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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Coming to Har Zion in eight days: epic spiritual battle between power-crazed Vatican, destroyers of humanity, .... and humble servants of Hashem confronting evil face to face!

ועלו מושיעים בהר ציון לשפוט את הר עשו 
 והייתה לה' המלוכה


  תשע"ה י"ז אלול 

September 1, 2015

We are living in momentous times: do you realize how truly momentous? Do you have ANY idea what epic spiritual battle is about to be fought on Har Zion in just eight days??

These are times of either total despair, terror, death, destruction, financial collapse, times of sheer horror for humanity,

        or times of immense faith, belief in Hashem's power to overcome evil;

        faith that Hashem truly is Master of the universe;

       faith that Satan, angel of Amalek and Esav, has no power against the King of the World, Hashem;

       faith that Hashem will perform miracles for Am Yisrael if only Am Yisrael will be worthy of them;

       faith that for Hashem to perform these miracles, the Jewish People has to take the first step, just as Nachson ben Aminadav had to walk into the Red Sea before the sea split for Am Yisrael, so they would be saved from Pharaoh and his armies.

What am I talking about?

Please look at the pamphlet above, and read the links I am attaching below for details: on September 9th, 2015, the 25th of Elul 5775,  - five days before Rosh Hashanah, when Hashem will again be crowned  King of the Universe,  right before the end of this Shemittah year that the whole world  is talking about - , a historic trial is about to take place on Har Zion, Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel: the trial of Har Esav by our "saviors", the "Moshi'im", the righteous rabbis of the so-called Sanhedrin -  may they become the real Sanhedrin revived, for they deserve to be recognized as such, being the only rabbis willing to confront the powers that be and demand of them to stop their evil ways or face the consequences.

These rabbis have taken upon themselves to judge the evildoers of the earth, finally, for all their evil deeds. The core of this evil comes right out of the Mountain of Esav: the Vatican and its allies.

Please open the link to the "Indictment" of the Mountain of Esav ( available in both Hebrew and English): an action correct, brave, to the point, and a necessary "basis" for the miracle we ask Hashem to perform for Am Yisrael - as opposed to the attitude of many rabbis of the world who are completely outraged by the audacity of these righteous men, and even condemn them for their actions!

The timing of this trial could not be more appropriate, coming as it does at the end of this forty-nine year Shemittah cycle: Rosh Hashanah of 5776 is the beginning of a Yovel year as you know, and the whole world is rapidly approaching a time of terrible suffering, be it because of imminent worldwide financial collapse, be it because of wars, or be it because of steady deterioration of the moral fiber of nations led by truly satanic leaders.

For those of you who have been following real events rather than the rosy version sold to you by the merchants of dreams known as the main stream media, you know what is going on: collapse of the Chinese stock market, trillions of debt the worldwide economies are built on, with imminent bursting of this debt bubble; death and devastation brought on by Muslim countries and Iran; acceptance of gay marriage as the law of the land; and the general emergence of a truly satanic atmosphere all over the world.

What you might not be aware of is the immense importance of this specific coming Yom Kippur 5776: not only is it the time for Hakhel, a day when all of Am Yisrael is supposed to hear the whole Torah read in public; but in addition, the servants of Satan have planned a slew of destructive events for that date. Most of them are discussed in the media so there is no need for me to repeat them; but there is one planned event which I find particularly alarming; it is not so publicized and I would like to discuss it here, even though it is not really the topic of the upcoming trial. Hopefully, though, once you are done reading this post you will understand why I am linking the trial with this event.

You must have heard about the visit of Pope Francis to the USA on Yom Kippur to meet Obama and address Congress. Not by accident did the pope choose this date: after all he has every reason to FLEE Europe on that very same day! You see, with the Vatican's blessings and supervision, on the 23rd of September, Yom Kippur, at the CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, mad scientists financed by the EU and other countries are about to embark on an experiment never before attempted, in which they will in essence "PLAY GOD". They have built a giant accelerator 300 feet below ground, in which they will accelerate atomic particles to such a speed as to reenact the creation of the world as they understand it; in addition this will create particles that don't exist as of now, and probably create a black hole - or what they call a portal to a different dimension - , in order to unify "spirit" and matter. They are doing this fully aware of the potential catastrophic destruction this immense power can unleash, not to mention their conviction, I should say knowledge, that by doing so they can open a portal for dark forces to take over the world. Nobody knows what the consequences of this foolish act will be, but it cannot be good.

Whoever uses their power to be in competition with the King of the World on the Day of Final Judgment cannot be on the right side of history, period. The arrogance of the nations is reaching a peak, and G-d "casts the arrogant to the ground and raises the humble".

 By the way, I know the CERN very well, I grew up in Geneva and even worked in a hospital 10 minutes away from the CERN, but never guessed they would be capable of such insanity. Even Professor Stephen Hawking, famous theoretical physicist, warns about the danger of their experiment.

In addition, the CERN and their backers wanted to start such a project in the middle of our Land, the Land of Israel. Thank G-d it didn't arrive right in Israel, but it is so close. Who knows the implications of the presence of this nuclear accelerator on enemy, or at least potential enemy territory; why did the EU want such a center there? What is their ulterior motive? Knowing them it can't be good. Please read about the SESAME PROJECT in AMMAN, JORDAN.

Considering all of the above, as well as the topics of the indictment by the rabbis - Iran, a Palestinian state, etc.- , I feel that the upcoming trial a few days before Rosh Hashanah could not be more timely and essential for the survival not only of Am Yisrael but of the whole world. Maybe, just maybe, this righteous action will draw Divine Mercy on G-d's creatures. But for that, WE ALL HAVE TO DO IMMEDIATE TESHUVAH, if we haven't yet! For the uninitiated, Teshuvah means REPENTANCE. This applies to everyone, Jew or Gentile.

For your information I have provided links that explain what I just discussed. Please forgive me for providing links that also introduce quite a bit of nonsense, as well as talk of worship of 'that man'; my idea was to explain these new concepts to you, and it seems that the authors of the videos I have linked to have tried to get into the depth of the phenomena I am discussing with you, however their understanding is embedded in a worldview which is alien and false too, even though not satanic.In addition I believe that their understanding of Shiva as a destroyer is distorted: if I am correct it is not solely a symbol of destruction in the Hindu pantheon, it is not as maleficent as the CERN people would like to believe; but what counts is THE MAD SCIENTISTS AND THEIR BACKERS' intent, and their intent IS maleficent! For more information on that, please read up also on the Georgia Guide Stones and on Eugenics at the UN.

I hope this article opens your eyes in a whole new way.

May Hashem have mercy on Am Yisrael; may Hashem have mercy on all good and righteous people of the world! Amen.

Leshana Tova Tikatevu Vetichatemu.


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