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Monday, December 31, 2007


Goals Of "Peace"

Although Rabin was the tool to sell Oslo to the Israeli public, the ultimate
goals of this peace process were taken over by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres
and his deputy, Yossi Beilin. Ron Pundak noted, "Beilin doesn't believe in

borders. He thinks they are the root cause of conflict and doesn't care if
Israel loses hers." Shimon Peres advanced such thinking with a program he
called The New Middle East. In his vision, Israel would give up its present

borders, including its most vital strategic positions, to join in an
economic union with its Arab neighbors. To secure the pullback of Israel's
present borders to those of 1948, some 200,000 Jews would have to be removed

from their homes. The Israeli government, through Beilin, obligated itself
to carrying out a plan of delegitimization, in fact demonization, of the
Jewish residents of the Administered Territories and later the Golan

Heights, as a prelude to their forced removal.

The secret clauses of Oslo were leaked by an alarmed employee of a
government ministry, first to Jerusalem Post reporter Steve Rodan. After a
three month fact checking period, the Post printed the less frightening

details on its front page and suffered expensive government retaliation
immediately after.

Through an intermediary, I was given the details of what the Post backed off

printing, which I published in my newsletter Inside Israel. Beilin's plan

called for a covert war against the "settlers" or Jewish residents of

disputed territories, which included incriminating the innocent in timely

outrages and murdering public figures to instill terror and uncertainty.

This plan ultimately led to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak


Here is a rerun of a column written by Barry Chamish five years ago re: the systematic murder of rabbis. It almost sounds like what is happening now!

Barry Chamish Newsletter Archives
August-September 2002

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September 10 - Slikhot Rabin
September 5 -   Vatican Roundup
August 22 -   How Bad Are the Peacemakers
August 7 -     British Freemasonry Covets Israel

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September 27, 2002 - NAMING THE YESHA SPIES

     Poor deluded Israelis believe that the current moment of justice, when
the government actually has freed the army to arrest their murderers, is a
lasting trend. They will soon learn that the Oslo game is just on brief
hold and the real goal of intimidating the Jewish residents of Yesha from
their homes is merely on the backburner.
     Admittedly, the more perceptive see the signs. Two more Yesha rabbis
have been murdered in the past month, Shapiro and Dickstein, upping the
total to about an even dozen in the past four years. And there is no
denying that the murder of Rabbi Eliahu Shapira of Peduel wasn't random
terrorism. He was ambushed by a highly trained hit squad which possessed
exact intelligence about his whereabouts.
     And another Arab girls' school was bombed without deaths and again
Jewish settler "extremists" were blamed. These same "extremists" blamed for
similar school bombs in East Jerusalem and Tzur Bahr don't exist. They are
the creation of a group of Shabak officers, working hand in hand with the
CIA and PLO, to remove Israel and its citizens from Yesha. And guess who
the Israeli behind the plot is? Read on:

CIA begins training Palestinian officers
       By Amira Hass Ha'aretz 17 September 2002

"A training course for Palestinian Authority security officers got underway
yesterday in Jericho. The course is being run by a team of security
experts from the Central Intelligence Agency, Jordan and Egypt, and is taking
place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Jericho.

"'The session will be part of a training program with the goal of
developing  the capabilities of the security services as part of the
reforms launched
by  the Palestinian Authority," head of West Bank preventive security, Zuheir
Manasra, said on Sunday.  The current course will last 20 days, after
which, different groups will be  trained.

"Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat gave his approval to
the  training, despite the fact that, according to Palestinian sources,
Israel  prevented 100 Palestinian officers from taking part.

"According to Israeli sources, this is a very 'preliminary' stage of a U.S.
plan to implement reforms in the Palestinian Authority. The program was
developed by a CIA team that spent several weeks in the region and met
with  senior Palestinian officials. Also involved in the plan were Egypt,
Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

"As part of the reforms within the Palestinian Authority, the foreign
security experts are helping train Palestinian security services, which
both  Israel and the United States accuse of not doing enough to prevent
attacks against Israel.

Officers from the West Bank preventive security service, headed by Zuheir
"Manasra, were present at yesterday's course, in addition to those of
the  Gaza Strip General Intelligence, headed by Amin al-Hindi.
Palestinian  policemen and firemen also took part.

"According to Rashid Abu Shabak, head of preventive security in the Gaza
Strip, the U.S. guaranteed the training program would be carried out as
planned, but did not impose upon Israel to let everyone participate. The
ban on letting officers take part in the course is not a personal one, but
rather aimed at certain organizations, such as the West Bank General
Intelligence, headed by Tawfik Tirawi.

"While the Palestinian Authority position remains that Palestinians should be
able to kill non-civilians for the time being, FM Peres praised the current
training program run by the CIA, Egypt and others security services to
improve the skills of PA security forces."

     There you have it. Shimon Peres and CIA director George Tenet are once
again buttressing the PLO and the victims of the training will be Yesha Jews.
     The plot of the scenario is to once again prove to Israelis and the
world that the Jews of Judea and Samaria are violent, irresponsible
criminals whose biblical and historical claims to their homeland is
forfeited by their murderous behavior. This, the plotters believe, can be
achieved by fabricating violent acts and blaming them on selected
"settlers." That requires agents planted in the Yesha Council and local
councils providing exact intelligence on potential patsies.



compliments of "bill". Thank you, bill!

Orwellian? Reminds me of the chip implants. And don't forget that "settlers" in jail overnight for refusing to move from some place, or involved in any demonstration against the government, will most likely be labeled "security"cases too!


Police Compiling Massive DNA Database

22 Tevet 5768, 31 December 07 11:30

( Police have begun collecting DNA samples from prison inmates as part of a comprehensive database they have been compiling since February.  Police crime scene investigators took cheek swabs from 183 prisoners on Thursday, the first time police have retrieved DNA samples from prisoners and not just recent convicts or suspects.

The database was approved in legislation of 2005 in order to enable crime scene investigators to cross-reference profiles from crime scenes and identify serial offenders more resourcefully. According to the law, the DNA database may only be used in cases involving violent, property, or security crimes, and swabs may be taken from prisoners incarcerated due to relevant crimes.

Over 15,000 convicts are represented in the database, with 130 indictments being filed as a result of the catalog. Data retrieved from a suspect will be erased from the database after seven years if criminal proceedings against him end without a conviction.  Each profile will be erased after 20 years.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fwd: Very interesting letter by Eric Phelps describing the things Jesuits did to Jews for over a century.One more letter describing the EREV RAV origins of the Jesuits, of Ignacius de Loyola himself!

Jesuits and the Third Reich

Filed under:

1. June 24, 2005 - 15:32

Dear Mr. Lilienthal,

Are you aware of the Jesuit connection between Pope Pius XII and SS General Karl Wolff, the criminal who sent Rome's Jews to Auschwitz?

Pius 12 blessed Hitler (the anti-Christ of Revelation 13) and called him "The Envoy of God". The Jesuits were formed by a baptised counterfeit-Jew named Ignatius Loyola and thus the persecuted counterfeit-Jews took control of The Vatican - JAH.

Are you aware of the Jesuit connection between Jacobus von Hauck, the Archbishop of Bamberg, and Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler? Do you know that the Canon to Munich Archbishop Michael von Faulhaber, was Wilhelm August Patin who was not only a Dominican priest and an SS officer, but was Himmler's cousin? With the oversight of these highly trained priests, the

28 year-old Reichsfuhrer Himmler patterned the SS after the Jesuit Order.

Are you aware that the Archbishops of Freiburg and Brunswick were high ranking officers in Himmler's SS according to SS General Baron Frederick von Eberstein when under questioning at Nuremburg?

Are you aware that the Jesuits, via the SS and the Gestapo, ran Dachau KZ and at the end of the war just prior to Allied liberation of the camp, one of the Jesuits was allowed to "escape?" Did you know that this Jesuit returned to the camp in an SS officer's uniform with a large truck loaded with food when that commodity was highly prized? Did you know that with this food the Jesuit priest/SS officer fed the priests housed in the camp and then loaded thirty Jesuit priests on the truck, drove out of the camp, bringing his "brothers" to safety? Indeed, the outward show of Jesuit resistance to Hitler was betrayed by this flagrant action, and of the most telling event of the war.

Are you aware that it was the Society of Jesus that ran Jesuit-trained Pope Pius XII's Vatican Ratlines, enabling notorious Nazis to escape their just reward for (allegedly) murdering in excess of six million Jews?

If I may indulge you, the facts lead to this conclusion:

The Open and yet false policy of the Vatican was to give sympathy to European Jews, to even rescue a few from certain death.

The Secret but true policy of the Vatican was to carry out the final solution to the "Jewish Question Agitation" fomented by the Jesuits in their Cattolica Civilta since the early 1880s. And it was to this secret policy that the Pope's Masonic (counterfeit-)Jewish Zionists adhered, including Zionist Rudolf Kastner, when they aided such monsters as Adolf Eichmann and Kurt Becher in the murder of 400,000 Hungarian Jews as proved in the government's trial against Michael Greenwald. With the Ben-Gurion government hanging in the balance, the Jesuit General ordered the capture and sacrifice of the "heretic" Protestant Adolf Eichmann (whose execution was just) rather than the Roman Catholics Martin Bormann and Josef Mengele who were also in South America -- along with Hitler.

The naked truth Mr. Lilienthal is that the Jesuit Order ran all the intelligence agencies during what I call the Pope's Second Thirty Years' War (1914-1945). These agencies included the OSS, the NKVD, the RSHA including the SD and Gestapo, the British MI5 and MI6, and every other lesser intelligence gathering service. This means, of course, that FDR, Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Petain, et. al.., ALL WORKED TOGETHER for the intended purposes of the War, three of them being the destruction of the European Jews; the destruction of apostate Protestant Prussia; and the establishment of "the Kingdom of Jerusalem," as the promised land was called during the Pope's Dark Age, Holy Roman Empire.

This means of course that the government of Israel, since its inception, is merely a creation of the Jesuits in control of the Papacy. And yes, the Mossad is a mere creation of the CIA, overseen at the time by former Nazi Intelligence Chief and Roman Catholic Knight of Malta, Reinhard Gehlen.

My question to you, Mr. Lilienthal, is will you help me in naming the Jesuits involved with the Third Reich, be they priests or coadjutors like Martin Bormann and Heinrich "Gestapo" Mueller? The reason for this request is that the Order's Nazi apparatus was brought into the US after the war via the power of Cardinal Spellman, the assassin of JFK. This apparatus is now about to unleash the same genocide right here as was done to Europe in your era.

Will you help me Mr. Lilienthal, please?

Sincerely in Faith,

Eric Jon Phelps, Author Vatican Assassins: "Wounded In The House Of My Friends"



From: JAH Publications

Date: 4. Feb. 2001

Dear Rick Martin,

Please forward this to Eric Jon Phelps whom you interviewed about his book "Vatican Assassins", as soon as possible. Please also read it yourself.

I have read your interview with Eric Jon Phelps about his book "Vatican Assassins" which is about the Black pope and Jesuits and have found that he has 90% of his facts correct, especially when dealing with secular and religious matters and that is great.

However, his book is very dangerous to the truth-seeker, in so far as, because of that 90% they will also be likely to innocently accept the other 10% which is totally wrong and therein lies the enormous danger. The poison mixed in with the sweets.

What he has said about the religions and religious organisations is true but his interpretation of Scripture especially regarding the Book of Revelation is totally wrong and will mislead many people unless he allows me to correct it for him, before publication. I will do that for free out of concern for the Truth-seekers and then his book will be correct and absolutely earth-shattering.

He is absolutely right about the Black pope as I confirm in my article at:-

A few quick points for you:

1) He says the Jesuits believe in Lucifer not Satan.

Lucifer IS Satan. Satan is Hebrew for "Opposer" or "Adversary" and Lucifer is the Opposer or opposite of God and is His adversary. Lucifer is his NAME. Satan is one of his titles the other being the Devil which is Hebrew meaning Liar or Slanderer.

2) He states that Revelation chapter 13 is yet to be fulfilled when it was fulfilled by Adolf Hitler who resurrected the Beast that had one of its heads wounded. The beast that was wounded was the Roman Empire and Hitler resurrected it using the Roman standards of the Eagle and Swastika, with the blessing of pope Pius XII who called Hitler "the envoy of God".

The Mark in the hand (Deutsch-mark and the mark in the head - Marxism). Fire from the sky - incendiary bombs, etc. The 1000 year reich (Rule) like Christ. Hitler was the false Messiah or anti-Christ and was a professed Satanist whose power he used to deceive the German people and whose negative energy was utilised via mass hysteria to follow the Fuhrer or messiah.

This is all explained in detail in my Book - "The Way home or face The Fire" available only from:-

3) He says that the Jesuits have made the Jews into the scapegoats when in fact the Jesuits were founded and financed by the Jewish Meyer Rothschild, the treasurer of the Jesuits, with Ignatius Loyola in 1536. Ignatius Loyola was the first Black Pope (Supreme Jesuit General) and he was Spanish and he was a Jew, as was the German Adam Weishaupt the Jesuit Bishop who formed the Illuminati. The Idumaean Jews (converts to Judaism) were ORDERED in 1492 to convert to catholicism*(4) in order to achieve their evil aims of world domination and to use it as their perfect cover. Who would ever expect that the Jesuits were really Idumaean Jews and if you told the people, who would believe you and not say you were crazy? The absolute perfect cover. The wolf in the sheep's clothing.

These Jews are not true racial Jews descended from Israel's fourth son of the twelve who alone was called Judah but are Edomite (Idumaean - Esau) converts to Judaism described in Revelation by Christ as those (like king Herodand the Sanhedrin) who say they are Jews but are not. They are the Synagogue of Satan, who have, by their evil actions, caused people to wrongly hateall Jews.

Revelation 2:9 and 3:9

2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and[I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.

3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE (Idumeans); behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

These references are quoted from my "King of kings' Bible" explained at:-

This is not an advert, it is only to show you proof that I know what I am talking about and that I am the world authority on Scripture.

Mr. Phelps, you have been confused my friend and you must get things clear in your mind and correct, if you are to succeed in your efforts and not confuse your readers even more than they are already. When the true Jews know the truth about these evil people using them and sacrificing them for their own personal ends, perhaps they will unite with and help us to get rid of our mutual enemies?

Please take what I have told you extremely seriously. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you,

Peace be upon you,

JAH (Mal. 4)

* In 1492, Chemor, chief "Rabbi" of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, when a Spanish law Threatened expulsion. (1)

This was the reply [emphasis added]:

"Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortune which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

1. As for what you say that the King of Spain (2) obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.

2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: MAKE YOUR SONS MERCHANTS THAT THEY MAY DESPOIL, LITTLE BY LITTLE, the Christians of theirs.

3. As for what you say of their making attempts on your lives: MAKE YOUR SONS DOCTORS AND APOTHECARIES, THAT THEY MAY TAKE AWAY CHRISTIANS' LIVES.

4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: MAKE YOUR SONS CANONS AND CLERICS IN ORDER THAT THEY MAY DESTROY THEIR CHURCHES.


6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that as humiliated as you are, YOU WILL REACH THE ACTUALTY OF POWER."

(Signed) Prince of the Jews of Constantinople

(1) The reply is found in the sixteenth century Spanish book, "La Silva Curiosa", by Julio-Iniquez de Medrano (Paris Orry, 1608) with the explanation: "This letter following was found in the archives of Toledo by the Hermit of Salamanca, (while) searching the ancient records of the Kingdoms of Spain; and as it is expressive and remarkable , I wish to write it here."

(2) Ferdinand.

One more fascinating article that highlights the relationship between the ISI ( Pakistan's Secret Service), Al-Qaida, and the CIA

Check these really moving pictures of the funeral of the two soldiers killed by terrorists 2 days ago


Re: Al Qaida, I have received important information from other sources that you should see. Maybe you'll look at these threats in a different way, after that. See WHO could be really threatening Israel , via a FRONT, AGAIN???.

1. Al-Qaeda Threatens Israel Directly

21 Tevet 5768, 30 December 07 12:49
by Hillel Fendel
( A new audio cassette, the fifth one issued by the Al-Qaeda international terrorist organization this year, tells the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza that they need not be concerned.  "I have not forgotten your struggle," the reviled terrorist chieftain Osama Bin-Laden is heard saying, "and we plan to expand our Jihad [holy war] to Palestine as well.  We intend to liberate all of Palestine, from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea."
Previous messages by Bin-Laden have not mentioned Israel directly.
Just last week, Al-Qaeda carried out the murder of Pakistani Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, a Shia Moslem.  Though it later denied its involvement, at least one recording has surfaced of Al-Qaeda leaders congratulating each other on the successful operation. 
In the most recent tape, Bin-Laden speaks for nearly an hour about Iraq, the United States - and Israel.  Promising to carry out attacks against Israel, he says, "Blood for blood, destruction for destruction."

"Unlike other Moslem leaders," Bin-Laden said, "we don't recognize even one centimeter of Palestinian land [sic] as belonging to the Jews."  Even Hizbullah is too moderate, Bin-Laden feels, for having agreed to the stationing in southern Lebanon of an international peacekeeping force "to protect the Jews."
It was reported on Sunday that Egyptian security forces recently thwarted an Al-Qaeda attempt to establish a terrorist cell in Egypt.  Fourteen Al-Qaeda suspects were arrested, according to a report in the London-based Al Hayat newspaper.


3.Mossad Snubbed Bhutto's Protection Request

19 Tevet 5768, 28 December 07 03:43
( Slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto "desperately" asked the CIA , Scotland Yard and Israel's Mossad to assist in her personal protection in the weeks before her assassination, Maariv reported Friday. Bhutto said that President Pervez Musharraf's men would not let her protect herself adequately: she was not allowed to use dark-paned windows in her motorcade or use equipment for location of roadside explosives. She suspected Musharraf wanted to make her an easy target for assassins.
In Israel, discussions were held on the subject between the Foreign Ministry, which supported the request, Mossad, and other bodies involved with protection of VIPs. No decision was reached because Israel was concerned about upsetting the Pakistani or Indian regimes.
The paper reports that Bhutto sent an e-mail to one of her confidantes in Washington, an American named Mark Siegel, in which she said that if something happened to her, she blames Musharraf. She asked Siegel not to make the e-mail public unless she was assassinated.

4. Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind is saying that the British SIS intelligency agency, with King Juan Carlos of Spain, Knight of Malta Commander for the Middle East in charge, were the culprits behind the assassination of Bhutto, since nothing major ever happens in Pakistan without their hands being in it.  Pakistani intelligence is part of the International Intelligence community working for the Jesuit General.

5.Subject: Re: Fw: Brasscheck TV: Osama bin Laden is dead
Fascinating. But why are you saying that Bush is OK with the status quo? This is not what I am reading.
The Black Pope's International Intelligence Community led by the British MI6 and the American CIA killed Benazir Bhutto.  She was against bringing Pakistan into the war on Iraq and Iran.  This would have frustrated the entire purpose for the CIA building the pro-Al Qaeda Pakistani ISI.  Thus, she was killed by the ISI with a mortal shot to the neck, one to the chest and was probably finished off in the ambulance on the way to the hospital as was Lee Harvey Oswald.  Sunni Pakistan is to join the crusade against the Moslem Shia in Iran along with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.  The Order's Sunni/Wahhabi Masonic International Terrorist Network is controlled by the Order's International Intelligence Community.   Bush and the successor of Bin Laden work together.

And also, assuming the CIA is funding their intelligence, does it mean that it is a CIA person within the intelligence that killed her? Are there ONLY CIA individuals in their intelligence ?? After all, there are a lot of terrorist infiltrators in these countries, just like in Iraq.
The terrorism on one side is being carried out by the CIA, Blackwater and US troops in Iraq. On the other side is Sunni Al Qaeda which hates the Shia.  Both factions work together for the destruction of the majority Shia populations in Iraq and later in Iran.  Once the Shia are neutralized in Iraq and in Iran, the Sunnis can then be united, via Wahhabi leadership, against the West for our invasion.
Brother Eric
 ( Eric Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, I, II, III)


Go to this website for some information about anti-semitism in Roman Catholicism

PLEASE NOTE that the last statement at the bottom of the article about Rome's changing their position and being more tolerant in the late 20th century is ALL BOGUS.  This was a smokescreen for Pope John Paul II's ecumenical movement and for transferring the deed of Jerusalem by Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilen into the hands of the Vatican.  This is nothing more that a so-called "instant" peace settlement after centuries of atrocities against the Jewish people.  It's like a Catholic going to confession every week to confess his sins to a Catholic  priest (who is just as guilty or more so than the confessor), feels good about himself, then turns around and reverts back to the same sinful living, then goes to confession, feels good, reverts back to sinning, - a continuous cycle, while the spots on the Leopard never change.   IT'S  LIKE PUTTING A BANDAID ON A CANCER SORE.   Shall the devil ever change or repent of his evil?  But HE CAN DECEIVE IN A WAY TO MAKE YOU THINK HE HAS CHANGED!!!!! 
The so-called "apology" from the Vatican for their "negligence" in the Holocaust was nothing short of total fraudulence.   It was all part of the plan.


Here is an interview with Benazir Bhutto; it lasts between 14-15 minutes.

Pakistan is on track for a social
 and political meltdown.

 Bush & Co. seem fine with that.

 They may even be helping it along,
 or at least sitting back while
 the CIA-managed Pakistani intelligence
 service funds terror attacks in that

 Did you know that according to the
 recently murdered Benazir Bhutto
 Osama bin Laden is dead?

 I don't claim to understand it all, but
 Pakistan appears key to keeping the fabricated
"War on Terror" alive which is why Bush & Co.
 seem to happy with the crooked dictator
who's in charge.

Fwd: As I had said, this whole tragedy is the work of the CIA-trained PLO-Al Aksa Martyr brigade , with other words the POPE/RICE/BUSH/BLAIR/OLMERT/PERES, despite shameful hypocrisy and disinformation. Please read ALL below.


Dear All,

Shavuah Tov.

As you have already heard, this terrible tragedy happened Friday, when two young, beautiful, brave Jewish boys from Kiryat Arba were gunned down by Arab terrorists. This hit very closely home, and right away I knew it was no random terror attack.

There is the pattern of targeting prominent rabbis or their families, or various opposition leaders such as Ido Zoldan recently, whether by fake car accidents or actual shootings, a pattern that is statistically simply impossible.

Then there was also the story of the shots in the head, the all- terrain vehicle.. it just didn't make sense that this would have been some random attack by wild maniacs: this was a highly professional hit by experts. First the disinformation came that the Al-Quds brigade had claimed responsibility. The Al-Quds brigade is an arm of Iranian terror, why would they target soldiers in Telem? Then came the revelation that in fact, it was not Al-Quds, but Al- Aksa: close enough in sound, but a whole different meaning!

The Al-Aksa martys brigade is the most murderous arm of the PLO, it receives money from the PA government ( i.e. from ISRAEL, the EU, the US, etc, at the tune of over $ 6 billion pledged, if you remember Paris two weeks ago.), and it is trained by the CIA.

With other words, this was a GOVERNMENT HIT! Through fronts, of course, as usual, with disinformation, apologies. How do you like the cruel, phony, utter cynicism of Shimon Peres , using Fayyad's crocodile tears to actually PRAISE the PA for their murderous action!?

Now you are asking, how did they find out about the boys' whereabouts? . Well, I was at the funeral tonight, and the story I heard was that the two boys were at that spring in Telem, and they saw this Arab walking there too who started a conversation with them, they actually exchanged salaams! And while they were talking, the Arab alerted his four  terrorist buddies who arrived there in their all -terrain vehicle, fully armed, and started shooting at the boys.

All very well planned and executed.

What we should ask, though, is WHO alerted the Arabs that the boys were going on this trip? They were soldiers on leave. Somebody from the Shabak must have alerted the Arabs that they were on their way. WHO? FROM THE ARMY? FROM  KIRYAT ARBA? Don't forget, the gate to get out of Kiryat Arba has spies there at all times.

Also, one more important fact:

Rav Yehuda Amichai is a very prominent and important Rabbi. I spoke to him a couple of times before the Shemitta year to ask him a couple of questions re: Shemitta. He is THE EXPERT on Shemittah here, nobody is as knowledgeable as him here. He is highly respected and famous nationwide as the head of the OTZAR HAARETZ organization, which provides Shemittah produce for observant Jews all over Israel. It is a system whereby JEWISH LABOR ONLY is used in a HALACHICALLY PERMISSIBLE WAY. That sure goes against everything this evil government believes in. Witness the coercion they used to force rabbis to approve the Heter Mechira system. OTZAR HAARETZ DEFIES THE ISRAELI GODLESS GOVERNMENT!!

Hitting at the observance of Shemittah is hitting at the very essence of our link to the LAND. Do not forget that the PENALTY FOR NOT OBSERVING THE SHEMITTA CORRECTLY, ACCORDING TO TORAH, IS EXILE!



The second rabbi is a rabbi at the Shavei Hevron Yeshiva. By killing his son, they are hitting at the heart of Hevron, trying to weaken Hevron.

So the whole thing makes a lot of sense from their point of view.

Just putting two and two together.

By the way, the young man who gave a eulogy for the dead is literally my next door neighbor. His parents and siblings can look at my garden every day...even into my bedroom , if they really wanted!!!










David Rubin and Achikam Amichai Laid to Rest

20 Tevet 5768, 29 December 07 11:31
by Gil Ronen

( The funerals of the two young men from Kiryat Arba who were murdered by terrorists Friday will be held tonight.

The funeral procession of David Rubin and Achikam Amichai left the homes of the slain boys at 7:30 P.M.. The joint funeral at Har Herzl will begin at 10 P.M.

Achikam is the son of Rabbi Yehuda Amichai, the head of the Torah Institute and the grandson of Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neria. David and Achikam were murdered in Nahal Telem, to the north and west of Hevron.

According to the details that have been leaked from the initial inquiry into the event, the two soldiers, who were on leave from their units, were approached by terrorists in an SUV who apparently had been tipped off as to their presence in the secluded riverbed. The terrorists struck up a conversation with their intended victims, and at a certain point opened fire on them.

The two young men, both of whom served in elite units, managed to return fire and killed one of the terrorists. At least one other was reportedly wounded. IDF sources told Ynet that the two "fought to their last drop of blood."

The young woman who was with the two managed to run and hide, and called the emergency services. Bad cell phone reception delayed the process of locating the attack victims. By the time the army and emergency crews arrived on the scene, the two young men were dead. The emergency crews also found the body of one Arab terrorist. The Red Crescent emergency services reportedly evacuated the second injured terrorist to a hospital in Hevron.

Fayad: We Are 'Pained' By Killing of Soldiers
Salam Fayad, chairman of the PA in Judea and Gaza, said Saturday evening that he shares the pain over the killing of the two Israeli soldiers near Hevron. "We feel pain over the death of the two soldiers. Every death is unnecessary," Fayad said at an economic conference being held at a hotel in Hertzliya.

Fayad said the PA arrested suspects in the matter and asked to convey his condolences to the bereaved families. These are not just words here, but also deeds," Fayad said. "We are working in cooperation with the Israeli security services and we will see this matter to its end."

'Only force'
The Yesha Rabbis' Council reacted to the murderous attack near Hevron by saying: "Any intention and plan to give up parts of the Land of Israel is understood as weakness and surrender and leads directly to the murder of Jews."

"The Arab enemy understands only force, power and resoluteness," the rabbis said. "A Jewish government needs to evict its enemies from within it and settle Jews in their stead."

The newly-formed Hatikva party responded to the murderous attack, and said: "The victims of Annapolis who were gunned down today in Har Hevron died as a direct result of the terrorists' daring, which increases the more Olmert and Livni court the chairman of the Palestinian terror authority, Abu Mazen."

Terror victims' organization Almagor sent a message to the Israeli cabinet following the attack, and asked it to return the roadblocks it removed from Judea and Samaria's roads "instead of discussing relaxation of the criteria for releasing terrorists."

Besides the pressing need to replace the roadblocks, Almagor said, such a move "would convey a proper message to the terror groups in the wake of the murder."

MK Uri Ariel (NU/NRP) said that the murders were "additional proof of how the Arab terror raises its head the moment it recognizes weakness and willingness to compromise" on the Israeli side. "The Prime Minister's announcements about releasing terrorists, freezing construction and supervision of tenders in Jerusalem give terror a boost," he said.

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Rabbi Lior: Slain Young Men's Heroism will Make Us Stronger

21 Tevet 5768, 30 December 07 12:19
by Gil Ronen

( Rabbi Dov Lior, the Rabbi of Kiryat Arba, told mourners in the funeral procession for the young men slain Friday that the way the two returned fire despite being wounded "is encouragement for heroic deeds by Jews who fight for their lives."

Lior tore at the government for its decision to narrow the definition of terrorists "with blood on their hands" so as to enable the return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit who was abducted by Hamas. "They free terrorists with blood… but the fact that a terrorist tried to murder and failed, and because of this they then free him, that is madness." 

'The government is weak'
Rabbi Lior continued: "Who said that the weapon with which they murdered the two heroes is not a weapon our government provided them with? The government surrenders, the government is weak, and now they have even invited some goy from America who came to pressure us to give up and retreat."

Lior said that things have reached a state in which a Jew can no longer walk freely in his own country. "We cower behind walls," he said, "but the youth will continue to redeem our land and from this shall come peace, true peace, unlike the one they are trying to drug us with."

Rabbi Lior added a prayer: "May G-d avenge His servants and cause the government to be replaced." The current government supposedly cares about security but releases hundreds of murderers. They want to uproot Jews from their land, and this encourages terror."

'For me you are a journey'
Benaya Sarel, who was a friend of both of the terror victims, told the mourners about Achikam, who had nine brothers and sisters, and who Sarel said was incapable of fear. "There is no spring you failed to dip in, you stepped in every stream and for me you are a trip, a journey, a walk, sometimes with no objective."

Sarel said his slain friends belonged to a kind of heroes that is becoming extinct. David Rubin, eldest of seven siblings, never cried once. "You never broke and you always led the way forward," he grieved.

Sarel vowed that he and his friends would not be deterred from continuing to hike all over the Land of Israel, including the "dangerous" zones. "We followed you with our eyes closed, and we will continue to leave no rock unturned, he said, "only this time we will have no one to ask where to go.

© Copyright

PA Official: PA Al Aqsa Terrorists Now PA Policemen

21 Tevet 5768, 30 December 07 12:21
( Among those arrested by the IDF in connection with the murder of David Rubin and Achikam Amichai on Friday was Ahmed Muhammad Abu Sitteh, 
also known as Abu Suleiman, the Hevron area commander of the Al-Aqsa Brigades terror group.

According to Palestinian Authority Interior Minister Abdel-Razak al-Yahya, the terror group has been disbanded. "There is no Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades any more," he said in an interview with PA Radio. However, this does mean they have given up their weapons; instead, he said, they have been absorbed into "legitimate" PA security ranks, and are now "PA policemen." Yahya saw this as an ideal solution to dismantling the terror infrascture in Judea and Samaria. "We wish they [other terror groups] will respond positively and follow al-Aqsa's example," he said.

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Israeli forces seized the field commander of the military wing of Fatah, the Al-Aqsa Brigades in the West Bank city of Hebron and four other Al-Aqsa Brigades members on Friday.

The Al-Aqsa Brigades Media Center said commander Ahmed Muhammad Abu Sitteh, also known as Abu Suleiman, was detained late on Friday night and taken to an unknown location.

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Hebron Aftermath

Photo: Reuters
Fayyad with Peres on Saturday Photo: Reuters
Cpl. Ahikam Amihai 
Sgt. David Ruben 


Fayyad: We mourn deaths of Israeli soldiers

Palestinian prime minister meets with Israeli President Peres, expresses sorrow over deadly shooting attack near Hebron on Friday, says PA security forces have apprehended men suspected of involved in the attack

Atilla Somfalvi

Latest Update: 12.29.07, 23:24 / Israel News

"We mourn the deaths of the two soldiers. Every death is a senseless one," Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said on Saturday evening in a meeting with President Shimon Peres in Herzliya.

'We will combat terror'

Fayyad: PA responsible for attack in its territory / Ali Waked

Palestinian prime minister pledges Palestinian Authority will fulfill its commitment to combat terror. During visit to Nablus he addresses terror attack near Hebron on Friday, admits shooting was carried out in region under PA's charge. Meanwhile PA interior minister announces: 'There is no al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades anymore'
Full Story


"We are working to end the bloodshed, to create a better future," said Fayyad and extended his condolences to the families of Cpl. Ahikam Amihai and Sgt. David Ruben, two off-duty soldiers on a hiking trip who were killed in a shooting attack south of Hebron. Hundreds attended their funeral Saturday evening. 


''In spite of our best efforts, from time to time our relations get tested with an incident like this unfortunately,'' Fayyad said. ''This is a sad reality, it's something that we have to deal with.''


Fayyad announced that Palestinian security forces have already apprehended several suspects in connection to the attack.


''We have suspects in custody already. We are coordinating and cooperating with the Israeli security services, weapons have already been returned to Israeli security in connection with this particular incident,'' he said . ''So it's not only strong words of condemnation, it's action.''


Fayyad did not give further details and the Israeli military had no immediate confirmation of his comments.


Peres stressed the importance of Fayyad's statements and praised the work being done by PA forces to combat terror in the West Bank.


During a survey of the PA's deployment in Nablus earlier in the day, Fayyad acknowledge that the attack



had occurred on Palestinian territory. He vowed that the government would fulfill its commitment to rein in armed groups attacking Israel.


"Security is what Israelis view as most important; it is difficult for the public to understand why we are still being attacked after the withdrawal from Gaza. They are concerned that this will be the situation in the West Bank," said Peres.


First Published: 12.29.07, 20:00



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  • =Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Palestinian nationalists

    October 31, 2005

    What are the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades?

    The brigades are a group of West Bank militias affiliated with former Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat's al-Fatah faction and have been one of the driving forces behind the latest Palestinian intifada (uprising). While the group initially vowed to target only Israeli soldiers and settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in early 2002 it began a spree of terrorist attacks against civilians in Israeli cities. In March 2002, after a deadly al-Aqsa Brigades suicide bombing in Jerusalem, the State Department added the group to the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations.

    Are the brigades an Islamist movement?

    No. The brigades began in 2000 as an offshoot of Fatah, the secular Palestinian nationalist movement led by Arafat. Fatah is the largest faction in the Palestine Liberation Organization. (When Israel and the PLO signed a peace deal in 1993, Arafat renounced terrorism and founded a new, Palestinian-led administration in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.) The al-Aqsa Brigades commit the same sort of suicide bombings widely associated with such Muslim fundamentalist groups as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, but the group's ideology is rooted in Palestinian nationalism, not political Islam. In early 2002, the al-Aqsa Brigades' attacks killed more Israelis than those of Hamas.

    What sort of attacks do the brigades launch?

    Mostly shootings and suicide bombings, experts say, including attacks by female suicide bombers. Brigade members say they draw inspiration from Hezbollah, the Shiite Lebanese militia whose attacks drove Israel out of its self-declared security zone in southern Lebanon in 2000. Similarly, the brigades hope to drive Israel out of the West Bank by force. The group began by targeting Israeli roadblocks and settlers in the West Bank, but since shifting its tactics in early 2002, the brigades have claimed responsibility for some of the conflict's most significant attacks, including:

    • An October 2005 suicide attack at the Gush Etzion junction that killed three Israelis and wounded three others;
    • A March 2004 suicide bombing at a checkpoint at the Port of Ashdod that killed ten people. Hamas also claimed responsibility for the attack;
    • An January 2004 attack on a bus in Rehavia, Jerusalem that killed eleven people;
    • A pair of January 2003 suicide bombings in downtown Tel Aviv that killed 23 people and injured about 100 more, one of the bloodiest attacks of the current Palestinian uprising;
    • A November 2002 shooting spree at a kibbutz in northern Israel that killed five Israelis, including two children, and wounded seven more;
    • A March 2002 suicide bombing in Jerusalem that killed three Israelis, prompting Israel to call off ceasefire talks with Arafat's Palestinian Authority;
    • Another March 2002 suicide bombing in a Jerusalem café that killed 11 Israelis and wounded more than 50;
    • A March 2002 sniper attack on an Israeli army checkpoint in the West Bank in which the gunman methodically killed 10 Israelis, including seven Israeli soldiers, before escaping;
    • A January 2002 suicide attack in Jerusalem by a female terrorist that killed an elderly man and wounded about 40 other people.
    When did the group begin to target civilians inside Israel?

    Experts say the shift began in early 2002, when the Palestinian death toll in the current uprising was nearing 1,000 and the popularity of Arafat's secular Fatah faction was waning in comparison to the Islamist militants of Hamas. (Polls say most Palestinians support suicide bombings.) The al-Aqsa Brigades' attacks became more deadly after January 2002, when the group's West Bank leader, Raed Karmi, was killed in an explosion—widely believed in the region to have been a "targeted killing" by Israeli forces. The al-Aqsa Brigades claim the deaths of women and children in their attacks are accidental.

    What's the brigades' relationship with the Palestinian government?

    Palestinian officials have said most of the group's members are on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority, often because they serve in both the brigades and in one of the fourteen formal security services. In October 2005, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia announced a plan to begin disarming the brigades by setting up training camps and incorporating its members into the Palestinian security forces. Al-Asqa spokesmen in the West Bank and Gaza strip said they were confident the group would go along with the new plan, but Israeli officials are skeptical that the effort to disarm the group will actually be successful.

    What does the name al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades mean?

    The group's name refers to the al-Aqsa Mosque—located atop the contested Jerusalem holy site known by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and by Jews as the Temple Mount— and to Palestinians killed in the current intifada. Arabs refer to the uprising, which began in September 2000 after a controversial walk atop that holy site by Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon, as the al-Aqsa intifada. Muslim tradition holds that the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven from the site of the al-Aqsa Mosque, whose name is Arabic for "the farthest place." The individual militias that make up the group are often named after recently killed Palestinian militants.


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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > How Clinton trained terrorists - CIA 's PA police training course graduates joined Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade

How Clinton trained terrorists - CIA 's PA police training course graduates joined Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade

July 24, 2006

Fast Times At Clinton U

By William A. Mayer

July 24, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - A few days ago DNC Chief Howard Dean made a statement that should be consigned to the Twilight Zone:

"If you think what's going on in the Middle East today would be going on if the Democrats were in control, it wouldn't, because we would have worked day after day after day to make sure we didn't get where we are today. We would have had the moral authority that Bill Clinton had when he brought together the Israelis and the Palestinians."

Books could - and have been - written about the shortcomings of foreign policy initiatives under the last Democrat president, however one in particular [there are a multitude of others of course - gifting a crazed N. Korean dictator with his very own nuclear reactor and inviting Iranian intelligence operatives into Bosnia for starters, immediately comes to mind] should serve to illustrate the imbecility of Mr. Dean's pronouncement.

Central to Dean's thesis [also touted now by Madeline Albright - out on the hustings again pimping her Albright Group - an amalgam of low level project managers for Clinton's delusional North Korea nuclear policy and the still smoldering Balkan intervention, the upshot of which was to establish an Islamist base in Central Europe] is that under the Clinton administration things were different...which they certainly were.

Starting in 1996 a program was initiated whereby the CIA would train key members of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian security force with the expectation that they would then weed out terror elements within the PA. Two years later as Clinton leaned on Israel in pursuit of something he could cling to as a legacy he formalized the training of Arafat's Palestinian security teams - who were oft times also moonlighting in outright terrorist organization like the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade - as part of the Wye River Memorandum, specifically:

2. Forensic Cooperation

There will be an exchange of forensic expertise, training, and other assistance.

C. Other Issues

(b) Should the Palestinian side request technical assistance, the U.S. has indicated its willingness to help meet those needs in cooperation with other donors.

In this manner the Clinton administration codified and intensified an ongoing program, providing the highest level of technical assistance available - methodologies and hardware - to Arafat's terrorists.

The lead image above is of the "graduating class" of 1998, comprised of 18 members.

Khaled Abu Nijmeh was a member of this class, trained under the Clinton doctrine which we must assume DNC Chair Dean would now like to resurrect.

Nijmeh had directed numerous terror bombings against Israelis and along with 12 others participated in the 2002 siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

On the lam in Europe, he told the San Francisco Chronicle:

"I am a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and a first sergeant in Palestinian General Intelligence," Abu Nijmeh, now 36, told The Chronicle from his temporary home in Rome. "I personally received a course in antiterrorism and VIP protection. "I was not alone. Many Palestinian security people were trained by the Americans. We hope they will continue helping us." - February 14, 2005, "Mideast training program backfires Palestinian security officers schooled by U.S. later used tactics against Israel," Matthew Kalman, Chronicle Foreign Service

Raafat Bajali was also in this graduating class, quickly offering his newfound expertise to the al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade. Bajali died in a December 2001 explosion caused by the premature detonation of the bomb he was constructing.

Israeli officials including Clinton's handpicked PM Ehud Barak, complained, often bitterly that the American program was a serious threat to Israeli security:

"According to a senior member of the Israeli defense establishment, the American-Palestinian connection hurts Israel - and in a big way. 'Every course advances them, raises their level, helps them to become more professional. The CIA invests in them, gives them good courses. They get fantastic equipment, not just from the USA, also from European countries. The problem is that they also use the equipment against us, instead of using it to trap terrorists. So, for example, in the area of surveillance, they have a surveillance unit that monitors Israeli targets. And if you have advanced equipment, there is no problem monitoring military communications networks, intelligence networks or cellular telephones." - Article Link

The graduates of Clinton U learned their craft well, mastering shooting disciplines, VIP protection, interrogation techniques and communication skills, however many of them offered these new skills in service to the Palestinian's most violent killers.

As Front Page Magazine noted:

"More than half of the original class of 18 went on to become fighters in the Al-Aqsa brigades."

The training provided to Arafat's Fatah in the United States was coordinated through CIA contractors like Armor Group and Texas based International Training Inc. Additionally, state players - England, Jordan and Egypt directly provided instruction, in accordance with Wye.

One should be careful not to dismiss the fanciful pronouncements of partisans like Dean and Albright outright, because though often ridiculous on their face such sentiment permeates the leadership of the Democrat party, much of the press, academia and the permanent bureaucracy of the Dept. of State and the CIA.

Oft criticized as pre-9/11 thinking it goes deeper than that.

Perhaps the greatest defect with such policies lies in an almost complete misunderstanding of the nature of Islamist expansionism.

Such thinking leads boy-presidents with an eye to history and no experience in state-craft into problematic undertakings with huge potential downsides.

This leads seemingly well intentioned people to mount charm offensives [and "good will" gestures, training your enemies to more efficiently kill you] to demonstrate the benevolence of U.S. intentions towards people already proven implacable as participants in a manifest destiny of religious domination.

The nearly universal pressure to incorporate multiculturalism and moral relativism into any scheme of conflict resolution also looms large, one reason why the knee-jerk reaction to any confrontation between the Islamists and the West is almost always a demand for an "in place ceasefire," thus preserving terrorist gains and preventing any reversal of their fortunes.

At their core those who counsel a ME strategy heavily weighted towards negotiation and cooperation - absent the defeat of our enemies - are asking for the re-adoption of policies that have severely burned us and our allies in the past.

For that reason alone such rhetoric should be subjected to the derision it deserves.

©1999-2006, all rights reserved

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