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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just this week-end, another one of those "MODUS OPERANDI" murder/ accidents. This time, George W. Bush, Cheney, and Karl Rove the beneficiaries: "Key US election fraud suspect killed"

1. from Brasscheck

Mike Connell was Karl Rove's computer wiz.

He was also the key witness in the ongoing 2004 presidential
election fraud lawsuit in Ohio.

Some believe Connell engineered the fraud under Rove's

Last summer, Rove warned Connell to ignore court orders
to testify in the case and threatened him with consequences
if he appeared in court.

Just before the 2008 vote, an Ohio judge ordered Connell
to appear in court and he did. He answered questions for
two hours.

Now, less than two months later, he is dead.

Plane wreck. Unknown cause.


2.Also here, on YouTube:

make sure to read the explanation on the whole story, next to the video.

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