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Monday, December 15, 2008

Re: Even BusinessWeek sees through the scam: Madoff the Jew is the small fry. THE BIG FISH, THE BIG ROBBERS, AS USUAL, WILL GO FREE.

bill wrote:

As usual, a Jew is selected as the scapegoat, covering-up for the really big frauds on Wall Street, who get away scot free, courtesy of the Government Bail-Out (most of whose recipients are still being kept secret to this very day).

DS comments:

Apparently, CHINA and SAUDI ARABIA are two of the largest recipients of taxpayer's generosity. All these derivatives had to go somewhere, and of course you cannot NOT reimburse THOSE suckers! As for the rest of the common man... let them eat cake. And let THE JEW pay , let THE JEW be blamed. THE JEW DID IT!

( Not to take away from the gravity of THIS Jew's actions; but how many more like him hide in the big NON-JEWISH FIRMS, at the FEDERAL RESERVE , at all the levels of BIG BUSINESS, that you'll never hear about...)

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