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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Re:You've GOT to watch this! over and over again, if you want to UNDERSTAND, and LEARN WHAT TO DO.

DS replies:

I know, Hannah, I disregard any of those tapes. On the other hand, they have great information. I didn't send people to the Brasscheck SITE, I screen the videos before I send them out, one by one,. Some are terribly biased, and others are great. I have been following them for a long time. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater!


 Hannah wrote:

I watched this clip, and right at the end they said something about Hizbullah that was cut off in mid-sentence, but I caught enough to make my antennas go up... So I looked around their site.
Here are some samples of what I found in their "Middle East" category.
just the 3 min. excerpt is enough... it's all about how the US is so biased in favor of Israel that Nazi-like crimes are being inflicted on the poor Palestinians with no protest...
It's kind of long, but after interviewing a few women with horror stories of being strip-searched ("for no reason"), the video ends with this screen text:
"The Israeli practices described here appear to be one piece of a larger policy aimed at removing the rest of the Palestinian population from their homes and severing all Palestinian ties to their homeland."
Apparently this one was removed by google, it was so awful.  But the summary is still there:
"It's a myth that all Jews and all Israelis support Israel's ongoing military aggression in the Middle East, but you`ll never learn this fact on US TV.
This informative film (1:19:14) documents the current Israeli government's program of genocide against the Palestinian people and its well orchestrated public relations program designed to insure that Americans - whose tax dollars subsidize the Israeli military - never learn the truth about Israeli tactics and intentions."
You get the picture. Every single clip in the "Middle East" section is the same way. 
It's a good idea to check out the reliabilty of a site before recommending it to a wide mailing list. 
Shavua tov,
Hannah N
Subject: You've GOT to watch this! over and over again, if you want to UNDERSTAND, and LEARN WHAT TO DO.

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