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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My goodness, just as I was mentioning Pakistan, nukes, CIA, gun running, and CIA Mumbai murders, see this:

OK, So let's use our brains.

1. We know the CIA does gun running, and also drug running - see here:

Proof: the Benghazi scandal, and also this:

2. We just found some of the products of the Libya CIA gunrunning in Egypt. What are they doing there??

3. We know the CIA and various intelligence agencies were responsible for the Mumbai massacre that killed the Holtzbergs a few years ago. I have all the documentation on my blog.

4. The only surviving witness to that crime was executed in the last couple of weeks, hanged in secret by the Pakistanis. So, nobody to spill the beans about the story. He was, according to witness, 'mumbling incoherently" and apologizing to Allah - for what crime from a Muslim's perspective???- saying he made a mistake, or something to that effect,  just before being hanged

5. This happened during the Gaza war, a couple of days after the new Chabad Shelichim in Mumbai, on a visit here, were directly targeted by a rocket attack, and the wife killed. Coincidence? Did they maybe come here to warn Israel?

6.We know that Hamas rockets can be directed with the help of agents on the ground:

7. Israel is full of CIA agents who could easily help direct the rockets too.

8. I contend that it is no coincidence that the Mumbai Shlichim were targeted again. I believe they were targeted for a reason. With their extensive contacts, so many people passing by the Chabad House, I suspect that they found out about some drug running, and most likely weapons running as well. Are we talking about the missiles with nuclear warheads mentioned in the article above and below? If so, it would explain why they had to be silenced.

Feedback please.

 Interesting, isn't it. Specially considering the Benghazi gun running scandal, which clearly involves the CIA; so in short, the CIA is responsible for all those rockets, and for defense against Israel ( anti aircraft weapons) that will eventually hit Israel. Simple enough., And since I had told you that the CIA was responsible for the murder of Holtzberg, and highly suspect in the latest Chabad murder in Kiryat Malachi; A. they bring in the weapons, and B. they know how to aim them to specific targets, It is clear to me that the CIA was behind that murder too. I suspect it has to do with gun running, and probably drug running, in Mumbai, from Pakistan probably. Nuclear???