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Monday, December 29, 2008

Re: Read the news: the US, Great Britain, even the POPE, all blame Hamas. The Gaza attack was obviously COORDINATED with the NWO: on the surface it seems to be for Israel' sake, but in truth, its REAL REASON IS FOR A PA STATE. We've been had, again.

nik said:

since they didn't finish the job and wipe them all out... this "good news" is just a fraud like everything else the slime ever does... they did this to ratchet up the cycle of violence so that Hamas and Hezbollah. can again begin killing Jews with worldwide impunity... and you will see virtually no response from the israeli gov't in retaliation... this is the same thing peres did before netanyahu got in back in '96... have a war from the left that is useless and of no help so that a war of and from the right will not be possible so soon afterward and thus no Begin-sized invasion of lebanon for example will and can be carried out... not to mention the fact that no one like Begin will ever be allowed into the pm office of Israel ever again sans coup or Moshiach's arrival...
peres now calling for another cease fire to make sure israel's next gov't is hamstrung despite escalating suicide-bombers and other open terrorist, guerrila warfare from the a-rabs... this is truly sick, demented, diseased and twisted stuff... stuff from which living nightmares are made... nik. out...

DS comments:

nik, I really admire your keep perception of events. I think you are right on target. Just one question: I tried to find evidence of Peres calling for a cease-fire. I haven't found that at this time. Where did you get this information?

But overall I think your analysis is correct.Thank you

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