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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Re: US military preparing for Domestic disturbances. This is the third warning, coming from a different source. Three strikes and you're out! I think this is it. The only question is, when? How soon? Some sources claim around January 20-22. Who knows

Zerach said:


I've been screaming for a decade that its coming here and the anti-gunner government.

Unfortunate for the citizens, but the govt is going to have to play catch up. In English that's called being BEHIND the 8 ball.

In NY the mayor is laying off 20% of the EMS and fire to save money BUT hiring 300 more Traffic Enforcement Police to raise revenue. Raise revenue for what?....maybe to pay the EMS and PD?

They have taken Homeland Security resources away to work on the Madoff Scandal.

New Years in Times Square will have 1000 less cops and medical than previous years.... BUT they will announce a massive presence to scare off the potential harm.

Security, clean streets, fire and ambulance services fall under the government necessities and guarantees to its people NOT jobs and Capitalism. (Although important).

Pray for us.... The US Will be a third world country soon. No money, No services. No services, crime and terrorism rise. People Repressed by the laime government. Anarchy. Who really thinks we can win?

DS responds:

That is why we have been screaming through the rooftops that IT IS TIME TO LEAVE. JEWS HAVE TO GET OUT NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, TOO HARD, OR EVEN, G-D FORBID, IMPOSSIBLE!

Greetings from Eretz Yisrael, where things are VERY tough, but we do feel G-d presence every single minute.


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