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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

VERY INSIGHTFUL EXCHANGE: Fwd: Why we can't win in Gaza

I see that there are ostensibly intelligent people who believe that conquering the Gaza Strip and turning it over to the "Good Terrorists" is a viable option. I am astonished at the stupidity of the notion. Once they have lost credibility and legitimacy and been thrown out, they have lost face. In the Middle East, that is the end. One cannot return to power, most certainly not on an Israeli tank, and be accepted as legitimate. The PLO would remain in power only if the Israeli military imposed it on the "Palestinians" with draconian force, the same way that Quisling ruled Norway under Nazi Germany. As it is, Abbas is derisively called the "Mayor of Ramallah" and cannot even travel to Nablus except under Israeli army protection. He can't even be Mayor of Ramallah without the IDF protecting him and imposing his rule. Can we imagine he will rule Gaza after the Israelis hand it over to him? How can people believe such asinine blither?




Defense Minister Ehud Barak laid out the three objectives of the offensive: dealing Hamas a forceful blow, fundamentally changing the situation in Gaza, and bringing to the cessation of rocket attacks against Israeli citizens.

    I suggest three others, (no spin):

1.  To re-elect Kadimah and re-empower our PLO (Peres, Livni and Olmert)

2.  To replace Hamas in Gaza with Fatah in order to bring about the one state dissolution.

3.  To give Gaza to "our" terrorists -the 'moderate' murderers under Abbas with whom Israel can negotiate away its existence

    Man proposes, but Hashem disposes.

    With love of Eretz,




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