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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Blood curdling news from Gaza - PART II : It's all connected. I would even paraphrase it: " WE WANT TRUTH NOW!"


When you think about it, what is going on in England - Tommy Robinson's arrest and the cover-up of Muslim pedophile grooming rings - fits right in with my previous post about what those equally disgusting Muslims do to their children in Gaza; same story, same tactics: lie, cover-up what the Muslim pedophile and/or child sacrifice perpetrators AND THEIR WESTERN COUNTERPARTS are doing! Suppress the exposure of what they are doing and disappear the people who expose the truth! Now that for once it's happening in Great Britain, all of a sudden the world notices; but for how long has it been going on here in Israel ?

Whether in Gaza, Israel or Great Britain, the perpetrators are the ones media, police and the courts ( and the pope and the UN too of course ) are protecting, that's whom BRITISH POLICE is protecting; can you imagine? Now do you see what this world is all about, the evil that's going on? Now do you understand what we are all up against? Did you know that the City of London answers only to ROME???  How many innocent people have been victimized by these devils who twist facts, frame decent people, arrest them on trumped-up charges, torture their victims and even kill them? Think Meir Ettinger and Amiram ben Uliel and the Duma story, think Dr. Baruch Goldstein HY"D and the false accusations about him, think Rav Berland and the phoney concocted stories, think Rav Pinto, think Rav Meir Kahane HY"D and Rav Binyamin Kahane HY"D, think Rav Uzi Meshulam HY"D and the Yemenite children, etc. etc. etc. Time for the TRUTH to finally shine! 

Please don't mind Alex Jones' language and his rantings, I hope you get his message.

And listen to what is being revealed here for all to hear: IT'S THE CATHOLIC CHURCH WHO ASKED THE SAUDIS TO BUILD THE MOSQUES IN EUROPE! 

Yes, the Saudis are also beholden to Rome; many articles on this blog discuss that hierarchy. I also wrote a post eight years ago about the Vatican origins of Islam:

It's seems that thank G-d we are finally coming full circle, and the horrible truth about Islam, its origins, and WHY  it is doing what it is doing, is coming to light. Baruch Hashem!  And now we can see the link between the horrible behavior of the Church regarding children, and their counterpart in the Muslim world, which FITS THE NEEDS AND DESIRES OF THE CHURCH AND THEIR WESTERN ELITE PARTNERS JUST FINE. It's for THEIR benefit; that is what THEY want. 


WHAT DO WE KNOW FOR SURE? The intelligence agencies - the CIA, MI 16, and their various counterparts worldwide - are all SERVANTS OF THE VATICAN! They are AGAINST THE PEOPLE, they WORK FOR THE VATICAN, THE ELITES, AND THEIR MINIONS. And now the elite is exposed for what they are: a bunch of perverted, sick, power hungry and murderous pedophiles. Israel is a prime example of this, it has been going on for decades and is still going on every single day here: Am Yisrael has been and is being brutally and viciously persecuted by the AGENTS OF THE VATICAN in Eretz Yisrael. CAN YOU SAY: "INQUISITION BY PROXY"? And now the Brits are waking up too. In fact, I would not be one bit surprised if the real reason Israel continues to have dealings with Hamas in Gaza and the PA is so Muslim terror criminals can supply those perverts a steady stream of children to prostitute and victimize. For instance it has been documented that Ehud Barak, the PM who caused so much damage to Israel and who started the Jewish section of the Shabak, was named as one of the guests of Epstein, in the Lolita Express saga of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton who provided underage prostitutes on his private airplane and private island ( the information came from the thousands of leaked e-mails of Weiner's computer, if I recall correctly - don't quote me on that).

So would it be a stretch of the imagination to assume that everything is connected, i.e. continued dealings of these evil people with our enemies persist, among others and in addition to clear profit motives, in order to satisfy their own and their friends' perversions? 

Here is a typical example of police criminality in Israel:

 You can see the police in action ( if you understand Hebrew; the exchange is translated in the English version above):

Look at the guy in the car, the AshkeNazi boss: WHO is he? What's his name? Who does he really work for: the Yevsektzia, the Jewish Section of the Shabak which NEEDS TO BE DISMANTLED? He sure looks like one of them, and doesn't look one bit Jewish; could he be a descendant of the few hundred GERMAN NAZIS who came to or lived in Israel in the 1940's? Where are all those German Nazi families today? Could they be the brutal arm of the Vatican here in Israel, the actual "DEEP STATE" of Israel?  See the following two accounts: some of the Germans have converted and become real Jews, yet some are still Germans at heart, yet live here.

Lots of questions that need answers, lots of truth that needs exposure - if you dare.

See PART I here:

Friday, May 25, 2018

Blood-curdling news , PART I: This is really blood-curdling; and to think the UN - UNRWA and the assembly itself - aids and abets, defends and protects these monsters who literally offer their children to the Moloch!

...Which goes to show you ( see the videos below):

Birds of one feather flock together. 

After all, the whole pedophilia and child sacrifice culture promoted by Luciferians, in particular by the Vatican, is intimately tied to the UN. So all these European bleeding heart representatives, among them Poles (we know all about Poles, don't we),  Swedes (who are getting their just returns), etc., just show us who their nation truly is at heart: EDOM i.e. ESAV, whose angel is the Satan, i.e. Lucifer. And b
y clearly uniting with Yishmael, including with the latter's unrepentant and shameless child sacrifices, they show us that all of them together are AMALEK, which is to be utterly destroyed at the End of Days.

However we, servants of Hashem,  shouldn't be too worried: the prophets have clearly told us what will happen to these evil enemies, to these monsters, at the End of Days: whoever attacks Israel will be utterly destroyed themselves. So we can sit peacefully, let Hashem do His work, and thank Him every single day. Mashiach is on the way, speedily B"H in our days.

And thank you, brave soldiers we love, for you incredible Mesirut Nefesh, for your self-sacrifice. May Hashem protect every single one of you and reward you with all the good you can possibly receive.

Thank you Jack for the link.

This is the first video that many had already seen:

Behind the smoke screen ( Part 1 ) from Pierre Rehov on Vimeo.

 And thank you, Pierre Rehov, for making these incredible videos. It took a lot of courage, a lot of know-how, and a lot of love for the truth. I salute you, and G-d bless you.

Behind the smokescreeen ( Full movie ) from Pierre Rehov on Vimeo.

Shabbat Shalom to all



See Part II here:


No end to the evil of these Hamas monsters: look what else they are doing; how are they different from Nazis, please tell me? Euthanasia "by flotilla" of their sick and disabled? This is an outrage and horror I haven't heard of since the days of the Nazis. So not only do they sacrifice their children, they also sacrifice their "useless eaters",  knowingly sending them to their potential death by gunfire to attract publicity. No words; world, open your eyes!


Another graphic testimony, from an unlikely source, to the  child sacrificing habits of subhuman Muslims:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Animals! And I don't mean MS-13. This breaks my heart - and is in a way a continuation of yesterday's post. ... Goes to show you.

 ... Of course I am speaking of these unspeakably sickening Fakestinians, terrorists by nature, hateful even from their mothers' wombs. A "non-people" if there ever was one.

These animals are so envious, so evil; they can't even stand Jewish trees, for G-d's sake! So imagine what they do to people; just reshaim she be reshaim, evil as can be. May G-d give them their just deserts very, very soon.

And here again:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

So "THEY want the Land": who wouldn't? Of course, the whole world wants Eretz Yisrael, apple of G-d's eye! Those olive trees they so passionately talk about really are lovely. There is only one small problem....

...  Hashem, who created the world, decided WHOM he wanted to give the Land to. And as mentioned over and over in the Bible, He chose to give it to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, NOT to some entity who decided to lay claim to it, the Fakestinians. So I want Trump Tower, does that make it OK for me to go grab it? You want to be Bill Gates - keep on wanting! Man has many desires, but Hashem decides who gets what; what are you going to do? He decided that His People Israel would get it - provided we merit to inherit the Land... and that is up to US.

So stop feeling so sorry for these people because they don't get what they want; let them join the club: so they want things they can't have, big deal! That is the way G-d created the world. Get used to it and get a life! 

And if you have complaints, "poor Gazans", address them to G-d, He will decide what to do about your complaints. Maybe He will decide that removing Hamas off your backs is just what you need to feel better. So stop whining, crybabies.

See also here:

Friday, May 18, 2018

THE REAL TRUTH about what is happening today in Israel and the world. Chag Sameach! May Hashem send us Mashiach soon.

  • First this ( unfortunately I wasn't able to embed the video):

  • And also this:  - thank you, Truth Provider!

  • And finally this, just as, if not more, important ( frankly I think it is MORE important):

Until Bibi is willing to deal with the real problems of this country:

Until he is willing to DISREGARD the wishes of our clear enemies for our demise: the Vatican at its head, the UN, Europe, etc., as shown by their reactions to and involvement in the Gaza drama;

until he is willing to CONFRONT THEM once and for all, for the truth of who they are and for their dirty, unspeakably evil deeds; 

and until he once and for all DISMANTLES the enemies of Jews IN THIS COUNTRY itself, nothing will improve, and Torah Jews and lovers of the Land which Hashem gave us will continue to be slaughtered, tortured, and persecuted in Eretz Yisrael.

Chag Shavuot Sameach! May the light of Torah illuminate all Jewish hearts, and may Mashiach come very, very soon.