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Friday, December 26, 2008

Again Chabad! Was this really an accident. or another "Modus Operandi" murder? How come it is not in the headlines? I had to google 4 x, still NO major newspaper reporting it. On Christmas, at a Chanukah party? Suspicious, to say the least,

Prayers Asked for Injured in Chanukah Accident

Kislev 29, 5769, 26 December 08 07:57

( People are being asked to pray for fourteen people who were injured, including several critically, in a tragic accident at the Chabad Chanukah Wonderland in the Five Towns area of Long Island, New York Thursday afternoon. A 76-year-old driver lost control of his car, slamming it into the holiday site, which was filled with some 150 children and their families.

At least six of the injured were children, hospital officials said. "We are doing whatever we possibly can for the families of these children during this most difficult of times and urge all people of good will to keep them in their prayers," said Rabbi Zalman Wolowik in a statement posted on the Chabad of the Five Towns website.

The Hebrew names of eight critically wounded crash victims were released on Friday on the website. The names are as follows: Yitzchok ben Hadasa Devorah Basya Faiga, Shmuel ben Tova, Yehudis bas Tova, Yakira Breidel bas Rache, Rivka bas Chana, Yitzchak Zev ben Masha Ehsha, Yaakov Tzvi ben Sara, and Daniel ben Rivka.

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See also:,

full of pictures.

"It's not yet known what caused the vehicle to crash."

To me, this looks just like those typical pictures in Jerusalem. Accident? How hard is it to sabotage a car and make it veer at the exact location?


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