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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Re: Obama To Quickly Tighten Screws on Israel, Maybe Send U.S. Troops. Can Netanyahu Resist? --JERUSALEM POST

A. commented:

When Pollard is released the great sell out will begin....

Pollard will be the side show, the distraction for the final sell out. "They" have been saving him
for just the right time. More to Pollard than meets the eye.

And SHmuel wrote:

Netanyahu has given ever sign to the contrary so why the question?
We have advanced the only viable Plan to return confidence to the Jewish Nation eroded by careful subliminal propaganda for decades.
Netanyahu will join with Barak and Livni and for the sake of appearances with every blood sucking parasite other than those.
The US is in no position to pressure anyone but the unJews. Because as the "ha'aretz" newspaper??? chief said to Rice... Please rape us... THAT is the Oslo motto.
Jews forget almost immediately so apparently I have a bit of other genes. I do not forget for the most a thing.
And just in case I have an advanced computer record keeping system, (of course not here), where I keep all the details worth remembering.
A Jewish National Assembly elected outside the rotten unJewish "system" and true ad freely elected clean folk assuming the control of the state via FREE ELECTION OUTSIDE the pestilent "israeli demokrattiiaahhh".
The rest is jus prattle.


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