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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Scott said:

I am a moderate Zionist. Believe in the land of Israel as the land of the Jewish people.

However, there is no reason to be there under the current government. The land must be run under the rules of the Torah or not at all.

You know that to fight the fight I am there. Any time, any place. Against the enemy.... but the government has to be electorally ousted in it's present form completely. It is the only way the Jewish People as a nation can fix this mess.

All the troubles that are happening now are due to that fact.

I believe... do you?

DS replies: ( re:)

Scott, of course you are right.

The only problem is, as I see it, that America at this juncture is becoming more and more dangerous for Jews.

And I BELIEVE that under the wings of the Shekhinah we are still more protected than in America which has lost its soul. And here at least you can do something about the situation, one way or another.

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