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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Re: Madoff scheme uncovered!

ET sent this. Thank you, this is great! DS

A picture is worth a thousand words

Absolutely right! This is exactly it...And that is why this whole arrest of the Jew Madoff, exhibited as some kind of a monster who devised a diabolical scheme, is such a phony - as distasteful and ugly as what he did notwithstanding -.The US government has been doing the exact same thing for years. Not to mention the banks. After all, what is this whole idea of "CAPITALIZATION", if not exactly this:

HOW MUCH MONEY DOES THE BANK HAVE TO COVER ALL ITS DEBTS, SHOULD ALL THE DEPOSITORS WITHDRAW THEIR FUNDS AT THE SAME TIME: 5%? 10%? 20%? , etc?? What that means is that the bank has only that many dollars to cover all the debts due - 5%, 10%, 20%, ETC. After that, good luck to all the other investors; a typical PONZI scheme.
The problem with Madoff was, he was a Jew, and he tried to play a game only the big - NON-JEWISH boys are allowed to play. And therefore, knowing fully well what he was doing ( they had been warned about his shenanigans for almost a decade) , they used HIM to cover their own tracks!

Unless, of course, the BIG BOYS are playing an ever uglier game: remember the video I just sent you last week, about the DOUBLE SET OF BOOKS KEPT BY, AND ALL THE MONEY SOCKED AWAY BY THE GOVERNMENTS. With other words, they only PRETEND to be broke, They STILL PLAY THE PONZI SCHEME, but WHILE THEY KEEP ALL THE MONEY TO THEMSELVES. And are NOT broke a bit.

Food for thought.


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