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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Re: Military Commissions Act

SHmuel had this to say:

And the surprise is?
The NWO is taking over everywhere except in countries with citizens that armed themselves and are willing
to hit the road running into organized militias. And even there the PTB will severely try to manage them into holes
or compliance.
In the US it would be almost a sure case of inner warfare should that come to be.
Here and since we have been ignored in our warning dating several years back, it is not a good investment
to go out on a limb now. Parlor charlatans, hotel lobby debating team folk and other such cannot hack it
in the field of combat.  I have been there twice and know how hard it is.
Eretz Israel and Jews have been betrayed by both the unJews and the cheque book and or "cash envelope" Jews.
To attempt to stop that it will take Churchill's model. Blood, sweat and tears.
I have not even remotely seen that willingness around here so...

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