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Monday, September 29, 2008


Carl just sent this ( another SF - Booth article, I assume).

Ominous article. True? I don't know. But whatever it may, whoever has a mortgage better get rid of it quick, pay it off ASAP, so as to own their home free and clear. Otherwise, mercy on these poor souls!  ( how can anybody know who the ultimate holder of one's mortgage is?)



The Chinese own more than just Wal-mart in this country.  They control the Long Beach, CA shipping port, the Bahamas Port (the biggest in the world), control the Panama Canal, and have a tremendous clandestine military arsenal in Cuba.  If China is the holder of over $1.4 Trillion of US debt backed by the mortgages on the homes and property of millions of its citizens, then the $700b of the bailout may have an intended purpose that the Americans know nothing about.  "The borrower is servant to the lender."  All China has to do is demand to be paid back or at least a portion of it.  With the dollar rapidly losing its value, China will be losing big time if it continues to allow this debt to go unpaid much longer.

There will be a future Sino-Soviet-Islamic invasion of the US.   And it seems like the conditions are being set with these three future invaders in and around our country (Russia now in cahoots with Venezuela in our Caribbean back yard).

We trust in the promises of our merciful and sovereign God.  

Bro. Carl


September 29, 2008

US Homeowners Soon To Be Evicted By Chinese Police Under New Law

Russian economists are expressing shock today over a new United States law that will allow for the first time in that nation's history the police forces of a foreign Nation to have law enforcement powers over their citizens.

These powers are specifically being granted to China's State Security Police who operate under the Ministry of State Security for the Peoples Republic of China by the United States as a precondition for the Chinese Governments continued purchasing of US debt as the Americans continue their desperate actions to avert their total economic collapse.

China had previously ordered its banks to halt all lending to the United States, an action that would totally cripple the American banking system, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service:

"Chinese regulators have told domestic banks to stop interbank lending to U.S. financial institutions to prevent possible losses during the financial crisis, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday.

The Hong Kong newspaper cited unidentified industry sources as saying the instruction from the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) applied to interbank lending of all currencies to U.S. banks but not to banks from other countries.

"The decree appears to be Beijing's first attempt to erect defences against the deepening U.S. financial meltdown after the mainland's major lenders reported billions of U.S. dollars in exposure to the credit crisis," the SCMP said."

Not being understood by the American people is that China is the holder of over $1.4 Trillion of US debt backed by the mortgages on the homes and property of tens of millions these people which, in essence, makes the Chinese one of the largest holders of land in the United States, and which the Chinese government has stated they will protect 'at all costs'.

In rapid response to China's demands that they be granted immediate access to their American properties to protect their 'investments', the United States is enacting a new law titled the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, and which in Section 101, Paragraph 7:3 chillingly states:

"Designating financial institutions as financial agents of the Federal Government, and such institutions shall perform all such reasonable duties related to this Act as financial agents of the Federal Government as may be required."

The United States Federal Reserve has further notified the China Development Bank, the second largest bank in Asia and the main holder of US mortgage debt instruments, that they will be designated by the US Secretary of the Treasury as one of the financial institutions protected by this extraordinary new law, and which, according  to these reports, will empower Chinese policing authorities the right to act as law enforcement officers in the United States including granting them the right to evict American citizens from homes whose mortgage debt is held by China.

Unfortunately for these American people, their own public officials have totally abandoned them as the American Center for Responsive Politics has reported that the staggering amount of $2 Billion has been paid by the perpetrators of this Global financial crisis to US Lawmakers, of both political parties, to sell out their fellow countrymen as virtual economic slaves to the all powerful International corporate cartels who now rule over them.

Even worse for these people is that the plan instituted and carried out over these past 40 years to erase their true history leaves virtually none of them today with the full, and monstrous, century old plan to destroy their Nation, and which began with almost the exact same economic crisis they are experiencing today, and was called the Panic of 1907, and of which we can read:

"The Panic of 1907, also known as the 1907 Bankers' Panic, was a financial crisis which occurred in the United States when the stock market fell close to 50% from its peak in the previous year. At the time the economy was in recession and there were numerous runs on banks and trust companies. The panic's primary cause was a retraction of loans by a number of banks in New York City, and the sentiment quickly spread across the nation leading to the closures of both state and local banks and businesses."

So shocked were the American people by the Panic of 1907 that they allowed for the first time since their Nations founding, their lawmakers to begin the process of establishing a Central Banking System, and of which one of their founding fathers, and writer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, warned all future generations of Americans:

"The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered."

Today, and sadly, the World is now witnessing these prophetic words of Thomas Jefferson coming true. 

Even worse, these American people, whose ancestors laid the foundation for what was once the greatest and freest Nation on Earth, have now been reduced to what is now commonly referred to as "sheeple",

"a term of disparagement, a portmanteau created by combining the words "sheep" and "people." It is often used to denote persons who acquiesce to authority, and thus undermine their own human individuality. The implication of sheeple is that as a collective, people believe whatever they are told, especially if told so by authority figures, without processing it to be sure that it is an accurate representation of the real world around them."

It goes without saying, of course, that these Americans do not see themselves in this most truest of lights as they continue living their lives in near total ignorance of the greater catastrophes soon to befall them, all of which they have been, and are continued to be, warned about. But, they continue to laugh off, and spurn, these warnings as they continue to believe the lies being fed them by their propaganda media organs they never seem to realize are nothing but the mouthpieces for the fascist corporate forces delivering them to the slaughterhouses they will come to know all too soon.

© September 29, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.


Long, but most important audio explaining the fraud engineered by the Federal Reserve. LISTEN while you cook, shop, etc. for Rosh Hashana. This is a fitting finale for the year, hopefully will usher a better year, with G-d's help, and our prayers.

Another great post by E. Winston/ Carolyn Glick.

Thank you, E. Winston, for doing my job for me!

Shana Tova



forwarded with comment by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

I have, on occasion, speculated on the Biblical instructions that, if someone comes to your home to rob or kill you and your family, that it is your obligation to kill them first.

Presumably, this concludes that life is precious, with each life representing a whole world. To protect your family, yourself, even an entire village from a deadly enemy, you must kill the assailant(s).

But, how long do you wait to protect your loved ones? Suppose the thief or potential killer can act any time - or collude with enemies to steal your life, your home, or even the Land under your feet? Do you rely upon conventional law, call a "time-out" and complain to the authorities - knowing full well that they will not act in real time to defend you?

History is replete with documented stories where kings have misused their authority to start unnecessary wars - or not start necessary wars, leaving their people vulnerable to attack.

How much risk are we, the people, required to endure before we apply the Biblical injunction to kill those who either come to kill us or collude with enemies to do the murder for them?

Do we take revenge only after our families have been murdered?

Do we berate ourselves for not acting in time, although we knew that death was on its way to our door?

Sometimes a person, a village or a nation knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt that their elimination is being planned - even by neighbors or those in power.

The Biblical mandate of protecting one's life and those of our families' has many permutations.

I cannot help but recall the collusion of the "Judenratt" in Nazi Germany as they assisted the Germans to round up Jews and send them to the death camps. All the Jews in villages or cities in Germany - or later, throughout Europe - knew who the "Judenratt" leaders were and what they were doing.

Why did not the Jews, who knew the law of Torah mandated their self-defense, simply deal with those who colluded with their enemies to kill all Jews?

I suppose it all depends on how much you love your family as to the level of self-delusion you adopt in order not to have to act to save what should be most precious to you!

As you read the following horror story, outlining Israel's non-plans for survival, what options would you suggest? 1. A collapse of the Israeli government by having Shas and Labor withdraw from Kadima? 2. Would you consider a national uprising - A. Immediately? Or B. After Israel was hit with a saturation missile attack, including one nuclear missile? 3. Would you vote for pre-trial summary execution of those in the government responsible for Israel's collective national suicide to save the nation before an attack or after an attack?




Listening to the news in Israel these days, it is hard to escape the feeling that the Israeli political discourse has become dangerously irrelevant.

Take Iran for example. On Tuesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the heads of UN member states, "The dignity, integrity and rights of the European and American people are being played with by a small but deceitful number of people called Zionists. Although they are a minuscule minority, they have been dominating an important portion of the financial and monetary centers as well as the political decision-making centers of some European countries and the US in a deceitful, complex and furtive manner."

Ahmadinejad then promised that Israel will soon be destroyed - for the benefit of humanity.

For these remarks, he received enthusiastic applause from the world leaders gathered at the UN General Assembly.

And how has Israel responded? It hasn't done anything in particular. And it has no intention of doing anything in particular.

This point was made clear to the public on Wednesday when Israel's new UN ambassador, Gavriela Shalev, gave an interview to Army Radio. While bemoaning Ahmadinejad's warm reception, she said that the world leaders were probably just being diplomatic. She noted that many of their ambassadors say nice things about Israel to her in private.  Israel's woman at the UN devoted most of her interview to defending the UN. In fact, she said she believes it is her duty not simply to defend Israel to the world body, but to defend the UN to Israelis. As she put it, her job is "correcting the UN's image in the eyes of the people of Israel."

Shalev's appointment to the UN was the work of Foreign Minister - and would-be prime minister - Tzipi Livni. And her view of her role as Israel's ambassador is strictly in keeping with what Livni perceives as the job of Israel's top diplomats. They are the world's emissaries to Israel.

Livni has spent the better part of the past three years at the Foreign Ministry telling us that the UN is our friend, the Europeans are our friends and that the Americans and Europeans and the UN will take care of Iran for us. The Palestinians are also our friends.

As anti-Semitic forces grow throughout the world, Livni has not communicated one single policy for defending Israel abroad that doesn't involve the kindness of strangers. Her response to Ahmadinejad's speech was a case in point.

The one thing the woman who believes that she has the right to lead the country without being elected by anyone thinks that Israel should do in response to Ahmadinejad's call for our physical destruction is to object to Iran's bid to join the UN Security Council. Livni's only concrete response to Ahmadinejad's promise to annihilate us was to issue a directive to Israel's embassies telling our diplomats to ask their host governments not to support Iran's bid for Security Council membership.

Livni doesn't actually think Iran is Israel's greatest challenge. The Palestinians are. And as far as she is concerned, giving the Palestinians a state by handing over Judea and Samaria (and Jerusalem, although she never says it outright), as quickly as possible is Israel's most urgent task. We need a two-state solution and we need it NOW, she says.

Neither Livni nor her colleagues in Kadima, Labor and Meretz, nor her supporters in the Israeli media ever bother to acknowledge the troublesome, inconvenient fact that the Palestinians don't want a state. They want to destroy our state.

This basic fact was made clear - yet again - on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Livni took time out of her busy schedule of political meetings with Labor, Shas and Meretz leaders with whom she is attempting to build a government without being elected by anyone, to meet with Fatah's chief negotiator Ahmed Qurei. Although Livni refused to tell us what she talked about, she promised that progress was made toward the urgent imperative of forming a Palestinian state.

But Qurei was not so enthusiastic. In fact, he was contemptuous of Livni and of the very notion of peaceful coexistence between the Palestinians and Israel. After the negotiating session, Qurei told Reuters that if the talks toward an Israeli surrender of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem collapse, the Palestinians will renew their terror war against Israel. In his words, "If the talks reached a dead end, what do we do? Capitulate? Resistance in all its forms is a legitimate right."

Just to make sure he understood Qurei properly, the reporter asked whether that meant that the Palestinians would renew their suicide bombing campaign against Israelis. Qurei responded, "All forms of resistance."

We have been here, of course, a million times before. This is the same threat that Yassir Arafat and his men have made - and implemented - repeatedly since signing the Oslo Accords with Israel 15 years ago. They use terror and negotiations in tandem to squeeze Israel into giving away more and more of its land. And it works.

When Livni heard about Qurei's remarks, she called him and reportedly told him that they were unacceptable. So he said he was taken out of context. No skin off his back.

He knew Livni wouldn't do anything. At the same time that Livni said his remarks were unacceptable, she pledged to continue negotiating Israel's surrender of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem with him for as long as she remains in power.

Today, Livni and her colleagues in Kadima, Labor, Meretz and Shas are working fervently toward forming a new government that will continue holding irrelevant but dangerous negotiations with the Palestinians and the Syrians, and pretending that Iran's nuclear weapons are not going to be used against Israel. They argue that we need the "political stability" that they can provide us in this dangerous time.

The Israeli media gives these fantasies their full support. Indeed, anyone who notices that the world is sitting back and allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons or points out that the Palestinians don't want a state is immediately shot down as an alarmist and an extremist.

This national discourse - which has been the only one permitted in the country since the advent of the "peace process" with the PLO 15 years ago - is Israel's Achilles' heel. Until the general public is set clear on the reality of the world confronting the country, there is no chance that Israel will take the necessary steps to defend itself and ensure that it survives.

Understanding this basic fact, former IDF chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. (res.) Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon has taken it upon himself to tell the Israeli public the truth about the world we live in. Ya'alon is a rare bird among Israel's current pantheon of luminaries. He is an honest man who lives by his principles, and he doesn't bend them, ever.

Last week Ya'alon published a book called "The Longer Shorter Road" in Hebrew. Ya'alon, whose tour of duty as Chief of Staff was unceremoniously cut short by former prime minister Ariel Sharon in June 2005 due to his trenchant opposition to Sharon's planned withdrawal of IDF forces and Israeli civilians from the Gaza Strip, has written a book that sets out the facts of life clearly, credibly and passionately.

The book's title is derived from a speech that Ya'alon's commander, Yoram Ya'ir, gave to his officers during the First Lebanon War. Ya'ir explained that short-cuts are not necessarily better than long roads. In fact, it is often better to take the longest route. As Ya'ir put it, "There is a long road that is short and there are short roads that are long."

Ya'alon uses Ya'ir's point to demonstrate that the Israeli Left's insistence on peace "now" and a solution to the Arab-Israel conflict "now" has placed Israel on a strategic trajectory that has brought it, and will continue to bring it only bloodshed and danger. Israel's enemies in the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Syria and Iran view Israel's insistence on finding immediate solutions to the threats it faces as a sign that Israeli society is collapsing.

As a consequence, every step that Israel has made toward appeasing its neighbors - from recognizing the PLO and bringing Arafat and his legions into Judea, Samaria and Gaza; to retreating from Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza in 2005; to failing to properly prosecute the Second Lebanon War in 2006; to doing nothing to combat Hamas's regime in Gaza since 2007; to embracing the false paradigm of peace at Annapolis last November - has strengthened their conviction that Israel can and will be destroyed.

Ya'alon also dwells on the moral collapse of Israel's political and media elite and that collapse's adverse impact on the senior command echelons of the IDF. The abandonment of Zionist values and public and private integrity by our politicians and media has cast and kept Israel on a path of self-delusion, where the only thing that matters is immediate gratification.  Politicians promise the public "hope" based on illusions of peace-around-the-corner to win their votes. The media support the politicians' lies both because of the media's post-Zionist ideological uniformity and due to their refusal to acknowledge that their populist demands for peace "now" have brought Israel only war and danger.

Ya'alon's book is part memoir and part polemic. He reminds Israelis of what it is about us that makes us a great people, worthy of our land and privileged to defend it. At the same time, he chastises our failed leaders who have tricked the public into following a strategic path that endangers us. His book's greatest contribution is not in providing a set path forward, but in courageously and unrelentingly explaining the reality that surrounds us today and in showing the public how it is that we have arrived in our current predicament.

In exposing himself, his values and his beliefs to the public, and juxtaposing his own leadership experience and personal integrity with the corruption and weakness of our political and intellectual leaders, Ya'alon is telling the public in a very clear way that there is an alternative to defeatism and self-delusion, and that he - and we the public - represent that alternative, that "longer shorter road."

Livni, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and their colleagues on the Left in the Knesset and the media insist that we not take that longer road to security and peace. In fact, they deny that it even exists. They attempt to convince us that elections are unnecessary by arguing that there is no difference between political parties today, because their short cut to defeat is the only path available to us.

It must be fervently hoped that Ya'alon will soon enter the political fray. Like the Likud under Binyamin Netanyahu, Ya'alon is proof positive that Livni and her cronies are lying. There are great differences between those that would lead us and the paths they would take.

And the only road to safety is the long road that is paved on reality.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

This year, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, all Jews should pray with special dedication and effort: bad tidings on the way! Read below:"DEFCON"

Carl sent this. I am not sure what to make of it. but it doesn't sound good. Considering the financial collapse of the US, it makes sense to me. WAR is a bankrupt government's surest way to rally the people, and stimulate the economy at the same time. Being cynical, but not being cynical is being blind these days.

Shana Tova

Here is some correspondence with Eric Phelps.  I sent him this note about DEFCON.  Please read all the emails.  They're very brief.  From what the news out of Israel is saying, "SOMETHING BAD" may happen around Yom Kippur.


Bro. Eric,

This is in reference to the situation in Pakistan.  What do you make of it?  I added a little not below on what Wikipedia

says about DEFCON.  The highlighted last phrase is for emphasis.

Bro. Carl



September 26, 2008

US Issues Unprecedented DEFCON 1 Alert

The United States Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, has alerted his World-Wide military commands to begin preparations for the raising of America's Defense Condition (DEFCON) "on or about" October 7th to their highest status DEFCON 1.


Wikipedia description

The DEFense readiness CONdition (DEFCON) is a measure of the activation and readiness level of the United States Armed Forces. It describes progressive postures for use between the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the commanders of unified commands. DEFCONs are matched to the situations of military severity. Standard peacetime protocol is DEFCON 5, descending in increasingly severe situations. DEFCON 1 represents expectation of actual imminent attack, and is not known to have ever been declared.


Brother Carl,
Defcon 1 means we are going to war.
Brother Eric

Bro. Eric,

The bombing at the hotel and the secret transfer of "steel cases" in Pakistan no doubt weights heavily on Gates's decision to call for DEFCON 1. For it to be that serious, there has to be more involved than just shooting a couple of flares at US helicopters on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. What is seen coming down the pike is the use of dirty bombs. This could be the only reason for DEFCON 1 to be applied.  Happening in a nuclear-powered setting such as Pakistan makes it even more serious.

What do you think?



I sent this to Eric Phelps to see his opinion on it, since he, too, has questioned SF's (David Booth) scare tactics, and here was his response:

Makes lots of sense.  Al Qaeda being given suitcase nukes---to use on Mecca and Medina for which the US can be blamed.
Brother Eric


September 22, 2008

US Hands Over Suitcase Nukes To Al Qaida In Pakistan

Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that the massive blast that caused 53 deaths at the Islamabad Marriott hotel in Pakistan was an operation conducted by India's foreign intelligence agency The Research and Analysis Wing [RAW] in an attempt to 'decapitate' Pakistan's entire leadership, including their President, Prime Minister and Military Chiefs all of whom, at 'the last minute,' changed the location of their planned meeting with the United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, who had arrived in their country unannounced.

These reports continue by stating that India had become 'alarmed' by the United States Defence Intelligence Organization [DIA] and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI] plan to provide Al Qaida and Taliban terrorist forces with 37 suitcase nuclear weapons to be used against Western Nations in the coming month.

Not being understood by the American people is that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agents were the 'creators and controllers' of these terrorist organizations and are still active in their operations and attacks, and as we can read:

"Pakistan's intelligence agency is helping the Taliban to pursue an insurgency in Afghanistan that has seen a 50 percent hike in attacks in some areas this year, the NATO commander here told AFP.

The number of foreign fighters, including Europeans, is also increasing here while NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) still lacks the soldiers it needs, US General David D. McKiernan said in a weekend interview.

"There certainly is a level of ISI complicity in the militant areas in Pakistan and organisations such as the Taliban," the four-star general said, echoing allegations by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and others.

"I can't say to what level of leadership that goes to but there are indications of complicity on the part of ISI... to the extent that they are facilitating these militant groups that come out of the tribal areas in Pakistan."

To the exact transferring to Al Qaida and Taliban of these suitcase nuclear weapons we can read as reported by Pakistan's International News Service:

"Witnessed by many, including a PPP MNA and his friends, a US embassy truckload of steel boxes was unloaded and shifted inside the Marriott Hotel on the same night when Admiral Mike Mullen met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and others in Islamabad.

Both the main gates (the entrance and the exit) of the hotel were closed while no one except the US Marines were either allowed to go near the truck or get the steel boxes unloaded or shift them inside the hotel. These steel boxes were not passed through the scanners installed at the entrance of the hotel lobby and were reportedly shifted to the fourth and fifth floors of the Marriott.

Besides several others, PPP MNA Mumtaz Alam Gilani and his two friends, Sajjad Chaudhry, a PPP leader, and one Bashir Nadeem, witnessed this mysterious activity to which no one other than the PPP MNA objected and protested.

A source present there told The News that after entertaining them with refreshments at the Nadia restaurant at midnight when Mumtaz Alam, along with his friends, was to leave the hotel, he found a white US embassy truck standing right in front of the hotel's main entrance.

Both the In-gate and the Out-gate of the hotel were closed while almost a dozen well-built US Marines in their usual fatigues were unloading the steel boxes from the truck. No one, including the hotel security men, was either allowed to go near the truck or touch the steel boxes, which were being shifted inside the hotel but without passing through the scanners.

Upon inquiry, one of the three PPP friends who was waiting for the main gates of the hotel to open to get his car in, was informed that the suspicious boxes were shifted to the fourth and fifth floors of the hotel. Mumtaz Alam was furious both at the US Marines and the hotel security not only for the delay caused to them but also for the security lapse he was witnessing."

The International News Service further reports that two of the US Marines involved in the transferring of these nuclear weapons were also killed:

"The US Department of Defence at Pentagon has confirmed the death of its two marines in Hotel Marriott blast in Islamabad. According to GEO News, the Pentagon said on Sunday its two marines succumbed to injuries in the blast. The soldiers were deployed in the US embassy in Islamabad, it said. Pentagon said the names of the US marines could not be revealed prior to informing families of the victims."

India's anger against both the United States and Pakistan was further raised by Pakistan's deadly bombing of the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan, and as we can read:

"According to U.S. intelligence sources, Pakistan's intelligence service provided support to pro-Taliban insurgents responsible for the July 7 bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul, which killed more than 40 people. Shocking though Pakistani involvement may seem to some, it is thoroughly predictable, given the worldview and interests of Pakistan's Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Unless we address what's angering the ISI, we won't be able to stabilize Afghanistan or capture al-Qaeda leaders inside its borders."

Most disturbing about these reports is their stating that 'an unknown number' of these suitcase nuclear weapons survived the explosion and are now to be 'presumed to be in the hands of their intended recipients'.

These reports also state the nuclear materials contained in these suitcase bombs were obtained during what is termed in the United States as a 'Bent Spear' incident which occurred in 2007, and as we can read:

"The 2007 United States Air Force nuclear weapons incident occurred at Minot Air Force Base and Barksdale Air Force Base on August 29–30, 2007. Six AGM-129 ACM cruise missiles, each loaded with a W80-1 variable yield nuclear warhead, were mistakenly loaded on a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52H heavy bomber at Minot and transported to Barksdale.

The nuclear warheads in the missiles were supposed to have been removed before taking the missiles from their storage bunker. The missiles with the nuclear warheads were not reported missing and remained mounted to the aircraft at both Minot and Barksdale for a period of 36 hours. During this period, the warheads were not protected by the various mandatory security precautions required for nuclear weapons."

Also, and as we had reported on in our September 16th report US To Declare October 'Economic Emergency', Suspend Elections, the use of these suitcase nuclear weapons do, indeed, appear to be designed to deal the final death of the Western Nations political and economic structures in their continued efforts to shock their citizens senseless and allow them to institute the final set of laws needed to totally enslave these peoples forever.

© September 22, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.


Saturday, September 27, 2008



by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Nazi Germany began with Hitler and a world financial crash. The Jews could not bring themselves to recognize what the unleashed beast of Jew-hatred, starting in Germany, would bring them.

It's now 2008, 75 years later, and rot that turns people into subhuman beasts is being seen around the world. Key indicators, such as: the U.N. at the behest of Saudi Arabia will meet to discuss the fate of the Jews under the ubiquitous heading of "addressing Jewish settlements". But, the New York Times doesn't want to "see and address" that. It ignores the present-day Hitler: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's current president. The NYT doesn't even photograph the huge demonstration against Ahmadinejad Thursday night. Instead it gives a full page to demonize the Jews living in Judea and Samaria.

In Israel the Leftists are already preparing for coming elections by encouraging hatred for settlers and the political Right. The launching of their political campaign first started in earnest by blaming settlers (without proof) for setting a pipe bomb that exploded in the doorway of a notorious Left-wing Jewish professor Sternhell of Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) who had recommended to the Palestinians that they should be targeting the settlers for Terror instead of "good Israelis".

The unproven accusation was immediately picked up as a fact by Israel's Left-wing Media like Ha'aretz. Like an arsonist who sets a small fire in order to cause a bigger fire, other leading Media picked up the lie. As to be expected, the New York Times picked up the signal to fan the flames. Isabel Kershner, a NYT Jewish reporter, wrote a lengthy articles entitled: "Radical Settlers Take on Israel to Thwart Possible Ouster From West Bank" with 3 photos and a map. (See article following - so you don't have to buy the NYT.)

A little truth mixed with a lot of unsubstantiated lies can too easily convince readers, much the same as Goebbels propagandized Europe to ramp up their Jew-Hatred to fever pitch as a warm-up to the Holocaust murder of 6 million Jews from all the countries Nazi Germany occupied during WW2.

When Ha'aretz and the New York Times (which includes the International Herald Tribune and probably some other affiliates) start pouring out the usual anti-Semitic trash in synch with the Quartet (U.S. State Department, E.U. - European Union, U.N. - United Nations and Russia) to "solve the Jewish Question" again, one can only be reminded of Hitler's Wannsee Conference where the fate of the Jews of Europe was decided to eliminate World Jewry - in phases.

Now this same plague of human lice are at it again - only this time it is the whole Jewish State and the Jewish people around the world who are slated to be eliminated - if they can.

But first, they have to get the world accustomed to the idea that Israel and her population of 7,282,000 million of whom 5,435,900 are Jews should be eliminated. Regrettably, Leftist Jews in Israel and America were easily recruited by dangling the elusive "peace" prize before their eyes - even as the Muslims in Israel and the Arab world swear to eliminate the Jewish State and the Jewish people. Promise a Left Liberal Jew the illusion of Peace and he will follow you through the gates of Hell.

Recall how Jews were so easily gathered up and put onto cattle cars as the Germans and the Jewish "Judenratt" promised they were 'merely' being re-located for work and better conditions so don't resist. As the millions arrived at such death camps as Auschwitz-Birkenau, the now famous sign over the gate read: "Arbacht Macht Frei" (Work Makes You Free). To add to their deception, Jewish concert artists were gathered with their violins and played beautiful classical music to calm the crowds emerging from the cattle cars.

Today, September 26th, erev Rosh Hashanah 5769, we have the U.N. meeting about "peace". In the Quartet we find the Russians who are arming Iran with nukes while sitting in these "Wannsee" type meetings, telling all that Iran and Syria are NOT deadly enemies of the Jewish State or the World. Jews in their mode of wishful thinking, seem to be uneducable.

Other members of this evil council are the European Union whose members pour millions of Euros into the hands of Terrorists, while telling Israeli Leftists that "it's all for peace".

The United Nations, which harbors some of the most evil, dictatorial regimes always votes against the Jewish State and usually votes against America but rarely if ever considers the Islamic regimes guilty of anything.

Thank G-d many Jews cannot be fooled by the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in her crusade to appease the Arab oil nations by fulfilling their desire to eliminate the Jewish State of Israel.

Some of us are not surprised by what is happening globally: Super-Storms, bankruptcy of America's financial systems, rampant disease, crop failures due to drought or floods, riots in poor countries. We see the rising up of killer nations and their belief in pagan war gods, preying on other weaker nations.

Israel's fresh water resource has gone well below sustainable levels as a punishment for allowing the sick and warped of some of our Jewish leaders to abandon the Land to Islam.

The old saying from WW1, that "one finds G-d in a fox-hole" is coming true hard and fast. It has been forecast that only a remnant will survive, referring to Jews who will die "en masse" at the hands of their enemies. This is already in motion as Kadima Leftists slink away from confrontation.

But, those like the nations of the U.N., the Quartet are already suffering a global climate assault. Whoever thought America would have to pay for what a cabal of Washington Arabists and oil maggots have done to Israel? "Peace Now" equals restraint and begging for pity.

Today's generation of Nazis (we call them Amalekites) have resurrected themselves, be they radical Islamists or Jew-hating Europeans (whose own countries are being inundated with radical Muslims). The bill has come due and Planet Earth, with her billions of people will pay.

As America is being hammered with one hurricane after another, with her currency in free fall and awaiting another attack by Islamic Al Qaeda to hurry along its collapse - who can doubt that it's not just bad luck.

As banks fail and huge financial institutions are sold or simply close their door, don't be surprised to see the New York Times fail or be sold off in parts. Let's see if this winter starts with a small Ice Age across Europe and Russia. (By the way, the acorns are falling like a torrent in Chicago - which usually means harsh winter.)

I hope America doesn't have to pay the price for all  her leaders have done in colluding with Islam for its oil.

Addendum: To analyze the pejorative words and factual errors would necessitate another full article but, here a few items:

The New York Times "style-book" consistently uses the word: "Militant" when they should use the word "Terrorist" - as someone is committing an act of violence leading to death and major injury. However, Isabel Kershner uses "Militant" at least 3 times in pejoratively referring to settlers. In addition, in case her readers don't get the point, when referring to the settlers or the settlements, she also pejoratively uses the words : "Radical" 2x, "Extremists"3x, "Illegal"2x, as well as "Hard-core", "Occupied", "Vandalized". In addition, Isabel pens several outright factual errors, omissions and lies:

1. 2006, the Police brutalized unarmed civilian protesters, including some Members of Knesset at the evacuation of Amona, trampling some youth under their horses hoofs (photos available) but, Isabel claims that "thousands of settlers clashed with Israeli police officers who had come to destroy 9 houses....Traumatized by the resistance, the government put further evacuations on hold."

2. The NYT and most other Media consistently distort the demographics of Israel: "...2.4 million Palestinians live in the 'West Bank'"... the real number is 1.5 million Arabs and not 2.3. (Google "Yoram Ettinger" for the full story of the demographic weapon and lies).

3. "At Annapolis (Nov. 27, 2007) Palestinian leaders...promised to dismantle all terrorist networks". NOT done but increased - plus the ongoing teaching of Muslim Arab youth from age 3 to hate and kill Jews.

4. "Israel started negotiating with the Palestinian leadership in the early 1990s." Not true. Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres were negotiating with Yassir Arafat (when it was illegal to meet with PLO leaders) at least in the early 1980s.

5. Yitzhar is featured in the NYT map but, Isabel skimps on the story of the "Terrorist attack on Shabbat September 13th, when an Arab Terrorist set fire to a home (luckily empty), tried to enter another home, repeatedly stabbed a 9 year old boy before throwing him from a 12 foot high porch - despite an IDF guard force in the area. 30 residents of Yitzhar responded later that day by entering the nearby Arab village of Asira el-Shamaliya, to where the Terrorist escaped, firing in the air (no one was wounded), throwing rocks and smashing windows." This is an understandably natural response to the near-death attacks, burning the house, plus 8 arson attacks against Yitzhar in the past 3 months. What would you do it that situation?  BTW, PM Olmert called the Yitzhar reaction a "pogrom". No wonder he had a 1 digit approval rating from all of Israel and is now out. (Maybe - he hasn't actually left his office yet.)

6. The tone and vituperation against the religious beliefs and rights of Jews to live in their ancestral Biblical homeland, on Land G-d gave to the Jewish people in perpetuity, is vile. It is almost impossible to accurately assess its assault on the mind-set of normal people, trying to get their real news from the New York Times. The NYT invariably sets the bar as to how far the Media in general can overreach to attack the Jewish people.

7. Last point and a key point: Why and How can the NYT devote a whole page to this issue in the middle of an American and world-wide financial catastrophe?

I hope some other investigative journalists further analyze this article following, plus other articles of the NYT, her affiliates and her followers. The NYT has given us much meat on which to chew - none of which is Kosher.


Radical Settlers Take On Israel By ISABEL KERSHNER New York Times Sept. 26, 2008 YITZHAR, West Bank —

A pipe bomb that exploded late on Wednesday night outside the Jerusalem home of Zeev Sternhell, a Hebrew University professor, left him lightly wounded and created only a minor stir in a nation that routinely experiences violence on a much larger scale.

But Mr. Sternhell was noted for his impassioned critiques of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, once suggesting that Palestinians "would be wise to concentrate their struggle against the settlements." And the authorities found fliers near his home offering nearly $300,000 to anyone who kills a member of Peace Now, a left-wing Israeli advocacy group, leading them to suspect that militant Israeli settlers or their supporters were behind the attack.

If so, the bombing may be the latest sign that elements of Israel's settler movement are resorting to extremist tactics to protect their homes in the occupied West Bank against not only Palestinians, but also Jews who some settlers argue are betraying them. Radical settlers say they are determined to show that their settlements and outposts cannot be dismantled, either by law or by force.

There have been bouts of settler violence for years, notably during the transfer of Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005. Now, though, the militants seem to have spawned a broader, more defined strategy of resistance designed to intimidate the state.

This aggressive doctrine, according to Akiva HaCohen, 24, who is considered to be one of its architects, calls on settlers and their supporters to respond "whenever, wherever and however" they wish to any attempt by the Israeli Army or the police to lay a finger on property in illegally built outposts scheduled by the government for removal. In settler circles the policy is called "price tag" or "mutual concern."

Besides exacting a price for army and police actions, the policy also encourages settlers to avenge Palestinian acts of violence by taking the law into their own hands — an approach that has the potential to set the tinderbox of the West Bank ablaze.

Hard-core right-wing settlers have responded to limited army operations in recent weeks by blocking roads, rioting spontaneously, throwing stones at Palestinian vehicles and burning Palestinian orchards and fields all over the West Bank, a territory that Israel has occupied since 1967. They have also vandalized Israeli Army positions, equipment and cars.

In Jewish settlements like Yitzhar, an extremist bastion on the hilltops commanding the Palestinian city of Nablus in the northern West Bank, a local war is already being waged. One Saturday in mid-September a Palestinian from the neighboring village of Asira al Qibliya climbed the hill to Shalhevet, a neighborhood of Yitzhar, set fire to a house whose occupants were away for the weekend and stabbed a 9-year-old settler boy, the Israeli Army said.

Hours later, scores of men from Yitzhar rampaged through the Palestinian village, hurling rocks and firing guns, in what the prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, described as a "pogrom." Several Palestinians were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

"The army was complaining that we were bothering them in their efforts to catch the terrorist," said Ephraim Ben Shochat, 21, a resident of Shalhevet Ya, an illegal outpost consisting of three permanent houses and a trailer halfway down the slope between Yitzhar and Asira al Qibliya.

"To us, deterrence is more important than catching the specific terrorist. We're fighting against a nation," Mr. Ben Shochat said. As he spoke, soldiers were in the process of reinforcing a small army post at the end of the path with concrete slabs. "We would rather fight and kill the enemy," Mr. Ben Shochat said, adding scornfully that the army, which guards Yitzhar and its satellites from the lookout post, "would rather hide."

Ten months ago in Annapolis, Md., Israeli and Palestinian leaders pledged to make every effort to reach a historic agreement for a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza by the end of this year. The Palestinians further promised to dismantle all terrorist networks, and the Israelis agreed to freeze all settlement activity and immediately remove settlement outposts erected since March 2001.

In practice, only a handful of the 100 or so outposts, at least half of which were erected since 2001, have been removed. Construction in the official West Bank settlements goes on.

At the same time, the religious, ideological wing of the settlement movement has grown more radical. Those on the extremist fringe — like Mr. Ben Shochat, who belong to the so-called hilltop youth — are increasingly rejecting any allegiance to the state, backed up by an older generation of rabbis and early settler pioneers.

In Samaria, the biblical name for the northern West Bank, and in Binyamin, the central district around the Palestinian city of Ramallah, settlers recently ousted their more mainstream representatives in local council elections, voting in what they called "activist" mayors instead.

These new mayors, like the Samaria council's Gershon Mesika, reject what they see as the more compromising policies of the Yesha council, the settler movement's longstanding umbrella group. They are particularly incensed by the Yesha council's willingness to negotiate with the government over the removal or relocation of some West Bank outposts in exchange for official authorization of others.

"We are taking our fate into our own hands," Mr. Mesika said of the price tag doctrine. "We won't go like sheep to the slaughter." He added that the recent settler violence was something he understood, though did not support.

For many in the religious, ideological settler camp the rude awakening came with the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in the summer of 2005. Then, under the premiership of Ariel Sharon, a driving force of the settlement-building enterprise who turned more pragmatic, Israel evacuated all 21 Jewish settlements there, and razed four official settlements in the northern West Bank. Another watershed came in early 2006 when thousands of settlers clashed with Israeli police officers who had come to destroy nine houses built without government permission in Amona. Traumatized by the resistance, the government put plans for further evacuations on hold.

"Amona pretty much divided this public into two parts, the more militant activist part and the more passive part," said Mr. HaCohen, an Orthodox hilltop youth pioneer and a founder of Shalhevet Ya. The people, he said, "have to decide whether they are on the side of the Torah or the state."

Mr. HaCohen was speaking from a cousin's house in Jerusalem. Identified by the Israeli security services as one of the authors of the price-tag doctrine, he has been banned by the army from entering the West Bank for four months.

Born in Monsey, N.Y., Mr. HaCohen came to Israel with his parents as a child. He dropped out of yeshiva, or religious seminary, at 16 and went to settle the hilltops, he said. He got married at 18 and has since been living in and around Yitzhar.

Representing the messianic, almost apocalyptic wing of the settler movement, Mr. HaCohen peppers his speech with talk of redemption and makes it clear that in his land of Israel, there is no place for Arabs.

Like Mr. Ben Shochat, Mr. HaCohen, who is disarmingly soft-spoken, said he was not drafted into the army because of his religious beliefs. As a member of Yitzhar's first response security team, though, he receives regular combat training and has a personal weapon.

More than 250,000 Jewish settlers live in the West Bank among roughly 2.4 million Palestinians, not including East Jerusalem. The Samaria council represents 30 official settlements and 12 unauthorized outposts that it says were all founded before 2001; others, like Shalhevet Ya, have sprung up since then, at least partially on private Palestinian lands.

Local settler leaders argue that the only difference between an authorized settlement and an illegal outpost is the lack of the defense minister's final signature on the planning papers, and that in any case, full authorization did not help the settlements razed in 2005.

They complain of government hypocrisy. Rahelim, a Samarian community of 45 families founded in 1991, has been labeled an illegal outpost even though the state Housing Ministry built 14 permanent homes here in 1998.

Avri Ran, a charismatic guru of the hilltop youth, formulated the concept of the outposts around the time that Israel started negotiating with the Palestinian leadership in the early 1990s. The idea was to populate empty spaces of the West Bank with Jews to preclude their being handed over to the Palestinians.

Mr. Ran and his wife, Sharona, started out in Itamar, a settlement just south of Nablus, and moved from hilltop to hilltop, finally establishing a private ranch more than a mile east of the mother settlement majestically named Givaot Olam, or hills of the universe.

Like many of the settlers in this area who see themselves as guardians of Joseph's Tomb, a site sacred to Jews that lies in the heart of Nablus, the Ran family exudes a deeply religious, almost mystical attachment to the land.

The farm is said to be the largest Israeli producer of organic eggs. Mr. Ran's son-in-law, Assaf Kidron, an artist who works in stone, says the inclement winds that used to whip around the mountain have dropped significantly since Jews came to live here, proof of a divine hand.

Outside the settlement of Har Bracha on Mount Grizim, settlers have taken over a former army lookout post on the ridge overlooking Nablus and Joseph's Tomb, and just started operating a yeshiva to ensure a permanent presence there. Nobody has tried to remove the settlers, although there is an army position a short distance along the ridge.

In general, the relationship between the religious settlers of the area and the army is an ambiguous, if symbiotic one. Most young ideological settlers serve in the army and now make up an increasing portion of the elite combat units and the officers corps.

At the same time, two soldiers have been lightly wounded in recent settler riots.

"To go out and assault soldiers is wrong," said David Ha'ivri, who handles foreign relations for the Samaria council. But, he said, "It is to be expected that when force is used, there will be counterforce."

The army is appreciated when it sticks to providing security, Mr. Ha'ivri added, but, "We don't respect them in the role of enforcing building codes."

The army refused to comment on the effects of the price-tag doctrine, saying it was too sensitive. A spokesman for the Israeli police, the party responsible for law enforcement among the settlers, said that in the last two months, at least half a dozen arrests had been made.

Copyright 2008 The New York Times Company

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Interesting take on the bail-outs; 3 videos. I would view #3 with a critical eye; still, 2 BANKS are doing dirty deals for the Fed - i.e. depressing the gold market -, and one of them is JP Morgan. I would think Goldman-Sachs, of Paulson fame , is th

Thank you for this excellent article, E. Winston! "CATCH THE REAL CRIMINALS"


by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

A pipe bomb lightly injured a prominent member of Shalom Achshav (Peace Now). Nearby were found flyers offering a bounty of one-million shekels to those who would kill members of Shalom Achshav.

This has that old familiar smell of the Left employing Shabak to cast blame on the political Right as the prospect for elections draw near.

The question is: Where to look? Of course, the first choice for the current Israeli Leftist Government and the radical Left NGOs is to blame the Right-wing settlers. The Left and Center have had a field day condemning these pioneering settlers - without a scintilla of proof. When the Left wishes to drum up hysteria against the Right before elections, the Leftist Media are happy to go along.

The (what was termed) "lightly" injured victim has gotten calls and support from all the top politicians. Actually, this event generated much more support for this Professor Sternhall who has made statements which appear to legitimize Muslim Arab Terrorism than support for those who have been seriously injured in Muslim Arab Terrorist attacks in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

After years of serious bloody Terrorism against civilians and settlers, the police have put together a special team to catch "whoever" did this terrible thing. We don't recall any special teams put together for other Terrorist attacks. The Kadima mob want the Police to have a hunting license to subvert the rights of settlers with the Leftist Courts to back the attacks on those who disagree with Government policy.

The main problem is that accused (with no proof) settlers would have to be pretty good with making a pipe bomb that was so well-designed that it was not supposed to kill but rather act more like a noise-making firecracker. Who do you suppose has that skill?

What seems to be a rather deliberately incompetent job in preparing an incompetent pipe bomb does not fit the accused settler profile. It does, however, fit prior Shabak collusion at the behest of Leftist Government leaders to set up false actions so the Media and Courts can jail protesting Rightists.

In case the Leftist Media missed the point, the supposed culprits left some flyers around offering a million shekel bounty, is a similarly lame trick. So, how did the culprit manage to put together a low yield pipe bomb that seems to be more like a propaganda bomb just before elections?

Remember the infamous Shabak-Rabin "Champagne" affair - using Avishai Raviv as their provocateur? In light of that, we would wonder why the police will not consider that this crime was committed by a member of Shalom Achshav themselves - for their political reasons? Perhaps even with the cooperation of the person who was "lightly" injured?

BY THE WAY in Professor Sternhell's own words:

Sternhell has called for use of IDF tanks against Jews living in Judea and Samaria, and justified Arab attacks on the Jews living outside Israel's pre-1967 borders.

Sternhell wrote in the Davar newspaper in 1988: "In the end we will have to use force against the settlers in Ofra or Elon Moreh. Only he who is willing to storm Ofra with tanks will be able to block the fascist danger threatening to drown Israeli democracy."

In the Haaretz newspaper, in 2001, Sternhell said: "There is no doubt about the legitimacy of [Palestinian] armed resistance in the territories themselves. If the Palestinians had a little sense, they would concentrate their struggle against the settlements… and refrain from planting bombs west of the Green Line."



Police to Protect Peace Now Head

by Hana Levi Julian - Arutz 7

Peace Now secretary-general Yariv Oppenheimer has been assigned a security detail in the wake of an attack on prominent political science historian, Professor Ze'ev Sternhell early Thursday morning.

The controversial professor, who was awarded the Israel Prize, was lightly injured when a pipe bomb exploded outside his front door in Jerusalem as he was locking the gate to his home at 1:00 a.m. Sternhall, who suffered light injuries to his legs, was taken to Sha'are Tzedek Medical Center .

The 73-year-old Hebrew University academic has received "ideological"

phone threats in recent weeks, according to police. Nationalists had appealed to the courts in an effort to prevent Sternhell from being awarded the Israel Prize because of statements he has made, which they said appear to legitimize terrorism.

Flyers proclaiming, "The time has come for a halachic state in Judea and Samaria ! The time has come for the Kingdom of Judea!" were found in the streets near Sternhell's home, according to Ynet. A NIS 1.1 million award was promised on the flyers to anyone who kills a member of the Peace Now organization.

"The extremist Right poses an existential danger to Israeli democracy,"

said Oppenheimer on Thursday, who blamed the attack on rights activists in Judea and Samaria .

"Law enforcement authorities must abandon their lenient policy when it comes to law-breakers from within the settler community and their supporters before we see another politically-motivated murder in Israel ,"

he said. "He who doesn't enforce the law on violent settlers in the territories will find himself with a Jewish terror organization in the heart of Israel ."

Politicians Call for Increased Security, Left Blames Right

Defense Minister Ehud Barak vowed not to let any harm come to Sternhell or any other person who chooses to express an opinion that might prove unpopular. "We won't let any elements, from any dark corner of Israeli society, harass people who let their clear, lucid unique voices like that of Ze'ev Sternhell be heard," he said in a statement.

Kadima Knesset Member Otniel Schneller called for increased security, saying those who had bombed Sternhell's house were dangerous criminals who should face a judge for the attack.

However, warned Schneller, the attempt by the Left to "take advantage of difficult events to polarize the public is extremely dangerous. Those who automatically blame the extreme Right are stirring up discord," he said.

Meretz Knesset Member Zahava Gal-On slammed security agencies in the wake of the attack, charging them with favoring rights activists, who she also blamed for the attack. "The attempt to hurt Professor Sternhell is the result of the lenient attitude and weakness of the law enforcement agencies towards the extremist Right," she said in a statement following the bombing.

"They better not talk to us about a few bad weeds,"

added Meretz party chairman Chaim Oron menacingly, who added that the "thuggish and dangerous act" came as the result of law enforcement officials not cracking down on anyone "who doesn't agree with the brutish section of the extreme right wing." Oron contended that "these phenomena spring up on the right wing."

The National Jewish Front organization denied responsibility for the attack, saying, "We're not connected to the incident and do not operate that way." However, the group also stopped short of criticizing the bombing, adding, "We will not condemn it. Sternhell legitimized attacks against settlers."



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Re: In honor of Rosh Hashana, and to be counted for the good, please make your voices heard in this new outrage. Please help counter the evil done by these unconscionable monsters, Dichter, Peres, the Shabak,Judge Rivlin, and the "supreme evil" court

What a terrible observation; but please, don't shoot the messenger: unfortunately, SHmuel has experience with these things from his earlier life in South America.

Let's make sure we follow this poor prisoner's whereabouts very carefully, asking lawyers and others to go visit him regularly, to keep the evil ones on their toes at all times, and to make sure they are unable to perform a "disappearing act".

May God have mercy on this poor man. He needs our Tefillot on Rosh Hashanah - and not just our Tefillot, our EFFORTS too!!!.


SHmuel said:

The unJewish degenerates are starting the "desaparecido" portion of their bestial acts. BEWARE!
Patriotic Jews will starts simply... "disappearing" as it happened in Junta times in South America.
I have been warning of that for a couple of years.

In honor if Rosh Hashana, and to be counted for the good, please make your voices heard in this new outrage. Please help counter the evil done by these unconscionable monsters, Dichter, Peres, the Shabak,Judge Rivlin, and the "supreme evil" court.. T

Hunger-Striking Jewish Prisoner Abruptly Transferred

24 Elul 5768, 24 September 08 05:52
by Hillel Fendel

( The Israel Prison Service has responded to Jewish security prisoner Ofer Gamliel's hunger-strike by abruptly transferring him to another prison. 

The General Security Service's Jewish department has been very heavily involved in the case, and is likely behind this latest move as well.

Gamliel, father of seven, has served nearly 6.5 years of a 15-year-sentence with no vacations.  He was convicted of his role in an aborted bombing of an Arab school in Jerusalem in 2002.  He and his two co-defendants from Bat Ayin claimed the bomb was never meant to go off, but rather to instill fear in the Arab community.

Gamliel began hunger-striking nine days ago in protest of the refusal to grant him any vacation days, while Arab and other prisoners receive them regularly, and in protest of the fact that his release is not being entertained, while Arab terrorists are released periodically as goodwill gestures to the Palestinian Authority.

Gamliel's wife met with Public Security Minister Avi Dichter several months ago, and reported afterwards that he told her, "The truth is that we don't have as much of an interest in releasing your husband and the Jewish security prisoners as we do in releasing the Arabs."

Yisrael Medad, head of the Honenu civil rights organization, said, "If people want their voice to be heard, they should fax Dichter at +972-2-530-8039, as well as the one man who can order their release - President Shimon Peres, at +972-2-5611033." 

Gamliel: To Solitary, and Now to Be'er Sheva
A few days after beginning the strike, Gamliel was transferred to solitary confinement - where he continued to refuse to eat.  The authorities have now added another punitive measure, transferring him to a prison in Be'er Sheva.

Gamliel has filed an appeal in the Tel Aviv District Court against the transfer. The move to Be'er Sheva has separated him from religious prisoners and from the synagogue in Ayalon Prison in Ramle.

Protest Tent Continues
Supporters of Gamliel and other Jewish security prisoners are manning a protest tent outside Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem.  They wish to draw attention to the plight of Gamliel and other Jewish prisoners who are not allowed vacations - while Arab prisoners are permitted to visit their homes for Ramadan and the like, and sometimes even released en-masse.

The Shabak (GSS) claims they are hiding information on other Jewish conspiracies, and invariably tell judges that "every minute they are out of jail represents a danger to the State of Israel." 

Supreme Court Refuses to Veto GSS
About a year ago, Tel Aviv Judge David Rosen ruled that the danger presented by Gamliel is not different than those presented by prisoners who are allowed vacations, and that he must therefore be allowed a short vacation outside prison.  The GSS protested the ruling to the Supreme Court, which accepted the appeal. 

Gamliel protested and appealed the overturning of the decision, but Supreme Court Judge Uzi Fogelman rejected his appeal and upheld the no-vacations policy.  Gamliel then applied to the Supreme Court for a re-hearing, but Justice Eliezer Rivlin turned him down.              

Realizing that as far as the authorities are concerned, he is destined to spend the next 8.5 years in prison without ever leaving, Gamliel decided to begin his hunger strike.

At the same time, the public struggle on his behalf and on behalf of the other Jewish security prisoners continues. The Council of Prisoners' Families stated, "Transferring Gamliel is part of the attempt to break the spirit of the Jewish prisoners, in addition to not releasing them or allowing them vacations. This decision stems from petty one-upmanship of small-minded individuals who prefer to see Jews rot in jail while terrorists go free."

© Copyright
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There is some interference on this post, but very good. Please read, don't let those bleeding heart leftists stop you . The inside story of the Palin "Dis-In-Vite" to Achmad-Din-Ejad rally

Thank you, bill!


Traitorous RDDB's in positions of power in Jewish organizations did it!
Sep 22, 2008 23:30 | Updated Sep 23, 2008 11:10

Our World: Your abortions or your lives!

American Jews have good reason to be ashamed and angry today. As Iran moves into the final stages of its nuclear weapons development program - nuclear weapons which it will use to destroy the State of Israel, endanger Jews around the world and cow the United States of America - Democratic American Jewish leaders decided that putting Sen. Barack Obama in the White House is more important than protecting the lives of the Jewish people in Israel and around the world.

On Monday, the New York Sun published the speech that Republican vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would have delivered at that day's rally outside UN headquarters in New York against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and against Iran's plan to destroy Israel. She would have delivered it, if she hadn't been disinvited.

The rally was co-sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the National Coalition to Stop Iran Now, The Israel Project, United Jewish Communities, the UJA-Federation of New York and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. Its purpose was to present a united American Jewish front against Iran's genocidal leader and against its genocidal regime which is developing nuclear weapons with the stated intention of committing the second Holocaust in 80 years.

Palin's speech is an extraordinary document. In its opening paragraph she made clear that Iran presents a danger not just to Israel, but to the US. And not just to some Americans, but to all Americans. Her speech was a warning to Iran - and anyone else who was listening - that Americans are not indifferent to its behavior, its genocidal ideology and the barbarity of its regime. Rather, they are outraged.

After that opening, Palin's speech set out clearly how Iran is advancing its nuclear project, why it must be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons and why and how the regime itself must be opposed by all right thinking people - not just Israelis and Americans - but by all people who value human freedom.

PALIN'S SPEECH was a message of national - rather than simply Republican - resolve against Iran's nuclear weapons program and its active involvement in global and regional terrorism. She made this point by quoting statements that Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton has made against the Iranian regime.

The speech detailed Iran's past and current attacks against the US, beginning with its bombing of US servicemen in Lebanon in 1983 and continuing with Iran's proxy war against US forces in Iraq and against Iraqis who oppose its intention of taking control of their country.

By discussing Iran's role in Iraq she not only made a convincing case for why an American victory there is essential for defeating Iran. She also made clear that Iran is actively making war against the US, not just Israel.

From Iran's war against Israel, the US, and freedom loving peoples worldwide, Palin's speech turned to the regime's war against its own people. She attacked the regime for its systematic repression of Iranian women. She applauded the extraordinary bravery of women like Delaram Ali who risked their lives and their families to demand basic rights for Iranian women. Ali, she noted, was sentenced to 10 lashes and three years in prison for having the courage to speak out. An international outcry has temporarily suspended her sentence.

Then Palin returned to Iran's nuclear weapons program and its support for terrorist groups pledged to Israel's destruction and to the destruction of the US. She returned to Ahmadinejad's calls for Israel's annihilation. She reiterated Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain's solemn promise to work with Israel to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and she joined her name to his promise to stand side by side with Israel to prevent another Holocaust.

IF PALIN had been allowed to deliver this speech at Monday's rally, she would done just what the organizers of the rally, and what the Jewish people in Israel, America and worldwide need to have done. She would have elevated the imperative of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and the implicit moral and strategic imperative of overthrowing the regime in Teheran to the top of America's national security agenda. Given the massive media attention she garners at all of her public appearances, Palin's participation in the rally would have done more to steel Americans - across the political spectrum - to the cause of opposing Iran than 10 UN Security Council sanctions resolutions could do.

It was a remarkable speech, prepared by a remarkable woman. But it was not heard. It was not heard because the Democratic Party and Jewish Democrats believe that their partisan interest in demonizing Palin and making Americans generally and American Jews in particular hate and fear her to secure their votes for Obama and his running-mate Sen. Joseph Biden in the November election is more important than allowing Palin to elevate the necessity of preventing a second Holocaust to the top of the US's national security agenda.

The rally's organizers invited both Clinton and Palin to speak. It was a wise move. In light of Iran's monstrous oppression of Iranian women, had the two most powerful women in American politics joined forces in opposing the regime and its war against human freedom, their appearance would have sent a message of American unity and resolve that would have reverberated not just throughout the US and in the US presidential race, but throughout the world and into Iran itself. But it was not to be.

The moment that Clinton found out that she was to share a stage with Palin, she cancelled her appearance. By cancelling, she signaled to Jewish Democrats - and Democrats in general - that opposing Palin and the Republican Party is more important than opposing Ahmadinejad and the genocidal regime he represents.

THE JEWISH Democrats on the rally's organizing committee got the message loud and clear. Two of the rally's co-sponsors - the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the UJA Federation of New York demanded that the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations disinvite Palin.

The JCPA is led by Steven Gutow. Before joining the JCPA, he served as the founding executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, which is the Jewish support arm of the Democratic Party. The UJA Federation of New York is led by John Ruskay, who began his Jewish communal career as an anti-Israel "peace" activist in the radical CONAME and Breira organizations. Among their other endeavors, CONAME and Breira opposed US military assistance to Israel during the Yom Kippur War and called for US recognition of the PLO after the group massacred 26 children in Ma'alot in 1974.

Gutow and Ruskay were supported in their demand to disinvite Palin by the National Jewish Democratic Council and by the new Jewish pro-Palestinian lobbying group J-Street.

In an attempt to assuage Gutow and Ruskay, the rally organizers invited Biden to speak. But he had a scheduling conflict. So the organizers contacted the Obama campaign and asked it to send a representative. The campaign offered Congressman Robert Wexler.

But the Democrats knew that Wexler would be no match for Palin. So they continued on the warpath, absurdly claiming that by inviting Palin (and Clinton, Biden and Wexler), the organizers were endangering the sponsoring organizations' tax-exempt status. That is, through Ruskay and Gutow, in their bid to prevent Palin from appearing at the rally, the Democrats threatened to bring down the organized Jewish community.

Never mind that the threat is absurd. The likelihood that the Internal Revenue Service would open an investigation against every major American Jewish organization for daring to invite Palin to a rally opposing Ahmadinejad's appearance at the UN and Iran's stated intention of annihilating Israel is just slightly smaller than the prospect of Ahmadinejad wrapping himself in an Israeli flag and singing "Hatikva" on the UN rostrum.

But no matter. The fear that these Democratic Jews would openly split the Jewish community on the need to confront Iran frightened the organizers. The notion that the Democratic Party, and its Jewish supporters would openly turn their backs on the need to confront Iran to advance the political fortunes of their party and their party's presidential slate was too much to take. Palin was disinvited.

LIBERAL AMERICAN Jews, like liberal Americans in general, and indeed like their fellow leftists in Israel and throughout the West, uphold themselves as champions of human rights. They claim that they care about the underdog, the wretched of the earth. They care about the environment. They care about securing American women's unfettered access to abortions. They care about keeping Christianity and God out of the public sphere. They care about offering peace to those who are actively seeking their destruction so that they can applaud themselves for their open-mindedness and tell themselves how much better they are than savage conservatives.

Those horrible, war-mongering, Bambi killing, unborn baby defending, God-believing conservatives, who think that there are things worth going to war to protect, must be defeated at all costs. They must intimidate, attack, demonize and defeat those conservatives who think that the free women of the West should be standing shoulder to shoulder not with Planned Parenthood, but with the women of the Islamic world who are enslaved by a misogynist Shari'a legal code that treats them as slaves and deprives them of control not simply of their wombs, but of their faces, their hair, their arms, their legs, their minds and their hearts.

The lives of 6 million Jews in Israel are today tied to the fortunes of those women, to the fortunes of American forces in Iraq, to the willingness of Americans across the political and ideological spectrum to recognize that there is more that unifies them than divides them and to act on that knowledge to defeat the forces of genocide, oppression, hatred and destruction that are led today by the Iranian regime and personified in the brutal personality of Ahmadinejad. But Jewish Democrats chose to ignore this basic truth in order to silence Palin.

They should be ashamed. The Democratic Party should be ashamed. And Jewish American voters should consider carefully whether opposing a woman who opposes the abortion of fetuses is really more important than standing up for the right of already born Jews to continue to live and for the Jewish state to continue to exist. Because this week it came to that.