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Monday, December 8, 2008

Re: Now watch out. This is very, very long. But I have gathered together enough evidence to explain the recent events to you. See the sources, judge for yourselves. Read below.

Hi Moshe,

Actually, after reading some more about it, of all places, in a well researched site, Pak Alert, I came to the conclusion that you are RIGHT. Iran is NOT the target.

 What spooks me is that apparently some of the terrorists inside Nariman House were WHITE!  What could that mean?

    IF TRUE.....

    Either they were (ashkenazi) Israelis, and that would explain why the Holtzbergs let them stay there for a while, and didn't react negatively.

- Apparently "they" also  bought 100 kg of MEAT and other food items. WHERE DID THE HOLTZBERGS BUY THEIR MEAT? THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED NON-KOSHER MEAT INTO THE BUILDING. SO WHO BOUGHT THE MEAT, AND FOR WHOM? WAS IT SIMPLY SUPPLIES FOR SHABBAT MEALS, ETC, WHOLESALE? Something isn't quite right there, The story doesn't make sense. UNLESS, Israelis would have ordered large quantities of KOSHER meat, ALLOWED IN by the Holtzbergs.

        or they were Britons, or CIA agents - but would those TORTURE bodies? I doubt it.

Also, I can't imagine the Holtzbergs allowing White GOYIM staying at their house for days on end.

The more likely answer is that they were ISRAELI AGENTS, WHO BROUGHT KOSHER SUPPLIES INTO NARIMAN HOUSE, AND TOOK THE HOLTZBERGS TOTALLY BY SURPRISE, as they would NEVER have expected ISRAELIS to kill them of all people. As naive as 99% of the rest of the Jewish population.

Whoever they were, the Holtzbergs didn't seem afraid of them, and they stayed there for a while without any trouble. Who could they have been?

I would expect both the CIA and the Israelis to execute their victims to stop them from talking. But to TORTURE THEM??? Unless their Muslim partners did the torturing.\

Also, don't forget that apparently some of the hostages were killed by the rescue operation.

What do you think?

One person who WOULD know is Sandra Samuel, who is"safely" in Israel, and who most likely has been advised to shut up or else.

I am not denying the possible ISI connection. But it seems that the chief of police Kerkare was on the hit list of Hindu nationalists, who are TRAINED BY THE MOSSAD.

Can't make much sense of it. So WHICH intelligence agency is it? HINDU/ ISRAELI/USA/?? or ISI/CIA/M15???


MOSHE wrote:

your understanding of the one-world intel.gathering/terrororist-
controlling group comprised of everyone's spooks all run for the vatican is almost 100% right on... your conclusion however is wrong... the u.s. is not keeping everyone in line to fight AGAINST iran and shiism... but in order to fight FOR them... check out for this info on iran/u.s. secret deal and pretend dispute... be well... moshe parry

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