very troubling things in Obama's past, present and his affiliations that he must answer and clarify. However that is just a relative issue compared to the real concern about Obama's wanting to meet with the avowed Holocaust denying enemy of Israel, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to address his "grievances."[Note: Ahmadinejad has explained his main grievance: "Jews still exist." How will Barak Hussein Obama address that problem? -- AEM]

My remarks in both Boca Raton and Palm Beach are my own and while not representing the views or policies of the Federations should not be used to malign my message of anti-Islamofascism and pro-Israel support in the eyes of world Jewry. Shame on those who are using the auspices of the UJC in crying foul for something contrary to their personal politics. It is not lost on me that Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL), whose district covers part of Palm Beach County, is a national surrogate in the Obama campaign. So perhaps both the Palm Beach Federation and national UJC didn't want to appear supportive of my views because it might offend Rep. Wexler and ultimately Sen. Obama.

The JTA article quoted me as saying: "Obama was an anti-Semite. No Jews should support him. Jews should vote for Hillary Clinton." These sentences, which appear as a direct quote, are simply a sloppy cut and paste job of statements I made about Obama and Clinton at two different events.

Were my criticisms of Sen. Obama off the mark? Am I raising pertinent questions that the Jewish community needs answers to?

Witness these comments from American Jewish Committee (AJC) executive director David Harris presenting the views of South Floridians with whom he had recently spoken concerning Obama: What are his relations with Wright? Why does he have former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski (viewed as cool toward Israel) on his foreign policy team? Harris went on to say: "You could sum up the concerns as "does Obama feel Israel in his kishkas?" Harris commented using the Yiddish word for guts.

"And does he have the steel and spine for the tough moments or believe diplomacy is the be-all and end-all of international relations?" Such worries have surfaced in Israel, where Danny Ayalon, a former ambassador to the United States, has described Obama's candidacy as cause for "concern." I am concerned as well. What should have been a positive outcome to my appearance at the West Palm Beach Federation event has been yanked from the hands of the local federation's control and spread as a negative across the world. From 350 attendees to millions. Now even more can continue asking the questions that I and director Harris have raised. Meanwhile the topic has been converted into a slanderous campaign against me by certain factions of the left wing of the Jewish press. In effect, a messenger in support of Israel is being unfairly and gratuitously maligned for my straightforwardness. I have and will always have my antennae up about issues that may adversely affect Israel and homeland security.

Since 2003 I have done much to support Israel: speaking at Duke on the Eve of the Palestinian solidarity convention, speaking at Columbia concerning problems by Arab professors against Jewish students, going on television defending Israel during the war between Hezbollah and Israel, creating and mobilizing a national grass roots organization to stand with and defend Israel, and writing a New York Times best seller, the first one by an Arab pro-Israel changing hearts and minds of non Jews and gathering support for Israel throughout the world.

To let all the above go unnoticed; to bad mouth and condemn someone who is laying her life on the line while Israel has few friends; and to stand up and support the Jewish people is such a shame. And being "slammed" is the return I get simply because someone asked for my personal opinion about Obama? I am glad to say that since this Obama brouhaha, I have received three different invitations from Jewish organizations across the country in less than a week.

The Jewish leadership of the UJC and JTA went out of their way to publicly malign the only pro-Israel Arab/Terrorism Expert with such media reach. Last year I reached over one hundred million Americans with my pro-Israel message as a non-Jew, something not one Jewish organization has even come close to.

With actions like these from the Jewish leadership is it any wonder why the Arabs and Palestinians were able to re-write history while the Jews failed miserably in the PR department."

* Brigitte Gabriel is the bestselling author of "Because They Hate," Middle East commentator and founder of American Congress for Truth

   L A N   A S T A S L E M!
I will not submit to Islam!


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Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Hmmm... interesting: all of a sudden, they are striking the terrorist often does that happen? Could it be because Kibbutz Beeri is a high-class kibbutz with ties to the Weitzman institute and the US? See below


IDF Hits Rocket Squad

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 08:18

( The IDF struck a terrorist squad that had fired a rocket at Be'eri, a kibbutz to the east of central Gaza.

The IDF identified a hit on the terrorists.

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Sderot is a small, low income community in the Western Negev Desert that has been the target................


So much for those great heroes.... heroes for everybody else, that is. What we need now, is to see SHIMON PERES under a Kassam attack:""Kassams, Shmassams, why do they complain..""

Dichter Caught Fleeing Kassam on Camera

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 08:07

( Public Security Minister Avi Dichter was rushed to an outdoor bomb shelter by his security guards when a "color red" alarm sounded during his visit to Sderot today. The event was caught on videotape and has been shown repeatedly by the media.

Dichter was in the middle of a sentence about "the true Zionists" when the "color red" warning sounded. His bodyguard grabbed his elbow and began pulling him toward the shelter. Dichter seemed to break into a trot for a second, and then slowed down to a brisk walk until he reached the shelter a few meters away.

Amir Peretz was also caught on tape in a similar moment in a visit to Sderot during his tenure as defense minister. His bodyguard, too, was wounded in a rocket attack, as was one of Dichter's bodyguards today.

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LEBANON WAR II, this time in Gaza: same players, same failures, same unaccountable pathetic traitor leaders. Why would it succeed when it failed the first time??

Bill sent this and said:

"" The Biblical prophecy of Zechariah is now developing in Israel ""

"All the nations shall come to make war in Israel."

DS says:


It failed the first time, with the same ""COMMANDER IN CHIEF"":  why would it succeed this time? Who is dreaming here?????

Re: Clear consequence of the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif....

SHmuel HaLevi said:

8 against Ashkelon, 4400 against sderoth, 4500 against us in the North as we got whooped during Lebanon II and more to follow.
It is up to the people to start joining active promoters of a completely new system of government including solely new people, none that are or were part of the GoI at any level.

PRIORITY 1: No sane person should allow self to be ordered by the Peresites into Gaza.

Let the children of those GoI folk that promoted Oslo,"disengagement" Amona, etc, send their children now back there.

ELECT A NEW JEWISH NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SYSTEM devoid of those folk now and since Oslo in there.

Re: Look how the Christians are trying to sneak in through the back door! Bad news.

Rabbi Dov Stein said:

Arab are already represented by their allies in the Jewish party Like the Marach which has about 25% members in its management team.

Dov Stein


Clear consequence of the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. Thank you, Ehud Olmert, Netanyahu, and all the others who didn't move a finger then. And, above all, THANK YOU, NEW WORLD ORDER ( and all its collaborators here)!

Eight Long-range Grad Missiles Hit Ashkelon

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 04:15

( Eight Katyusha style Grad missiles rocked the center of Ashkelon on Thursday afternoon. Some of the rockets landed near  the central bus station.

Magen David Adom reported that 40 people were taken to the hospital to be treated for shock.

Since 7:00am, Magen David Adom has evacuated 64 people from the Ashkelon-Sderot region to the hospital as a result of rocket attacks. 

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Re: Look how the Christians are trying to sneak in through the back door! Bad news.

SHmuel said:

The so called "Jewish agency" is central to the plans to destroy our people and Heritage. They much rather invent Jews out of committed Goyim from Russia for Aliah than allowing Haredi or even non religious but Jewish people to immigrate.

The rest is just cosmetics.

 I have no problems with us working on general projects with true friends but not at the price of letting anyone acquire undue influence here.

Re::Another major stroke in a General opposed to current government actions...and another "'accident"" in a rabbinical family ......


This is a BRILLIANT observation! It should definitely be used in our study. Really, when you think about it, what a wonderful comparison tool.

What kind of study could be done about that?????


SHmuel wrote:

I just cut and pasted the following statements from another e mail which I am preparing.

Statistics is one of my main fields of expertise but applied to exact sciences.

I postulated during my tenure as Member of the Israeli Society for Quality, (I was invited several times to present Papers to the ISQ International Conventions), that using those tools on eminently variable, highly mobile, intelligent beings? behavior is at least, risky in the extreme. One could tentatively concede that the exact point and time of data gathering is where the statistical info stands on its own, if one can prorate false information fed by the citizens polled. Forecasts made on those basis are folly. Regression analysis is an exercise on stupidity if based on those tests. Consequently with all due respect, I doubt that anyone, (other than THE ONE), can predict a thing with relation to populations numbers in the future.
Attempts to the contrary look to me like a GREAT CARSONNI stunt in the Johnny Carson's show.
The same applies to "accidents"... leminehem... we are addressing.
Rather than population wide statistics one may attempt to do some comparative analysis between lets say the "accident" rate amongst the "300" families and "accident" rates amongst settlers or prominence families.
As a standard observer I have NOT recorded any "accidents" taking out almost all members of unJewish families under similar circumstances to those that affected settlers families.
Rav Dov Stein said:

 From statistical point of view it is meanwhile not significant




24 Kassam rockets today, several injured; over 900 rockets in Sderot since January.... and Israeli PM Olmert, enjoying his Japanese culture, ice cream and luxury hotels , promises RESTRAINT.

Olmert Impressed by Japanese Politeness

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:59

( Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, on a four day visit to Japan to promote trade with Israel, said he discovered that the "same rules of courtesy that govern a meeting with the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister also apply to ice cream parlor employees, waiters and chambermaids. All share great courtesy, generosity, modest speech, attention to detail, patience and a willingness to listen"

He added that while "there is no Israeli who does not love what we have created in the land even if we love to complain," it is possible to learn from the Japanese culture.

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70-year-old Woman Injured in Rocket Attack

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:56

( 70-year-old Woman Injured in Rocket Attack
A 70-year old woman suffered light shrapnel injuries after a Kassam rocket hit a house and vehicles in Sderot, earlier this hour. Several people also suffered from shock. Magen David emergency services transported the victim to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

The IDF spokesman says that 24 Kassam rockets and mortar shells were fired today from Gaza. Over 900 rockets have been launched at Sderot since January.


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LOOK HOW HASHEM WORKS: Avi Dichter refuses to do what is right , doesn't care about Kassam victims; lo and behold, HIS OWN BODYGUARD gets wounded, right there and then!

Dichter Rejects Takeover of Gaza, Urges Policy Change

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:50

( Public Security Minister Avi Dichter (Kadima), speaking during a tour of Sderot, rejected calls for a large-scale invasion aimed at taking over Gaza. "Whoever talks about entering and occupying the Gaza Strip, these are populist ideas which I don't connect to, and in my opinion, no intelligent person does, either," he commented.

The Kadima minister, who has warned for two years that Hamas and other terrorists are stockpiling a huge arsenal of advanced weapons and explosives, said the government must reconsider its policy. He did not offer any specific solutions to the problem of the rocket attacks. "I recognize everything the Israel Defense Forces and the Shin Bet are doing, but right now they are operating according to an existing policy," the minister said.

Immigration Minister Jacob Edery (Kadima), who accompanied Dichter on the tour, disagreed on entering Gaza and said that "we are not far from the day in which we will have to go in and reoccupy all of Gaza."

Wounded Rocket Victim Is Guard for Dichter

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:43

( The person who suffered shrapnel wounds from a Kassam rocket attack several minutes ago has been identified as one of the personal bodyguards for Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, who is touring Sderot at this hour. Voice of Israel government radio explained that he was not required to be at the minister's side all the time and arrived at the college by himself.

The guard was rushed to Barzilai Hospital in Asheklon, where he was listed in good condition. One other person was treated for shock at the scene of the explosion.

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Look how the Christians are trying to sneak in through the back door! Bad news.

Christian Zionists Want Equality with Jewish Groups

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:45

( A pro-Israel Christian group that donates millions of dollars to Jewish Agency projects is seeking to be recognized with the same status as the United Jewish Communities and Keren HaYesod. American Jewish opposition is holding up an agreement whereby the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) would double its contributions to $45 million over the next three years.

The proposed agreement also calls for the group's Jewish founder and director to become a voting member of the Jewish Agency's executive board. IFCJ also wants its name posted alongside that of Jewish agencies on signs dedicating projects.

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What else do you expect from this Untermentsch-loving Jesuit State Department nigger Secretary and her gang: they'd rather see us all dead, and are doing everything they can to assure that. It is up to us to FOIL THEIR EVIL PLANS!

Rice Condemns Rocket Attacks, Objects to Retaliation

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:24

( American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, at a meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Japan, said that the Kassam rocket attacks against Israel "need to stop" but said that Israeli retaliation is not the solution. Reacting to the death of one Israeli in one of the 40 attacks on the Negev and southern Ashkelon Wednesday, she told the Prime Minister she was sorry about the fatality.

Secretary Rice also expressed her "concern for the innocent people and the humanitarian situation in Gaza." She also praised Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for their "remarkable commitment" in trying to advance negotiations towards the creation of a new Arab state within the current borders of Israel.

Rice To Visit Israel, PA Next Week

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:28

( American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will make another visit to the Middle East next week in an effort to advance negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). She is due to arrive Sunday and remain until Thursday, American State Department spokesman Tom Casey told reporters at a news briefing in Washington Wednesday.

Her trip will come as Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists escalate their rocket attacks on the Negev. Longer-range rockets hit Ashkelon Wednesday evening, exploding near Barzilai Hospital. Responding to a journalist's question on Wednesday's Kassam attack that killed one Israeli, Casey said, "There always are going to be things that will happen that will try and distract or sideline parts of these discussions. But the important thing is that in President Abbas and Prime Minister Olmert, we have two leaders who are committed to moving forward on what is a very difficult set of negotiations to resolve this longstanding problem and bring about a two-state solution."

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How low can these Israelis get: obsequiously kissing the killer's behinds, and getting rejected for it... but I bet you they'll try again. They have lost all Jewish pride, if they ever had any!

Report: Hamas Refused to Meet With Israelis

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:18

( The Arabic daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat has reported that Hamas rejected an initiative in which Hamas leaders would have held unofficial meetings with senior Israelis.  The initiative was suggested by Israel as a way of reaching an agreement while avoiding direct talks with the Hamas terror gang, which does not recognize Israel and is responsible for several recent attacks.

European diplomats have been pushing for a ceasefire agreement that would allow for the reopening of Gaza crossings, the paper reported.  A senior British official reportedly met with Hamas leaders recently to discuss the matter.  Israeli officials have repeatedly stated that there is no need to negotiate a ceasefire, as Gaza crossings will open and IDF operations in Gaza will stop when Hamas stops rocket attacks on Israeli towns.


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Our "COMMANDER IN CHIEF"...speaks for itself. He doesn't even know how to PRETEND to be a soldier!

PM Olmert Says it's 'War', Promises Restraint

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:14
by Ezra HaLevi

( Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the situation in southern Israel a "war" as the IDF struck several terrorist targets in Gaza overnight. 

Olmert met with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Wednesday night in Tokyo, telling her, "The Palestinian are trying our patience."  The statements came after some 50 rockets were fired at Israel, including one that killed 47-year old Roni Yihye, a student at the town's Sapir college.  A powerful Grad missile was also fired at Ashkelon.

Olmert commented on the situation while visiting the factory of the Nissan car company in Tokyo. "We are in the midst of warfare and we will continue fighting until the danger looming over the residents of the south will cease to exist," he said." This is a long, painful process, but we do not have any magic solution to make it cease it in one day. We get hit, and hit back even harder."
Rice expressed concern for the humanitarian situation in Gaza.  The PM assured Rice publicly, at a press conference following the meeting, that Israel would continue to act with restraint. "We will make terrorists pay a heavy price, but we will not make exaggerated statements," he said.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas - Israel's partner in peace talks and the head of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority - took the opposite approach.  "I do not rule out a return to the way of armed struggle against Israel," he told the Jordanian newspaper A-Doustour on Wednesday night.

Israel filed an official complaint with the United Nations regarding the latest barrage of rockets.

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Rice says Hamas rocket attacks against Israel need to stop : and I say: ""DUH"". Isn't she smart. You need to be Secretary of State to say that. Please, Mr. Hamas, will you stop? Please!!!!!

Rice says Hamas rocket attacks against Israel need to stop | Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Rice says Hamas rocket attacks against Israel need to stop

Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST Feb. 28, 2008

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday that Hamas rocket attacks against Israel "need to stop."

She called for a halt in violence after meeting in Tokyo with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The Rice meeting with Olmert came just hours after Israeli aircraft blasted Hamas government offices and metal shops in the Gaza Strip. It came after a rocket fired by Hamas killed an Israeli college student.

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Wow, amazing!

Archaeologists Find Stamps with Hebrew Names

22 Adar 5768, 28 February 08 02:40

( Archaeologists found a stamp bearing the Hebrew name "Refayahu ben Shalem" in Jerusalem on Wednesday.  The stamp was found during excavations in the City of David.  Archaeologists believe it was created around the year 800 B.C.E.

The excavators found three other stamps as well.  The stamps, made of tin, bore Hebrew names and appear to have been used by local authorities to approve merchandise.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RE:Talking about poisonings... I wonder who sent this one... and wish Benizri Refuah Shelemah. ( important to trace the source of this new attack)

The big question , though, is WHODUNIT! What if it is not the gay lobby at all, but the Jesuits-CFR  etc.crowd?


Bill wrote:
this is why people are afraid to criticise homosexuals

Re: Talking about poisonings... I wonder who sent this one... and wish Benizri Refuah Shelemah. ( important to trace the source of this new attack)



Just received this group of quotes and I thought them interesting.
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre
minds." ---Albert Einstein

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you
end up being governed by your inferiors." ---Plato

"An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a
sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry." ---T.S. Eliot

"When they call the roll in the Senate, the senators do not know whether to
answer 'present' or 'guilty'." ---Theodore Roosevelt
SHAS has been threatening a bit against the unJews for a while now and, you know,
somebody overseas??? thought they needed another reminder...

Re: Another major stroke in a General opposed to current government actions...and another "'accident"" in a rabbinical family who suffered a double loss last year...

C said:
Masterpiece of information!!  Thanks!! This is a good summary, and people need to master its content!


Talking about poisonings... I wonder who sent this one... and wish Benizri Refuah Shelemah. ( important to trace the source of this new attack)

18:45 , 02.27.08


Photo: Gil Yohanan Shlomo Benizri Photo: Gil Yohanan
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Knesset floor cleared after MK receives envelope with white powder

Shas MK Shlomo Benizri's assistant feels ill after opening envelope containing suspicious white powder; investigation underway
Amnon Meranda

The Knesset's first floor was evacuated Wednesday evening after Shas lawmaker Shlomo Benizri's office received an envelope containing suspicious white powder.

Controversial Remark

Homosexual activity cause of earthquake, Shas MK says / Amnon Meranda

'The Gemara mentions a number of causes of earthquakes, one of which is homosexuality, which the Knesset legitimizes,' Benizri says regarding last Friday's tremor
Full Story


The MK's assistant, Yitzhak Avidani, felt ill after opening the envelope and received medical treatment.


Knesset security personnel are investigating the incident.


"We received an envelope from abroad containing white powder," Avidani said, "I opened it and there was a lot of powder inside. I saw stars ad almost fainted."


Knesset security was greatly concerned with the possibility of such an incident following the terror attacks in the United States back in 2001. Several Anthrax scares were noted overseas at the time and the Knesset's chief security officer warned ministers, MKs and parliament employees of suspicious envelopes.


Benizri stirred controversy when he said that the recent earthquake that was felt across Israel was the result of the "homosexual activity practiced in the country.


"The Gemara mentions a number of causes of earthquakes, one of which is homosexuality, which the Knesset legitimizes," he said.



... and meanwhile, Olmert is meeting Rice in Japan ( how appropriate; what do they eat, sushi?). At any rate, I am sure she'll give him great advice, very advantageous to Jews... and of course, he'll comply. Was this planned????

Attacks Continue, Olmert Updated by Phone

21 Adar 5768, 27 February 08 06:39

( Terrorist attacks on the western Negev continued on Wednesday night with a mortar shell attack on the Kerem Shalom crossing and four rocket attacks near Ashkelon.  No one was injured in the mortar attack. 

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is currently visiting Japan, was updated by phone regarding the barrage of rockets on Sderot and surrounding towns and the death of a Sapir College student in a rocket attack.  Sources close to Olmert said the rocket attacks were a response to an IAF strike that killed five Hamas terrorists near Khan Yunis on Wednesday morning.  "We have already said that there is a war going on in the south," they said.

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Part of Jerusalem Officially Labeled PA Territory

21 Adar 5768, 27 February 08 05:14

( Israeli authorities have placed several signs near the Atarot area in northern Jerusalem recently warning travelers, "You are entering territory under the control of the Palestinian Authority.  Israelis are absolutely forbidden to enter!"  Approximately 25,000 residents of Jerusalem, some of them Israeli citizens, live in the areas now designated as PA territory.

Jerusalem Forum chairman Aryeh King said Wednesday that approximately 1,200 dunams of property owned by Jews were located beyond the signs.  The government violated laws regarding Jerusalem by putting up the signs, King said.  The signs prove the government is acting to make its policy of splitting Jerusalem a reality, he said.

King said he plans to lead a tour on Thursday in areas that fall within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem but are in practice controlled by the Palestinian Authority.  The tour will begin at the Kalandia checkpoint at 12 p.m. and end in the biblical village of Mitzpa.


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Let's see how this saga evolves. Would you be surprised if, at the end, Yisrael Perry is let loose, with just a slap on the wrist? I wouldn't be. And WHAT is his family connection to Yaacov Perry of ill fame who wants to do deals with Hamas?

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Sentence of Yisrael Perry postponed until decision is made on appeal

The sentence of Yisrael Perry, an attorney convicted of defrauding Holocaust survivors of almost NIS 1 billion, will be postponed until a decision is made on whether to allow him to appeal his sentence, Army Radio reported Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Perry was sentenced to 12 years in prison after six years of legal battles.

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Re:Another major stroke in a General opposed to current government actions...and another "'accident"" in a rabbinical family who suffered a double loss ......

S. had this to say:


Coumadin is one of the most unstable blood thinners around. Anything can suddenly change its effects
not just green vegetables.
Consequently it is an ideal item to be used to take out anyone unaware. 
If we are talking about kerosene heaters that is conclusively possible... if one attaches a trigger to the fuel tank...
In the other hand if the item was being re fueled while still on or extremely hot, that could have caused it as well.
Were they using kerosene?  Or somebody changed the fuel without they knowing?
The PTB may be using concentrated ionizing and penetrating beams to cause damage to the targets.
That can be detected using microwave detectors if need be slightly re tuned.
Also check your MICROWAVE OVENS since if anyone cuts out portions of the seals you could be seriously
harmed by radiation.
It is not longer needed to plant transmitters to eavesdrop on people. There are special long distance
microphones. Yet such items do have a signature and if you are being scanned the scan vehicle can
be detected.
FM transmitting microphones are easily traced even if encoded.

FW: A7News: Hamas Kids' TV Rabbit: Eat the Danes, But Not Danish Food

No need to comment.




If you can not see this email properly, please click here

Hamas Kids' TV Rabbit: Eat the Danes, But Not Danish Food

by Ezra HaLevi

A Hamas-run children's TV program aired recently encouraging hatred of Denmark, the West and Israel. The show's star, a rabbit named Assud, threatens to "bite and eat" the Danish if they republish cartoons of Islam's founder, Mohammed.

"If they repeat it we will kill them," Assud explains to the young viewers. "I will bite them and eat them!"
The program focuses on the call to boycott Danish and Israeli products. "
Denmark and the West are targeted because of the Mohammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper," Palestinian Media Watch Director Itamar Marcus points out in a recent dispatch. "Israel is targeted because it exists."

Saraa, the young TV hostess of the program, describes the publication of the Muhammad cartoons as "the West's attack against [Mohammed]." The program then features children phoning into the program to condemn the "cowardly infidels" and vow to fight them.

"The children's show, Tomorrow's Pioneers, has used its previous animal character co-hosts, the Mickey Mouse lookalike Farfur and the bee Nahul, to champion violence, promote hatred of Israel  and preach about world Islamic supremacy," Marcus said. "To further reinforce its anti-Israel message, Hamas  has killed off both characters and blamed Israel."

The following is PMW's transcript of the broadcast of  Feb. 22, 2008 on Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV:
Saraa: Did you see the West's attack against the Messenger [Muhammed]?
              What do you have to say about this?
Amaani, 10 year old girl by phone: I say to the cowardly infidels...
Assud: Criminals.
Amaani: Criminals.
Assud:  Do you boycott Israeli and Danish products?
Amaani: Yes
Assud: You don't eat them at all?
Amaan: I don't eat them at all.
Assud:  Great! Keep it up!
Saraa:  We will all boycott Danish products, and Israeli products first.
* * * * * *

Saraa:  What can we do for the Messenger?
Inaas, 10 year old girl by phone:  We can fight them because
         they cursed  Allah's Messenger.
Saraa: 'Tomorrow's  Pioneers' army will redeem the Messenger,
        with their possessions and their blood, Assud,
        and will not let them repeat this attack.
Assud: If they repeat it we will kill them, by Allah.
Saraa: In His will.
Assud:  I will bite them and eat them!

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Re : Another major stroke in a General opposed to current government actions...and another "'accident"" in a rabbinical family ......



- Flashes  minister of Culture and Sport Raleb majadele (Labor) was recently hospitalized after feeling ill as well. Doctors discovered an aneurysm near his brain and conducted

Re:: Another major stroke in a General opposed to current government actions...and another "'accident"" in a rabbinical family ......

J. said:

Tnx, DS. It is perfectly in character with a familiar pattern. Accident and all.

And serious matters for us to consider.







They haven't given up: still talking of this nonsense, still planning, still scheming, still plotting....

Livni To Jewish Agency: Israel Must Give Up Land to PA

21 Adar 5768, 27 February 08 12:57

( Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Tzipi Livni told a meeting of the Jewish Agency for Israel that the Jewish State will be forced to give away parts of Israel.

"I don't know how long the [peace] process will last, but we will definitely have to cede certain parts of the Land of Israel," she told the agency's board of trustees in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Livni is service as acting Prime Minister while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is away on a four-day working trip to Japan. She is also the chief negotiator for Israel in talks with the Palestinian Authority in discussions meant to reach a final status agreement.

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Check out this article: is the US in a recession, or a looming depression? Interesting graph

Re:Another major stroke in a General opposed to current government actions...and another "'accident"" in a rabbinical family who suffered a double loss last year, one of your typical double-triple demoralizing tragedies... Barry , what do you make of

Barry has this to say: Please read carefully:

 Shomron OPENLY ( I have the interview taped) considered the Rabin murder a conspiracy.

BUT you ever hear of a heater blowing up????? Barry

And remember all the massive strokes of all these OBSTACLES to the CFR-OLMERT-PERES machinations:

1. Ariel Sharon ( obstacle re: Yeshushalayim)

2. Rav Moshe Lowinger, Hevron ( major obstacle in Hevron and Yesha, major leader of the resistance),  and now

3. GENERAL Dan Shomron, open, influential critic of Olmert's policies, of the Lebanon War II, influential believer of the LIE of Rabin's murder version.

My question is;

What tasteless, odorless poison could cause a massive stroke?

Let's see:

1.. Heparin - needs to be injected.

2.. Massive doses of aspirin - very acidic.

Is there anything else out these, rat poison, or something else, that could cause massive hemorrhage and has no taste or odor??

3. AHA, here we go:  the typical, commonly used anticoagulant  COUMADIN ( Warfarin), which is taken orally, and which has to be carefully dosed in order not to cause hemorrhage.

Look what I found about Coumarin compounds:


It is so simple, really, even a CHILD could have figured out such a stratagem. All it takes is ONE, WELL PLACED TRAITOR around the victim  - and with all the Shabak agents around, that certainly should not be lacking!


The rat poison is Warfarin or coumarin-like compounds that are blood anticoagulants. ... has been deemed as being odorless, tasteless and inevitably fatal, ...

Now please, read further. It is long, and the original text is even longer ( if you click on the link), but well worth reading.

Now, I am asking you: if it can be done to rats, do you really believe it can't be done to people?


Specially by a gang  used to this kind of things, that has practiced poisonings for centuries:

Please, read below about the CUP OF BORGIA, after you are done reading about rat poison.

     According to the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR), 45th edition, 1991, 
Product Information (pp. 547-548) and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP),
1990 edition (pp. 129-131, 699-701) on prescription drugs and medicines,
Warfarin, coumarin, and a similar anticoagulant, Heparin, are used in surgery
to prevent blood clots from forming secondary to an operation, such as open
heart surgery, and the treatment for certain blood vessel, heart, and lung

The contraindications for the use of coumarin and Warfarin in humans are
the very same reasons it is used in rat poison. These anticoagulants cause
the tiny capillaries and blood vessels to leak blood and cause internal
bleeding or hemorrhage. In rats and in humans they cause gastrointestinal,
genitourinary, and respiratory tract bleeding, in addition to cerebrovascular
hemorrhage and cerebral and aortic aneurysms.

In essence, rats and humans bleed to death internally and externally,
which can be caused by capillary damage and/or very slight injuries or bumps
and bangs, similar to the physiological effects caused by the deadly Ebola
virus (hemorrhagic fever) infection. Warfarin does cause extensive liver,
kidney, and adrenal gland damage as well.

Dr. Donald Frear in Chemistry of the Pesticides (pp. 437-443) states
that "the ideal rodenticide has been deemed as being odorless, tasteless and
inevitably fatal, although it should be slow acting in order that all rodents
in the area will have an opportunity to consume the poison without becoming

He continues that "the symptoms of acute poisoning should be absent, to
avoid bait shyness, and the manner of death should be such that no suspicions
are aroused in the rodent population surviving."

This same non-suspicious reaction is present in tobacco smokers.

William Hallenbeck and Kathleen Cunningham-Burns in Pesticides and Human
Health (p. 15) state that Warfarin and coumarin-like compounds are
"anticoagulants and antimetabolites of vitamin K and inhibit the synthesis of
prothrombin (the clotting agent in blood). They explain that "repeated
exposure is usually required for damage to occur," and that "numerous small
exposures may be more damaging than one large dose" They also say that "since
the rodents do not develop bait shyness they are fed to capacity until death."


Q: What is the extent of the Jesuits power?

Jesuit rule everything my friend, from Intelligence to military to banking to Masonry, my god it even goes down to Sports teams and Dominos pizza if we really want to go deep. Dig deep enough and you always find at the top Sovereign Military of Malta such as the Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relations etc. Same for Bilderberg with its Jesuit founder Joseph Rettinger. Their everywhere and the main reason is because Knowledge is power. They have the most real wealth but knowledge is worth more than any piece of paper money or even gold for that matter! People get their minds hived by Temporal Coadjutors working for the Jesuit order. Their made to believe that mere puppets such as Rockefella and Rothschild rule this planet and banking. These two are very big players no doubt but their dwarfed at the top. Just look at the Venetian bankers and laught at the dribble the mass conspiracy are spoon fed. Truth be known, Queen Elizabeth II is much more wealthy than we're being told and guess what she really belongs too? The GELPH bloodline which is hidden as much as possible, this means shes a Black Nobilty. Mr Coleman and others exposed how when her ship was in Venice you knew something was going to happen financially/war somewhere. All the Black Nobility and high ranking would meet on this ship in a Bilderberg type way. Obviously this was a very secret matter and its certainly not discussed much at all in the Temporal Coadjutor conspiracy indoctrination. The Black Nobility are known also as The Committee of 300. We're just told about Duponts, Rockefellas, Melons, Morgans etc. They simply forget the Bernadotte, Bourbon, Braganza, Grimaldi, Grosvenors, Guelph, Habsburg, Hanover, Hozhenzollern, Karadjordjevic, Liechtenstein, Nassau, Oldenburg, Orange, Savoy, Wettin, Wittelsbach, Württemberg, Zogu. The Jesuits run our countries from their universities and colleges. In America its not the Whitehouse and Pentagon which rule, its Georgetown University! Yes the very place William Clinton was educated amongst others and what he can never keep quite about. Georgetown is the true power of the U.S followed by Fordham University. Both oversea the Black Popes Miltary Vicar known as Cardinal Egan in New York. If Cardinal Egan doesn't do as hes told hes either removed or ELIMINATED. The Jesuits favourite method of assassination is The Cup of Borgia which is poisoning. Everything in America goes through the Military Vicar first after of course Georgetown and Fordham. Cardinal Egan knows everything behind 9-11 as he gives the final orders from the Vatican point of view. In the U.K its the Archibisop of Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor. He is overseen by Wimbledon College who is overlooked by the real power of the U.K which is Stonyhurst College. The Queen even has to cutsie when she goes to Stonyhurst. The Queen has to ask permission to enter Rome's main financial district/realm know as The City also known as the City of London. You see Rome controls this world through the U.K and U.S which if anything went wrong and things came out, these would get the blame not the real villian. Never make it easy for people to know who rules behind the shadows. Make up villians in the publics eye so they get the blame first. This has happened by installing in the waking public amongst conspiracy followers that The City is solely to blame and its owners mostly we're told are Rothschilds. Now when trouble starts people will attack the wrong enemy and if they ever won they would think its all over, whilst the devil dog Jesuits regroup and reform for the next battle which never ends. Right now the sheeple are made to hate America and blame it for everything. Have you noticed how they like to refer to this land as America when they want to indoctrinate hate against it, but its the United States any other time? Yes the United States is their business, corporation & pride and joy. America is nothing to them and they hate this very much as well as Americans. To Rome your just a slave in a covert control system which keeps you happy thinking your free when you not. The Jesuits realised that overt control and military action on the people didn't work so they decided in 1776 to go covert and gradually overtime we're now being controlled covertly thinking we're free whilst we're in a prison without bars as Icke would say. This is the true reason for the creation of the Order of Illuminati created on May 1st 1776. Your National Insurance and Social Security numbers are your Maritime Admiltary Product slave ROME numbers. We're simply stock for our governments leadship to use in order to get funding from Rome and its Banking agents/pawns.



I quote:

A danger now arose in the shape of a conspiracy on the part of the deposed despots, the Orsini, and of some of Cesare's own condottieri. At first the papal troops were defeated and things looked black for the house of Borgia. But a promise of French help quickly forced the confederates to come to terms. Cesare, by an act of treachery, then seized the ringleaders at Senigallia and put Oliverotto da Fermo and Vitellozzo Vitelli to death (31 December 1502). As soon as Alexander VI heard the news he lured Cardinal Orsini to the Vatican and cast him into a dungeon, where he died. His goods were confiscated, his aged mother turned into the street and many other members of the clan in Rome were arrested, while Giuffre Borgia led an expedition into the Campagna and seized their castles. Thus the two great houses of Orsini and Colonna, who had long fought for predominance in Rome and often flouted the Pope's authority, were subjugated and the Borgias' power increased. Cesare then returned to Rome, where his father asked him to assist Giuffre in reducing the last Orsini strongholds; this for some reason he was unwilling to do, much to Alexander VI's annoyance; but he eventually marched out, captured Ceri and made peace with Giulio Orsini, who surrendered Bracciano.

Three more high personages fell victim to the Borgias' greed this year: Cardinal Michiel, who was poisoned in April 1503, J. da Santa Croce, who had helped to seize Cardinal Orsini, and Troches or Troccio, Alexander's chamberlain and secretary; all these murders brought immense sums to the Pope. About Cardinal Ferrari's death there is more doubt; he probably died of fever, but Alexander VI immediately confiscated his goods anyway. The war between France and Spain for the possession of Naples dragged on, and Alexander VI was forever intriguing, ready to ally himself with whichever power promised the most advantageous terms at any moment. He offered to help Louis XII on condition that Sicily be given to Cesare, and then offered to help Spain in exchange for Siena, Pisa and Bologna.

Although there is no doubt that Alexander VI liked to eliminate any cardinal and immediately confiscate their property, there is no sufficient evidence on the methods used in these murders. It has been suggested that the family used their favorite poison Cantarella, an arsenic variation, which was offered to their poor victim in a form of drink with an innovative nickname, the 'liquor of succession'. Since raw forms of arsenic, known at that time, were not immediately fatal, Alexander VI must had invented a method for preparation of that substance, for which no information exists. The famous cup of Borgia, a golden cup with a hidden area storing the poison so it could be mixed with the wine, is often mentioned as the family's favorite murdering method, and it has been the base for many legendary and science fiction stories, including Agatha Christie's short story The Apples of Hesperides published in the 1947 collection The Labours of Hercules.

[edit] Death

Image:Pius III.jpg
Pope Pius III succeeded Alexander VI upon his death.

Burchard recorded the events that surrounded the death of the Pope. Cesare was preparing for another expedition in August 1503 when, after he and Alexander had dined with Cardinal Adriano da Corneto on August 6th, they were taken ill with fever. Cesare had eventually recovered, but Alexander VI was too old to have any chance. According to Burchard, Alexander VI's stomach became swollen and turned to liquid, while his face became wine-coloured and his skin began to peel off. Finally his stomach and bowels bled profusely. After more than a week of intestinal bleeding and convulsive fevers, and after accepting last rites and making a confession, the despairing Alexander VI expired on 18 August 1503 at the age of 72. He is said to have uttered the last words "Wait a minute" before expiring.[5]


Don Francis Borgia

" . . . 

Don Ignatius LIEola (1491-1556).

The Jesuit General is referred to as the '"Black" Pope at the Vatican because he always dresses in black!!

Jesuit General from 1541 to 1556.


Don Francis Borgia (1510-1572) was the great-grandson of Don Alexander Borgia and co-founder of the Jesuits. On his mother's side he was descended from King Ferdinand of Aragon.

Jesuit General from 1565 to 1572.

Don Francis was made a "saint of the Roman "Church" in 1671!!

In the year 1671, Don Francis was made a "saint' of the Roman "church" and here is the reason why: Let's assume that Don Francis began his career as a poisoner in 1530 and ended it in 1572 when he went to meet his Maker. In that short time period, there was a total of 7 "white" Popes with an average reign of 6 years. By sending that many "Holy Fathers" to meet their Heavenly Father . . . ahead of time . . . Borgia was made a saint!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesuit Generals are elected for life!!

The Jesuit General is actually a pseudo-pope and is elected for LIFE. All the other Roman Congregations have term limits on their Superiors.

Many of the Popes tried to limit the Generals' terms but ALL who tried died an untimely death from the Cup of Borgia. One Pope, Clement XIV, actually banned the Jesuits with a perpetual decree never to be rescinded . . . but he died a horrible death from poisoning.

The Skull and Bones is the trademark of the Jesuits!!

An 18th century polychrome statue of Don Francis from the collection of the Marquess of Santo Domingo.


The skull and bones or the death's head is the trademark of the Jesuits. It is also the symbol for POISON and the Jolly Roger or flag of PIRACY.

This symbol was used by the dreaded Waffen SS and the Gestapo during WW II. It was also worn by Kaiser Wilhelm during WW I.

Only the Judgment Day will reveal how many Popes, kings, rulers, presidents, etc. etc., have died as a result of the poisoned needle or the Cup of Borgia.


The Skull and Bones or Death's Head was the symbol of the dreaded SS!!

Hitler, Himmler and the 3rd Reich were just DUPES of the Death's Head Spanish Inquisition. If they had heeded the warnings of the Great Martin Luther they would not have become victims of that roaring lion Satan:

Heinrich Himmler with the Skull and Bones symbol of the dreaded SS.

President George W. Bush is a member of Skull and Bones!!

Yale University in New Haven, Conn. is the U.S. headquarters of Skull and Bones. George W. Bush, following the example of his father, George, and grandfather Prescott S. Bush joined the Order in April, 1968, in his senior year:

"Skull and Bones has been called "the most powerful secret society the United States has ever known" because its members have presided at the highest realms of American business and political life. Former Bonesmen hail from some of Americas most prominent families: Bundy, Coffin, Harriman, Lord, Phelps, Rockefeller, Taft, Whitney, and, of course, Bush.
A Yale student named William H. Russell started the secret organization in 1832 in an effort to create a new world order that would place the best and the brightest at the helm of society. A wealthy elitist, Russell believed that the most important decisions should only be made by those who are bred to make them, so he created an environment that would shape the characters of the men who would shape the world. He called his group the Brotherhood of Death or, more informally, the order of Skull and Bones, patterned after a secret society founded in Germany, also in 1832. Since then, Skull and Bones has maintained its "tomb"—the basement of its headquarters—on the Yale campus in a windowless house on High Street just off the Old Campus and has selected fifteen men, and later, women, too, in every junior class to be admitted to its elite ranks. These men, who automatically include the captains of the football and baseball teams, the editor of the Yale Daily News, the president of the student council, and the head of the Political Union, are all sworn to lifetime secrecy about their rituals and commit themselves to helping each other scale life's summits."(Kelley, The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, pp. 23-24).

I hope this information was helpful to those of you who never even CONSIDERED a stroke as a manifestation of possible POISONING by enemies of our freedom.


At 07:39 PM 2/26/2008, you wrote:

Former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Shomron Passes Away in Tel Aviv

21 Adar 5768, 27 February 08 02:30
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

( Major-General Dan Shomron, the 13th Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, passed away Tuesday morning in Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital. Two weeks ago, he was hospitalized following a massive stroke. Shomron, 70, leaves behind a wife and two children.

Maj.-Gen. Shomron, resident of Kibbutz Ashdot, served as IDF Chief of Staff from 1987 to 1991, capping a lengthy and decorated military service. In the 1967 Six-Day War, he commanded a unit on the Egyptian front and was the first paratrooper to reach the Suez Canal, earning a Medal of Distinguished Service. In 1976, as commander of the IDF infantry, Shomron led Operation Thunderbolt, in which IDF forces flew into Uganda and rescued hostages held in Entebbe by Arab and German terrorists.

Maj.-Gen. Shomron was the commander of the forces that oversaw the dismantling of Israeli communities and army bases in the Sinai Peninsula, under orders personally handed down by then-Defense Minister Ariel Sharon in 1981. Israel relinquished the Sinai to Egypt in the framework of the 1978 Camp David Accords.

As IDF Chief of Staff, Shomron faced the Arab insurgency in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, also called the "first Intifada," which began in 1987. The limited confrontation lasted for several years and involved stabbings, stonings, shootings and other forms of violence against Israeli soldiers and civilians. In 1991, Saddam Hussein's Iraq launched 39 Scud missiles at Israel during the First Gulf War (America's Operation Desert Storm) and the Shamir government opted not to respond militarily.

During Gen. Shomron's four-year term as Chief of Staff, the IDF implemented an aggressive counter-terrorism policy that included strikes deep into territories used by Arab terrorists for planning and organization. Some of the boldest operations in this period, carried out by land, sea and air, remain classified.

After retiring from the military, Shomron was appointed Chairman of Israel Military Industries in 1991. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu invited Shomron to take part in the negotiations with the PLO ahead of the 1997 Hevron Accord.

In 2006, Shomron was appointed by the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to assess the IDF performance during the Second Lebanon War. In his January 2007 report, the former IDF Chief of Staff said that the retaliatory war against Hizbullah was fought without any clear objective. He noted that the government issued a general directive to stop Katyusha rocket attacks, but that it was not clear under what terms the IDF was to execute the order.

On the political front, Dan Shomron founded the Third Way party in 1995 along with Avigdor Kahalani, but left the party before the Knesset elections. He was also a supporter of the Committee for the Prevention of the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount alongside author A. B. Yehoshua, Hebrew University Jewish philosophy professor Avi Ravitsky, and senior archaeologists such as Gabriel Barkai, Eilat Mazar, Ehud Netzer, Ronny Reich and Ephraim Stern. %ad%

In 2003, in a Jerusalem Post article on the events of the second Intifada, entitled "Back on the Oslo Track," Shomron wrote, "It is possible that our use of force has not been enough to accomplish a full strategic upheaval in the Palestinian consciousness. If not, we will have to take military action once again. The defense forces have to be prepared for this, as I'm certain they are."

Request for Prayers for Victim of Gas Leak Explosion

21 Adar 5768, 27 February 08 02:34

( The public is requested to pray for a full and speedy recovery of Talia bat Yehudit Shlomit, who was critically injured in a gas explosion at her home in Maon, in the southern Hevron Hills. She tried to light the gas heater after returning from a memorial ceremony for her brother and his wife, who were killed a year ago in a traffic accident.

The huge blast left her with burns over most of her body. Her husband, Avichai ben Rivka, also was severely injured but managed to take their two young children outside through a window. They also suffered burns. Talia is the daughter of Rabbi Danny Stitskin, formerly of New York and who is the rabbi of Maon.

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