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Monday, December 29, 2008

Re: You all still in the US, PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES! This is CHILLING, and the closest comparison is the TRANSPORT TRAINS USED TO HAUL JEWS TO THE DEATH CAMPS. PLEASE!!!

SHmuel said:

Basically the US and others are now make believe... paying the piper for many years of out of control living and fake "accounting" schemes. Sooner or later the trick would be exposed and did with a fury not yet totally internalized by anyone anywhere.  For a start and as far as this Gaucho sees things from the swamp, the plastic money and throw away ideas must be recalled and in a great part dispensed with.
The impact of all that can cause terrible conditions and no one can predict what it will end up like even if for now it is delayed a bit.
They/we are not fezing up, just papering over the whole thing with furious printing of more debt.
It reminds me of the song.  "Hotel California"...
And not unlike the movie "Little Shop of horrors"...

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