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Friday, May 30, 2008

Re: FW: [Fwd: Calling for Help]

Excellent! Thanks , Jack!


Jack wrote:

I know two such stories in real life. See below.


George Phillips of Meridian, Mississippi was going up to bed when his
wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she
could see from the bedroom window.
George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there
were people in the shed stealing things. He phoned the police, who asked
"Is someone in your house," and he said "no." Then they said that all
patrols were busy, and that he should simply lock his door and an
officer would be along when available. George said, "Okay," hung up,
counted to 30, and phoned the police again. "Hello, I just called you a
few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed. 
Well, you don't have to worry about them now because I just shot them." 
Then he hung up.
Within five minutes six police cars, a SWAT Team, a helicopter, two fire
trucks, a paramedic and an ambulance showed up at the Phillips' 
residence and caught the burglars red-handed.
One of the Policemen said to George: "I thought you said that you'd shot
them!" George said, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"
Don't mess with old people.

 [Jack's comments] Two incidents: (1) A friend of mine had a run-in with a neighbor who then went and told the police that my friend was doing drugs. [He won't even use aspirin.] The cops came out and ransacked his home and his car, and confiscated his pistol. A few weeks later, he was on his way home and his car skidded on the slick, wet pavement and went into the ditch. This was right at the edge of an Arab village, the same one where my car was stoned a couple months ago. He called the police and was told no one knew where he was talking about, couldn't understand his directions, no one was available, etc. He called back again and explained that the van is full of drugs and as soon as the villagers discover him, they will come down and pillage the van and find the drugs and sell them. Within ten minutes, a police car arrived. Suddenly, they found someone who knew the location they were speaking about and a car became available.
(2) Another friend of mine went to Hollywood High School when it was integrated by busing black students from South-Central LA. The blacks started shaking down the white (almost all of them Jewish) students every day for money. And they closed entrance to the white-owned stores (almost all of them owned by Jews) unless they were paid off. They called the police every day and were told that they had no cars available and no personnel available and could not respond. After about two or three days of that, they called the Jewish Defense League, who showed up in a few minutes with baseball bats, etc. and shook down the black students for change to let them on the buses. In about five minutes, twenty squad cars arrived with two cops in each car to take control of the situation.

re: AD against PA policemen stationed in Gush Etzion: collection plate passed around! Please do NOT send to me. If you decide to donate, please go directly to the source. I am only posting! Thanks DS

E. Phelps wrote:

Dear DS
Well, the Knights, via their Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists ruling Jerusalem, are doing everything in preparation for war in Israel.  May the Lord reward them according to their damnable, God-hating, Jew-murdering deeds.
Sincerely in faith,
Brother Eric

Thursday, May 29, 2008

No words.. on the other hand, who needs seedy bars, pubs, and THE RUSSIAN COMPOUND jail , for G'd's sake, in Jerusalem? Maybe it is G'd 's way to clean Israel's act: if the Jews won't do it, maybe the Russians will!

                                                                  VELCOME TO JERUSALGRAD by Barry Chamish

    In mid-1995 I wrote in my newsletter, which later became page 112 of my book, Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land;

    Beilin announced that negotiations with the Russian Orthodox Church over land claims in Jerusalem had been settled and ownership of prime real estate in Jerusalem
would revert to the church. Among the lands now owned by the church are a large percentage of the property housing the Jerusalem Court building and Police headquarters.

The deal is now done but try to find anything in English about it. This is the best I could find and it's not very good.
Russia wants control of downtown Jerusalem

Moscow is in negotiations to purchase a large section of downtown Jerusalem once controlled by the Russian government prior to Israel's rebirth in 1948.
The 17-acre Russian Compound is today home to a large police facility and detention center, numerous pubs and restaurants and a large Russian Orthodox church.
The Russian government built up the area in the 1860s to accommodate the large number of Russian pilgrims who were visiting Jerusalem every year, particularly around the time of Easter.
Negotiations over the land has been ongoing since the premiership of Ehud Barak some seven years ago. The Russians are reportedly prepared to pay $100 million for the prime real estate.
Speaking to Israel National News, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that Israel is not "selling" the land to Russia, but rather "returning" the area to its former owners - a very dangerous way of putting things considering the Arab claim to all of what is today the Jewish state.

      In Hebrew, however, the reversion of a large chunk of downtown Jerusalem to the Russians is hidden but detailed news. Allow me to translate:

      After it was agreed to transfer the Russian Compound of Jerusalem to them, the Russians now are going after Sergei Square on Heleni HaMalka Street, and Prophets Lane, where residents have already received eviction notices. The Israeli government has agreed to hand over the properties to Russia this July.
      Israel ambassador to Russia, Anna Ezri was quoted by the websites Interfax and Commercenet, "We did some serious negotiating and now have no other demands or claims. Sergei Square will be transferred to Russia with 2 months..."
      Residents of the neighborhoods tried to intervene with the Russian negotiators using attorneys but to no avail. etc.

The Russian church has gone to war to evict the residents of Jerusalem's Russian Compound. "We are fighting Putin," they say.
Suddenly a resident awakes to discover he is evicted from his home of forty years. The Russian church are not even offering compensation.

And so on. Find a Hebrew reader for all the ugly details.

Israel is now for sale. Sell your property before it's expropriated. The Russians have come and own the best parts of downtown Jerusalem and they want more. The government will give it to them. Then of course, there are the Arabs. Don't wait for the next bargain basement selloff of your property. Just leave while there is time. Unless you are prepared to fight for your...No, the Jews won't fight.



                    Professionally recorded in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, it is my first impromptu interview on DVD. The subjects I was asked to comment on include Gush Katif, Sharansky, The Transfer Agreement, The Second Lebanon War, Rabin, etc., in short, my history of modern Israel. Within, I kid at times, am philosophical occasionally, but the core is very real. I outline practical, desperate steps needed to oust the ruling establishment and replace it with a government determined to save the state from ruination.
                     You've all seen the trailer of the DVD:
                     Now I'm determined to spread the message. I'll be sending it to anyone who has bought my DVDs or books, for free, if you so desire. I'll add another DVD free if you order now for $10.
                     And I'll make a package of 4 DVDS for $15. TAKING BACK ISRAEL and any three of the others:
                     The Best Of Barry 2007 - A brand new MP3 with 124 radio shows from 2007. A week of me on one disc.
                     Preventing The Israeli Holocaust - Recorded in Denver last year, I outline the Israeli political disaster as it exists at this moment, complete with missiles.
                     The Vatican's New Crusade For Jerusalem - Recorded in Jerusalem and filled with expert guests, I explore the history, then and now, of the Vatican's covert fight to make Jerusalem its capital.
                     The Secret War Against The Settlers - How the Israeli ruling establishment works with the CFR to eliminate Judea and Samaria.
                     Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin And Wayne Owens - Recorded in Salt Lake City, the first half is the complete Rabin assassination, followed by how the same gang did the same thing to Utah Congressman Wayne Owens.
                      Return Of The Giants - Strange aerial phenomena accompany the Oslo Accord.

                     This offer is limited to this article. And if you want my book Bye Bye Gaza, I have a few copies which I'll sign and send you for $25.

Write or:

Barry Chamish
POB 840157
Saint Augustine, FL  32080-0157

Watch me at:

Get my books on including the newest, Bye Bye Gaza:

Atmosphere of good will? Wave of antisemitism in Italy? From my research, they go hand in hand: the VATICAN fans antisemitism, even MURDER, in the Diaspora, as a bargaining chip against Israel, in order to get Jerusalem and the rest of the Land "back

Wave of Anti-Semitism in Italy, Israeli Flag Burned

24 Iyar 5768, 29 May 08 10:35

( Italy has been hit with a wave of anti-Semitism that has included the murder of a Jew of Romanian descent and leftists' attacks on Jews at the Turin book fair this month. Anti-Semites also burned the Israeli flag at the fair. Rome's Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni told the Times of London, "There are alarming signs of racism in Italy today."
An estimated 600,000 illegal immigrants in Italy have fanned the flames of xenophobic hatred. A 29-year-old Jew of Romanian descent was beaten into a coma by five members of a neo-Nazi gang earlier this month. He later died.

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Israel, Vatican Discuss Catholic Church Status

24 Iyar 5768, 29 May 08 10:34

( Israel and the Vatican are holding discussions to try and reach agreement regarding the status of the Catholic church in Israel. Foreign Ministry Director Aharon Abramovich returned from the latest round of talks in the Vatican Thursday.

"The plenum of the joint Israel-Vatican committee convened in an atmosphere of good will and considerable headway was made in the discussions in an effort to reach the common goals," the Foreign Ministry statement said.

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Interesting, but what does it mean? Why a JOINT operation, and why now? What is the connection with the dollar debacle? Is GOLD the main target? Is the US trying to keep GOLD in the country for its OWN purpose???

Air Police Confiscate $410,000 on U.S.-Israel Route

24 Iyar 5768, 29 May 08 10:21

( A joint operation by Israeli and American officials has netted $410,000 in cash, checks and gold that 14 air travelers were carrying. It was the first operation of its kind, aimed at stopping the practice of bringing large sums of undocumented money.

American and Israeli custom officials supervised the operation, which took place during the past week.

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Fwd: 1. I don't vote in the US. 2. Even if I did, I would NOT VOTE FOR EITHER MC-CAIN, OBAMA, OR CLINTON! 3. Even if I voted, it would make no difference, because the elections are RIGGED, as we found out. Still, watch this!

E.T. said:

put a tail on him & you've got a Monkey.........

DS: he, he, he, he, he!!!!

Re: 1. I don't vote in the US

Elisheva said:

WOW! Doesnt' look real, but it is!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1. I don't vote in the US. 2. Even if I did, I would NOT VOTE FOR EITHER MC-CAIN, OBAMA, OR CLINTON! 3. Even if I voted, it would make no difference, because the elections are RIGGED, as we found out. Still, watch this!

Thanks, A.M. , For this very informative video.

And sorry for focusing on the US and the world exclusively lately... this is just what is happening. Hopefully I will be able to focus on Israel one of these days!



It will take you only 13 minutes to watch this political video.
If you elect the wrong candidate, he will be our president for
more than 161,833 times as long - perhaps even double that!""

Eclipses on Pessach, Succoth, Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and Rosh Chodesh Av; definitely worth watching, at least the first II ( that is what I watched). Good sign for Israel!


Look what MARK sent me:

Specially watch part II:

Solar eclipse on Rosh Chodesh Av this year; remember that a solar eclipse is a bad sign for the WORLD! NOT FOR ISRAEL!

Thank you, Mark!

( On some things we all agree; some of them we don't. But facts stay facts.)


  Quite revealing to say the least.  The heavens declare His Glory. 

Re: They Love You, They Really Do (if you are under 10)

Thanks, Rote.

I'd bet you if you look, you'll find an underground cyber network of "'peacekeepers"' who give each other the word on locations, girls, great "deals" to be had by volunteering here or there. Anybody wants to search? I don't have time. But wouldn't be surprised to find a whole racket. It probably attracts all the perverts; and don't forget the millions of dollars in donations that support these "peacekeeping" efforts!


When the UN is not blaming Israel for the world's problems or running away from genocides and plagues, they call the UN concierge to send them on vacation to Pedoville.
They are the model for the world.
Please share with fellow UN supporters.
Child abuse by aidworkers, peacekeepers rife: study
By David Clarke
Sexual abuse of children by aid workers and peacekeepers is rife and efforts to protect young people are inadequate, said a report published on Tuesday.
The study by charity Save the Children UK said there were significant levels of abuse in emergencies, much of it unreported and unless the silence ended, attempts to stamp out exploitation would "remain fundamentally flawed."
Accusations of sexual abuse by U.N. peacekeepers and aid workers around the world have increased in recent years and the United Nations is investigating claims against its soldiers in hotspots such as Haiti, Liberia, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The report said while the U.N. and some non-governmental organizations were stepping up efforts to address the problem, a global watchdog should be established this year to monitor attempts to tackle abuse and champion effective responses.
Save the Children based its findings on visits last year to Haiti, Southern Sudan and Ivory Coast. It held 38 focus group discussions with 250 children and 90 adults, followed up by in-depth interviews with some and desk-based research.
The study found a huge range of exploitation and abuse: children trading sex for food, forced sex, verbal sexual abuse, child prostitution, child pornography, sexual slavery, sexual assault and child trafficking.
The focus groups identified children as young as six as having been abused, although most were aged 14 to 15.
U.N. peacekeepers were identified as the most likely perpetrators by 20 of the 38 groups, although a total of 23 humanitarian, peacekeeping and security organizations were associated with sexual abuse in the three countries.
"All humanitarian and peacekeeping agencies working in emergency situations, including Save the Children UK, must own up to the fact that they are vulnerable to this problem and tackle it head on," said Jasmine Whitbread, chief executive of Save the Children UK.
More than half of the participants in the study identified incidents of sexual touching and forced sex. Of these, 18 and 23 percent respectively recalled 10 or more such incidents.
"They especially ask us for girls of our age. Often it will be between eight and 10 men who will share two or three girls. When I suggest an older girl, they say that they want a young girl," a 14-year-old boy who works at a peacekeeping camp in Ivory Coast told the Save the Children research team.
And the report said official U.N. statistics appeared to underestimate the scale of abuse, probably because so much of the exploitation was not reported by victims.
"Clearly there is a significant disparity between the low levels of abuse cited in these statistics and the high levels suggested in field investigations and other evidence," it said.
Save the Children said there were many reasons why abuse was not reported: fear of losing material assistance, threat of retribution, stigmatization, negative economic impact, lack of legal services, resignation to abuse, lack of information about how to report abuse and, crucially, lack of faith in a response.
Anecdotal evidence from all 38 focus groups suggested there was an endemic failure to respond to reports of abuse.
"Many U.N. agencies and NGOs working here feel they cannot be touched by anyone," said an aid worker in Ivory Coast. (Reuters)

Please meet Obama's Mama: "'Do you know Ms Dunham?"

Very interesting: thank you, Jack!

This comes from one Professor Steve Carol.Dr. I find at Arutz 7, where he is a frequent contributor, that he a retired professor of history with a specialty in the Modern Middle East, is Official Historian of the Middle East Radio Forum. This is important information.


----- Original Message -----

Sent: Sunday, May 25, 2008 8:55 PM

Subject: Do you know Ms Dunham?



 Stanley  Ann Dunham 
Barack's Momma


Stanley Ann Dunham, 
Mercer Island High School


Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro (November 29, 1942 - November 7, 1995), known as Ann Dunham and Stanley Ann Dunham, was an American anthropologist, left-wing social activist, and the mother of Senator Barack Obama. She was born in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,to Stanley and Madelyn Dunham. Her father was a furniture salesman in downtown Seattle, Washington, and her mother worked for a bank. After a year living in Seattle, her family moved to Mercer Island, Washington, in 1956 so that 13-year old Ann could attend the Mercer Island High School that had just opened. At the school she was on the debate team and graduated in 1960.  

Her family moved to Hawaii and Ann attended the 
University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she studied anthropology. When Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii, she was a full fledged radical leftist and practitioner of critical theory. She also began to  engage (   miscegenation (inter-racial relationships) as part of her attack on society. Susan Blake, one of her friends has stated she never dated "the crew-cut white boys".  She had a world view, even as a young girl. It was embracing the different, rather than that ethnocentric thing of shunning the different. That was where her mind took her. In Hawaii she met Barack Obama, Sr. from   Kenya in her  Russian language class.  Barack Obama, Jr. was born August 4, 1961.


Barack Obama, Sr. left Ann and their son in 1963 to attend Harvard in Boston. Press reports claim Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. were divorced a round this time; however, no evidence has yet been presented to show they were ever married.The senior Obama obtained a masters degree in economics at Harvard and returned to Kenya in 1965 where he obtained a position in the Kenyan government.  He was killed in an automobile accident in 1982. 

Two years later, when her son was five, Dunham married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian oil manager and practicing Muslim whom she meet at the university.  In 1967 they moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. While in Indonesia
, Ann got a job at the American embassy teaching English. 


Barack's half-sister, Maya Soetoro was born in Indonesia . Ann, Obama and his sister Maya moved back to Hawaii. Ann Dunham soon returned to Indonesia with Maya but divorced Soetoro in the late 1970s.


Dunham traveled around the world, pursuing a career in rural development that took her to Ghana, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh. In 1986 Ann Dunham worked on a developmental project in Pakistan. Later that year Ann and her daughter traveled the Silk Road in China.  In 1992 she earned a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Hawaii. Her dissertation, "Peasant blacksmithing in Indonesia Surviving and Thriving Against All Odds," was 1067 pages long. She worked for the Ford Foundation and promoted Microlending. 

During Obama's campaign for the 2008 presidential election he portrayed his mother as a conservative girl from Kansas; however in reality she was a radical leftist and cultural Marxist. She lived in the Seattle area; spending her teenage years in Seattle coffee shops with other young radical leftist. Obama claims his mother's family were conservative Methodists or Baptists from Kansas . However his mother's parents were members of a left-wing Unitarian church near Seattle. The church located in Bellevue, Washington was nicknamed "the little red church," because of it's communist


The school Ann attended, Mercer Island High School, was a hotbed of pro-Marxist radical teachers. John Stenhouse, board member, told the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party USA and this school has a number of Marxists on it's staff. Two teachers at this school, Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman, both Frankfurt School style Marxists, taught a critical theory curriculum to students which included; rejection of societal norms, attacks on Christianity, the traditional family, and assigned readings by  Karl Marx. The hallway between Foubert's and Wichterman classrooms was some Times called "anarchy ally."


Dunham has been described by her friends as "a fellow traveler..." meaning a communist sympathizer.


In an interview, Barack Obama referred to his mother as "the dominant figure in my formative years... The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics."


Before she died Ann Dunham wanted to adopt a mixed-race Korean baby fathered  by a Black American stationed in South Korea.  Ann Dunham died in Hawaii in 1995 of ovarian cancer and uterine cancer.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Re: Here, I found something for all of you: so cool, and sadly so true! ... ( nothing serious yet, just dipping my toes in the water..) Regards

from Aryeh:

Does anyone here really believe that America will last much longer. Cultural insanity is just as deadly as personal insanity if not more so.

Here is something worth watching: OK, I am neither an Obama, nor a Clinton fan - actually, I couldn't care less! - but you have to see this, about RIGGED ELECTIONS IN THE US; this is how the powers that be CHOOSE the president . Forget about election

I wonder how many realize the profound significance
of the recent subpoena of Karl Rove by the House Judiciary

Let me lay it out for you.

If what Karl Rove did to the US election rolls is not corrected
by November, John McCain has already been elected president.

This subpoena is the LAST chance to set things right.

- Brasscheck

P.S. I can't imagine anything more important than this information
being added to the public debate.

If a total tool like McCain is elected, he's going to make the depredations
of Bush administration look like child's play.
- Brasscheck

I am little by little starting to post comments I receive on the blog: they are cool, but I don't want to overload your mailboxes... so , remember to click... below:




Here, I found something for all of you: so cool, and sadly so true! ... ( nothing serious yet, just dipping my toes in the water..) Regards

from Jack:

I hope this is hyperbole but I've been out of the loop for more than 20 years. I remember a scene in second grade, 1947-48. One of the little boys decided he loved one of the little girls so, if he loved her, he had to kiss her. He went up to her after recess and kissed her hand. The teacher explained that that was very embarrassing for the little girl and so on. Neither was particularly traumatized and no more was said about it. Last year I read in the news on line that a kid of similar age was expelled from school and put on trial in juvenile court for sexual harassment. This is for real. I am not making any of this up.

SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2007

Here, I found something for all of you: so cool, and sadly so true! ... ( nothing serious yet, just dipping my toes in the water..) Regards

SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2007

Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack.
1957 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack.
2007 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers.

Scenario : Johnny and Mark get into a fistfight after school.
1957 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies.
2007 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it.

Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students.
1957 - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by the Principal. Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again.
2007 - Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. Tested for ADD. School gets extra money from state because Jeffrey has a disability.

Scenario: Billy breaks a window in his neighbor's car and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt.
1957 - Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman.
2007 - Billy's dad is arrested for child abuse. Billy is removed to foster care and joins a gang. State psychologist tells Billy's sister that she remembers being abused herself and their dad goes to prison. Billy's mom has affair with psychologist.

Scenario: Mark gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school .
1957 - Mark shares aspirin with Principal out on the smoking dock.
2007 - Police called, Mark expelled from school for drug violations. Car searched for drugs and weapons.

Scenario: Pedro fails high school English.
1957 - Pedro goes to summer school, passes English, goes to college.
2007 - Pedro's cause is taken up by state. Newspaper articles appear nationally explaining that teaching English as a requirement for graduation is racist.. ACLU files class action lawsuit against state school system and Pedro's English teacher. English banned from core curriculum. Pedro given diploma anyway but ends up mowing lawns for a living because he cannot speak English.

Scenario: Johnny takes apart leftover firecrackers from 4th of July, puts them in a model airplane pain t bottle, blows up a red ant bed.
1957 - Ants die.
2007 - BATF, Homeland Security, FBI called. Johnny charged with domestic terrorism, FBI investigates parents, siblings removed from home, computers confiscated, Johnny's Dad goes on a terror watch list and is never allowed to fly again.

Scenario: Johnny falls while running during recess and scrapes his knee. He is found crying by his teacher, Mary. Mary hugs him to comfort him.
1957 - In a short time, Johnny feels better and goes on playing.
2007 - Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job. She faces 3 years in State Prison. Johnny undergoes 5 years of therapy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I am still alive! And have a happy Lag BaÓmer


Hello everybody,

Quite a few people have kindly written to me, asking what's going on, why I am not writing. The truth is, I am just BEAT! I came back from beautiful California, and suddenly found myself with simply no energy to do anything serious. I just need to relax , take care of my own business, and enjoy life a little bit. I haven't forgotten about all of you; but as you know , I had been working really hard these last few months, and I guess I am just a little bit burnt out; not sick, not dead, thank G'd, not even tired: just plain burnt out. I am sure you know the meaning - when you just have to get your mind off something, plunge into nature, trees, birds, food, people, real work... just deal with life itself. This is what's happening to me right now. I know it is a little bit irresponsible, with Israel and the world on a powder keg right now: but what's the point of writing useless things? It takes a lot of effort to research all the articles I have been sending you, and right now my mind is just not on this quite yet... hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, I hope the world is going round and round without me too.

Truly speaking, part of the reason I stopped writing is because I am not even sure that what I was doing is of any importance. Maybe some positive feedback on your parts would go a long way: knowing that the work I was doing was needed and meaningful: after all, since there is no remuneration in it, at least I have to feel that what I am doing is useful. However, where I get no feedback, I feel that I am wasting my time: so why would I want to continue?

So, your input is also very important: I am willing to keep working on it, but I need to know that it is needed by you.

Some people have clearly shown their interest, and I thank them for it. Lots of others, though, don't really seem to care one way or another.

So please, write to me, give me feedback, if you want me to continue writing!

All the best, Shabbat Shalom, and a Happy Lag BaÓmer.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Fwd: Fw: Fw: Excerpts from Barack Obama's book.

From R. Hollander: it was forwarded to him, from what I understand, so I don't know who wrote the comment," Check your sources".
Yes, you are right, I did not check my sources, just forwarded what I received. And I do agree, the quote was taken out of context.
But what about the other quotes? I think they are significant too.
Please do your due diligence; I am forwarding material that seems significant, but I certainly don't have time to read every book the quotes I based on. That is what the blog is good for: if by any chance you find inaccuracies, by all means, forward them to me, and I'll be happy to share that with all readers.
I found this email, particularly the last quote, from "The Audacity of Hope," extremely disturbing.  On the face of it it seems to represent a threat to Israel in favor of its Muslim enemies.  This seemed inconsistent with what I'd heard and read about Obama, so I bought the book and skimmed it, looking for this quote, most carefully reading the chapter "The World Beyond our Borders."  I couldn't find it.
So I purchased the searchable ebook.  I searched the word Muslims, and still didn't find it.  I then searched the word "ugly," and there it was. Taking, unfairly, inaccurately, completely out of context.  It has nothing to do with Israel.  Please check your sources!!!
Here is the quote in context:

As a senator, I receive countless invitations to address these newest Americans, where I am often quizzed on my foreign policy views – where do I stand on Cypress, say, or the future of Taiwan?  They may have policy concerns specific to fields in which their ethnic groups are heavily represented – Indian American pharmacists might complain about Medicare reimbursements, Korean small might lobby for changes in the tax code.


But mostly they want affirmation that they, too, are Americans…


…my message is simple, for what I've come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are voters critical to my success and full-fledged citizens deserving of my respect.


Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern.  In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging.  They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.




-----In his own words......
This guy wants to be President & Head the US government. Pay close attention to the last comment!!
Below are a few lines from Obama's books " his words:
From Dreams of My Father:  "I ceased to advertise my
mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to
suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to
From Dreams of My Father :  "I found a solace in
nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity
against my mothers race."

From Dreams of My Father:  "There was something about
him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself,
maybe. And white."
From Dreams of My Father:  ; "It remained necessary to
prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to
the black masses, to strike out and name names."
From Dreams of My Father:  "I never emulate white men
and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It
was into my father's image, the black man, son of
Africa , that I'd packed all the attributes I sought
in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm,
DuBois and Mandela."
From Audacity of Hope:  "I will stand with the Muslims
should the political winds shift in an ugly

Publication history for "From Dreams of My Father"

New York: Times Books; 1st edition (July 18, 1995); Hardcover: 403 pages; ISBN 0-8129-2343-X
This printing is now very rare. Only a few signed copies are known, and are estimated to be worth up to $5,000 (depending on condition).  

New York: Kodansha International (August 1996); Paperback: 403 pages; ISBN 1-5683-6162-9
New York: Three Rivers Press; Reprint edition (August 10, 2004); Paperback: 480 pages; ISBN 1-4000-8277-3
New York: Random House Audio; Abridged edition (May 3, 2005); Audio CD; ISBN 0-7393-2100-5; Includes the senator's speech from the 2004 Democratic National Convention.
New York: Random House Large Print; 1st Large print edition (April 4, 2006); Hardcover: 720 pages; ISBN 0-7393-2576-0
New York: Crown Publishers (January 9, 2007); Hardcover: 464 pages; ISBN 0-3073-8341-5
New York: Random House (January 9, 2007); Format: eBook; ISBN 0-3073-9412-3  

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