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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Did Israel really nuke Damascus one month ago as these reports claim? Answer below. 

Whatdoesitmean obviously got the name of the alleged downed Israeli submarine wrong - the Dakar, hah, hah! That is one old story. The above question however remains and that's not funny at all.

Besides the obvious geopolitical consequences, one important question immediately comes to mind:

How would such an explosion affect us right here in Israel?

Here are some distances (land travel I assume, which is longer than a straight line):

Distance between Damascus and Jerusalem: 135 miles

Distance between Damascus and Tzfat: 97 miles

As usual, we are being kept in the dark under the guise of  'national security', which is in essence censorship. Considering that such a blast would affect the entire population of Israel, it would be absolutely imperative for the government of Israel to inform the population if such a bomb indeed had been or were to be detonated in Syria. I would not put it past Bibi and company, however, to deprive the citizens of Israel of important information regarding easily implemented preventative measures, considering their latest track record and obvious lack of care for the Jewish population of Israel, particularly Chareidim and settlers, and considering their total collusion with the European/US agenda.

On the other hand, and most likely, this report could be typical anti-Israel disinformation by our arab neighbors and their antisemitic friends.

What do you make of this?



Response from Barry Chamish: 


Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Admits To Writing 40% False
Information - 12160 Social Network

  Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Admits To Writing 40% False Information
  * Added by Maasanova on November 6, 2012 at 10:43pm

 Gordon Duff of Veterans Today in his own words. He admits To Writing
 40% False Information and that at least 30% of the information on
 Veterans Today is false as well.

## Jim Stone, sent me to the above:
## Don't see a internal permalink.

Jim Stone:

   Gordon Duff has taken the more typical route, I call B.S. on other
   "truth" sites frequently and have really hammered the Duff. But if
   that is what keeps you alive in the alternative media, it is
   really hard to place blame; many people have families to protect
   and cannot just uproot everything and leave it all behind. I have
   done so repeatedly. I am getting ready to do it again. ...

   But let me get back to the main topic now, which is Duff admitting he
   intentionally seeds 40 percent disinfo into what he writes. Folks, in
   school, at least the old school (I don't know about how watered down
   the new grading system is) but in the old school, MY SCHOOL, 40 percent
   innacuracy will land you a BIG FAT F.

   That having been said, I appreciate Gordon Duff for coming out and
   saying this. It explains a lot, and I am thankful someone stood up and
   admitted this.

Anonymous said:
I am almost 100% sure that no nuclear device was used. I installed two specific ionization detectors in our area to record such events just in case.

My reply:
And what about the mushroom cloud: photoshop?

Anonymous reply:
Probably.  Otherwise not only nuclear devices create dual impact, implosion-explosion.

Very important information from an expert;

S. said re: various physical symptoms possibly linked to radiation:

Microwave beams can be used by the boys in the roof to destroy targeted persons.

There are relatively cheap MW detectors sold to the public that can warn you if strange radiation of that kind is affecting you or others.  Cost is some 120 Shekels.
The standard MW detectors are sold by most MW oven sellers or MW cookers repair labs.  They are about the size of a cigarette box.  They are used to detect MW leaks from MW ovens. (Extremely dangerous).
If you use MW oven please have it checked for seals MW leakage...
More advanced models are sold by several surveillance equipment sellers.
Ionization detectors.  Medical diagnostic equipment and labs supply shops sell a variety of exposure detectors, dose meters, etc. Check with your friendly radiologist at the HMO you work with for the nearest shop.
In our region due to a very high Sun generated particles load, ionization background may be higher than in most other parts of the world.
Geiger counters and scintillation detectors are commonly sold as surplus in many sites, including e Bay at times. Usually those are units that need extensive repairs.
I hope this helps.

I would seriously doubt we will ever use a nuclear device unless as a last resort.

All information is of course upgradeable as need be.

People must learn the basics.


This is apparently disinformation by our enemies, determined to blacken our name and cause even more animosity against the Jewish ( or so I wish) state of Israel. Sorry about the trouble: I didn't know anything about Veteranstoday and this obviously antisemitic Gordon Duff until now; now I do. Meanwhile it was a good idea to ask these questions: now we know what to do in Israel to protect ourselves individually, since we cannot rely on the government to do so (until they change their spots, highly unlikely at this stage).