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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS ARTICLE? It comes from the Hal Turner blog - a big antisemite. I wonder if this is true. Go to his blog, and read his sources. Is it true? Please tell me what you think. If true, it's very bad.

Received this from Carl. Thanks


December 30, 2008

Obama sends personal, private Envoy to Gaza

***** BREAKING NEWS, URGENT ******* The Gaza Strip, Palestine -- President Elect Barack Obama has sent a personal, private Envoy to the Gaza strip with instructions to report on the situation there as an eye witness.

Obama did not go through normal Diplomatic channels when dispatching the Envoy, deiberately keeping Israel out of the Diplomatic loop!

Instead Obama operatives quietly contacted Egypt and secured their help to smuggle the Envoy into the Gaza Strip without Israeli knowledge, consent or cooperation. The Envoy arrived inside Gaza just over 24 hours ago and has already begun reporting back directly to Obama.

Information that has reached me indicates Obama is personally furious at the "barbaric" Israelis but intends to remain silent until he becomes President on January 20.

On that day, relations between the United States and Israel will take a dramatic turn for the worse, with Israel on the losing end.

More details as they become available

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